Impeaching Trump AND Biden: Destroying Two Politicos With One Shot!

Mount Vernon, WA
September 28, 2019

by Rich Scheck

I have long contended that President Trump should be impeached for the High Misdemeanor of Maladministration.  His three years in office have been more than just the Roller Coaster ride I predicted; they have been marked by needless divisiveness, poor cabinet appointments, foreign policy blunders, nepotism and the inability to govern modern America with its unique diversity and restless urgency for a better future.

Sadly, the Trump Deranged Democrats aided by the MSM have done everything they can to make things worse.  Rather than focus on issues grounded in fact, they have relied on the fabrications of the intelligence community as we saw with RussiaGate to undermine Trump’s presidency.

UkraineGate is a perfect example. Instead of focusing on the impropriety of our constantly interfering in the internal affairs of other countries that lead to the kind of foreign entanglements our Founders warned us to avoid, the issue defaults to which side is more corrupt with everyone having tons of ammunition to use against their opponents.

The truth is that both sides have become tainted by their lust for power as they maneuver to install their version of the Washington Consensus to see who will lead the Imperial quest for Pax Americana. That has resulted in the waste of trillions on weapons to support the Military-Industrial Complex and government spying by the NSA while the needs of everyday citizens are grossly neglected or dealt with insensitively by bureaucrats.

As Chief Executive of the US government, President Trump had both the duty and the right to investigate the deeply troubling relationship between Hunter Biden and the Ukraine gas company, Burisma, as well as asking newly elected President Zelensky to dislodge the Crowd Strike server relied on by Mueller and the Dems to support their dubious allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Even Liberals like Bill Maher understand the need for the appearance of propriety and the desirability of avoiding sweetheart deals that benefit family members of top officials.

Unfortunately, the way Trump went about looking into this sordid affair has left him open to charges of self-dealing for personal benefit vis-a-vis erstwhile political rival, former VP Joe Biden. Although the hyper-parodying Adam Schiff is wrong to claim Trump relied on a “manufactured” case against Hunter, the California Congressman has been skillful in proffering a scenario that suggests the possibility of presidential misconduct because Trump suspiciously withheld military aid and then at least appears to have secreted potentially incriminating evidence.

My suspicion is that, like RussiaGate, this latest scandal is the product of a highly sophisticated intelligence operation led by the likes of John Brennan, James Clapper, Peter Strzok and other former Obama Administration officials who despise Trump and want to deflect attention from their own misconduct. Chuck Schumer was not kidding when he said the CIA “has six ways from Sunday at getting back at you” with Trump as their main target since he announced over 4 years ago.

The Impeachment of Trump is now all but assured. In his defense, he will be forced to go after Biden as well as reveal material about prosecutorial abuse and misconduct by Mueller and the Democrats regarding the 2016 election investigation. Hopefully, this will unearth the truth about the death of Seth Rich, Uranium One, matters related to the Epstein scandals and lots of other DC dirt that the MSM ignores or covers up.

The coming weeks of hearings will be far more than a messy UnReality TV show. They will be far uglier than the Kabuki Dance charade our two-party farce has provided for decades with endless wars, draining of the Treasury and destruction of our precious liberties.

We are talking about polarizing and poisoning the body politic that increases the potential for Civil War and the imposition of martial law.

As things now stand, the political futures of both Trump and Biden are at great risk. Whether someone as balanced and sane as Tulsi Gabbard can emerge from this mess to provide quality leadership and steer the country away from tragedy remains the subject of speculation and wishful thinking.

All of this treachery and horror underscores the need for a new political party dedicated to peace, prosperity and honest government. Right now that vision seems ever more remote as the nation swirls into the abyss of partisanship, propaganda and perfidy.


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