SUPER-PSYOP! The whole thing was set up as a CIA-directed presidential entrapment scheme.

A Complex and Premeditated Deep State
Conspiracy Carried Out to Ensnare
and Impeach the POTUS

State of the Nation

As we get further away in time from the scene of the crime, it’s now crystal clear that the conversation between President Trump and President Zelensky, it’s insanely close monitoring by every alphabet soup agency inside the Beltway and the entirely staged aftermath was fastidiously engineered by a clandestine nest of rogue CIA spooks, State Department operatives and other agents of Deep State.

In other words, “the whole thing was set up as a CIA-directed presidential entrapment scheme”.

That’s it.

End of story.

For those who want to know more about this classic CIA black operation, just watch how the impeachment proceedings unfold. Each day is certain to put another piece of the conspiracy puzzle neatly into place.

That’s because this stealthy overthrow can no longer be kept secret, even by the seditious perpetrators. Once the New World Order globalists pushed the button on it, they forever exposed themselves to the most intense scrutiny any political plot of subversion in U.S. history has ever seen.  Naked perps like Adam Schiff have been caught with their pants down—ALL THE WAY DOWN—for the whole world to see.

SCHIFFgate: A Deep State Op & CIA-directed Coup Goes Prime Time Led by a Clown

The super sleuths among us have already done a great job teasing out so much Deep State collusion and Intel Community connivance with regard to UKRAINEgate. All the facts of the case are right there in plain sight which essentially indict all the key players involved in this treasonous frame-up.

The following excerpt well explains the hidden back story and deliberately obscured facts for the uninitiated:

The organized criminal effort by Schiff, Pelosi, Brennan, Zaid, Eric Ciaramella and others that we are watching unfold with the Impeachment hearings represents a grave danger to the country based on a carefully calculated effort to dramatize a relatively innocent and lawful action by Trump, and blow it up into an enormous case of supposed executive abuse worthy of ousting the incumbent.

Barely mentioned by anyone in the press, or even Trump’s defenders in Congress and the media, is that he was lawfully acting to implement the 2016 certification process that mandated him to sign off on Ukraine’s compliance with conditions requiring it to investigate corruption.

There is no evidence Trump wanted Ukraine to Illegally” step into the 2020 election and “dig up dirt” on a potential political rival. That’s an exaggeration at best and an outright twisting of the truth at worst. The dirt was already there with Hunter Biden’s shady relationship to Burisma and Joe gets no immunity against scrutiny because he is a candidate for higher office.

It’s a clever ruse that contorts reality and shifts blame by scapegoating Trump for the very conduct Biden is guilty of……….by his own admission in shutting down the 2016 military aid to Ukraine after forcing the removal of the corruption prosecutor.
(Source: Why it’s imperative the Trump impeachment FAILS!

Plot line is a lousy B movie at best

It’s really quite a joke … … … especially on the B movie actors who signed up for this utterly ludicrous script.

Nevertheless, the traitors just keep on showing up each and every day looking stupider by the hour.

We know it sounds very cliché but, really, YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

Except that, all Deep State does is make stuff up, which the C.I.A. then executes upon, while the Mockingbird Media plays along with the script and, of course, covers up the truth like a total solar eclipse blocks out the sunlight.  Then the Democrats put on a dog and pony show that makes even the worst B movie worthy of 12 Academy Awards.  Which is then followed by all sorts of mindless cheering from the Hollywooders and transparent censorship by the Sultans of Silicon Valley.

What a place, huh?

Plot Twist: However, it’s just possible that the POTUS is stinging the coup plotters while setting himself up for some preposterous persecution (and prosecution), yes?!

Trump Carries Out Sting Operation Against Coup Plotters Via UKRAINEgate


Many political analysts and commentators will reasonably assert that it was impossible for the U.S. Intelligence Community to set up this “presidential entrapment scheme” IN ADVANCE OF THE PHONE CALL.

In point of fact, the hard evidence coming out daily that proves a stone-cold set-up is now overwhelming.  For instance, there were so many individuals on that call, it’s now difficult to find anyone in the U.S. Federal Government who didn’t know someone who was listening in. See: Is there anyone inside the Beltway who wasn’t on Trump’s call with Zelensky?!

Even President John F. Kennedy knew that he was trapped in the “White House prison”, and that was nearly 60 years ago.  Just imagine how the Oval Office is wired and surveilled by Deep State spies today—24/7.  Trump knows he’s surrounded by so many spooks who are monitoring his every move as no other leader in world history.

Even the process of encouraging Trump to have that fateful phone call with Zelensky by Secretary of Energy Rick Perry could have been engineered by Deep Staters who used him to create the context.  Once the call was scheduled, conducting the rest of the seditious black operation was easy for the countless intel operatives swarming around the West Wing.

Bottom Line: The President can’t do anything without being subverted, even by his own loyal team who can be easily manipulated by an all-powerful Very Deep State.  Therefore, Trump must continue to tweet out his impactive messages to the American people as he does daily.  Not only does his presidency depend upon it, so does the future of the American Republic.

State of the Nation
November 16, 2019

Editor’s Note

What follows are different slices on both the psyop and the black ops which define this brazen attempt to topple Trump, overthrow the U.S. government, and dissolve the American Republic.  When considered in the aggregate, the hard evidence, circumstantial evidence and anecdotal evidence proves—UNEQUIVOCALLY—that the coup plotters first set up the context for their juvenile ‘sting operation’ and then implemented their impeachment plan with the ineptitude of bungling amateurs.

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