Wilsonville, Oregon
October 2, 2019

Imperial Overreach, Impeachment
and the Great Deflection

by Rich Scheck

It’s our interventionist foreign policy that is at the root of the UkraineGate scandal and so many other major problems impacting the former American Republic!

The high comfort level we have overthrowing the regime’s of other nations is the core issue that gets us into so much trouble around the world with an enormous toll on our Military, Treasury and reputation.

We were warned by the Founders to avoid foreign entanglements but the continent spanning nation that emerged at the end of the 19th century demonstrated its imperial designs under President McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt after our 1898 victory in the Spanish-American War.

By the end of WWII in 1945, the American Century was imposing its cultural and political will on an often resistant world. Korea was followed by Viet Nam, Panama, Kosovo, and two wars in the Persian Gulf among many such encounters with the elusive quest for Pax Americana sustaining its momentum after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Imperial Overreach is very expensive both in terms of dollars spent on exotic weapons and the cost to our Good Will that readily deteriorates once we invade another country. It’s called Blowback and is what Osama bin Ladin had in mind to the extent he was the actual perpetrator of 9/11.

Now comes the impeachment effort by the crazed Democrats who show an amazing level of irrationality and loathing for all things Trump. We have seen that with the Kavanaugh hearings, RussiaGate, UkraineGate and virtually everything else he has done since capturing the White House in November of 2016.

I call Impeachment the Great Deflection, the turning away by the media, the public and elected politicians from the daunting issues that beset the DC Swamp with its endless corrupt projects and reliance on kinetic action to resolve its problems.

Scapegoating Trump and calling him names is so much easier than real work. And besides, “he’s a monster!”

Trump may well be removed from office via this route, especially with the media drenching the public’s consciousness with “the Russia did it” meme for 2 years. The latest charge is “Trump asked Ukraine to help him win the current election” by investigating the Bidens.

I am not the only one concerned about a CIA agent in the White House acting as a “whistleblower” to oust a sitting president? It’s all beyond suspicious but if you hate Trump, why care?

The latest news points in the direction that this is another elaborate intelligence operation with Adam Schiff possibly being the “whistleblower” who wrote the complaint as a pretext for Pelosi signing off on Impeachment.

As Paul Craig Roberts points out, investigating Hunter Biden and Crowd Strike for their collusion with the DNC and Hillary is exactly what the law requires of a Chief Executive.

Running for president does not include a grant of immunity for Biden, Hillary or Trump himself. As I and others have pointed out, there are lots of grounds to take on Trump but Russian collusion and Ukraine are not them!

It has long been my contention that the US passed the tipping point, most obviously with the unsolved public execution of JFK. Trump did not release all the assassination files in 2017 as mandated by law, a clear example of failure to faithfully execute the laws as his Constitutional Oath requires.

But why go there or anywhere else that would disrupt the bipartisan consensus for endless wars by pressuring the Saudis to stop slaughtering those poor Yemenis; investigate 9/11 as promised by Trump during the campaign; stop interfering with Iran, Venezuela and China (Hong Kong); lift sanctions on Russia and much more.

The Great Deflection of Impeachment assures none of that will happen as the Epstein matter fades into the ethers as yesterday’s news and Julian Assange sits vegetating in a UK cell. I could go on but you get the point.

It’s a dark time again, reminiscent of 1939 with “the best lacking all conviction and the worst full of passionate intensity!” The sad decision by Tulsi Gabbard to get on the impeachment band wagon illustrates the first clause of that statement with the drooling hatred of Maxine Waters adding another image to the later part from the powerful
William Butler Yates poem, The Second Coming.

The good news is that the Impeachment hearings will make for great TV especially after Hillary returns to the fray to get her rematch and revenge. But like I often say in frustration: “What are we going to tell the children?”

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