9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress


Russia Disseminates,
Snowden Validates,
NSA Evidence Corroborates
New 9/11 Data Dump

“This 9/11 data dump is so radioactive the US Government will likely collapse.  The world will never be the same when nations everywhere see this report!” 
– Veteran 9/11 Investigator

State of the Nation


Huge caverns of “melted granite” were found below the foundations of the Twin Towers. Were they caused by thermo-nuclear explosions detonated to obliterate the steel reinforced, cast concrete, tubular core structure of WTC Buildings 1 & 2?

The evidence is now clear and indisputable that the false flag operation carried out on September 11, 2001 was a multi-nation conspiracy.  The USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and UK have each been proven to be directly involved with the execution and coverup of this crime against humanity.

There were other state actors and intelligence agencies involved such as Pakistan’s ISI; however, the US Federal Government and Israeli Secret Services are by far the most complicit.  The voluminous amount of circumstantial evidence alone both indicts and convicts the US Government of crimes against its own citizenry.  Likewise, Israel’s fingerprints are all over the 9/11 crime scene and directly related criminal activities.

Enter Russia … Edward Snowden … and the Alternative News Media   Continue reading

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9/11 Commission Report: Fraudulent Investigation And Intentional Coverup

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.37.17 AM


“The ‘official’ 9/11 Commission Report is at once ridiculous and absurd, ludicrous and laughable, preposterous and nonsensical. Anyone who doubts this statement is completely clueless. They do not know the facts and have made no serious effort to understand the truth about the 9/11 false flag attacks on America.

For the unaware and uninitiated the ‘official’ US Government 9/11 narrative contains numerous explanations which have been proven to be scientifically impossible. Furthermore, much of what has not been declared impossible falls squarely within the realm of the highly implausible, extremely improbable and totally unreasonable.

The real rub here is that US taxpayers funded the 9/11 Commission Report. In other words millions of tax dollars were paid to produce a patently false and fraudulent report the purpose of which was to deceive the American people. The primary objective behind the Commission Report was to reinforce the government’s deliberate falsehoods around every aspect of the 9/11 false flag operation. In this way, the public was tricked into believing a story so farfetched, so bizarre and so fantastic that ….

The US Federal Government is notorious for floating some of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories ever advanced in modern history. However, their 9/11 tall tale is much taller than the Twin Towers which the US Federal Government brought down by way of controlled demolitions. Which is exactly why the 9/11 Commission Report was even published — to provide cover for the true perpetrators, as well as to cover up the greatest crime ever committed against US citizens on American soil … by its own government.  However, the main pillars of the government’s storyline are now about to collapse, just as the Twin Towers did on 9/11.

Do they have plausible deniability because of the various national co-conspirators, foreign secret services and overseas corporate contractors who collaborated in the actual execution of the 9/11 attacks? You betcha! But that does not diminish the integral role that the US GOV’T played in the design, coordination, implememtation and coverup of the whole misbegotten scheme.”

– State of the Nation

Continue reading

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Scottish Independence Vote Stolen, Massive Coverup Ensues, Usual Suspects ID’ed

The Scottish Independence Vote Was Rigged, The Results Were Fixed In Advanced

The United Kingdom Could Not Lose Scotland — The City Of London Would NOT Allow It

The pre-vote polls were very close to 51% NO to %49 YES right up until the day of the vote.

These poll numbers could not have legitimately changed to a 55% NO to %45 YES overnight.

Couldn’t happen.  Wouldn’t happen.  Didn’t happen.

Clearly, the Scottish Independence voting process was rigged just as the electoral apparatus was tampered with.   Continue reading

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Over 2200 Architects And Engineers Demolish The ‘Official’ 9/11 Commission Report


Unprecedented 9/11 C-SPAN VIDEO: 9/11 TRUTH Finally Appears In The Mainstream Media



9/11 TRUTH Saturates The Internet

If you haven’t already watched the following video of Richard Gage from ARCHITECTS and ENGINEERS For 9/11 TRUTH shown on C-SPAN, then only seeing is believing.

This unparalleled breakthrough of 9/11 truth into the mainstream media is as consequential as it is explosive for both the real perpetrators and the entire nation.

This irrefutable presentation on the collapse of Building #7 of the World Trade Center Complex is particularly damning because of the authoritative science offered as proof that the 9/11 Commission Report is a fraud.  The ramifications are so far-reaching and profound that the entire world will undoubtedly change with the dissemination of these stunning, yet self-evident, revelations!

Richard Gage* speaking on C-SPAN

*“Richard Gage, AIA, is a San Francisco Bay Area architect of 25 years, a member of the American Institute of Architects, and the founder and CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth.org), a 501(c)3 educational charity representing more than 2,000 degreed/licensed architects and engineers who have signed a petition calling for a new, independent investigation, with full subpoena power, into the destruction of the Twin Towers and the 47-story World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11. The more than 17,000 non-A/E signatories include many scientists, attorneys, and other responsible, educated citizens in the US and abroad. They cite overwhelming evidence for explosive controlled demolition.”[1] (Per http://www.ae911truth.org/en/about-us.html)

Continue reading

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“The Nuclear Energy Paradigm Collides with Earth Changes and Technospheric Breakdown” — The Final Chapter

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 11.01.37 AM

“Fukushima: Dispossession or Denuclearization?” — The Final Chapter

Fukushima: Dispossession or Denuclearization?” is a definitive and riveting book on the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe which has recently been published HERE.  If there is one sober assessment of what this unparalleled event means to humanity, this scholarly yet practical review is it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 9.04.09 AMThe last chapter of this extraordinary and eye-opening exposé provides only a glimpse into what are perhaps the most important messages that Fukushima has to deliver to humankind.

This exceptional treatment of the Fukushima disaster offers both uniquely penetrating insights and weighty conclusions.  These inescapable conclusions must now be acknowledged, and responded to with great immediacy, by Japan and the world community of nations.



The Nuclear Energy Paradigm Collides with Earth Changes and Technospheric Breakdown

The Fukushima Five Continue reading

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9/11 VERDICT: Mainstream Media Guilty Of The Biggest Coverup In US History


Every Major Organ Of The Mainstream Media Has Quite Willingly Participated In The Coverup Of The Crime Of The Millennium 

“Many corporate titans ought to be in prison for knowingly and willfully, deliberately and purposefully, covering up the treasonous and heinous crimes committed against America on 9/11 … by rogue elements throughout the US Government”
– 9/11 Crminal Investigator

Really, just how long does the entire mainstream media (MSM) think they will get away with participating in the coverup of the 9/11 Crime Of The Millennium?

It has now been reported on C-SPAN that well over 2200 qualified architects and engineers have literally demolished the official 9/11 Commission Report and there’s nary a peep about it on CNN … or FOX News … or CBS … or MSNBC!

Over 2200 Architects And Engineers Demolish The ‘Official’ 9/11 Commission Report

It has been many years since these dedicated and courageous engineering and architectural professionals first began working diligently on this monumental research project.  In fact their highly authoritative work constitutes the greatest criminal investigation in USA history.

And, yet, there’s no curiosity about their indisputable findings within the MSM.

There’s no in depth reporting about numerous engineering, architectural and metallurgical impossibilities asserted in the official NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology*) reports.  The NIST is literally permitted to violate laws of physics and chemistry, architecture and engineering, without any scrutiny or critical thinking from the Fourth Estate?! Continue reading

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9/11 False Flag Operation: HUGE Tipping Point As State-Sponsored Terrorism Is Exposed

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 9.38.54 AM

State Actors That Staged 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Disclosed, Plot Revealed, Justice Inevitable

“The synthetic terror fabricated on September 11, 2001 is like a boomerang fashioned as a double-edged samurai sword.  Just as the manufactured War On Terror has since produced ‘death by a thousand cuts’ in those countries targeted by the real Axis of Evil, the karmic boomerang will now return to those state actors who launched the 9/11 false flag operation .”  – State of the Nation

After thirteen long years of one revelation after another, it has now been established that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC were perpetrated by the very same governments that had the most to gain from them. The US Federal Government, along with the UK and Israel, have each been implicated in the most purposeful and calculated, complex and premeditated false flag operation of this millennium.

9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators


After all the evidence has been catalogued and surveyed only one question remains unanswered:

Did they really think they could get away with it?  Continue reading

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Global Climate Change: A Definitive Essay On The Primary Causes Of Global Warming


The Biosphere Approaches Critical Points Of No Return

This essay is the product of years of intensive research and practical investigation into the greatest challenge facing the human race today — Global Climate Change.  Its central theses were formulated and conclusions arrived at independent of any political persuasion, scientific bent or academic bias.  It is highly recommended that the reader suspend all opinions and judgements about Global Climate Change until the entire essay has been considered.  In light of the profusion of hard scientific evidence now available on the internet, as well as the massive amount of anecdotal evidence disseminated by media around the world, the primary conclusions of this essay are as irrefutable as they are highly consequential.

What is now completely beyond debate is that Global Climate Change poses the single greatest threat to the viability of our planetary civilization.  In fact, the sustained alteration of climate patterns occurring worldwide have now proven to be so profound and fundamental in nature that nations everywhere now experience cataclysmic weather events on a regular basis.  Therefore, this discussion does not in any way concern itself with debating the existence of Global Climate Change (GCC).  Debating the self evident serves no purpose at this late date, except to waste precious time and resources.
The obvious climatological shifts, weather changes and new meteorological trends around the globe speak for themselves.  Hence, our primary purpose is to address the root causes of Global Climate Change, some of which are barely mentioned in the relevant scientific research papers and academic journals, government websites and corporate position papers.  Only when the true causes of GCC are properly understood will the most appropriate responses and realistic solutions present themselves.

We begin by stating categorically that the Global Climate Change phenomenon has been quite misrepresented by government agencies, the scientific research establishment and academic institutions the world over.  There are several reasons for this extremely unfortunate state of affairs which ought to be understood if one is to apprehend the truth about GCC.  The single most important reason is that there are many and diverse stakeholders deeply involved in the GCC public discourse, who have a vested interest in influencing the ever-evolving conventional wisdom concerning this critical subject matter thereby ensuring certain outcomes which will flow from the predominant political and economic mindset. Continue reading

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Barack Hussein Obama: Manchurian Candidate And Trojan Horse, Warmonger And Deceiver

New Age Nero Plays Golf And Vacations While The World LITERALLY Burns

Let’s get something out of the way for all the partisan readers and Obamabots who will NOT like this graphic portrayal of the current US President.

George W. Bush was perhaps the worst president in US History.  His eight year term in office clearly marked a new low point in American history.  By unlawfully and deceitfully invading both Iraq and Afghanistan, he set the entire world on a course toward World War III.  His entirely bogus War On Terror was as contrived as it was an ongoing policy of state-sponsored terrorism against the non-white, non-Christian world.

In the end, W. Bush will be known as the occupant of the White House who triggered the real Clash of Civilizations after outright stealing two national elections.  So determined were the Neo-Cons to push the world into a WWIII scenario that they found in George W.Bush a mean-spirited, narrow-minded and self-absorbed individual who could be easily manipulated into doing just about anything Dick Cheney et al. told him to do.

Oh, yes, one last thing — and it represents a HUGE difference between George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.  Please forgive our candor but the following short exposition is quite purposeful in making an extremely important point.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 12.02.30 PM As follows:

Everyone knew deep down inside that W. Bush was unfit for presidential duty and quite a dangerous dolt.

He, himself, knew he was a dunderhead.

We all knew he was a dunderhead.

The entire world knew he was a dunderhead.

He knew that we knew, that he was a dunderhead.

We knew that he knew, that he was a dunderhead.

And so on and so on … … …

What’s the point? Continue reading

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The Ferguson Saga: Another OBAMA ‘Production’ Designed To Distract, Divert And Deceive

Life has a way of creating the Perfect Storm at times which serves many purposes on many levels.  Kind of like an intensely dramatic Hollywood production that captures the imagination of the public, so much so that everyone’s talking about … and learning from it … and being imperceptibly influenced by it.

In Ferguson there is a confluence of circumstances — some manmade (manufactured by those with an agenda) and some created by the ‘Universe’ — which were just waiting for an opportunity to explode into what has now become labelled an … … … I N T E R N A T I O N A L   I N C I D E N T !

For example, St. Louis, Missouri is well known for its festering race relations, as well as some of its very dangerous parts of town like Ferguson*.  Being a major urban center with a large black population, it has suffered greatly throughout the current unrelenting economic recession.  Given the demographics according to the 2010 census data it is no surprise that Ferguson, a city located within St.Louis County, would blow up sooner that later.
*”The Northern part of St. Louis has actually been deemed by the French government as an unsafe place to visit“[1]


Obama desperately needed a HUGE distraction Continue reading

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Downing Of Flight MH 17: False Flag Operation To Blame Russia?

Community Of Nations Ought To Be Asking “Qui Bono?”

Once again, it appears that CIA handiwork is all over another false flag operation designed at Langley in order to falsely accuse Russia of conducting state-sponsored terrorism.


No matter how you look at this terrorist event — and it is a blatant act of terrorism — Russia had no reason to be involved; the Ukraine government had every motivation.  Especially when the Anglo-American Axis is using the CIA to inflame and incite, at every turn, the Ukraine civil war, does this manmade disaster have the fingerprints from The Company.

That an American ‘statesman’ of the stature of Strobe Talbott, who is the current president of the Brookings Institution, would publicly blame Russia shows where the US Intelligence establishment would like this to go.  The Western media has been on an obvious mission to control the predominate narrative being poured out there into the mainstream.

Strobe Talbott Blames Russia For Shooting Down Commercial Airliner

So who gains?  Russia ONLY loses.  The Russian-speaking rebels would only hurt their cause for independence through such a barbaric act.  The US coup-installed government in Kiev benefits greatly for many obvious reasons.  So does its primary sponsor — the USA military-industrial complex.   Continue reading

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9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators

Russian 9/11 Data Dump Reveals State Actors

9/11 was an Anglo-American black operation executed in collusion with Israeli Secret Services.” — 9/11 Investigator

Undoubtedly the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington DC are the most misrepresented by officialdom in US history.

Whereas the assassination of John F. Kennedy is now understood to have been a classic CIA Execution Plan, it does not come close to 9/11 in terms of the number and magnitude of outright falsehoods, misleading statements, fake science and fraudulent facts submitted by officials and agents of the US Government.  The ‘official’ 9/11 Commission Report stands as the most fabricated document ever produced by US tax dollars.  Not only did the investigation avoid every serious inquiry about how two steel frame building came down after being dustified in NYC, it also subverted every initiative to ferret out the truth.

That’s all about to change in 2014.

9/11 False Flag Operation: HUGE Tipping Point As State-Sponsored Terrorism Is Exposed — The Millennium Report

It appears that Russia has been conducting systematic data dumps on 9/11, the release of which represents more factual information on the attacks than any US Government source.  In the wake of the Anglo-American coup d’état conducted by the CIA and MI6 in Kiev, it appears that Russia has no more patience for Western interference.  Especially when nations are destabilized on Russia’s borders do the stakes in this highly consequential geopolitical chess match go up.

Since Vladimir Putin has no intention of starting World War 3, he can only respond to US-EU meddling by using asymmetric warfare on the internet.  Were the American people to understand that the US Federal Government perpetrated the 9/11 destruction, everything would change in a heartbeat.  Because the Obama Administration has shown no sign of aborting its planned takeover of the Ukraine, Russia is left with very few, but still quite potent options.

The following excerpt recently appeared on an alternative news website — Veterans Today — under the subtitle “Too Classified to Publish”.  Essentially this unprecedented release of ultra-secret and highly classified information illustrates Putin’s new tack toward Western intractability.  Simply put, Russia will no longer stand by idly while the Anglo-American Juggernaut projects it power wherever it so chooses to across the planet.

clark4-800x555 Continue reading

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Locus Of Global Power Shifts From The West To The East

Anglo-American Axis Losing Power and Influence;
BRICS Alliance Gains

The Earth has always spun in the same way.  The planet rotates so that the rising sun always appears in the east and sets in the west, no matter where you happen to live.  In the same way, civilizations have both risen and fallen.  Religions and philosophies have likewise come into vogue as the sun moves from the East to the West.  And so it will be for the once dominant political economies of the modern era.

True to this timeless cycle of global transformation, the Marxist Communism of both the USSR and China disintegrated at the end of the last century.  Each nation was destined to be released from its own fatally flawed version of quasi-Marxist Communism.  Both countries have since struggled to find the form of governance and political economy which accommodates their societies and meets the needs of their people.  The challenge has been made more difficult in trying to find the right balance in today’s highly complex and interconnected world.  Another determining factor, that is often overlooked, is how well the system of governance fits the temperament of the current generation of leaders. Were there to be a gross mismatch in this regard, only dissension within and discord without will result.

Likewise, the Anglo-Amercian Axis (AAA), which includes the European Union and many other military and economic proxies, are on the cusp of seeing the demise of their brand of Corporate-Crony Capitalism that currently predominates across the planet.  Although there are different forms of capitalism found throughout the world today, it is this highly pernicious form of predatory capitalism, which has been administered by the Anglo-American Axis (AAA) since its inception, that is about to experience a similar fate as Sino-Soviet Communism did.

It has often been said: “As Russia goes, so goes the USA.”  

That time has now arrived.  Except that there are now those throughout the AAA who seem to feel that they can thwart destiny.  And, they are working triple time to forestall the inevitable, regardless that such destiny has been preordained for aeons.  How, pray tell, do the once dominant British Empire, as well as the now crumbling American Empire, feel they can stop the inexorable forces of national destiny and global transformation?  Here’s how one prescient author put it;

“Furthermore, the [Anglo-American] empire could no longer be sustained politically, financially, practically or ethically, as the seeds of its own destruction had fully sprouted.  The most fatal seed grew into that extremely corrupt and predatory form of corporate, crony capitalism which was so socially unconscious, and so environmentally unaware, it was quite doomed from the very beginning.”

History is replete with examples of once invincible empires and kingdoms falling in a night and a day.  All of them exhibited the very same symptoms before their collapse, as we see manifesting today wherever Anglo-American capitalism has prevailed.  Therefore, it behooves those who rule the realm to let nature takes it course, as it did with, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome and all the other ‘great’ empires of antiquity.  Just as the center of power moved from Rome to London to Washington over centuries, so to will the dominant nations move westward to the slowly emerging powerhouses of the East — toward Asia. Continue reading

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The WAR for the Ukraine: What’s the real story?

The Latest and Biggest Battle Between East and West Converges in the Ukraine

Originally posted at StateoftheNation2012.com

There have been many wars — terrible wars — fought on Planet Earth over the past 100 years.  However, the greatest war of them all could literally be around the corner, unless it is stopped by the people of this planet. The epic confrontation in the Ukraine presents the most dangerous and unprecedented conflict between the world’s superpowers since the breakup of the Soviet Union.  Truly, this clash between East and West represents an economic, political and religious battleground that will dwarf every other war save WWI and WWII.  If the conflict in the Ukraine is not resolved peacefully, it has the potential of evolving into a full blown World War III scenario.

That may sound like hyperbole until you read what is truly at stake for both sides of this War of the Titans. There is a very serious settling of scores going on with this intensifying skirmish that has multiple roots in history. On the one side, the real perpetrators want to get even as they so often do. On the other side, there is the inexorable force of destiny which compels them to assume a courageous stance toward a seemingly intractable situation.

The Ukraine conflict is fundamentally a war between East and West, between radically different cultures, different races, different religious orientations, and between very different people.  Because of the profound lack of understanding on the part of the West, as well as the desperate agenda which they are fully committed to, it appears that this war will play out in some fashion no matter what.  That doesn’t mean the world will once again be drenched in a hail of bullets and bombs.  The post-modern battlefield often migrates into the economic sectors and financial realms, as this one has with the imposition of the Anglo-American sanction regime.

Because of the inherent combustibility driven by numerous historical animosities and cultural hatreds, financial necessities and economic pressures, there is just no telling how this ongoing saga will end up.  While there are several weighty co-factors at work, there are also numerous variables which can short-circuit the extremely precarious current trajectory toward full scale war.  Were that to happen, this world will be saved from untold trial and tribulation.  If on the other hand war does break out, things will change very quickly depending on where one is domiciled on the planet.

Here are some of the primary financial and economic co-factors which have been exerting unparalleled pressures on both the West and the East:

• The Western banking system is broke, busted and disgusted.  The banks are living on borrowed time and want more borrowed time before they literally go bust.  The ever-increasing number of suicides of high-level bankers stands as testimony as to how disgusted either the bankers are, their bosses are, and/or both are.  Because there are now so many banks that have been identified as TBTF (Too BIG To Fail), the amount of necessary support from the Federal Reserve is now untenable.  This single dynamic has compelled the Western powers to steal money, precious metals, real estate, and whole national economies (read: the Ukraine) wherever they can.

• The fractional reserve banking system and fiat monopoly money it creates has always had an end date built into the fatally flawed model, which no one ever talks about because it’s simply too scary to consider.  With each passing day, the entire civilization gets closer to that termination date.  Those who sit at the peak of the Global Economic and Financial Control Matrix (GE&FCM) know the realities which they are personally facing.  They also are grimly aware of the ultimate outcomes for the world-at-large.  Hence, they do WHATEVER they can to forestall the date of doom.   Continue reading

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The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA

The Real 800 Pound Gorilla That Controls The Realm

No one can deny the effects that the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) has had on the United States of America.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower aptly warned the world what would inevitably develop when any nation commits itself to a perpetual war economy. Or, maintains such a large military during peacetime.

However, very few understand that the MIC was only one component of a much larger complex now known as the Government-Corporate Complex.  Truly, it is the Government-Corporate Complex (GCC) which poses a much greater threat to world peace and social order, global financial security and economic stability, as well as the integrity of the biosphere and environmental protection.

Was the Military-Industrial Complex actually a red herring?

Studying the MIC as a microcosm of the GCC can be quite instructive and revealing about how the much bigger GCC entity operates throughout the world today. It it true that even in times of relative peace, the MIC does everything within its power to ensure it’s prosperity, just as the Department of Defense (read War) does everything to ensure its survival during periods without war.  In so doing, the MIC has been hard-wired from its very inception to guarantee the millions employed by the countless defense-related industries and services a paycheck, no matter what the prospects for war-making.  Which is one of the primary reasons why so much enthusiastic support for all things military has always reigned supreme in the political process of the USA.  And so it will for the foreseeable future. 

However, there is a much more profound reason about how and why the USA was destined to become the “Military Arm of the New World Order“.  The very notion of the Military-Industrial Complex was first publicized as both a diversion away from as well as an unwitting clue about the “real 800 pound gorilla” that has been clandestinely flexing its muscles across the planet for many decades, if not centuries.

23_LMi13 2 Continue reading

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Who killed JFK? And why did they do it?

*This article is a condensed version of a much longer essay which can be found at:
Warren Commission Report: The Most Absurd Investigation In US History

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 by way of a classic, execution-style ritual sacrifice known as the “killing of the King”*. This form of unusually public and gruesome murder of an extremely popular world leader is designed to shock and awe the mass consciousness. And so it did.

“There is a Secret Society ritual that is ‘the killing of the King.’ The national leader of the people is only a figurehead and has no real power. Power lies behind the scenes within dark secrets. Others pull the strings of the politician puppets. If an upstart, politician puppet makes waves or rocks the boat or doesn’t play ball…..that puppet gets eliminated. It is why Caesar was killed. It is why Kennedy was killed. If you disturb the real power structure, you can be targeted for removal. Such ‘assassinations’ demonstrate to the world who has the real power; it is a bloody statement of who is really in charge; and the truth is our secret rulers control from dark shadows. (There is a reason the Ace is higher than the King in a deck of cards. The Ace represents the Secret Societies that truly run the show).”
Excerpt from: WAS JFK KILLED BECAUSE OF ROSWELL? by Doug Yurchey

JFK was by far the most courageous and self-sacrificing president in modern American history. In his almost 3 year tenure, he made more bold decisions, issued more audacious executive orders, and enacted more revolutionary policy than all of the other US presidents of the 20th century put together. How so, you might ask?
What follows is a list of ten reasons why JFK became the most targeted man in America in 1963.
Each of these 10 explanations standing alone would be considered extremely life-threatening to any sitting president of the USA. And these are just the top ten; there are many other brave initiatives undertaken by JFK which pitted him directly against the TPTB (The Powers That Be).
Therefore, the real question is how JFK managed to survive as long as he did.   Continue reading

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JFK Assassination: Classic CIA Execution Plan

COVERUP: Conspiracy of silence overseen by all the usual suspects

Almost everything we know about the assassination of John F. Kennedy has been planted in our minds over years of mainstream media (MSM) programming. Virtually every theory advanced has been either conjured up or promoted by those who control the MSM. Therefore, just like all the false leads which were published during November of 1963, much of this ‘official’ information is highly suspect.

However, as far as the much more expansive JFK assassination coverup is concerned, many of those accused parties had either a direct or indirect hand. No matter what the degree of participation, a conspiracy of silence is always the most deafening. And always the most successful over the long term.

MO of the JFK Assassination

The most obvious hallmark of the ‘execution’ of the assassination plot is that it was a classic CIA implementation plan. Whoever it was necessary to directly involve in the conspiracy to murder JFK was inserted into this extremely compartmentalized operation, and done so on a strictly need-to-know basis. This same modus operandi applies to the coverup as well.

Therefore, it can be stated with absolute certainty, that certain elements within the CIA, Secret Service, FBI and Dallas Police Department had to have had a direct hand in both the assassination plot and subsequent coverup. Over the course of time, there were other law enforcement agencies which were drawn into the coverup phase by necessity. All law enforcement agencies are run according to military-style pyramidal hierarchies, so it was very easy for them to control the flow of information over the many intervening decades.


Lyndon B. Johnson had both the motive and the power.

There is no question that Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) had both the incentive and the position of power to ensure a relatively seamless operation. He also enjoyed the protection and influence of the southern good-ole-boy network. Both Big Oil and the Military-Industrial Complex money stood squarely behind him. So did the entire Texas political machine. After all, isn’t that why Dallas why chosen as the site of the very public execution. Simply put, LBJ and his many cronies had “the whole place wired” right down to Dealey Plaza and the Texas School Book Depository.

It was common knowledge at the time of John Kennedy’s election that LBJ was chosen as Vice President only because of his political prowess in Congress and his ability to deliver Texas. However, what is less well known is that the level of animosity between the Kennedy and Johnson camps was as intense as it was toxic with a capital “T”. The personal animosities likewise ran so deep that many wondered how the sentiments would play out in the day-to-day outworking of the Kennedy Administration.

Quite unfortunately, the disdain that each side had for each other fed the silent participation in the JFK assassination as much as it did the subsequent coverup. Which is exactly how this whole sordid scenario played out from beginning to end.  It is also how many other rogue elements were co-opted or associated with the assassination, whether there was any involvement or not.    Continue reading

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Warren Commission: High Level Coverup Of JFK Assassination

Special Report in Observance of the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination — November 22, 2013

The assassination of John F.Kennedy arouses more controversy and skepticism among Americans than any other event of the last century. His death before the end of his term in office was a blow to the hopes and aspirations of many. JFK’s appeal was truly multi-generational which is why his death is hotly debated to this very day. He was not only a World War II hero, he inspired many with his writings in PROFILES IN COURAGE.

The Warren Commission Report (WCR) is the most questioned and doubted of all Congressional inquiries of the 20th century. There are so many obvious shortcomings and questionable conclusions contained in this report that it was destined to create many more doubts than sound answers. Because there are so many contested facts, it is now believed by many that a highly coordinated coverup took place at the highest levels of government.

“Single-bullet theory” undercut the credibility of the Warren Commission Report

The single greatest problem with the WCR was the advancement of the “Single-bullet theory”. This theory posited the notion that the same bullet struck both President Kennedy and Governor John B. Connally of Texas. The governor himself, an eye-witness and victim in the presidential limousine, insisted that he was struck by a different bullet than those that hit Kennedy.

“According to the single-bullet theory, a three-centimeter (1.2″)-long copper-jacketed lead-core 6.5-millimeter rifle bullet fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository passed through President Kennedy’s neck and Governor Connally’s chest and wrist and embedded itself in the Governor’s thigh. If so, this bullet traversed 15 layers of clothing, 7 layers of skin, and approximately 15 inches of tissue, struck a necktie knot, removed 4 inches of rib, and shattered a radius bone. The bullet was found on a gurney in the corridor at the Parkland Memorial Hospital, in Dallas, after the assassination. The Warren Commission found that this gurney was the one that had borne Governor Connally.[3] This bullet became a key Commission exhibit, identified as CE 399. Its copper jacket was completely intact. While the bullet’s nose appeared normal, the tail was compressed laterally on one side.”
(Per Wikipedia – Single-bullet theory)

The primary reason why this single bullet theory became so untouchable is because it was the only way to explain that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin. Simply put, “there would not have been enough time between the wounding of the two men for Oswald to have fired two shots from his bolt action rifle” according to FBI marksmen, who test-fired the rifle for the Warren Commission.  Regardless, it has been proven scientifically that the number of bullets fired at the scene of the crime indicate more than one gunman.


Which begs the question: Why was the Warren Commission so determined to push the lone assassin theory, and then aggressively cover up the obvious truth?   Continue reading

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The BIGGEST Coverup in USA History

What Obama and NASA don’t want you to know!

*Re-posted with permission from CCRG @ cosmicconvergence.org

We live in a time when common sense has become quite rare. Likewise, the voice of reason has fled humankind. For these reasons the following essay will be quite difficult for many to understand or believe or imbibe.

If you were running the world during these tumultuous times, and you knew that events were on the horizon which would forever alter the entire planetary civilization, would you use the global mainstream media to tell everyone?
If those earth-shattering events were as unstoppable as they were fateful, would you disseminate this information?

If your answer is “Yes”, what will the 7 billion plus people who reside on Planet Earth do the next day? That is, after you tell them that their world is about to come to an end.
Will they still go to work?
Will they continue to support the Consumer Society?
Will many of them even want to get out of bed again after they hear what is coming?

Herein lies the challenge that is faced by the World Shadow Government (WSG).

Bear in mind that they know exactly what is around the corner. Their strategically-located observatories and high-powered telescopes give them access to scientific data and astronomical phenomena which is so compelling they feel they have no alternative but to:
• distract us
• deceive us
• divert our attention

Remember, there is one thing — more than anything else — which the WSG fears.

That is uncontrolled chaos.
They know—> that real mayhem in the streets will not treat them well.
Therefore, spontaneous social pandemonium is their greatest worry.
Unpredictable political paroxysms strike fear into their hearts.
Uncontrollable financial volatility will only serve to shatter their control matrix.    

With this understanding one can better comprehend the many unreasonable and irrational, mindless and foolish, crazy and insane actions taken by the World Shadow Government. Obviously they know that their time is up. Accordingly, they have less and less control – by the day – over how things will play out.

Yes, they may have a Plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan C. However, there are many emerging eventualities over which they have far less influence than what they are used to. Their bunkers buried deep underground may not be in the protected areas they once thought. Nor are their off-planet rendezvous sites as safe from solar system calamities as they once believed. Of course their experiments with time travel and interstellar travel, wormholes and parallel universes,  blank slate technology and invisibility cloaking have already proved disastrous. Continue reading

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9/11: The Ultimate Inside Job And False Flag Operation

Ten Reasons Why 9/11 Was “The Ultimate Inside Job And False Flag Operation”

1. The Twin Towers at the World Trade Center did not come down as a result of passenger airplanes hitting them; rather they were controlled demolitions.

2. Building #7 was never hit by an airplane and was brought down by a perfectly controlled demolition as proven by several different videos of the engineered collapse.

3. The airliner that never hit the Pentagon – American Airlines Flight 77 – was in fact a very purposefully aimed missile as demonstrated by the entry and exits holes.

4. Flight 93 did not crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania since the coroner who showed up at the ‘crash site’ remarked that he never attended a crime scene so bloodless and lacking in bodies.

5. Insider traders have proven that they knew about the 9/11 attacks well before they happened; numerous large transactions prior to the attacks indicate foreknowledge by “men in high places”.

6. Air Defense was instructed to “Stand Down” by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) going against ALL protocols.

7. Cell phone calls made from the passenger airliners were faked, since reception was technologically impossible at that time and at that altitude.

8. All four ‘black boxes’ have been kept in absolute secrecy because of the incriminating evidence of the 4 staged attacks. How could there be black boxes if there were no commercial airliners involved?

9. “Reports* of molten metal in the foundations of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers are frequently noted … that the buildings were destroyed through controlled demolition.” (Per http://911research.wtc7.net)

* “The observations of molten metal are evidence for demolition in a number of respects, given the difficulty of explaining the requisite temperatures as resulting from random fires. For example, since molten iron is a by-product of the highly exothermic reaction of thermite, observations of quantities of the substance fit the hypothesis that thermite or thermite-like reactions were instrumental in the Towers’ destruction.”
“The president of Tully Construction of Flushing, NY, said he saw pools of “literally molten steel” at Ground Zero days after the 9/11 attacks.”
(Per http://911review.com)
Our comment: Molten steel found deep in the foundation of the Twin Towers???

10. Many of the Osama Bin Laden tapes, videos and photographs are all obvious fakes and fabrications according to several photo and voice experts.   Continue reading

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9/11 Commission Report: The Most Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory Of All Time

Without question the official 9/11 Commission Report, formally known as the “Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States”, represents the most unsupported, contrived and ridiculous work of fiction ever produced by the US Federal Government.  In fact, it represents the most implausible conspiracy theory in USA history, one that was foisted on the American people, as well as on the world-at-large.  The 9/11 Commission Report details a conspiracy theory so far fetched and full of pre-meditated fabrications that one is forced to ask the question:

If 19 Arabs with box-cutters in hand did not perpetrate this Crime of the Millennium – under the direction of a man in a cave in Afghanistan – then who might have had the incentive, as well as the extraordinary capability, to perpetrate such an audacious attack?”

"The Official 9/11 Commission Report ... the most contrived, unsupported, implausible Conspiracy Theory ever foisted on the Amercian People ... Utterly ridiculous!"

Of course, the much more profound question has always remained, “Cui bono?”.  Who really gains (or rather gained) the most by staging such a world-transforming and fear-generating event?  Did the Afghans or Iraqis have much to benefit by subsequently being carpet bombed into oblivion?  Do the Pakistanis enjoy regular drone attacks on their sovereignty?  Do the Iranians appreciate constant and unwarranted threats of aggressive military action from the real ‘Axis of Evil’ (USA, UK, Israel) for simply establishing a peaceful nuclear energy program?!  Since the answer is an obvious “NO” to each of these and similar questions, then who is it, really, that stood to gain (and has actually gained) the most from this highly calculated and coordinated  false flag operation.

Bear in mind that 9/11 has been quite effectively utilized by the political class, within certain nations around the globe, to inaugurate a full-blown, worldwide War on Terror.  Which nations?  The USA. Israel.  The UK.  France. Germany.  Australia.  Canada.  Germany.  Italy. 

This list does include the only countries in the world that could have possibly pulled off such a sophisticated attack or possessed the capability to assist in such a plot — a convoluted scheme which included fake airliners, cruise missiles, diverted and disposed of 757’s, impossible cell phone calls from flights at 30,000 feet, total control over all surveillance cameras, etc.  Shall we go on for those who still don’t get it?

For the uninitiated, please be aware of the following documented facts before you quit reading this exposé.  They may very well be the most important revelations you’ll ever read about 9/11.  Each of these facts overturns the uniquely telling and significant falsehoods that the US Federal Government has disseminated in the wake of these false flag attacks

However, before we go deeper into the false flag nature of this operation dissect the true conspiracy behind this crime against humanity, it would be wise to first understand the seriousness of the following ten falsehoods. Each of them, even when considered individually, is understood by many around the world to conclusively overturn the impossible and nonsensical conclusions issued by the 9/11 Commission Report.

Continue reading

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Barack Hussein Obama: The Ultimate Manchurian Candidate

Has anyone ever seen anything like it?! Is there any constitutional crisis even close to this unprecedented predicament in American history?

We have a sitting president who has posted a thoroughly fraudulent and forged birth certificate on an official White House website.

Do you get the picture yet?! REPEAT: We have a sitting President, of these United States Of America, who failed to submit the appropriate official records in support of his qualifications and fitness to occupy the highest office in the land the first time around. And now, as he runs for the same office again, he has submitted a fraudulent and forged birth certificate as evidence of being a natural born citizen of the USA.

This is a constitutional lawyer, who is surrounded by the ‘best’ legal advisers in the country, who has committed a series of quite serious felonies in pursuit of his political ambitions. Did you get that?

President Obama has access to the highest paid, most knowledgeable, experienced and powerful attorneys throughout the nation, and the best he can do is commit a number of high crimes and misdemeanors in the process of running for president not once, but two times a row.   Continue reading

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British Citizen Turns Himself In To Scotland Yard After PM Cameron’s Inflammatory UN Speech


“Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron Says “Non-Violent Conspiracy Theorists” Are Just As Dangerous As ISIS”

“David Cameron told the U.N. that “non-violent extremism” is just as dangerous as terrorism and must be eradicated using all means at the government’s disposal.

He references 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers as examples of the type of extremism that must be dealt in a similar fashion to ISIS.

If you thought Obama’s War is Peace speech to the U.N. was creepy, wait until you get a load of this.

Cameron is officially announcing a the plan to use a full assault on dissenting views.”[1]

David Cameron Offends Every Seeker Of 9/11 And 7/7 Truth

When the Prime Minister of the ‘United’ Kingdom uses the bully pulpit of the United Nations General Assembly to browbeat the community of nations to squash reasonable and necessary inquiry into 9/11 Truth, something is very wrong.   Continue reading

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“Double Think Of The Day” — Richard Wilcox


“Never argue with anyone who is stupid because you’ll never win they’ve had too much practice.”
– Mark Twain

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STINGING THE HEXAGRAM: The Middle Kingdom Takes on the Middle East

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 5.46.56 AM

The Middle Kingdom Takes on the Middle East

By Katherine Smith, PhD

On May 7, 2013 the Time World Website featured an article about China and the Middle East on the front page, China Can Posture, but It Can’t Bring Peace to the Middle East.

The article questions China’s ability to referee peace in the region. Everyone wants to know why President Xi Jinping believes he can find a solution to the over half-century Arab-Israeli conflict when all of the other global heavyweights have failed to find a path to peace in the Middle East.

Gerald Steinberg, professor at Bar Ilan University, was quoted in the article as saying,  “The Chinese are trying to be Europeans. They want to be global actors, and the way to be global actors is to claim that you have something to offer. They have good trade relations with Israel, but there’s a huge gap in terms of understanding the perceptions of the region.”

No one really believes China has anything to offer. The title of the article says it all. China Can Posture, but It Can’t Bring Peace to the Middle East. So what would cause China to posture itself into Middle East politics?

The video below supports the iconoclastic view that the Middle East conflict and the creation of the State of Israel were both part of a meticulous New World Order Plan.

The video has gone viral [among the diplomatic community] because of two peace experts on the J Street’s Advisory Council. [1] Two prominent members on J Street’s council, David Myers, chair of the UCLA Department of History, and Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater, have each viewed the video and strongly voiced their feelings about Israel’s role in the Middle East, according to confidential sources.

The animation assumes you know the Frog and the Scorpion fable:

A scorpion on the bank of the Nile asks a frog to ferry him to the other side.  “Oh no,” the frog said. “You would sting me.” “That’s ridiculous,” the scorpion replied, “because then I would drown.” Convinced, the frog took the scorpion on his back and began to swim the river. In midstream, the scorpion’s lethal urge became too strong and as he is about to plunge his stinger into the frog’s neck, the frog groaned, “Why, why?” “The scorpion gave his final shrug and replied, “This is the Middle East.”

Click here if you haven’t already watched the video titled Stinging the Hexagram, where no one drowns. You can view the animation with subtitles in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese.  The video gets really interesting when the face of the Frog changes to Netanyahu and the face of the Scorpion changes to Mahmoud Abbas. Could these two be collaborating due to recognizing their people’s shared history of victimization?

There is a rumor that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s four-point plan is based on the idea that the House of Rothschild is behind the Middle East conflict and that the creation of the State of Israel was part of a New World Order Conspiracy, one of the 33 conspiracies proven to be true.

History confirms that The Rothchilds, considered by some to be the father of Israel, spend money on Land, Hospitals, Universities, Streets and Important Buildings, but in all the time they have been involved with the Jewish people they never supported the one thing that would really make a difference in the lives of the Jews: Peace. Google Rothschild and Peace and the only result is that in 1967 Baron Edmond de Rothschild founded the Middle East Peace Institute. There is no record of Middle East Peace Institute ever doing anything, let alone promoting peace in the Middle East.

During my research I found a number of informed opinion essays on alternative news websites that support the idea that the Arabs and Jews are pawns (“useless eaters”) in a New World Order depopulation plan if the middle-east conflict is allowed to escalate to World War III. [Appendix A]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   DOME OF THE ROCK  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The radical Jews and Evangelical Christians who want the Messiah to return could ignite a “formidable social cataclysm,” a worldwide firestorm between Jews and Muslims, if the Israelis are blamed for demolishing the third most holy place in the Muslim world, The Dome of the Rock. That magnificent golden domed mosque, was built right on top of the second temple (Herod’s Temple) and, according to the Bible, is preventing the return of the Messiah.  Radical Christians and Jews believe the Messiah will not come back to earth until the Jews rebuild the Temple.

Note that Architectural Plans already exist for the Third Temple, including the demolition of the Dome of the Rock.

Should the Dome be demolished, then for the first time in history, thanks to Saddam Hussein when he destroyed ninety percent of Iraq’s Wetlands, 200 million people could cross the Euphrates for a Holy World War III in Jerusalem.

A war that will rid the planet of millions of “useless eaters.” The New World Order only needs 500 million of us for slaves.

Katherine Smith PhD, is a regular contributor to the home of Thought Provoking Articles and can be reached at mandrell2010@gmail.com


[1] J Street’s Advisory Council brings together leaders with vast and diverse experience in support of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These prominent experts offer advise on important topics related to work both in the United States and in Israel.

Over 250 prominent former public officials, policy experts, community and academic leaders are on the J Street Advisory Council.

Appendix A
Informed Opinion Essays on the Modern State of Israel

12-01-2013  A Tale of Two Boycotts
11-29-2013 The 66-year Anniversary of the Partition of Palestine; Providence, Miracle or What Really Happened
11-16-2013 Kristallnacht, Grynszpan and the Munich Agreement: Connect the World War Dots
11-15-2013 Holocaust Denial and Holocaust PTSD
11-11-2013 Kristallnacht 75th Anniversary: What Really Happened in Nazi Germany?

The Modern State of Israel: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened
World War I, II: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened
Adolph Hitler: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened
How did Hitler lose the war: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened
The War to End All Wars: Providence, Pointless Tragedy or What Really Happened
Adolph Hitler: War Hero, Street Cleaner, Prostitute or Secret Agent: A Psychohistory Analysis

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The Global Chemtrail And Geoengineering March That Will Change The World



A Global March
Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering
Is Taking Place On September 27, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 6.52.44 AM
It’s true, there are countless environmental assaults taking place across the planet at this very moment.

However, there is only one that is occurring 24/7 virtually everywhere around the globe.

Geoengineering through the utilization of chemtrail technology is now ubiquitous and unrelenting. If ever there was a threat to the entire biosphere, chemtrailing the skies worldwide is it. Many have now awakened to the fact that this dangerous practice of atmospheric engineering poses a threat to the planetary civilization.

Even those nations which do not permit chemtrails are still vulnerable to their toxic and sun-blocking effects. How so?

The winds, which have no respect for borders, invariably move chemtrail clouds across the sky and national boundaries alike. Hence, we see that those countries which allow chemtrails are poisoning the skies of their neighbors which prohibit them.

What In The World Are They Spraying?

In this way the offending nations are committing chemical assault and chemical trespass against populations and countries both large and small. It is now time for those nations to be held accountable their unlawful and harmful behavior.

Why In The World Are They Spraying?

Those nations which promote this type of geoengineering do NOT own the skies. They have no right to poison the skies anywhere, especially of those lands which have outlawed or terminated the pernicious practice universally known as sky chemtrailing.

Because chemtrails and other covert geoengineering techniques are frequently conducted in a clandestine manner, they are often performed under the cover of night as well as above naturally cloudy skies. This illegal practice then becomes all the more stealthily invasive and wholly unacceptable.


Really, what can the average resident of Planet Earth do to stop these ongoing chemical assaults?

Actually, they can do lot.

The first thing they can do is educate themselves.  Anyone on this site is already doing that.  Here are some informative articles and stunning photo-docs to further consider or send to others.

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)

Chemtrails Explained; HAARP Exposed; Geoengineering Expounded

CHEMTRAILS: A Chemical Assault On People And Chemical Trespass of Property

Secondly, they can educate others, especially family and friends, co-workers and business associates, neighbors and fellow truth seekers.

Thirdly, they can raise awareness in every way possible, particularly using the internet-based social networks. Social networking websites can offer a powerful opportunity to significantly leverage time and energy, money and resources in any efforts around getting this vital message out there.

Lastly, there are BIG initiatives like the upcoming Global March Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering being held on Saturday,  September 27, 2014 in a city near you and your loved ones.  What makes this such a special event is that it presents a unique global media opportunity.  Because this global march will be occurring in many countries at once, the media exposure will increase considerably.   That’s a very good thing.  As it is essential for the chemtrail movement’s critical message to breakthrough into the mainstream media … everywhere.

This global march greatly increases the likelihood of a defining moment for chemtrail and geoengineering awareness worldwide.

The goal here is to saturate the internet with press releases and articles and essays and photos and videos on the worldwide chemtrail crisis so that anyone can stumble across them.  Once they do, the curiosity is usually too great for them to ignore.  After looking up at the sky and seeing the chemtrails being sprayed in real time they usually become believers, and sometimes fierce advocates.

Especially when the average person reads and understands that the sun rays are being intentionally blocked, they get really disturbed.  Likewise, when they read about all the toxic ingredients in chemtrails and their adverse health impacts, they get justifiably upset.  The collateral damage to the environment is just one more negative outcome that most get peeved at.  Particularly when they understand that chemtrails adversely affects their very expensive ‘organic’ food, health-promoting powerwalks in the park, or relaxing vacations at the often chemtrailed beach are they ready to do battle.

The more inhabitants of this planet who really get it, the easier it will be to shut down these detrimental chemtrails once and for all.  Which is precisely why a GLOBAL MARCH can be so effective at galvanizing a broad-based, organically grown, grass roots movement — one that will have staying power and real impact.


At the end of the day it will be sheer PEOPLE POWER that shuts down chemtrails worldwide.

When the people of the world rise up and take back their power from those governments which have taken it from them, geoengineering will be among the first government programs that will be terminated.  Once the general populations around the world comprehend the highly destructive nature of stratospheric engineering and solar radiation management, climate engineering and weather modification, they will respond appropriately.

In the end, the slow-motion collapse of the Biosphere and all of the inevitable consequences to human life will compel every human being to take a stand.  When this dire eventuality is considered on top of the personal assaults in the form of incessant blocking of sun rays and noxious chemicals permeating the air everywhere, the global community will be obligated to take swift and decisive action.  Until now, it is only the widespread ignorance of these devastating chemtrail operations that have allowed them to continue.

The many organizers of this Global March sincerely hope the worldwide Chemtrail & Geoengineering Movement will be jumpstarted and kicked into high gear this coming September 27.  Truly, the future of humankind has been put at great risk, as the fate of the Planet Earth lies in the balance.

September 27, 2014: Global March Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering

Let’s do our very best to impress upon everyone we know how important it is to:

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 6.52.44 AM

State of the Nation
September 18, 2014

Recommended Reading:

CHEMTRAILS : The Biggest Coverup of All Time

CHEMTRAILS: There is NO Debate!

CHEMTRAILS: Covert And Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity


Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health

The US Government Commits Chemical Assault Against Its Citizens

CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

The Government-Coordinated CHEMTRAIL Conspiracy Continues Unabated


BAN Geoengineering And Chemtrails –> Globally



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Cops In USA Now Steal Cash From Motorists, Get Away With It Because Of High Legal Costs For Victims


Canadian News Outlet Warns Canadians That US Law Enforcement Officers Will Pull Them Over And Seize Their Cash

From the US-Outed-As-Serial-Abuser Dept.


The exploitation of asset seizure/forfeiture laws by law enforcement isn’t anything new, but it is receiving a lot more attention thanks to an extensive exploration of the subject by the Washington Post. The findings are astonishing/sickening. Over the last 13 years, nearly 62,000 cash seizures have been made by law enforcement officers, resulting in a $2.5 billion haul. And that’s just the cash. Depending on local laws, people who have had their cash seized may also lose their vehicles, houses and access to any bank accounts.

Only one-sixth of those whose cash has been seized have engaged in the expensive process necessary to retrieve their money. Nearly half of those who make this attempt have their funds returned, which indicates that many of the cash seizures are predicated on tenuous legal ground (to put it very nicely). But even more bad news awaits should a citizen fight an uphill battle against an infinitely-funded opponent: in many cases, the responding governments only offer back half of what was seized and force citizens to sign a release agreement promising not to sue before they’ll hand over the check.

The abusive farce that is asset forfeiture has now reached critical mass: CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has issued a warning to Canadian travelers. Senior Washington Correspondent Neil MacDonald posted this bluntly-titled article late last week. (via Boing Boing, which also gives us this great phrase: “robbery at badgepoint”)

American shakedown: Police won’t charge you, but they’ll grab your money

In it, he cautions Canadians that visiting the US with a bunch of cash on hand is a good way to end up short on funds. He points out that the Canadian government has no law limiting the amount of cash Canadians can take into or out of the country, but that has no bearing on what any local police force inside the US would consider to be the “legal” amount of cash a person — especially a foreign citizen — can carry. After all, half the seizures were for less than $8,800 and that number includes a college graduate (with no criminal record) who was relieved of $2,500 given to him by his parents to make a trip to California for a job interview.

MacDonald boils down his travel advice to a few bullet points that may help Canadians avoid becoming victims of government-approved theft.

Avoid long chats if you’re pulled over. Answer questions politely and concisely, then persistently ask if you are free to go.

Don’t leave litter on the vehicle floor, especially energy drink cans.

Don’t use air or breath fresheners; they could be interpreted as an attempt to mask the smell of drugs.

Don’t be too talkative. Don’t be too quiet. Try not to wear expensive designer clothes. Don’t have tinted windows.

And for heaven’s sake, don’t consent to a search if you are carrying a big roll of legitimate cash.

This is what it takes to avoid the sort of police scrutiny that might result in you losing any cash you have on hand. Good luck with that, especially the “not being too talkative or too quiet” part. Being “not from around here” makes visiting Canadians (and other foreign visitors) the best kind of victim: the one who won’t fight because it’s prohibitively expensive to do so — or even impossible, depending on visa limitations.

It’s the most perverted of incentives. Those seizing the money and assets directly benefit from them — about as perverse as you can get without spending several hours at 4chan’s /b/ [link deliberately not included].

One prosecutor used seized cash to defend herself against a lawsuit brought by people whose cash she seized.

Nice work, drug and terror warriors. America is swiftly becoming the First World’s Mos Eisely. Everything remotely connected with drug enforcement or counterterrorism carries with it the stench of corruption and abuse. Canadians will now drive through the US like suburbanites who have found themselves on the “wrong” side of town: windows up, doors locked, eyes fixed dead ahead and at a speed just fast enough to deter interaction but not fast enough to draw undue attention.

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The Myth of Nuclear Weapons

Destruction of Hiroshima in the aftermath of the 'atomic bomb'

Destruction of Hiroshima in the aftermath of the ‘atomic bomb’


The Myth of Nuclear Weapons

Andrew McKillop

The Hiroshima Bomb

On the 6th August, 1945, US military forces dropped one special incendiary bomb on Hiroshima. According to official sources, the bomb destroyed 1.7 square miles of the city killing a disputed number of persons, due to the blast and fire deaths caused by the bomb being treated separately from the radiation deaths it caused, which were only admitted at a later date. US war officials stated that the bomb weighed “4 to 5 metric tons” and had the power of “13 to 16 kilotons of TNT”. The novelty of this bomb was that it radiated heat, light and gamma radiation whereas all classical incendiary bombs radiate only heat and light.

It was an “enhanced gamma emitting incendiary and blast weapon”. Not long after the bomb drop, US officials including White House officials said that the bomb got its energy from splitting the atom “as in the Sun”, by fission or the destructive conversion of matter into energy. It can be easily argued, using verified scientific principles that Enrico Fermi and his colleagues successfully transformed chemical energy into gamma radiation. Their bomb was a “gamma radiation weapon”, not one that “split the atom”.   Continue reading

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7 Reasons Mexico Border Crisis Was “Made In The USA”

Mexico Border Crisis Continues, ISIS Threatens Infiltration, Pols Clueless?!

Is ISIS using the porous Mexican border to infiltrate the USA?

When US Immigration Laws Are No Longer Enforced, Enemies Of America Will Exploit The Lawlessness And Open Borders

How easy is that to understand?

Even the New York Times gets it!

U.S. Pushes Back Against Warnings That ISIS Plans to Enter From Mexico – NYTimes.com

And yet the Obama Administration continues to maintain the most disastrous immigration policy in US history.

Every Secretary and/or Czar that Obama has appointed, who has rather foolishly weighed in on the immigration debate, has either demonstrated their sheer incompetence, outright dangerous understanding and/or transparent political calculation.  All of those folks  – from AG Holder to DHS Johnson — have no business influencing US immigration policy, much less directing it, so partisan has their implementation become.


In a phrase, their various pronouncements appear to reflect “an audacious pattern of treason” never seen before in US government.  Their attempts at immigration policy formulation are so obvious for its partisan election-district gerrymandering, that they seem to care not what the ultimate consequences might be to the republic. As long as their transparent and short-sighted political goals are met, these high-ranking officials have no problem with a total border breakdown and chaotic immigration policy.

How does the Executive Branch of the US Government consistently get away with breaking federal law?

From the very beginning of his term, Obama clearly telegraphed to the world that his governance would be conducted in an overly permissive, completely lawless and highly irrational manner.  And so it has been.

Just look at the Mexican border.  The stories coming from the various border states, counties and cities are as shocking as they unbelievable.  One story after another indicates this Administration has more concern — FAR MORE CONCERN — for law-breaking illegal aliens than they do for the average American citizen!

In the advancement of illegal alien rights over natural born citizen rights Obama has not only trampled on state’s rights and violated state statutes, he has broken federal law while selectively refusing to enforce various federal immigration laws.  In this particular regard the Obama Administration will go down in American history as the most law-breaking and anarchic, despotic and criminal ever.

Truly, it doesn’t get any crazier than this.  The following headlines graphically illustrate just how insane the Mexican border fiasco has become.

Texas Sheriff: Reports Warn Of ISIS Terrorist Cells Coming Across The Border

Ex-CIA Agent: ISIS Is in America; Some Have Entered from Mexico

Online posts show ISIS eyeing Mexican border, says law enforcement bulletin

Homeland Security warns of possible Isis attack on U.S. border

Rick Perry: ISIS Forces Crossing US-Mexican Border?

ISIS Says, “The US-Mexican Border Is Now Open,” – Plan Crossing Into The US Through It 

ISIS Terrorists May Already Be Operating in a Mexico Border Town Waiting to Enter the US, Intelligence Sources Say

Keep in mind that this entire crisis was created by the US Federal Government.  The Obama Administration has literally gone head to head with the border states in their insistence not to enforce federal immigrations law.  In other words the FEDs have been persecuting the states because of federal ineptitude and lawlessness.

Nevertheless, the question posed above can also be answered in another way: The Congress permitted Obama law-breaking to go on without proper oversight, as well as the appropriate and necessary prosecution.  Congress has literally enabled this whole nation-wrecking scheme, and done so for reasons that are not well known.


Why did the Obama Administration engineer this border crisis in the first place? And, why has Congress failed to fix the immigration policy over decades?

There are many serious reasons which are all operative at once, as they are quite important to the major stakeholders involved, each of which carry a lot of weight in political circles.

#1 — Obama and his Democrat elitists plan to use the influx of sympathetic illegal aliens as future voters for the Democratic Party.  That’s why they aggressively fight voter ID registration laws in every state that tries to pass one.  The Democrats know that their policies and platforms are highly flawed and unsustainable, so they rig the electoral process and apparatus every way they can to ensure a HUGE majority of immigrant voters.  Can you believe you need an ID to buy a plane ticket, but not to vote?!

#2 — The Military-Industrial Complex is in dire need of cannon fodder for the many wars they have going on across the planet, as well as those on the drawing board.  Deals are being offered to all fighting age illegal aliens who sign up to fight for the US war machine.  If they sign a contract, they will be fast-tracked to full citizenship.  These very young and immature border-crossers are usually desperate and therefore taken advantage of by the US Military.  Sadly, they sometimes pay for their “deal with the devil” with their very life in a foreign land the name of which they don’t even know how to spell.

#3 — Corporate America, especially BIG AGRA, are desperate to ‘employ’ as many seasonal migrant workers (most of whom are illegal aliens) as possible at slave wage rates.  Agribusiness has gotten away with this convenient source of cheap labor (who are also subjected to deplorable working conditions) for many decades.  They will not be denied this bump to their bottom line and only seek to legitimize it using every political device available.  Particularly in view of the current economic recession, this ultimate financial benefit to companies far and wide has become quite significant and forever increasing.

#4 — There is no better way to bring about the North American Union than to foist it on the nation in a surreptitious manner.  Unlawful immigration policy is their number one implementation plan at the present time.  The governments of the USA, Canada and Mexico all play their parts to advance this hidden agenda. Particularly when illegal immigrants are used to start protests all over the nation is the NAU becoming a starker reality.  Thta’s right, illegal aliens break the law to enter the USA and then sponge off a government that is broke, and then they protest for more rights while the legal citizens are deprived.

#5 — Then there is the very sordid agenda item known as political payback by the Obama Administration.  Both Texas and Arizona have been a thorn in Obama’s side since he took office.  He has made both governor’s jobs extremely difficult by administering such a lawless and very costly immigration policy.  It is always the states which bear most of the burden from every illegal alien who begins to receive state services that are already overwhelmed.  Governor Rick Perry of Texas and Governor Jan Brewer (Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio, too) of Arizona have been persecuted (and now prosecuted) by this president in unprecedented ways because of the lack of federal law enforcement at their state borders.

#6 — Every administration since but not including JFK has purposefully used fear and scaremongering to distract the American people from their woeful policy failures (or lack thereof) and incessant scandals.  The Obama Administration has been particularly guilty on both counts with a disastrous economic policy and catastrophic immigration response leading those lists, respectively.  The fear and chaos associated with murderous Mexican drug cartels and shocking gang violence spilling over the southwestern border would terrorize any population.  Diverting the attention of law-abiding citizens in this way then causes them go back to the very same treacherous government for protection and/or resolution of the matter.

#7 —  Finally, there is the ISIS Scheme.  Just as the recent beheadings of American and British citizens has served to cause a knee-jerk reaction in the push for more war throughout the Middle East, so too has the threat of ISIS* on the US border produced a visceral response from the American public.  ISIS was created by the same powers that brought Al CIAda to the world.  In light of the commonly known 9/11 false flag operation, it’s now clear how effective fake terrorist groups can be for promoting perpetual war and unpredictable terrorism.  These in turn serve as a constant distraction from the crises and scandals arising from a profoundly failed and floundering US Federal Government.

Cui bono?  As far as an open border is concerned, who really gains?

The US, UK and Israel undoubtedly have the most to gain from the ISIS Scheme. A fearful American electorate is always willing to place their young men and women in harm’s way for the perceived protection of the nation.  Maintaining the very real threat of ISIS penetrating the US-Mexican border permits TPTB to maintain a constant state of fear of enemies both foreign and domestic.

This ingenious yet treasonous plan has worked like a charm in galvanizing the international war effort now converging in Syria and Iraq to the complete satisfaction of the warmongers.  Out of such chaos TPTB can then forge their new preconceived national boundaries which allow them to extract and convey oil and gas without impediments or protests from the various peoples who actually own the rights.  The American people will always support such armed conflicts when a deliberately fabricated porous Mexican border which is being exploited by the greatly feared ISIS.


It can now be stated that ISIS has been, is now and will be taking advantage of the US border crisis.  Why would they not?  A border that porous and undefended is much more effective than a trojan horse for those who wish to inflict damage on their declared enemy. Once again, the US Federal Government will benefit from this manufactured border crisis in ways that cannot even be foreseen.


That the southwestern US border effectively remains open to illegal aliens from all over Central and South America (and Middle East), at the very same time that ISIS has asserted their intentions to exploit it, is completely unacceptable.   It is actually a grotesque example of an administration that is both stunningly inept as it is unrivaled in its blatant treachery against the American people.

However, that the Congress and American people permit such a state of affairs to continue for even one day longer reflects just as poorly on them.  With each passing day the US citizenry only validate the notion that they now serve as enablers of the whole ISIS Scheme by their inaction.  Their representatives in DC are already seen as willing participants in this self-destructive stratagem designed to further undermine the very foundation of the nation.

Michael Thomas
September 16, 2014

Author’s Note:

There is an old saying:  ”The devil always degrades his victim before he destroys them.”   Welcome to the ongoing degradation of American society.  However, total destruction is never a forgone conclusion although that may not appear to be the case right now in the USA.

With an ISIS swarm potentially on our doorstep, wouldn’t this be the best time to change course as a nation.  Inarguably, the Obama administration has proven to be an unmitigated disaster for the country.  When the leadership is so incompetent and negligent, treacherous and treasonous, there is but one response.  The people must take back their power as a show of doing what is right and decent.  Toward that end, there appears to be only one solution at this point.

Barack Hussein Obama must be impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate for high crimes and misdemeanors before the “devil destroys this victim“.  Joe Biden must also be impeached and removed from office for his direct involvement with the illegal war in the Ukraine. There is no place for him in a post-Obama government given how complicit he is in all the raging scandals and serious transgressions against the people.


ISIS at the Mexican border: US attack imminent?

Report: ISIS eyeing Mexican border to infiltrate America and execute terrorist attacks


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George Washington SPEAKs To His Fellow Countrymen … In 2014


“The following YouTube video presents an extraordinary and compelling address by actor Dean Malissa playing George Washington at the Sacred Fire of Liberty Gala, September 6, 2014, at Cambridge, Maryland.”
– Bethany R. Kennedy, Esq.

“Using Washington’s own prophetic words this address, quite powerfully given by Dean Malissa, reveals the stark divide between the Constitution’s intended meaning and the current distorted form of the US Federal Government.” It poignantly responds to the modern tendency toward arrogating executive powers which do not exist in legislation.

Washington never wanted to be KING and warned against the presidency wantonly exercising executive privileges without the consensus of the governed and consent of the Congress. He knew full well the consequences of a future president’s preference for action independent of Congress. Sound familiar?

Anyone listening to this address would be convinced that George Washington is speaking to the American body politic … in 2014. Quite fascinating and edifying at once!

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