Trump Carries Out Sting Operation Against Coup Plotters Via UKRAINEgate

CIA black op, Deep State psyop,
Democrat coup, MSM distraction,
Israeli espionage, Trump sting,
or all 6?

“Make no mistake about it: UKRAINEgate is very real,
but not the false narrative pushed by the media.  Trump
tricked the Democrats into blowing wide open their
own Ukraine scandal under Obama.  Just how big is
that?  It will expose BIDENgate.  Which will expose
the real RUSSIAgate conspiracy. Which will then
expose Clinton’s EMAILgate and SERVERgate
scandals.  Which will in turn expose Deep State and
their International Banking Cartel sponsors.  Even
the Illuminati hidden hand may be revealed as never
before along with the forever veiled Black Nobility.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Army Officer

After the RUSSIAgate hoax was exposed as a soft coup,
the Democrats deceitfully fabricated UKRAINEgate to
overthrow the POTUS. Except they failed to realize
they were just baited by a HUGE sting operation.

State of the Nation

Coming on the heels of the Mueller Report, which unintentionally revealed the truth about the disastrous RUSSIAgate hoax, Deep State is once again showing its determination to overthrow President Trump.

It’s of paramount importance to point out that the CIA’s outright spying on the POTUS, and then releasing the false reports of the spying and surveillance, have never happened before.  In other words, the disclosure of Trump’s Zelensky phone conversation has no precedent going back to our nation’s founding.  Such an outrageous betrayal of confidence will forever and radically alter the way that state actors do business with each other in the future.

At its very core, the fabricated UKRAINEgate non-scandal is a first.  Yes, the C.I.A. has spied on U.S. presidents as long as they have existed, but the traitors never had the chutzpah to manufacture a scandal explicitly and fastidiously designed to take down a sitting POTUS in broad daylight.

The U.S. Intelligence Community doesn’t even care that the whole world is witnessing their transparent treason and egregious treachery.

UKRAINEgate is really complicated

Of course, UKRAINEgate was made complicated on purpose in order to hide the various layers of deception and coercion by the Left, as well as conceal its revelatory purposes by the Right.

It’s imperative to understand that there are various types of motivation and levels of infiltration that undergird the necessary black ops, some of which are now front page news in the CIA’s Mockingbird Media.

KEY POINT: As always, the further we get away from the scene of the [UKRAINEgate] ‘crime’ in both time and space, the easier it will be to tease out the true intentions of the perpetrators at the highest level.  The title of this post portrays only those perps that we KNOW for a fact are co-conspirators in this ongoing insurrection.  Each of them has a compelling interest to either depose or neutralize, coerce or control the POTUS.

Purple Revolution

The most obvious of the plots to overthrow Trump is the ongoing Purple Revolution that was coyly declared by the Democrats via Hillary Clinton’s concession speech on November 9, 2016.

BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America…
…Courtesy of George Soros,
the Clinton Crime Family,
and the Obama Administration

The Democratic leadership in the House is currently leading the charge since their “Che Guevara” — Barack Obama — was exposed for so much presidential wrongdoing that he was forced into exile by going to work for Netflix.  The Clinton Crime Family has also been forced into the shadows; although Hillary does come out from under her rock to throw stones at Trump whenever she thinks she can get away with it.

Crazy California Congressman Adam Schiff clearly had the most to gain from the fake UKRAINEgate scandal.

Adam Schiff

However, it is the Democrat’s version of Tomás de Torquemada — Adam Schiff — who is playing POTUS hitman like no other House Intel Chair in American history.

This guy has been programmed to character assassinate Trump and take him down by any means possible, even if his own reputation suffers, and suffer it has.

“Shifty Schiff” has been outed in so many ways for so many crimes and for so much corruption, it’s quite amazing he’s still standing.  What follows is just one of those exposés:

The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff

It’s entirely true: the sheer depth and breadth of Schiff’s perfidy and criminal past make him the perfect henchman to destroy a presidency.  For the uninitiated, the following investigative report lays bare another significant piece of the secret back story of the extremely crooked former prosecutor Adam Bennett Schiff.

ADAM SCHIFF: Deep State Agent, Serial Leaker and Traitor to the Republic

Of course, the cast of thoroughly corrupt Democrat politicians ranges from “A” to “Z”.  “N”, of course stands for Nadler, who also seems not to care that he’s now a national laughingstock.  Why they let Jerold “the Nerd” Nadler lead this insurgency against Trump is anyone’s guess.  Just take a close look at this guy: We know that Jerrold Nadler and Nancy Pelosi have different designers, but this is….

“S” stands for Schumer.  Chuck “the Cluck” Schumer is another co-conspirator who actually had the audacity to issue this exceedingly brazen threat to Trump:

“Let me tell you, you take on the
intelligence community, they have
six ways from Sunday at getting
back at you”  

— Senator Chuck Schumer

“W” stands for Warren.  Elizabeth “the Wackadoodle” Warren will never get over the fact that she faked being Pocahontas and that Trump will never let US forget that profound betrayal of the Native American tribes.

“W” also stands for Waters as in “Wacky” Maxine Waters.  This Wackadoodle-on-steroids was calling for Trump’s impeachment even before Election Day 2016; need we say more!

Let’s not forget Spartacus Booker. “B” does stand for Cory “the Berserk” Booker who runs for president in spite of [RECENT] sexual assault charges being lodged against him recently by a man.

“K” stand for “Kooky” Kamala Harris whose many videos capture a character right out of “The Joker”.  This particular entity was originally created in a CIA lab petri dish to be a female Obama.  However, that experiment went terribly awry and apparently produced a Franken-candidate who turned on it’s master.  In so doing, Harris also lost the plot as explained in detail here: OPERATION CRAFTY BEAVER: Deep State attempts to start a race war before stealing the 2020 POTUS election.

“B” stands for Beto “the Butthead” O’Rourke.  Who would ever run for president after fantasizing about running over children with your car and delighting in the grisly murder?  Who would ever write down such a murder fantasy in the first place?!

Of course, “Y” stands for “Ying-Yang” Andrew Yang.  He’ll support any LGBTQ cause in creation even committing to appointing several “LGBT individuals to senior posts in his administration”.  He also wants to foist the LGBT agenda on the young children by thoroughly educating them in the Cultural Marxist-infiltrated public school systems.

Then there is “N” for Nancy “the Knife” Pelosi. If there is a Consiglieri Congresswoman who is stealthily commandeering this whole impeachment process, it’s “Nasty Nancy”.  What more can be said after the following exposé makes the whole seditious plot crystal clear.  If the reader clicks on only one link in this essay, the following exposé ought to be the one.

COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility

Complicated Coup

Now here’s the essential teaching moment of this surreptitious soft coup, coercion op and CIA control mechanism.

It may be difficult to comprehend such a sophisticated operation like UKRAINEgate because it’s really occurring on several levels, and in different dimensions, so to speak.

For instance, Israel feels that it needs to exert maximum control over the Trump White House.  And, they will do anything necessary to maintain that control.  Fabricating national government scandals has always worked well for them.  Remember Watergate?  Well, it was really about Pedogate and the Israeli blackmail/bribery control system they maintain over the key organs of the U.S. Federal Government.

DEEP STATE BOMBSHELL: Watergate was really about Pedogate

Very few are aware but the Ukraine is a key cog in the Pedogate machine.  Many underage girls are brought to America and elsewhere to satisfy the avaricious desires of the power elite. See PEDOGATE: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State and the C.I.A.

With this critical understanding, it ought to be easier to apprehend why the Ukraine has been at the center of so much international scandal, governmental corruption and political controversy.  Truly, it all comes down to the Ukraine.  That’s because it is the flashpoint that the New World Order cabal planned to use to trigger the hot phase of World War III. See: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

Back to Israel.

Where it concerns UKRAINEgate, there’s a much bigger story going on here than meets the eye…even the “Five Eyes”.  That’s because it concerns the workings of the Khazarian Mafia and their complete takeover of the Ukraine as a prelude to something very big in the not-too-distant future. See: Everything You Need To Know About The Khazarian Mafia

This highly radioactive story also concerns the eventual re-location of international Ashkenazi Jewry (sometimes known as the Ashkenazim) back to their ancestral lands of the 8th century Khazaria.

“Most do not know, but there is a plan afoot by the Modern State of Israel to set up a return to its original homeland in the Ukraine. The Eastern Ukraine was once a part of the kingdom of Khazaria during a time when Judaism was chosen by the king to become the official state religion.”
(Source: Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR)

The upshot of this ‘little factoid’ is quite staggering as it has already produced major moves and maneuvers on the global geopolitical chessboard.  In point of fact, the far-reaching repercussions of the covered up Ukraine back story are so immense that a dedicated essay will be written to address the most significant aspects, especially where they concern a planned Third World War.  In the meantime, the following article is offered as important background material: THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

Is Trump really stinging the coup plotters?

There is very good reason to believe that President Trump purposefully held the world-famous phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky knowing it would be exploited by Deep State operatives, rogue CIA agents and House mutineers.


Because the Bush Crime Syndicate and Clinton Crime Family chose to break the deal.

What deal?

This one: Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway

Once Deep State voided the terms of that contract by going after Attorney General William Barr, war broke out all over the place.

Likewise, after the Democrat opposition reneged on the same agreement for the umpteenth time, all hell broke loose.

Given the resulting political realities for Trump, particularly in light of his re-election ambitions, he appears to have engineered the recent UKRAINEgate so as to not only expose Joe Biden as the career criminal that he truly is, but also to further advance the slow-motion collapse of the Democrat Party.

Let’s be real: Trump is the most spied on and surveilled POTUS in history.  He has known from the very beginning that the spooks have been watching his every move, word and thought (Yes, they have AI that can read minds, especially the president’s).

That Deep State effectively controls and monitors the entire U.S. Federal Government is well understood by the entire Trump administration.  Given those stark realities, Trump’s conversation with Zelensky must have been a set-up from the start.  Trump’s security advisors even moved the classified phone chat to a special place (“encapsulated it”, as they say) which predictably sent up the RED FLAG that alerted the so-called CIA officer to grab it.

Grab it they did … … … as well as totally re-expose the real scandal here known as BIDENgate, as well as the original UKRAINEgate.  As follows:

UKRAINEgate is fake news, BIDENgate is the real scandal

What makes BIDENgate so dangerous for the Democrats is that it reflects the outright war-mongering by Obama & Company in order to control Ukraine’s energy industry.  It also exposes the underbelly of American foreign policy which will spare no country on Earth from CIA-coordinated interventions wherever it concerns the naked exploitation of oil and gas reserves.

This is also why Russia has been so vilified; Putin’s Kremlin knew that the Ukraine had been systematically stealing natural gas from their pipelines running through the country for years, and not even paying for the gas they were allocated.  Russian energy exploration and production companies also had a HUGE interest in developing the Ukrainian energy reserves as promised by the overthrown President Viktor Yanukovych.  That US State Department-directed coup d’état lies at the very heart of BIDENgate.

The crux of this matter revolves around Burisma Holdings Limited–an energy company based in Kyiv, Ukraine.  What really happened there directly involving Joe and Hunter Biden is enough to bring down the Democrat Party for a generation.  After all, the DNC has permitted the totally corrupt Biden to sit at the top of the list of 2020 Democrat POTUS candidates despite his documented history as a career criminal politician. See BIDENgate: The Back Story is All About BURISMA HOLDINGS—an Energy Company Based in Kyiv, Ukraine

UKRAINEgate: CIA black op, Deep State psyop, Democrat coup, MSM distraction, Israeli espionage, Trump sting or all 6?

The preceding subtitle of this article says it all.  Nothing these days is as it seems.  And “Yes!” there are often several ops running at full tilt out in the open, while there are others running secretly in the background.

KEY POINTS: Now here’s the crucial point for those who really grasp the subtlety of such a complex sting operation.  There are many layers to such a literal counter-intelligence operation because there have to be.  For instance, there are multiple camps within the U.S. Intelligence Community that are operating independently from any government oversight.  In this way, some of these rogue intel factions are able to execute black ops against the POTUS and get away with it even though every one knows they did it … because the nature of the ultra-classified intel is such that they were one of very few parties who had access and could do it.  The C.I.A. is well-known for their highly compartmentalized espionage operations that are carried out on a strictly need-to-know basis abroad.  They have been getting away with the same black ops right here in the good ole USA since their very inception.  The CIA’s assassination of JFK and the subsequent cover-up prove their history of incessant domestic terrorism as does their direct involvement with the Mossad in the 9/11 false flag terror attacks.  However, there are also white hats who must frequently go rogue for the sake of defending the American Republic.  Only it is these brilliant, nation-saving operations that are necessary to either protect the POTUS, or deal a blow to his enemies.  But these counter-espionage strategies must be executed in a manner that is layered to the max, as they are also veiled with the highest level of security.  The many communist Leftists who populate the Democrat Party easily fall for these ruses because of their inveterate hatred of Trump, as manifested by their extreme cases of Trump derangement syndrome.  Rage causes the perverse partisans to lose their rationality and ability to use human reason.

CrowdStrike Deceit

Perhaps the most significant piece of Trump’s sting is the deliberate move he undoubtedly made to get Zelensky to deliver the CrowdStrike server which has the hard evidence relied on by both the DNC and Robert Mueller to support the non-existent Russian election hack. The Clinton Crime Family together with the Podesta brothers pushed that fictional CrowdStrike story like mad because they both needed a very good reason to justify their epic election loss.  They also sought to overturn the 2016 election result anyway they could.

The Democrats needed a HUGE cause celebre with which to hang the alleged ‘turncoat’ Trump for supposedly collaborating with Russia to win 2016.  He didn’t do that.  Julian Assange proved he didn’t (which is why he’s currently rotting away in a British prison).  Putin’s Kremlin has repeatedly and correctly stated that not an iota of evidence has been produced supporting the fictitious RUSSIAgate narrative.  And yet the real perps still promote that fake story at every opportunity.

Which brings us back to the radioactive CrowdStrike server.  This is what Trump really wants.  And he wants it bad!  That CrowdStrike server will show the truth about RUSSIAgate.  It will not only exonerate Trump completely, but also expose the Clintons and DNC as co-conspirators in a massive fraud to deceive the American people.

CONFIRMED: DNC paid the ‘Russian’ founder of CrowdStrike to hack its server so it could be blamed on Russia!

Given how the ridiculously phony Mueller investigation misdirected from the real Democrat RUSSIAgate criminal conspiracy for so long, it doesn’t get any bigger than this, folks.  Trump will not end his first term without bringing to light the facts surrounding the ultra-damaging CrowdStrike deceit.  This will vindicate him as no other evidence can because the real DNC Russian Hackers Were Found!.

The Whistleblower

Speaking of the whistleblower who tipped off the entire planetary civilization to UKRAINEgate, it ought to be clear that Grand Inquisitor Adam Schiff is the answer to the question: “Cui bono?” (on just one level, of course). Therefore, he is likely the real whistleblower.  Especially when this question is answered on the purely political level, Schiff has the most to gain in light of his self-damning RUSSIAgate fiasco.  He has so much egg on his face from that unrivaled blunder that he is now apparently determined to prove himself right even if it means taking down the whole nation… … …after taking down the Democrat Party.

In view of the humiliating revelations that came from the Special Counsel and bogus RUSSIAgate investigation, Schiff was profoundly embarrassed, and to an unparalleled degree in U.S. political history.  No other member of Congress has ever made up, out of thin air, so much falsehood and fiction, and then spewed it through the MSM as fact.  How he still gets away with it, occupying such a high perch in the congressional intel realm, remains an utterly shocking embarrassment to the USA.  It also reveals who really runs the whole place. Read CROWNGATE: THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY

KEY POINT: Schiff has literally been caught making up false but incriminating stories, then leaking them to the press, and then using the largest MSM platforms to repeat his false accusations and other prevarications.  This blatantly reckless behavior can only be the result of Pedogate manipulation.

Nevertheless, it must be acknowledged that whoever the actual CIA agent whistleblower is, Schiff et al. really set them up to commit what amounts to outright treason.  (See: Whistleblower Complaint or Deep State Hit Job?) . What Schiff failed to realize is that he was also set up by Team Trump.

When the President of the United States is compelled to call out a seditious member of the U.S. Congress for sketching out a public indictment using an obviously fabricated account of the actual history, you know how desperate the traitorous perps really are.  That’s just what Schiff did on national TV when he contrived a fake story on how Trump did a ‘shakedown’ of the Ukraine president. See:


Let’s get right to the bottom line here: UKRAINEgate was blown up after the Democrats were informed that Trump was going after the Biden Crime Family for criminal wrongdoing in the Ukraine.  What father and son really did there was a full-blown crime spree.  However, Deep State really blew it up when they saw how determined Trump was to get a hold of the CrowdStrike server.

What no one is talking about here is the much bigger crime against humanity that the Obama administration committed by engineering the catastrophic Ukraine Civil War.  Not only did Biden’s warmongering tear apart that country, that continuing war served to re-start the Cold War with Russia.  How calamitous for the world community of nations is that intentional outcome designed by the Obama-Biden-Clinton-Nuland war-making team?!

Which means that the recent UKRAINEgate is really about stifling Trump’s initiative to get to the bottom of BIDENgate because that will inevitably lead to the root cause of the real UKRAINEgate, not the current fake one.  It ought to be apparent how the Left is co-opting real scandals with fake scandals by even using the same memes and MSM emotionally-charged language. Deep State knows that the ensuing confusion is simply far too great for the average American voter to comprehend as the true story is so obfuscated by the CIA-controlled Mockingbird Media.

So, to recap, the House Democrats in the intel leadership basically used a rogue CIA agent (or faction) to acquire privileged presidential conversations with a foreign head of state, and then used that so-called whistleblower to write-up a picture-perfect WB report that is so detailed and concocted against Trump it can be used as a veritable indictment in the upcoming impeachment hearings.  WOW ! ! !  You can’t make this stuff up!

What the DEMs don’t realize is that this sting was exactly set up to elicit their anticipated reaction.  Wait until the post-impeachment process moves to the Senate for trial and the discovery phase permits all the hard evidence on BIDENgate to be presented for all to view.  Then Team Trump can call for a Special Commission to investigate the original UKRAINEgate that pushed the USA and Russia into Cold War 2.0, also known as the real RUSSIAgate scandal.

You gotta give it to Trump, he took a HUGE risk, but perhaps one worth taking since the Democrats will suffer much more than the White House during the rapidly evolving and highly volatile campaign season.

The other Deep State co-conspirators who will suffer much damage from these various scandals are the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the U.S. Intel Community, and especially the C.I.A.  Both treacherous entities intimately colluded to ensure that everything happened right on time so as to explode the fake UKRAINEgate narrative.  Because virtually every major network anchor is either a paid CIA agent or contractor, as are all the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists employed by the main newspapers of record (e.g. NYT, WAPO, USA Today, LA Times, WSJ, etc.), it was quickly evident that each was provided with the very same talking and writing points.

KEY POINT: As the Chief Executive Officer of the U.S Corporation, the POTUS is tasked with overseeing the nation’s law enforcement, for both domestic and foreign matters.[1]  Vice President Biden and his son were involved in illegal activity in the Ukraine.  Trump would have been negligent not to have pursued crimes that not only led to the Ukraine War, but also to the resumption of the Cold War.  Because there is no wrongdoing on Trump’s part to air the truth, the Democrats are rushing to impeachment to immediately stop his presidential investigation (they had no other way to save their necks).  In so doing, they are flagrantly interfering in a very serious international criminal case.  There is no legal justification whatsoever for impeachment here and the Left knows it.  They nonetheless are determined to prematurely push through the articles of impeachment before anyone realizes it’s a total sham! See: Democrats Rush to Impeachment Because Their Case Is Falling Apart by the Day


There are several conclusions which can be drawn from this analysis.

First, the Democrats will do anything necessary to prevent a Trump re-election.  They will lie, cheat, steal, bribe, blackmail, extort, kidnap, torture, maim and murder to avoid a second Trump term.  They will especially bog him down with impeachment so as to tarnish his reputation with the upcoming House proceedings and Senate trial. However, it will backfire on them—BIG TIME!

Secondly, Deep State will implement every scheme required to keep Trump in check.  This covert unelected government of SES employees really does run the US government, and they will remind the POTUS each and every day of his term of this inconvenient fact of life inside the Beltway.  Moreover, Deep State operatives who have infiltrated the West Wing will forever vex Trump by attempting to thwart his every move, especially where it concerns the uncovering of the Obama administration crime wave. See: DEEP STATE: SHADOW GOVERNMENT REVEALED – SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE

Thirdly, the U.S. Intelligence Community doesn’t work for the American people; rather, the C.I.A. is an international entity headquartered in Switzerland and answers directly to the Black Nobility.  This 700-year-old international crime syndicate of bankster families set up the Nazi SS, Gestapo and Abwehr prior to their incorporation into the Central Intelligence Agency through, first, Operation Overcast and, then, via Operation Paperclip. There are very good reasons why Switzerland stayed out of both World Wars; the European theaters of war were fastidiously orchestrated from their mountain command posts.  Now the CIA is showing US how they can illegally run any disruptive operation in the 50 states, even staging a full-blown coup d’état in Washington, D.C. at will.

Fourth, the MSM has been ordered by The Powers That Be to generate massive amounts of distraction and chaos.  Not only is the Global Economic & Financial System on the verge of a free-fall collapse after a planned engineered stock market crash much greater than 1929, there will likely be multiple controlled demolitions of all the markets—stock and bond, commodity and currency, real estate and insurance, derivative and carbon.  The wealthy elites need all the diversion and distraction they can get from the MSM as they make off with the loot (Mutual Funds, Pension Plans, 401Ks, IRAs, Keoughs, Annuities, etc.), perpetrating one heist after another before they disappear into the night.

Fifth, Israel is still attempting to complete the calamitous Greater Israel project as well as to establish a One World Government headquartered in Jerusalem.  This can only be accomplished with a POTUS who will follow every dictate issued from Tel Aviv.  Trump’s family has been accommodating the Zionists led by the Netanyahu clan as no other POTUS.  Hence, the Zionist Israelis waste no time trying to take advantage of Trump’s sympathies and support.  Therefore, the firing of Neocon Zionist John Bolton may also have been a major factor in the sensational explosion of UKRAINEgate.

Lastly, it really does appear that Trump is pulling off a major sting in the midst of it all.  He has always been willing to sacrifice his image in order to expose the swamp.  He knows he cannot drain it during his first term, so why not expose all the swamp creatures before he leaves office.  BIDENgate does just that, and in a much bigger way than anyone knows because it will likely lead to the unraveling of the pervasively criminal Obamanation.  Truly, the exposure of UKRAINEgate — the original one — is the lynchpin to revealing so much other governmental corruption and institutional crime on a grand scale.

As crazy as it sounds, none of these six agendas is necessarily mutually exclusive.  That’s how the perps at the very peak of the pinnacle of the world power pyramid construct these all-engrossing media-hyped scandals.  Meanwhile, the elites are stealing everyone blind…and the populace doesn’t even know they’re being fleeced.  So much for the Fourth Estate!  May Trump tweet the MSM into oblivion so that We the People can begin to take back our country from those who have stolen it.

But, first, let’s watch UKRAINEgate sufficiently expose the Left before the Democrat Party implodes—FOR GOOD.  Any party full of cultural marxists, violent bolsheviks, flaming socialists, hardcore communists, LGBTQ guerillas, etc. is dangerous to the extreme.  Which is precisely why President Trump is working overtime to take them down, before they topple him and subvert the American Republic in order to violently establish the USSA (where “A” stands for Amerika).

State of the Nation
September 28, 2019


[1] BIDENgate: Trump Had Full Legal Authority and Presidential Power to Make Requests to Zelensky

Update 1

If it isn’t evident by now, President Trump is the true whistleblower where it concerns UKRAINEgate. He has access to the intel that proves BIDENgate is for real. Like every other whistleblower who exposes the crimes and/or corruption within the US government, he is getting persecuted to the max. Can it get any more serious than impeachment hearings based on a single report that no one even knows yet who submitted? The impetuous rush to judgment is unprecedented … only because the Democrats know they must ram this thing through before they are caught in the act of another transparently staged hoax. See: President Trump ‘Is the real  Whistleblower’

Update 2

With each passing day, it becomes more obvious that the Democrats are guilty of exactly what they accuse the President of doing. The leftist MO has always been to blame the Right for crimes the Democrats have committed so as to put them on the defensive. This is precisely how criminally insane psychopaths are always able to get away with their crime waves. To the point, Biden is guilty of doing what he accuses Trump of doing. In the present case, the stakes are so high that the unhinged Democrats have gone completely mad in their attempt to frame Trump. The DEMs know that the only way to kill the various secret DoJ investigations into their incendiary scandals and criminal conspiracies is to take out the main messenger. Most significantly, the Left knows that if BIDENgate goes prime time, and the CrowdStrike server is given to the DoJ, the Democrat Party will be history. See WHISTLEBLOWERgate: Who and Why?

Update 3

The whistleblower complaint (WC) is the smoking gun. That same gun will eventually be turned on the Deep State shooters who pulled the trigger for this coup attempt. Those rogue intel agents who set this thing up will undoubtedly be exposed during the House impeachment hearings. Given the gravity of the charges, Schiff will be forced to present evidence that will expose the U.S. Intelligence Community of sedition and the Clinton-connected law firm that wrote up the whistleblower complaint as a co-conspirator. The trail of incriminating evidence going in so many different directions appears to be so sensitive and subversive that many of the operational perps will be outed. In a Senate trial, even the coup plotters may be unavoidably be dragged through an extremely tortuous process of cross-examination (with LOTs of invocations of 5th Amendment rights). Every word those witnesses utter will likely be self-incriminating in some way, shape or form. All the preliminary forensics of the WC point to a Whistleblower Complaint Written By A Law Firm. Who, pray tell, gave those attorneys clearance to even view such a highly classified conversation between the POTUS and Ukraine President?

Update 4

With each passing day, the downright collusion between the Mainstream Media and the Intel Community to deceive the U.S. citizenry is breaking out in the open.  The sheer number of improprieties and irregularities by those who executed the fake UKRAINEgate scheme is growing by the hour.  What’s quickly becoming indisputable is that this seditious criminal conspiracy was well-planned by the perps for weeks.  And, that the top decision-makers did not care that the CIA’s Mockingbird Media would be swiftly implicated.  They were also unconcerned that members of the U.S. Intelligence Community could be charged with treason. See UKRAINEgate: Mainstream Media Conspires with Intel Community to Deceive the Public

Update 5

Now we find out that there’s a  direct connection between WEINERgate, BIDENgate, UKRAINEgate, RUSSIAgate, AWANgate, EMAILgate and SERVERgate.  Only this particular investigator could have pieced this plot together with such a high degree of authority. See: How Anthony Weiner’s 650,000 emails are directly connected to CrowdStrike and BIDENgate (Video)

Update 6

Now they’re calling it WHISTLEBLOWERgate: There’s so much wrong with this complaint you know Deep State set it up. From the very beginning, the whistleblower complaint has been the subject of intense debate and controversy. What else would one expect from a classic Deep State hit piece where the CIA’s Mockingbird Media reflexively piles on in perfect unison? The grim reality is that the sheer magnitude of criminal activity which was necessary to generate the fake complaint, and then present it as authentic one, is the real scandal. And the perps did it only because Trump was doing his job too well… but at great risk to the New World Order globalist cabal.

Update 7

It really does appear that Deep State Fell Right Into Trump’s Trap with Impeachment and Senate Trial (Video). When the POTUS can declassify all the damning evidence that proves a seditious plot, what better defense does he need in a Senate trial? Such a declass could also include the reams of incriminating Deep State conduct that was behind the RUSSIAgate hoax. Furthermore, it’s the U.S. Supreme Court that renders the final verdict.

Update 8

What else needs to be said after this scorching update: Not only did Schiff write the whistleblower complaint as Trump alleged, he most likely is the original ‘whistleblower’!

Update 9

UKRAINEgate Bottom Line: The Democrats have everything to lose, Trump has everything to win.  For this reason alone, Trump will likely pull off the “Sting of the Millennium” as the Democrats crash and burn … and Deep State continues its free-fall collapse. And here’s just one reason why Biden & Biden are in deep trouble: BIDENgate: Copy of Prosecutor Shokin’s Affadavit is Political Dynamite.

Update 10

Deep State is totally out of control causing their operatives to make monumental mistakes. Their vast network of agents is getting ensnared in a massive web lies and deceit. Trump has trapped them in a way that ensures the uncovering of the real UKRAINEgate scandal as well as the criminal conspiracy that carried out the fake one. See UKRAINEgate: The Deep State Unraveling

Update 11

The House Democrats are going to deeply regret they never sacked Adam Schiff as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. The latest exposés about him reveal not just a bad actor, but also a sneaky corruptocrat who will do just about anything in the service of his hidden master in the Ukraine.

“Adam Schiff is an owned hatchet man of Ukrainian arms dealer Igor Pasternak. Schiff’s anti-Russian narrative is carefully orchestrated by his Ukrainian handlers.”
(Source: What drives Adam Schiff’s never ending Russia hysteria?)

Update 12

Has anyone noticed how the most explosive scandal of the Third Millennium suddenly disappeared from the daily news cycle?  The Pedogate Powers That Be had to cook up something really BIG and easily sustainable to knock Jeffrey Epstein out of the headlines.  This thing about UKRAINEgate is that it has already succeeded in completely absorbing both sides of the body politic as well as the middle.  See: THE GREAT DEFLECTION

Update 13

Just take a close look at the following front page article title and photo of Nancy Pelosi posted by a California MSM news outlet.  There’s a HUGE but still secret back story regarding Pelosi’s hidden agenda  that was written about here: PELOSIgate: The Radioactive Scandal That Will Rock America.  UKRAINEgate fits perfectly into her Black Nobility-directed agenda.

Update 14

Just like the shocking Pelosi fiasco where she stated that they had to first pass the Affordable Care Act in order to read the bill under consideration, “Nasty Nancy” again displayed similar gross irresponsibility and outright treachery by:

“… starting an [impeachment] inquiry she had already announced before receiving a transcript of the Ukraine call or the whistleblower complaint.”
(Source: Trump Letter to Dare Pelosi to Hold House Vote)

The Speaker of the House actually called for the impeachment of President Trump before she even saw the evidence; that is, the patently forged evidence.  WOW ! ! !

Update 15

It’s clear to every political analyst that Intel Chair Adam Schiff is at the operational hub of this soft coup.  In fact, he has been forced to commit so many high crimes, and corrupted the House process and procedure so much, that there must be a heavy explanation. See:

“So, we have, already corruption with a Ukrainian oligarch. Number Two – and this has been confirmed – Adam Schiff was caught in a pedophile trafficking ring, somewhere in Los Angeles and that was at the Standard Hotel run by Mrs. Abramowitz, who apparently practices Satanic rituals – but the more important part is that he has been highly-compromised.”
(Source: Here’s how Adam Schiff’s masters are able to get him to perpetrate any crime or corruption in the service of Deep State.)

Update 16

There are now so many different scandals associated with UKRAINEgate it’s difficult to keep track of them all.   For example, WHISTLEBLOWERgate is just one of those criminal hoaxes and classic CIA-directed conspiracies that, when exposed in all of its incriminating detail, will indict numerous Deep State Democrats.  See WHISTLEBLOWERgate: Not only was there never a real whistleblower, the rogue CIA agent was working for a 2020 DEM candidate! 

Even the Whistleblower memo turns out to be total partisan joke and obvious scam.

Update 17

Everything now points to fired warmonger John Bolton as the ultimate inside man driving the fake UKRAINEgate process against Trump. (WHISTLEBLOWERgate: Bolton Goes Ballistic, Outs Himself as the NSC Provocateur After Being Fired)  There’s a fascinating back story to this whole affair that provides the hidden impetus for the Democrats going completely insane with impeachment fever.  See: Putin’s peace process works like a charm In Syria, Trump totally on board 

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