Virginia Governor and Delegate Must Both Be Arrested For Promoting Infanticide

Cultural Marxism Stealthily Pushing Infant Murder in all 50 States

Quite purposefully and cynically, the cultural marxists used a pediatric physician by occupation — Virginia Governor Ralph Northam — to advance their utterly demonic baby-killing scheme.

State of the Nation

Only when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Democrats across the country are advancing legislation that legalizes the outright murder of newly born infants.

Both New York State and Virginia are now on the record for such repugnant official misconduct.

That they even have the moxie to proceed down this road is shocking for its recklessness and LAWLESSNESS.

Ralph Northam and Democrats reveal their disgusting distaste for any fetus with ‘abnormalities’

Just because these politicians are elected representatives does not make then invulnerable to federal and state criminal prosecution.

In the present case of Virginia, where the cold-blooded killing of a newborn baby is being proposed, these cultural marxists need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Then they must be convicted post-haste and imprisoned for life as they truly are the worst type of menace to society.

Capital punishment would be too lenient for bad actors like this.  It would be better for the rest of the nation to watch them live out their life prison sentences as a deterrent to future attempts to propose such nakedly criminal legislation.

KEY POINT: If you want to see the face of evil, watch this video of Democrat Kathy Tran who ‘serves’ in the Virginia House of Delegates.  This is how the cultural marxists advance their patently satanic agenda using women (and doctors) to promote the unabashed murder of their newborns.  Virginia to Permit Abortions of a Child Up to the Moment of Birth? (Video)

Just how seriously flawed and immoral is this legislation?  Please watch the Virginia Governor explain the proposed law in his own words. Watch Virginia Governor Justify the Decision by a Mother and Her Physician to Murder a Newborn Baby (Video) 


Let’s call it exactly what it is Infanticide.  That’s the same thing as homicide except it’s defined as the killing of a powerless, defenseless baby within a year of birth.

As for who the prime political movers of this “culture of death” initiative are, each was specifically chosen for their ability to sell this ungodly abomination. See: CULTURAL MARXISM: Democrat Governor and Representative Hawk Abortion Bill Promoting Infanticide


Agents of Cultural Marxism are systematically advocating laws around the country that are designed to undermine and debase American society.  Most of these stone-cold communists, socialists and bolsheviks are disguised as Democrats.  Others are RINOs who frequently cross the aisle for personal enrichment and/or because of coercion (e.g. Pedogate).

With the help of a vast communist conspiracy, the cultural marxists are stealthily overturning established law and American traditions wherever the locale has been highly liberalized.  This has taken place over decades through the deliberate social engineering of America’s youth.

The major urban centers in every Democrat-dominated state are especially employed to popularize so much personal licentiousness and institutional iniquity.  Their “Sodom and Gomorrah ” on the Left Coast (San Fran & LA) and East Coast (NYC & D.C.) are both humming with societal debauchery 24/7 as they beam out their subversive messages defined by moral depravity and cultural degeneracy.

Abortion and Feminism have always been the central pillars of the Cultural Marxism platform.  However, it is abortion that was legalized to profoundly degrade and irreparably tear the fabric of society.  It has also been surreptitiously utilized as a depopulation strategy of black communities nationwide.  What follows is the real picture of the extraordinarily ugly Abortion Industry.

ABORTION: The Most Powerful Weapon in the Arsenal of Cultural Marxism

Lastly, let’s be perfectly clear about what Virginia legislators are really recommending: the state-sponsored murder of newborns where the mother and her physician conspire to carry out the heinous crime.  In other words, the cultural marxists and feminazis have convinced the mothers of America that aborting and then killing their fetus trumps the right to life of the third trimester human being.  Wow!  Just WOW ! ! !

Of course, Virginia only moved forward with their contemptible legislation after the reprehensible government of New York State unlawfully arrogated power unto itself to legalize the killing of fetuses throughout the third trimester of pregnancy.  Always leave it to the NYS Democrat word merchants to concoct and pass unconstitutional law that is then mimicked in the other ultra-liberal states. New York’s World Trade Center Lit Up to Celebrate the Killing of the Unborn Up to the Moment of Birth

State of the Nation

Editor’s Note

By the way, talk about instant karma, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is under withering assault by his fellow Democrats to resign over his overtly racist past (see photos below).  Northam Tweets Video Apology For “Racist And Offensive” Photo Amid Growing Calls To Resign 

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