There’s only one way out of this mess! Only One Way! ! ONLY ONE WAY OUT ! ! !

The Mockingbird Media Must Be
Shut Down and/or Taken Over

State of the Nation

The CIA’s Mockingbird Media has proven itself to be a thoroughly seditious entity that is extremely dangerous to the American people.

Is there any doubt about this indisputable fact of life in 2019?

In light of the peril that every major MSM organ of propaganda and fake news just put the Covington High School students in, they MUST BE SHUT DOWN.

Media Purposefully Inflamed Fake News Story That Put Innocent Covington Students In Harm’s Way 

These completely innocent Catholic students are facing death threats now because of the false news reports deliberately published by the MSM news outlets.  The high school principal actually closed the school due to the immediate danger these kids were exposed to because of mainstream media malevolence.

Lest the reader be mistaken that this necessity of shutting down the MSM — YESTERDAY — has been made in haste or without proper justification, remember the very same media corporations also intentionally covered up the state-sponsored, false flag terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.  Really, does it get any bigger than that?  Well, DOES IT?

9/11 VERDICT: Mainstream Media Guilty Of The Biggest Coverup In US History

Look it, we can rant and rave all year long, but the stark reality remains that there will be no real change in America until the MEDIA is put back into the hands of We the People.  Which means the MSM must first be shut down—PERIOD.

There is no other way. 

There is no other way. 

There is no other way.

President Trump’s MAGA agenda

President Trump can do his level best all day long, but until a sufficient number of American citizens are strongly convicted around the absolute necessity that the MEDIA is either shut down or outright taken over, his job remains practically impossible.

Patriots, please understand that this requirement is completely non-negotiable.  There can be no compromise.  It’s imperative that President Trump begin the process of holding the press accountable for their many crimes against the citizenry and the American Republic.

For the uninitiated, there are many FCC rules and regulations that the MSM has flagrantly broken—over DECADES.  Likewise, there are numerous federal statues and state laws that the MSM has violated over the past many years.  So the sound legal pretext is there to shut ’em down.

These treasonous corporate media entities have never been held to account.  When their myriad transgressions are considered in the aggregate, they will be rightly shuddered in a New York minute.

Not only is the POTUS facing very real existential threats because of the incessant and extreme corporate misconduct, as well as the journalistic license to willfully lie that the MSM perps arrogate unto themselves, the sovereignty of the Republic has been put into great jeopardy.

The only way that the President can truly MAGA is to shut it down.  Shut it all down.  Or else, take it over—POST HASTE!

KEY POINTS: What good can possibly come of a national press corps that lies about everything all the time?  A society that’s bombarded with so much falsehood and deceit is destined to collapse under the weight of so much deception.  American society has been exposed to more unadulterated media mendacity than any other in world history.  When any populace cannot rely on a single word that issues from all of the mainstream media platforms, it’s only a matter of time before that nation self-destructs.  Welcome to the USA and the severe consequences of the serial untruthfulness of the CIA-controlled Mockingbird Media.

Banana Republic coup anecdote

Again, for the unaware, the very first thing that the C.I.A. does before they run a coup d’état in any given Banana Republic is they first take over the big TV stations, radio signals and major newspapers.  They do this surreptitiously before the first shots are fired or bombs are exploded.  Before they even press the button on a coup, however, the captive media first gaslights the population with endless propaganda similar to what they have done since Trump was elected.

G A S L I G H T I N G A M E R I C A: Deep State, Mainstream Media, CIA,
FBI and DOJ 
Perpetrate the Single Greatest Fraud in American History

The coup MO is always the same: the spooks overseeing these color revolutions stealthily terminate those media operations that they cannot swiftly take over.  Whether the power is cut or the building is flooded, the C.I.A. employs any means whatsoever to stop the presses and interrupt the signals.  This is standard operating procedure because of how much power the media has on the masses.

What’s the point?

The critical point is that the Democrats, as well as the entire Left, is running a soft coup against the POTUS.  Therefore, President Trump has every legal right and statutory power granted by the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Criminal Code and FCC Regulations to shut ’em down.  For anyone who doubts this ongoing coup attempt, please see COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility.

As a matter of established law, Trump has an obligation to terminate this traitorous insurrection.  Not to do so places the whole nation in an exceedingly precarious position.  For once the coup is completed, the USSA will soon be established with the Obamas and the Clintons reinstalled into the highest positions of power—UNLAWFULLY.

The multitude of crimes committed by the media against these United States of America, as well as against the world-at-large, are so many and so grave that the entire planetary civilization is now at great risk.  Therefore, not to act decisively at this crucial moment spells disaster for the USA.

Purple Revolution

Once the Democrat Party was totally taken over by the Communist Party, it became a tool for a clandestine revolution—what many know as the Purple Revolution.

Eight years under Obama saw the American Republic transformed into a decadent Obamanation defined by a “Sodom and Gomorrah” on the Left Coast (LA & San Fran) and the East Coast (NYC & D.C.).

Once these two regional strongholds were established by the left-wing bolsheviks, it was only a matter of time before the nation’s heartland was similarly subjugated.  And so it has been — just look at the very sad condition of Colorado, a once proud conservative state gone liberal via the big city influence of ultra-liberal Denver.

This is how the Left funded by traitor George Soros does it.  The cultural marxists first take control of the Democrat-dominated big cities and then use them as launch pads to take over the whole state.  Soros & Company know that for every sanctuary city and sanctuary state they secure, the sooner the nation will fall.  Which is precisely why Trump needs to do this upon closing down the MSM: Soros Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned to Prevent Civil War.

Whoever controls the media controls the country

Folks, the Right is fighting on an extremely uneven battlefield.  That’s because whoever controls the media essentially controls the whole megillah.  The Left has exerted ironclad control over all 6 major media corporations for decades.  Except now they have shown their true BLUE colors.  The earlier Patriot movement and subsequent Trump revolution have forced the liberal media agents out of the closet for all to see their naked treason and sedition.  Once that happened, the gloves came off.  And whoever has the media on their side has the biggest dog in the fight.

Yes, the Right can tune out and turn off, but there are still far too many good people in the middle who remain captured by the ever-intensifying liberal deception.  Those uncommitted fail to realize that the Democrats and RINOs have insidiously morphed the American Dream into the American Nightmare—-FOR REAL!  Just take a close look at TV programming for two minutes to see the utter depravity and shocking degeneracy.

Remember, television screens are now everywhere — airports, restaurants, banks, office building lobbies, shopping malls, elevators, vehicles, schools — and CNN, the notorious Communist News Network, is beaming their bullshit (and blue light biohazard) everywhere they can 24/7.  They know that unceasing repetition of falsehood eventually sinks in until it’s almost impossible to eradicate.

Although volumes can be written about the dire urgency of taking over the Mainstream Media, we rest our case.  Because if it does not happen very soon, there will be no more American Republic to save.  In other words we can talk this exceedingly serious matter to death —LITERALLY — or we can all step up to the plate and bang a grand slam.

What’s it gonna be, PEOPLE?!

The Mainstream Media Must Be Shut Down And/Or Taken Over Post Haste


Were President Trump to enjoy a critical mass of supporters nationwide he could accomplish a legislative agenda that would truly MAGA.  The Democrat political scientists know full well what that magic number is.  This is why the MSM disseminates so much fake news about Trump; they ‘re following strict orders to keep his poll numbers low.  See GASLIGHTING ALERT: Deep State Using Mainstream Media to Float False Accusations About Trump

The Democrat pollsters know that, beyond a certain threshold of solid support, Trump could shut down the MSM in a heartbeat and never have to watch his back.  This is precisely why the Mockingbird Media will continue to trash him at every opportunity.  They know their jobs are in grave danger should We the People wake up to their multi-decade scam, especially while Trump is in the White House.

Let’s be very clear: No individual in recorded history has ever exposed the lying corporate media like Trump has.  This single feat will be remembered as the greatest accomplishment of his presidency, as it is also the greatest achievement of all U.S. presidencies.  The raw courage it took to reveal the constant betrayals of the American people by the media is astounding by any standard.

Lastly, there is another highly consequential angle on the Mockingbird Media which few are aware of.  Along with the U.S. Intelligence Community, the MSM has been thoroughly ponerized.  Actually, those who populate all the key positions in today’s media even go beyond the scary process of ponerization.  As follows:

The Mainstream Media Is Literally Populated By Satanic Entities

Action Plan

Start messaging Trump, in every conceivable way, about the dire need to take over the nation’s major news outlets.  If he does not do this before the 2020 election, there is no hope.  They already stole the 2018 midterms in broad daylight—AND GOT AWAY WITH IT, scot-free!  Does anyone really think the same perps will not steal the POTUS and every other election in sight on November 3, 2020?

The Democrats are forced to steal elections at this point or else risk irrelevancy in an unparalleled way.  They even risk being dissolved as a political party—forever.  Hence, the MSM will stage more fake polls and support every liberal cause around in order to unseat every conservative in America.  This grim reality then, warrants, extreme measures—NOW!  For the Democrats can never again be permitted to control the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government.  They have become treacherous beyond compare and dangerous to the extreme, and they will use every means necessary to restore the utterly iniquitous Obamanation.

Please, pass this piece around; for the fate of the Republic hangs in the balance… … …
as does the future of the American people.

Special Note: Now many will express a very legitimate concern about a nationalized media.  And it’s entirely true that state-controlled media platforms can be dangerous to the citizenry, especially in a USSA as they were in the USSR.  However, given the current circumstances, there is no hope whatsoever for MSM.  It must be taken over and put into the hands of a responsible entity, and that can only be the U.S. government or authentically independent body staffed by appointees, for starters.

State of the Nation
January 24, 2019

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