The Military Deployment of 5G is a Slow-Motion Extinction Level Event

An Open Letter
to the American People
Regarding the Devastating
Military Deployment of 5G

Submitted by Stop 5G in Florida

To Our Fellow Citizens Across America:

We here in Florida have become grimly aware of the 5G roll-out quietly occurring around the state and the nation.

We’re also aware that this military deployment of 5G is taking place without proper approval and mandatory testing.  How is it a military deployment?  As follows:

5G WEAPONRY: Microwave Radiation Technology Being Deployed as Depopulation Warfare, Full Spectrum Dominance & Total Human Control (Video)

Because of this rapidly unfolding state of affairs, some residents across our state are now dangerously exposed to the powerful 5G energy grid and yet very few even know it.

Of course, this very same plight is shared by a growing number of residents in all 50 states.

In light of this highly destructive and deadly 5G roll-out, the United States of America is now facing its greatest public health disaster in history.  For the illegal deployment of 5G nationwide will ultimately put every U.S. resident in serious physical jeopardy.  About this eventuality, there is no uncertainty whatsoever.

Most Americans are completely unaware of the slow-motion 5G Extinction Level Event.  There are even those folks who can’t wait for the 5G roll-out to come to their area to increase their download speeds, improve their gaming experience and reduce the many dropped cellphone calls.

Lastly, there are those few truth seekers who really grasp the enormity and gravity of this catastrophic 5G roll-out.  This open letter is meant to further educate and enlighten, edify and empower these awakened souls.

The primary purpose of this national initiative is to galvanize the anti-5G movement around the essential truths and scientific facts concern this patently unlawful deployment of 5G.

First, it’s critical for every U.S. citizen to understand that an activated 5G energy grid constitutes a physical assault against every individual exposed to the dangerous levels of radio-frequencies and microwave radiation.  This is now known as a frequency/radiation assault and it’s every bit as much an assault as getting shot by a robber’s gun.

What follows is irrefutable scientific proof of this highly premeditated crime wave rolling across America in 2019 and beyond.

U.S. Government Has Known About the Serious Adverse Health Effects Associated with 5G for Decades, Hid the Scientific Research Reports from the Public

Because of the indisputable evidence provided in the preceding government report, it’s now apparent that the U.S. Federal Government is knowingly and willfully committing frequency/radiation assault against the populace.

This unacceptable predicament must be rectified (and prosecuted) post-haste.  For no one, no government, no corporation and no entity under the sun has the legal right or legitimate power to assault We the People.

To do so represents a profound violation of the social contract, a treacherous betrayal of the public trust and an irreparable breach of the sacred covenant that exists between the governed and the government.

“We all possess a fundamental right to not be assaulted by anyone,
or any entity under the sun. Likewise, we all have the right not to
have our home and property and business trespassed by anyone or
any entity under the sun.  Accordingly
, we all possess a fundamental
right not to be exposed to the proven unsafe levels of electromagnetic
frequencies and microwave radiation that are necessary for the
5G operating platform.  Why?  Because these are physical assaults
which are undeniable invasions of our personal sovereignty.” 

Is there any business, organization or governmental entity that possesses the inherent right or legitimate power to assault the citizenry via the systematic, wide-area and indiscriminate dissemination of harmful electromagnetic frequencies and microwave radiation?

No, we think not, lest they be held directly responsible for frequency and/or radiation assault and trespass. Furthermore, we would challenge anyone in this nation to cite a single instance where anyone, or any entity, possesses the legitimate (does not transgress inviolable rights) and constitutional power to engage in such intrusive and injurious behavior.  Certainly, any entity that unlawfully arrogates such illicit power unto itself would be held in clear violation of various federal laws, state statutes, county ordinances and city codes.

What’s the crucial point?

For these reasons alone, the American people have every right to stop the 5G roll-out by any means necessary.  Due to the extraordinary perils associated with this wrongful military deployment of 5G, We the People now possess the God-given right to terminate 5G by every means possible.

Exactly how do we do that?

Every community needs to determine that for themselves.  Every city and county, town and village that is being overrun by the 5G juggernaut ought to take the steps required to shut it down however they can.

There are many different ways to throw a wrench into the 5G machinery, but all of them do take organization and strategy, courage and initiative.  Hence, people need to unify quickly before it’s too late; for once the 5G platform technology platform is up and running it will be nearly impossible to terminate.

KEY POINT: The single easiest way to shut down 5G is for President Trump to issue an Executive Order that stops the roll-out today.  At the very least, such an EO would have the effect of shutting it down until Inauguration Day 2021.  Therefore, the electorate needs to hold Trump’s feet to the fire until he reverses his extremely misguided decision to support the dangerous deployment of 5G.  If Trump does not act and continues to zealously promote 5G, then the 5G Roll-out will become Trump’s 9/11 … only much, MUCH bigger.

Let’s face it, the stark reality is that the 5G juggernaut has been rolling across the land without limitation and with complete impunity since its inception.  In spite of the fact that this inordinately powerful and hazardous technology has not undergone the statutorily mandated testing, it has already been activated in several major cities.

How did this happen?

Such a complex criminal conspiracy could only have taken place by purposeful design.  Hence, it’s incumbent upon the American people to hold those responsible for this unparalleled crime spree ASAP.  The immediate arrest and prosecution of the primary co-conspirators within government and corporate would have the chilling effect of arresting the entire enterprise worldwide.

Will it come to torches and pitchforks?  Probably … unless something very BIG happens soon that somehow stops the 5G roll-out dead in its tracks.

Perhaps a legal initiative like this: 5G Roll-out Facing $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit will shut it down once and for all.  Or, maybe this lawsuit will hit the mark: 5G CRISIS: Historic Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against the FCC by Municipalities Across the USA.

One last point, and it’s essential to correctly comprehend and act upon it: Should a critical mass of souls not respond appropriately to this dire 5G threat against people and property, We the People will effectively be giving our implicit consent to a bonafide Extinction Level Event.

The bottom line is that its never been so urgent for We the People to terminate 5G before it terminates US.

In summary, it’s of paramount importance to understand that:

(1)  5G is fundamentally a military operation that is dangerous to human health
(2)  A government document printed in 1972 reveals 2000 Navy medical research articles confirming health damage from certain EMF ranges and microwave radiation.  Additionally, hundreds of subsequent scientific research papers confirm this.
(3) We the People have the “Natural Right to Life” which is now being covertly attacked. Therefore, each of us can lawfully employ our right to self defense to whatever extent necessary to protect our family and property.

Your Fellow Americans,
Stop 5G in Florida
Florida Coordinator:


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