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SOTN gladly welcomes feedback and/or input from our visitors.  Our email address for correspondence purposes is:

We have consistently received many a heads-up on breaking news as well as other hot tips over the years. Submissions from both authors and readers alike have often provided important content for “Today’s Posts”.  Hence, the investigative journalists and deep researchers out there are encouraged to send us their best stuff.

We also encourage persecuted corporate whistleblowers, former law enforcement officers and discouraged agents within the intel community to send us their evidence of wrongdoing and/or criminal activity.  Many of our most radioactive exposés are informed by intelligence submitted by government whistleblowers, deep MIC insiders, ex-CIA spooks as well as Fifth Estate super sleuths.

In fact, some of the top-performing posts at SOTN were sent to us by members of our readership. Several of our most read articles were actually submitted as plain-spoken comments. We have found over the years that many folks out there have an original and/or insightful perspective.  SOTN only posts those approved submissions that have been properly edited anonymously unless granted permission include a byline.

Perhaps the greatest service that our loyal following performs are the articles submissions which either validate our posts or show them to be incomplete, or even incorrect. In any case, we greatly value this input even if we must issue a correction every once in a while. Our primary intention is to offer only high-integrity journalism at SOTN.

Key Point: Some alert readers have pointed out all kinds of posting errors over the years — both big and small — for which we are quite grateful.  Likewise, our viewers have identified video glitches which we have tried to quickly correct.  Many thanks to all of our concerned readers!

So, to all of you who have taken the time to write SOTN: we sincerely appreciate your consideration and contributions.  Please be aware that our staff is small, so many emails may not be answered.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t reading them.

Enjoy reading our unique brand of Alt Media!

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