PSYOP: Cultural Marxist Conspiracy to Frame Innocent Students for Hate Crimes Exposed

Agents Provocateur Set Up the Covington High Non-Scandal, Crisis Actors Paid to Provoke the Right to Life Group

It took a brave group of high school kids to expose this “crime wave of the millennium”!

State of the Nation

Even a cursory review of the following video indicates that the Covington High students were the victim of a well-planned conspiracy to undermine their Right-to-Life rally.

Covington High Students Did Nothing Wrong, Victims of Pre-Planned Left-wing Provocation (Video)

The Native American activist Nathan Phillips even has a history of similar provocations.  The problem is that this time he got caught—in broad daylight and during prime time. See: The man is not only a Native American fraud, he’s an opportunistic left-wing grifter

That there was an Indigenous Peoples rally in the very same area was quite likely a deliberately scheduled ruse by the perps who ran this psyop from the top of the Cultural Marxism leadership.

Everything about this excessively hyped fake news story smells of a fastidiously fabricated set-up…which was then published as a false news narrative by the mainstream media.

What’s particularly instructive about this despicable episode of liberal stealth and mean spiritedness is the degree to which the progressive perps will go to ruin the reputation of pro-life groups.  In this case the bolsheviks (a bunch of hateful Black Hebrew Israelites were intentionally sent to do the dirty work) went after a group of innocent, wholesome high school students. See: Covington High Students Did Nothing Wrong, Victims of Pre-Planned Left-wing Provocation (Video)

Clearly this was a highly orchestrated black operation where paid crisis actors were swarming all over the place in case things got really out of control.  Only because of the extraordinary restraint exercised by the students were the crazy adults prevented from doing something really stupid. Covington Catholic Chaperone: Our kids were targeted (Video)

Given the sheer depth of their iniquity, it’s no wonder the abortionists do not want innocent kids drawing anyone’s attention to their multi-decade crime spree.  As follows:

THE ABORTION CONSPIRACY: Ultra-Secret Back Story Finally Revealed

The stark reality is that the pro-abortion crowd will do anything necessary to preserve their legislated (yet totally immoral) right to kill the unborn.  And this utterly staged event proves it.

Now the real conspiracy here is how the MSM colludes with the celebrity society to gang up on anyone or any entity that protests against abortion, especially when they are really effective. See: Media Totally Out of Control, Egged on Celebrities to the Point of Violence

This D.C. psyop was so successful in the very beginning that they had the whole liberal blogosphere calling for their heads—TEENAGERS!  The rush to judgment was completely manipulated before anyone could understand that the high school students were truly faultless.

The Whole Liberal Blogosphere Piled on the Blameless Kids as if on Cue, It Was a Staged Psyop

The perps were even successful at closing the Catholic Covington High School in the face of some very real death threats … against high schoolers … for doing absolutely NOTHING.  Innocent Covington High Schoolers Facing Death Threats, School Closed

Cultural Marxism on display

People, this is exactly how the cultural marxists work to destroy American society.  Hence, it’s imperative that every truth seeker understand how they operate — with complete impunity — in carrying out their stealthy and nefarious schemes. See: Cultural Marxism Irreparably Tears the Fabric of American Society

It’s also of paramount importance for every patriot to really comprehend that the Democrat Party has been surreptitiously taken over by the Communist Party.  We are all witnessing event after event whereby liberal bolsheviks aggressively undermine American traditions and institutions with purposeful design.

Alexandria “Sandy” Ocasio-Cortez is just one example of a communist plant installed by the Soros international crime syndicate. See OCASIO: A Communist Plot, Deep State Psyop and Soros-Funded Black Operation

If left to carry out their malevolent conspiracies, the American Republic will surely collapse; for that is the ultimate goal of their New World Order agenda.  The globalists and cultural marxists know that their planned One World Government has no hope whatsoever as long as the U.S. Federal Government belongs to We the People.  Which is exactly why they have pinned their hopes to the biggest traitor in American government—House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The PELOSI CONSPIRACY: New World Order Globalist Cabal using Deep State to execute a coup behind the coup

Therefore, it’s high time to take back our government, once and for all.  The Right can begin by demanding the immediate prosecution and imprisonment of the perps involved in this rogue C.I.A. black operation. JAIL TIME: The Left Makes Terrorists Threats Against Catholic Students

Bottom Line: The following breakdown of improbable events proves that a highly organized conspiracy was conducted against the Right-to-Life students. (Anatomy of the Black Operation Executed Against the Covington High Students at the National Mall)  And the corporate media was intimately involved with this stealthy black operation that has endangered our children.

State of the Nation
January 22, 2019

N.B. What follows is a prescient email SOTN received by a justifiably unhappy observer who feels Nathan Philips should be charged.  And we totally agree!  Phillips tried to furtively incite a riot… … … but failed miserably.

Nathan Phillips “Valor Thief”

I have already written my Congress Critters demanding Phillips be charged with felony Hate Crime and Valor Theft:

MSM wants “trust” but they pump out a FAKE story about some innocent kids wearing MAGA hats in Washington D.C.

… Nathan Phillips (and his Red/Black Gang) is Racially harassing Children. A grown “adult” supposedly a “combat veteran” terrifying KIDS?! Nathan Phillips IS a Valor Thief, confronting and terrifying Children. ( Phillips continued, his voice breaking. “You know, I’m from Vietnam times. I’m what they call a recon ranger. That was my role. So I thank you for taking that point position for me.” ” The man is a liar. He lied about his service in Vietnam, and he lied about what the young Trump supporters did.

He should be charged with a HATE CRIME and Valor Theft. This was a deliberate RACIST attack demanding the White Children “go back to Europe”

this is not the first time that Phillips has been at the center of controversy involving alleged racism against the Native Population. In 2015, Phillips claimed that he was “bombarded by racial slurs” by students at Eastern Michigan University.

Why is no one pointing out the RACIST BIGOTRY and PREJUDICE displayed by all the MSM HATERS? “prematurely making assumptions” the very thing they CLAIM we are doing about them

One of the Covington students told the Gateway Pundit that they were waiting for their school bus and doing school cheers when four black men got belligerent with them: “We were standing there when a group of four African-American protesters started calling us ‘crackers’ and ‘school shooters’” and told one of the Covington students, who is black, that “we will harvest his organs” when he gets older. The student’s narrative is confirmed by Marcus Frejo, one of the Native American protesters, who has admitted that he knew the blacks were harassing the Covington students when he and other Native American protesters joined their “African American brothers” “in solidarity.”

Submitted by ZY

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