PM Justin Trudeau: A Soros Puppet Hellbent on Destroying Canada

The 3 “Pretty Boys” on the Runway

“Pretty Boy” Revolutions Funded by George Soros Executed to Transform the West into a Communist Paradise

The Millennium Report

Very few understand the degree of scheming and level of conspiratorial subversion that several Western countries have been victimized by over the past 10 to 15 years.

We’re talking about the most complex and convoluted communist multi-nation overthrow plot ever to be carried in the West.

The transparent Manchurian Candidates who were the primary agents of this plot to subvert the governments of the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, etc. are well known to everyone.

Who has not witnessed the profound damage inflicted on their nations by the likes of Obama, Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, Renzi, Peña Nieto, Sanchez, etc.?  It’s obviously true that Merkel does not fit the “pretty boy” image of her One World Government-groomed counterparts, but she was the first of many “puppets on a string” to be installed by the New World Order globalist cabal and who were financed by George Soros.

Like Obama, Trudeau, Macron and Peña Nieto, Merkel is an NWO pawn of the globalists

Canada’s Justin Trudeau

Of all these glaring examples of stealthy communist takeovers, the case of Canada’s Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is perhaps the most conspicuous and destructive.

Since 2015, PM Trudeau has transformed Canada into a socialist haven and warmongering buddy of the United States.  Traditionally a peacemaking nation that was usually war averse where it concerned Anglo-American imperialism, the highly immature Trudeau has jumped into virtually every armed conflict he’s been conscripted to by his master George Soros.

In this particular regard, he is quite similar to Obama, the POTUS who was literally given the Nobel Peace Prize so that he would both continue and start new wars (e.g. Arab Spring). See: TRUDEAU: Another Empty Suit Who Is As Corrupt and Lawless as Obama

Also, just like Obama, it was Soros who funded Trudeau’s rise to power both directly and indirectly.  This is exactly what Soros does: he finds a “pretty boy” and morphs him into a fake leader virtually overnight.  In both cases, neither Obama nor Trudeau had any of the requisite experience to lead large nations in a complicated world.  Which is exactly why they were both selected to act as puppets in the employ of their puppet-master Soros. (Trudeau was elected because of massive foreign funding from Soros’ secret Tides Foundation)

Seemingly overnight, Trudeau has pushed Canada’s liberalization to the extreme while embracing the ever-present fascist element that has always been an undercurrent in Canadian society and politics (e.g. Harper administration).  In point of fact, Harper’s neo-fascist tendencies were what pushed the electorate to one side of the political pendulum so that they were easily conned to elect the highly unqualified and inordinately juvenile Trudeau.

Liberalization on steroids

Not only has Trudeau enthusiastically promoted the LGBT agenda, he has overseen the legalization of marijuana process as well.  Whatever Soros & Company tell him to do toward the rapid advancement of Cultural Marxism, Trudeau is an extraordinarily willing lackey.

The real problem is that, just like Obama, Trudeau was politically acculturated in a totally lawless environment (the Pierre & Margaret Trudeau family), so he possesses no sense of legal and illegal, right and wrong, proper or improper.  In this regard, he’s so easily manipulated by his handlers to perpetrate unlawful acts that Trudeau is now under serious threat of removal from office, as he should be.

Hypocrite Justin Trudeau caught doing what he accuses Trump of doing

Perhaps the greatest national disaster to occur on Trudeau’s watch is the unrelenting invasion of illegal immigrants.  Of course, there is also wave after wave of war refugees and economic immigrants who are encouraged to emigrate without any normal conditions.  This is where the Soros plot to take over Canada has worked like a charm, just like it did with the stunning destruction of the European Union via uncontrolled immigration from the Middle east and North Africa.

Canada has been following in the footsteps of Europe as of Trudeau’s very first day in office since this was his main secret mission given to him by Soros.  As follows:

The stated goals of the Trudeau-Soros partnership:

    • Expanding the use of private sponsorship as a pathway for refugees.
    • Encouraging the expansion of resettlement by building the capacity among states, civil society groups and private citizens to launch private sponsorship programs.
    • Mobilizing citizens to directly support refugees and encourage “a broader political debate that is supportive of refugee protection.”
      (Source: Trudeau becomes the latest Soros puppet)

The bottom line here is that whoever fills a candidate’s campaign war chest is who the elected official is beholden to for the rest of their term in office.   And almost everyone in Canada now knows who has financed Trudeau’s political career as Soros continues to today.

Just like Obama was shoehorned into the White House to collapse the American Republic, Trudeau was moved into 24 Sussex Drive to destroy the constitutional monarchy of Canada.  Not only is he radically altering the population mix in Canada through aggressive  multiculturalism initiatives, he’s providing the means of entry for stealth terrorists to infiltrate the country, form terror cells and launch Gladio-style attacks which they have done since his term began.

Canadians are highly encouraged to comprehend the seriousness of Trudeau’s daily betrayal of the citizenry.  The best way to understand this government-sponsored treachery carried out on behalf of Soros & Company is to be aware of what Obama did to the United States. (See: The Most Dangerous Plot to Bring Down America from Within)  The very same massive influx of immigrants is currently taking place across Canadian borders with no monitoring in place to check it.  What follows is a more detailed treatment of the same unspoken crisis in Canada but from the perspective of their southern American neighbor.

“THE OPEN BORDER”: A Highly Organized Conspiracy to Undermine the Territorial Integrity and National Sovereignty of the American Republic

Easily manipulated pawns

What’s critical to understand is how very easy it is for heads of state like Justin Trudeau (and Barack Obama and Enrique Peña Nieto) to be manipulated to do just about anything, no matter how criminal or treasonous.   For example, in the case of the former Mexican president, he was recently accused of taking a $100 million bribe from the notorious drug lord El Chapo. See Witness: ‘El Chapo’ Paid Ex-Mexican President Peña Nieto $100 Million Bribe

In the case of Trudeau, it’s clear that he has many different ways that he can be coerced and compelled to promote the agenda of Cultural Marxism, which he has done with great success.  There are very good reasons for this; the major explanation can be found in this important exposé: Is Justin Trudeau a Product of Illuminati Mind Control?

A perfect illustration of the ease with which Trudeau can be compelled to make extremely bad governmental decisions was the enormous donation made to the Clinton Foundation by Canada.  (See: Trudeau Government Announces $241.5 Million Donation to the Clinton Foundation)  How does a proven crime syndicate like the Clinton Foundation receive such government  largesse except from a stooge who is clueless and shameless about grossly mis-spending the taxpayer’s money?

Trudeau has also been somehow convinced to throw all kinds of resources at the Global Warming hoax.  Soros has really got his ear where it concerns the bogus greenification of Canada.  Nothing wrong with intelligently transitioning to renewable energy and clean power, but what the Trudeau administration is attempting is really an extreme form of fake geenizing in the same vein as the “Green New Deal” sham presented by fellow communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. See: Overt communist globalization masked as the new GREENISM in Canada

There’s no better demonstration of Trudeau’s fawning willingness to carry water for the dark side than his administration’s support of the false arrest of Meng Wanzhou, Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chair of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei.  This explosive drama between the U.S and China only gets worse with each development, and Canada is right in the middle extraditing the powerful Chinese CFO to the USA. See: Here’s Why Canada Arrested Chinese CFO for Trump Admin

The vital point here is that it’s the Neocon control of Canada via warmongers such as Chrystia Freeland that have have turned foreign policy on its head.  Truly, this is where Trudeau, himself, is quite vulnerable to being replaced by a hardline Neocon like Freeland who has been purposefully inserted into his administration for this very reason.

When it comes to addressing legitimate complaints from the Canadian citizenry, Trudeau has proven himself to be out of his depth.  He has made gaffes and blunders throughout his term like this one: Unhinged Justin Trudeau Calls Woman Racist For Asking Question About Tax Dollars (Video)

Neocon warmongering

If there is one major inconsistency with the once liberal reputation of peacemaking, it is Trudeau’s penchant for joining forces with any Western nations that have started unprovoked wars of naked aggression.  Most of those wars are resource wars, of course, and especially wars for oil or land or water or strategically located territory.

So committed is Trudeau to this uncharacteristic war posture for Canada that he appointed Chrystia Freeland as Minister of Foreign Affairs.  Not only is she of Ukrainian ancestry and highly Russophobic, Freeland is a another “Hillary Clinton” in her complete lack of diplomatic skill and proclivity for armed conflict. Canada’s Foreign Policy Catastrophe: Trudeau Makes Hardline FM Appointment Against Russia And The USA

Really, why is Freeland, a journalist who lacked any government experience before her appointment, even there except to carry out Canada’s highly destructive Neocon agenda?  In spite of Trudeau’s total lack of rapport with Trump, it was Freeland who assisted as point-person with the ongoing American-directed coup in Venezuela. See: How Chrystia Freeland Organized Donald Trump’s Coup in Venezuela

This sate of affairs only gets worse the longer the sophomoric Trudeau is anywhere near Ottawa.  His handlers have compromised him in ways never seen for a Canadian Prime Minister.  His profound lack of meaningful experience, relevant expertise and street smarts have made him an unabashed tool for anyone who reaches into the Machiavellian tool chest.


There can only be one conclusion to this perilous and unprecedented Canadian train wreck—Trudeau must be removed from office — POSTE HASTE — for the good of the nation.  Not only has he become a menace to society, Trudeau has shown himself to be just another corrupt politician with all the usual criminal tendencies. See: Justin Trudeau exposed as neoliberal, corrupt corporatist in SNC Lavalin scandal (Video)

In fact, the raging SNC-Lavalin scandal has all the ingredients necessary to bring down the whole government.  And the more that is revealed about this shocking conspiracy operating at the highest echelons of Trudeau’s administration, the worse it gets for Justin.  Which is why:

Canada, You Must Get Rid Of PM Justin Trudeau! And Fast!

Everything points to a soft coup taking place in Ottawa at this very moment.  The scandal appears to have been meticulously set up to overthrow the utterly incompetent Trudeau.  He simply cannot measure up as a prime minister, not even of a Banana Republic; hence the decision was made to oust Trudeau with all deliberate speed.  In order to understand how the coup is going down, this video provides the back story.  BOMBSHELL TESTIMONY: Corrupt Canadian Prime Minister’s Office Directs the News

The Millennium Report
March 4, 2019


Will the SNC-Lavalin scandal bring down the Canadian government?

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