Trade War Against China Is Backfiring—BIG TIME!

TMR Editor’s Note: The article posted below makes some critical points about the rapidly escalating trade war started by the Trump administration against China (as well as the rest of the world). The damage done thus far to the trading relationship is tremendously extensive and IRREVERSIBLE.

It’s War! An All-out Trade War Between the U.S. and China

The grim realities that have emerged from this unparalleled trade war are many and profound. One of the many unintended consequences for America is that the Chinese and their trading partners are quickly reorganizing themselves into an international economic and financial bloc determined to forever undermine the US petrodollar as the world’s primary reserve currency. For all intents and purposes, this massive multi-nation initiative is a fait accompli—the reign of the once Almighty Dollar is effectively over. Now, the whole world waits with bated breath as the Neocon warmongers in total control of the White House make their next move. See: The Neocon Zionist Plan for an Apocalyptic War in the Mideast

What are those “grim realities”?

First, that the United States will use any means possible to get its way. America’s gunboat diplomacy is, of course, always the preferred means to win the day. Witness the regular passage of naval destroyers so close to mainland China. What would Washington do were the Chinese to sail their warships off the coast of LA, San Fran or Seattle? This display of extreme American exceptionalism is no longer accepted by the world community of nations. And the Chinese are mad as hell about it!

Secondly, using DoJ prosecutorial powers to coerce China only serves to stir up the hornet’s nest. By arresting the CFO of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd using the utterly complicit Trudeau government further alienated Beijing to a degree never seen before. This particular international incident is so grotesque it has forever destroyed trust between the USA and China. The Founder & CEO of Huawei — Ren Zhengfei — is one of China’s most powerful business magnates, so it was a very bad idea to prosecute his daughter for allegedly violating the patently unlawful US sanctions against Iran. This shocking attempt to threaten the Chinese and destroy Huawei’s international reputation has caused irreparable damage to the Sino-American relationship.

Here’s Why Canada Arrested Chinese CFO for Trump Admin

Thirdly, by levying extensive tariffs on virtually all Chinese imports, the Trump administration has seriously disrupted supply chains around the world. Those industries affected will never come back to the USA; the prohibitive cost of American labor guarantees that. Instead, all of those products just went up in price — substantially — for the American consumer. Wherever some of those supply chains relocate will likewise be subjected to unpredictable political environments which will make international trade even more unstable. The level of global volatility directly caused by these acts of economic sabotage and financial terrorism by the U.S. (and UK) greatly contributes to a World War III scenario, which is why Trump formed a War Cabinet full of hardcore Neocon Zionist warmongers.

KEY POINT: Does anyone really think that the Fortune 1000 companies are going to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA based on the policies of an exceedingly volatile POTUS?! As far as the corporate titans are concerned, he’s history, or will be in either 2020 or 2024; then the Democrats will likely be in charge of the Executive Branch for a couple of terms foisting their highly destructive communist agenda on all 50 states. Surely not a very good business climate for manufacturing startups and the necessary capital infusions and other major investments.

At this critical juncture, everything points to a momentous backroom deal during the 2016 election cycle having been made. Because Israel was responsible for getting Trump elected, he must follow all foreign policy dictates issued from Tel Aviv. Trump was cynically given the leeway to articulate domestic policy that appealed to the Patriot Movement, but it’s ALL a ruse. See: It was really Israel who dictated the outcome of the 2016 POTUS election.

Hence, there will be no real fulfillment of any of Trump’s campaign promises—NONE! No border wall; Obamacare is still here; the Iran deal was vacated but no new agreement will replace it; taxes were cut for only the 1%; the U.S. Military is now protecting ISIS in Syria instead of “bombing” them. And, quite significantly, Trump’s promise regarding manufacturing jobs are categorically not coming back to the ultra-expensive U.S. labor market; in fact, they will leave or simply evaporate as is happening right now as a new global recession intensifies.

Please understand that The Millennium Report is neither pro or anti Trump administration. This reality check was written for those very few folks on the Right who really want to know the truth. In point of fact, Trump’s foreign policies — ALL OF THEM — have proved to be an unmitigated disaster for the American people. Who does not hate US now? Our traditional allies and trading partners now fear US. Even our closest friends of old view US with a mixture of extreme suspicion and apprehension. How, pray tell, does this MAGA?! That’s right, it doesn’t! That’s because it’s all designed to MIGA (Make Israel Great Again).

Trump’s Foreign Policy Reality Check: Every single patriot needs to read this analysis!

The bottom line here is that Donald Trump was selected by the all-powerful Military-Industrial Complex as their point man to further fund the MIC like no other POTUS in history…
as well as to prosecute the hot phase of World War III. Does he know it?

He does now!

KEY POINT: The Military-Industrial Complex is headquartered in Chicago, IL.  Chicago is also home to the extremely powerful Chicago Council on Global Affairs.  Accordingly, Chicago is the planned capital of the North American Union once the borders are dissolved as they have been doing for decades.  What isn’t well known is the intimate connection between the Modern State of Israel and the many Neocon Zionists who dominate the Chicago sphere of global power and influence.  As follows: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination


Although even the smartest geopolitical analysts are unaware, this final “War of the Titans” is being staged by the New World Order globalist cabal. Every major international drama is being stage-managed with extreme precision. Only in this way will the masses and intelligentsia alike be totally convinced of it [FAKE] reality.

Who is not being drawn into this epic conflict specifically engineered to push the planet into a WW3 scenario … after a U.S. dollar collapse and global market crash worse that 1929?
See: America Will Lose The Trade War Because That Is What Globalists Want To Happen

Wake up, Patriots and Nationalists, Conservatives and Christians, Tea Partiers and Libertarians, Republicans and Independents, Vets and Gun Owners … BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE ! ! !

THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

The Millennium Report
June 12, 2019

N.B. The article below provides additional perspective on the worsening “Trade War” catastrophe conducted by Trump & Company.

US-China Trade War Damage May Be “Irreversible”

With the trade war between the US and China on the brink of re-escalating once more, a journalist told ABS-CBN News Philippines that damage to global supply chains from the trade war might be “irreversible.”

President Trump threatened to slap tariffs Monday on the remaining $300 billion of Chinese exports to the US if China’s President Xi Jinping didn’t meet with him at the 2019 G20 Osaka summit on 28–29 June 2019.

Simon Rabinovitch Asia editor for The Economist told the ABS-CBN host that economic warfare had interrupted complex global supply chains, which took several decades to construct, are now “less efficient.”

“Even if the tariffs are reversed, the damage itself is irreversible. This is like a massive oil tanker and since it’s begun to shift direction, begun to shift course, it can’t go back to the way it used to be,”

However, there’s hope; he said domestically-driven economies like the Philippines and India are “a little bit sheltered” from the global synchronized slowdown driven by the trade war.

The best way to visualize just how serious Rabinovitch’s claim of the “irreversible” damage from the trade war is to monitor the global flow of trade. Below is a chart on YoY changes in global trade as measured by the IMF’s Direction of Trade Statistics, courtesy of BMO’s Ian Lyngern. It shows the absolutely collapse in global exports as broken down into three categories:

  • Exports to the world (weakest since 2009),
  • Exports to advances economies (also lowest since 2009), and
  • Exports to the European Union (challenging 2009 lows).

In short, even before President Trump slapped China with 25% on $200 billion in goods, global trade had already tumbled to levels last seen during the financial crisis depression. One can only wonder what happens to global trade after the latest escalation is filtered through the global economic system.


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