FLVAXgate: Controlled Opposition Vaccine Groups in Florida Carry Out Sophisticated COINTELPRO-Type Operation


“Clinton, Soros & Company are right now employing
heavy hitters to stealthily pass draconian vaccine bills
using COINTELPRO tactics in key battleground states.
Florida is at the epicenter of this nationwide war for
health freedom.  That’s why the perps exposed themselves
like never before in Tallahassee.  The following exposé
divulges the specifics regarding MO and strategy that
have never been revealed before.  Heretofore, secret
sources and methods have never been disclosed in such
graphic detail.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

Submitted by Florida Anti-Vax Coalition
SOTN Exclusive

The level of complex planning and perfidious scheming
necessary to pass the Florida vaccine tracking legislation
clearly indicates a massive collusion between government,
Big Pharma, FL conoppos, and COINTELPRO agents.

Our sincere apologies but the following exposé is a long and perhaps laborious read.

You see, it had to be.  After all, the devil is always in the details, yes?!

In order to adequately provide the evidence, which proves the premise in the previous titles, this citizen’s indictment had to present LOTs of evidence —hard, anecdotal and circumstantial evidence.  Therefore, what is included below is a LOT of evidence.  Just take the time needed to digest it so that it can then be disseminated across the Internet with righteous conviction.

*When the following evidence is considered in the aggregate,
there’s no question that Florida has fallen victim
to the same type of clandestine scheme
that California recently fell victim to.

This rather complicated presentation of the particulars, of what is essentially an alphabet-soup government agency-directed black operation, offers a quite compelling case for just how they do it.  Hence, it’s meant to be instructive for those citizen advocates in other states who are facing these same pro-vax psyops.

Super-Vaccination Agenda

Every U.S. citizen who is concerned about the rapidly evolving Super-Vaccination Agenda ought to first read the first exposé in this series posted at the following link:

Highly Organized Controlled Opposition in Florida Deceives and Betrays Anti-Vax Advocacy Groups

The authors of that article are actually a group of high-powered health advocates and environmental activists who are spread across the USA.  For everyone’s information, the Florida Anti-Vax Coalition is actually a national initiative, not just Florida.  However, as the preceding exposé well explains, Florida is one of the “Big 4” states that has been targeted for the passing of draconian vaccine-related legislation.  Hence, the Sunshine State is now ground zero for this swiftly escalating war between the Government-Big Pharma-Medical Complex and those who refuse to be vaccinated.

FAVC Note: The membership of the Florida Anti-Vax Coalition is strictly private and anonymous. Our fast-growing membership is made up of doctors and lawyers, former government officials and elected representatives, ex-CIA and ex-FBI, current NSA and retired DIA, institutional whistleblowers and corporate insiders, health advocates and environmental activists, health coaches and wellness counselors, soccer moms and stay-at-home dads, autistic vax victims and ADHD sufferers.  We are not just from Florida; in fact, we come from practically all 50 states.

All of us realized in 2019 that Florida is the “key battleground state” targeted for the rapid advancement of the highly organized and complex criminal conspiracy known as the Super-Vaccination Agenda.  In other words, if the Government-Big Pharma-Medical Complex is successful at passing the draconian vaccine legislation in Florida, which has already been approved in communist-leaning California, the remaining states will easily fall prey to the same COINTELPRO-type of perfidious plots and treacherous schemes.

KEY POINTS: Mandatory childhood vaccination schedules, annual adult flu inoculation drives and hospital worker-forced immunization programs are each integral parts of the Super Vaccination Agenda.  Sometimes known as the “medical rape of children”, childhood vaccination schedules are a particularly pernicious form of chemical and biological assault that severely weaken the child victims before inflicting lifelong disease and debilitation.

FLVAXgate: Florida Stealth Operation

All the evidence points directly to a fastidiously organized plot to stealthily pass the current exemption-stripping vaccine bill working its way through the Florida Senate—SB 64.

This plot, of course, began with a well-developed criminal conspiracy among various pro-vax parties in the state who portrayed themselves as working against SB 64.

A glimpse into that extremely premeditated conspiracy has been provided in the following investigative report.

Draconian Vaccine Legislation Submitted to Florida Senate Must Be Defeated

What very few realize, even at this late date, is that the co-conspirators directly involved with the duplicitous passing of the FL vaccine law — HB 213 Tracking Bill — carried out that scheme with a stunning degree of stealth and deception.

The key players in this op include the following co-conspirators:

• Ron Watson, Florida Healthcare Lobbyist

• Lauren Book, Florida State Senator

• Andrea N. DeMichael, Tallahassee-based Attorney

• Erin Marie Olszewski, Florida Freedom Alliance Founding President

• Kevin Gene Tuttle, MMAMV Promoter

• Greg Mitchell, Attorney-Owner of the THE MITCHELL FIRM

• Jonathan Lockwood, GOP Firebrand in Oregon

• Paul Offit, MD, Pediatrician specializing in Vaccines, Immunology and Virology

• George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Podesta Brothers

Ron Watson

It’s well known in the world of both health advocacy and environmental activism that the lawyers and lobbyists are our BIGGEST enemies … after the politicians, elected reps and other government officials, of course. See: How Lawyers Wrecked America and Ruined the World

Just why is that?

Because all of these political operators must work in a highly controlled system that has evolved in such a way so as NOT to serve We the People.

With this basic understanding, it ought to be obvious that the lawyers and lobbyists who are ever willing to serve the most politically charged causes are those who are cynically set up to by the system. (Yes, there are some rare exceptions to this rule, but they are far and few between since they will be soon be disbarred, the more successful they are in their legal advocacy work.)

Which brings us to Florida power lobbyist Ron Watson.

Ron is not a lawyer by profession, he’s a career lobbyist…as in his whole career.

One of Watson’s most serious lobbying gigs was functioning as the Director of the FMA-Pharmaceutical Corporate Affairs Board
. In that role he:

• Created and managed the Corporate Affairs Board which was a unique forum for the collaboration between Florida’s physicians and major pharmaceutical companies. He was not only in charge of marketing, sales and recruitment of companies, he also established the legislative and policy objectives.

• Worked closely with grassroots advocacy organizations, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) representatives as well as in-house and contract lobbyists for companies including Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lily, GlaxoWellcome and other Big Pharma corporation.

Typically, lobbyists like Ron Watson are the guys who have made big money working for Corporate America, the large Foundations and Associations, the well-funded Non-profits, etc.  That’s because only those well-capitalized entities have the funds earmarked to pay the steep lobbying fees.

It’s entirely true that the lobbyists and lawyers will naturally gravitate to those with deep pockets. And that’s exactly what Watson did throughout most of his career as seen in the following list of previous employers captured from his LinkedIn profile.

Florida Dental Association

Florida Medical Association

Florida Osteopathic Medical Association

FMA-Pharmaceutical Corporate Affairs Board


Florida Board of Pharmacy

These typically incestuous professional and business relationships beg the question: What would ever compel a career-long lobbyist to radically flip to the other side?  Especially when their robust income streams are put into jeopardy, do these mercenary lobbyists or lawyers ever really switch their loyalties?

So, the key question here is: How does Watson go from serving the Government-Big Pharma-Medical Complex one day to working for the other side the next?

Who, exactly, is paying Watson to do the high-powered lobbying in Tallahassee for FFA? 

And where did they/he get the money from so quickly?

It was the Florida Freedom Alliance that hired Watson.

Well, they’re still practically a brand new non-profit.

Where in the world did they the $30,000 plus to put Watson to work?

How does any non-profit open up their doors one day … … … and have a full coffer the next?  Unless they are supported by the likes of a George Soros.  We’ll get to that later.

KEY POINT: From all appearances, Ron Watson says he is trying to fight SB 64.  One of the stipulations of SB 64 is to set up a Medical Review Panel for medical exemptions, compromised of two organizations, one of those being the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association (FOMA).  It’s quite interesting, then, that Watson was a lobbyist for the FOMA from 1995 to 2000.

What appears to have really happened in the background is that Ron Watson has secretly coordinated with THE MITCHELL FIRM in order to ensure that SB 64 will be passed intact, not defeated.  Remember that name, too — THE MITCHELL FIRM.

The outworking of this covert scheme is reflected, in part, by the 3 screenshots that follow (click on each frame to enlarge).  Truly, there’s something very wrong with the sequence of events delineated below, which can be verified and cross-referenced by the public record.

Clearly, Ron Watson has some serious explaining to do about his central role in this sordid political affair.  Giving Florida Senator Lauren Book a special award in July 2019 just before she submitted SB 64?!  What the heck was that award really for?

Watson especially needs to explain his real relationship with Lauren Book before he continues to represent the anti-vax movement.

Which brings us to Senator Lauren Book.

Lauren Book

Thirty-four year old elected representative Lauren Book is currently a Member of the Florida Senate from the 32nd district.  She works out of Plantation, FL in the heart of the world-famous Leftist paradise—Broward County.

Book has a highly radioactive back story that provides the context and secret reasons for her being used as a lightning rod for the newest Florida Senate vaccine bill—SB 64.

That back story is quite lengthy and directly related to Book’s signature political issue—child sexual abuse and exploitation (That topic will be taken up in a subsequent article in this series of investigative reports).  It’s also profoundly connected to her implausible relationship with the Clintons, especially Hillary Clinton (See Lauren Book with Hillary Clinton in the preceding photo above).

That very telling photograph with Hillary was actually taken in a larger context that also included Anna Wintour shown to the left of Sen. Book in the preceding photo.  Also known as Dame Anna Wintour, she is the current editor of Vogue magazine among other titles in the world of Mainstream Media (MSM).  As follows:

Dame Anna Wintour DBE (/ˈwɪntər/; born 3 November 1949[2]) is a British-American[3][4] journalist and editor who has been editor-in-chief of  Vogue since 1988 and artistic director for Condé Nast, Vogue’s publisher, since 2013. With her trademark pageboy bob haircut and dark sunglasses, Wintour has become an important figure in much of the fashion world, widely praised for her eye for fashion trends and her support for younger designers. Her reportedly aloof and demanding personality has earned her the nickname “Nuclear Wintour”.

Here’s what the eminently influential British daily — The Telegraph — had to say about Wintour this past May of 2019.

Screenshot taken from The Telegraph article: 21 things you probably didn’t know about Anna Wintour

Now, when the “Lords of Fleet Street” declare that Anna Wintour is currently
“the most powerful woman in media”, surely the world is to understand that her real influence goes way beyond her fashion editing for Vogue.  Clearly, her real place of mega-power and hyper-influence within the MSM is such that the Clintons even kowtow to her.  In other words, there are very good reasons why she’s always wearing sunglasses and forever wearing black.  Is it any wonder that Wintour and Hillary get along so well?!

Anna Wintour on the right

What’s the critical point?

Any room in the world where Hillary Clinton and Anna Wintour are present at the very same time, there’s quite likely a serious conversation that involves Pedogate.  For that is the primary control mechanism by which low-level pawns such as State Senator Lauren Book are totally controlled and manipulated.  The power-players and politicos at the top of the food chain have used the Pedogate control system for centuries.

The final point here is that there’s absolutely no reason for Sen. Book to be associated with Clinton and Wintour except to carry out the New World Order agenda in the great state of Florida.  Both draconian gun control measures and vaccine laws are integral parts of that NWO blueprint for exercising total control … remember that!

KEY POINT: Just like “a picture is worth a thousand words”, a video is worth a million.  See for yourself by watching this video of Lauren Book that was made in 2010.  Clearly, this is a deeply wounded woman who is extremely vulnerable to the wiles of pedovores like Clinton and Wintour.  Why else would they be using such a young and naive politician who was ultra-traumatized by her many years of childhood sexual abuse experiences?  This is exactly the type of unaware soul who is further victimized — AGAIN — by the power elite later on in their life when they are much more useful to unwittingly carrying out the NWO agenda.

What follows is a screenshot from the FBI’s website which shows the FBI-identified secret codes for child lovers (aka pedophiles and pederasts).  These are the generally accepted logo codes that surreptitiously permit pedophiles to know which organization are pedophillic.

What demands an explanation from Sen. Book is why her own logo fits two of the key characteristics of the pedo-icons pictured above from the FBI YouTube page.

Then there is Sen. Book’s leading the legislative charge on instituting background checks for the sales of ammunition in Florida.  That gun-control related bill is just one more attempt by lawmakers to unlawfully gut the Second Amendment.  It’s important to point out that this type of unconstitutional lawmaking, as seen in the screenshot below, is often introduced by the most controlled (read mind-controlled) members of the extreme left-wing of the Democratic caucus.

Of immediate concern, of course, is Book’s bill — SB 64 — which will strip religious exemptions for childhood vaccination schedules, as well as make it extremely difficult for parents to receive a medical exemption due to existing medial ailments and health conditions.  Senator Book cares so much about the welfare of our children where it concerns sexual abuse, apparently, but then promotes the repeated medical rape that occurs with the administration of the Super-Vaccination Agenda.  How are those two extremes ever reconciled … by anyone?

From her comments on her Facebook page, Sen. Book appears to be quite concerned about the usage of the remaining vaccine exemptions here in Florida.  Again, why would such a concerned advocate for children want to change the laws in such a way that will cause great harm and/or injury to the most vulnerable school kids?!

Florida Freedom Alliance

The photo that follows says it all.

It captured eight of the principal members of the Florida Freedom Alliance (FFA) to include present and past officers, directors and founders.

Just who are these women ALL dressed in black?!  And why, pray tell, do these people always wear black…are they trying to imitate the “Men in Black”?

Let’s begin by taking a close look at the FFA documents on file with the Florida Department of State.

The Florida Freedom Alliance official paperwork filed with the Florida Division of Corporations on April 15, 2019 indicates that Founding President was Erin M. Olszewski.  It also lists Tallahassee Attorney Andrea N. DeMichael as a Founding Vice President. (See the 2 screenshots below). Remember these two names for future reference.

The first obvious question about this filing is the date: April 15, 2019.  That these women all came together out of nowhere to establish this non-profit to advocate health freedoms in Florida, just days before the vaccine bill fight is suspicious in and of itself.  But why did they really use such a generic organization name?  Are vaccines their primary concern right now, and the other health freedoms just a smokescreen to create an air of legitimacy?  Or was FFA formed as a vehicle to considerably determine the outcome of all future vaccine legislation taken up in Tallahassee?

The answers to these crucial questions will become more evident in this exposé.

Andrea N. DeMichael

Andrea N. DeMichael, is an attorney in Tallahassee, Florida, who represented herself one way to the advocates working to stop HB 213, even though she was not at all experienced in matters concerning vaccine law.

Her obvious lack of knowledge and expertise in this particular legislative matter was significantly responsible for the unwanted approval of the vaccine tracking bill this year.  Therefore, whether DeMichael deliberately sabotaged the process as an infiltrator, or lobbied in a manner that proved to be gross incompetence, either way folks in the movement need to be very wary of her.

It’s clear from DeMichael’s public profile (see below) that she has been employed in the past by Marie A. Mattox, P.A.  A deeper investigation of this law firm reveals an ultra-liberal agenda and exceedingly anti-conservative philosophy by the type of legal actions they initiate.  All of their staff attorneys appear to be affiliated with the Democratic Party in one way or another and are, therefore, they’re often on board with the Super-Vaccination Agenda.

The photo below of DeMichael’s husband also indicates an ex-military individual, many of whom were involved with the Wisconsin United for Freedom just prior to the formation of the Florida Freedom Alliance.

What’s with all the “Freedom” meming?  That sounds a lot like the “Democracy” groups that are busy starting wars in the interest of ‘nation-building’, which are actually setting up fascist tyrannies led by Western-installed puppets.

It behooves every investigator to watch these operatives in action.  The following video gives a glimpse into DeMichael’s personality and psychology.  Her lack of eye contact surely betrays an urge to hide something.  What exactly that “something” is remains to be known; hence, the anti-vax movement is advised to steer way clear of her and operators like her.

Regardless of what her real story is, DeMichael mysteriously came out of nowhere (as did the whole FFA org) and totally hijacked the legislative process in such a disturbing manner that guaranteed the tracking bill’s passage.  If she’s not working for the other side, then her shocking ineptitude ought to completely disqualify her from doing any future ‘lobbying’ efforts on behalf of health freedom folks or anti-vax Floridians.

KEY POINT: According to her LinkedIn page, Andrea DeMichael enjoys access to classified information which means she is certifiably a spook.

Anatomy of the Florida Legislature Op

The following bullet points briefly outline the direct interference by the Florida Freedom Alliance (FFA) with respect to the fateful passing of the vaccine tracking bill HB 213.

• Andrea N. DeMichael is lead counsel and a member of the board of directors for FFA.  Her Internet bios reveal no experience whatsoever in the realm of vaccine law.

• One day she appeared out of nowhere and greatly muddied the waters with the key Florida legislators.  She inserted herself into meetings with various legislators where she had no business being.

•  DeMichael and MacKenzie Fraser (FFA VP) then changed HB 213 language without consultation and created what were really useless amendments.  Then they pushed the concerned citizens to call in their support for the flawed bill.

• DeMichael announced at the “Rally in Tally” in April her support for HB 213 and encouraged everyone else to do the same … which she did without any approval, and then pushed during meetings with FL legislators about the tracking bill.

• Through it all, certain movement activists were watching Erin Olszewski (FFA President) very closely as her behavior was sending up red flags everywhere.  At one point, she shared with the group that she met with various lawyers and that they all said to support the bill as amended, so that was going to be the official FFA position.  Just who were those lawyers, and do they even exist?!

• Then the FFA got very defensive and set out to deliberately confuse everyone, which they did quite effectively. No one could hear the truth through all the FFA noise. HB 213 then passed quite unfortunately.

Given the exact time frame of this op relative to the founding of the FFA, it’s clear that these women formed the group to falsely present an organized front to anyone who looked them up on the Internet.  There’s no way this could have been a series of coincidences and synchronicities.  In other words, the whole series of black ops was meticulously planned as carried out.

Here’s the official vote history for HB 213 by the Florida legislature:
Now, again, pay close attention to the date of the Articles of Incorporation for the Florida Freedom Alliance.  The FFA paperwork shown below was filed on April 15, 2019, just 2 days before the House vote and only 9 days before the Senate vote.  How convenient!

Erin Marie Olszewski

First, it’s important to note that Erin Marie Olszewski is also “Erin Marie Malone”.  They are, in fact, the same person.

The reason why that’s so significant is because of the following criminal record maintained by the state of Florida for one “Erin Marie Malone”.

Hence, the $64,000 question with regard to Ms. Olszeewski is: Why would the founding members of the Florida Freedom Alliance appoint Erin Marie Malone as the first president?  With all that baggage.  No disrespect whatsoever to felons or convicted criminals, but why put such a public profile into such a delicate leadership position?

The crucial point here is that individuals with criminal records are much more easily manipulated into going undercover for both federal and state law enforcement agencies.  Not only do they make great snitches within crime syndicates, they will also sell out legitimate organizations and movements that they have stealthily infiltrated.

KEY POINT: Attorney Andrea DeMichael is a criminal defense attorney.  Is this how they source candidates to staff their black ops.

It’s common knowledge within intelligence circles that some of the best counterespionage agents are those individuals who have been on the wrong side of the law.  Likewise, some of the most effective informants and COINTELPRO agents are those who are willing to perform acts of betrayal and/or other treacherous deeds in the conduct of executing a government black operation.

Now here’s a video of Ms. Olszewski that provides an “Update on SB64 after meeting w/ Senator Book with Ann Margo Cannon”.

From what many understand in the anti-vax movement, getting a meeting with Sen. Lauren Book is not easy; and Ms. Olszewski is the only one who has been successful.

Now listen carefully to every word of this update for it strongly appears that its primary purpose is to create a veneer of legitimacy for the ‘reasons’ for Sen. Book’s submission of SB 64.

Please be aware that this is exactly how they do it: COINTELPRO agents will take great pains to create the context and other circumstances necessary for the uninitiated public to blindly believe confidence-inspiring information such as this.

From our seat, fellow Facebooker Ann Margo Cannon may be the real operative here because of her complete command of the vaccine exemption material being discussed.

What are the extremely important points here?

KEY POINTS: The ongoing vaccine debate taking place across the country should not be about religious exemptions or medical exemptions or both.  Yes, that’s the battlefield that has been puposefully set up by the Government-Big Pharma-Medical Complex.  However, the true starting point in this highly consequential discussion for each and every American citizen is the fundamental right not to be vaccinated. That’s the real baseline.  No one ever has the right to carry out such a harmful physical intrusion on any person, no matter what their age.  By intentionally contriving the system of exemptions, the GBPMC has improperly forced the citizen into an onerous process of claiming an exemption(s) they don’t even require.  Now that’s an exceedingly dangerous scam, if ever there was one!

Lastly, there is much about the conduct of Ms. Olszewski that calls out for closer scrutiny. One interesting factoid is that she was the only one in the movement who was able to arrange a meeting with Sen. Book during the tracking bill debacle.  How did that happen?  And why were so many other advocates unable to schedule a sit-down with Sen. Book during that decisive period of the legislative process?

UPDATE: Now that’s odd: why did they all of a sudden take that 28-minute-long video off their Facebook page?  That’s certainly another suspicious happening that has occurred in the conduct of this investigation.  It has been brought to the attention of FAVC that Erin Olszewski has officially left the movement.  She recently closed her Facebook page and took several other initiatives to present the appearance that she is now gone.  Whether she really has departed remains to be seen.  Whenever these operatives have been outed, they usually go underground as their deep knowledge base, wide-ranging skill set and broad experience history are way too valuable to lose.

What’s very predictable about this photo is that some ops start out as a honey trap … … … and they leave as a honeypot.

Very Telling FFA-WUF Timeline

Now, perform a close examination of the timeline provided below of key events that took place from April 3, 2019 through April 29, 2019.

All of these events involved the FFA, the WUF, the “Rally in Tally” and Noah’s Freedom Fund.  You have to admit: these folks have likely received some serious recommendations from the Tavistock Institute regarding the proven efficacy of using the “Freedom” meme in virtually every thing they do.  Who, after all, doesn’t want freedom, or resonate deeply with the now warped word: “freedom”?

The timing of these events indisputably demonstrates that there was a highly organized scheme in place and furtive force operating in the background during the month of April.  That so many pivotal happenings occurred within such a tight time frame, which affected or were affected by the others, speak volumes about the sophistication of this COINTRLPRO-type implementation plan.

For those uninitiated in this type of op, please slowly read each line item in the preceding graphic.  The whole scam will eventually come into sharp relief.

Kevin Gene Tuttle

How does MMAMV promoter go from Wisconsin to Florida to the MMAMV* within days?

*MMAMV = Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination

It’s quite important to understand that the most dangerous infiltrators of the movement are primarily involved in tagging and co-opting.

First, their websites and blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages, YouTube and Instagram channels are purposely set up to draw in the health freedom and anti-vax movements — person by person — into their vast web of data-mining and information gathering.  In this disingenuous way, they systematically identify every player in the game.

Not only that, but these data miners work closely with Big Social Media in order to understand the larger networks of like-minded individuals who are collaborating on vaccine legislation in all 50 states.  Hence, every “Like” or “Retweet” or “Comment” or “Repost” is closely monitored, evaluated and interpreted by the latest AI programs parked at Google and/or Facebook and/or Twitter.

As an example of how this ongoing spying and surveillance regime really operates, the following screenshot from Facebook is offered.  “Mediocris Kevin”, also known as Kevin Tuttle, posted this on his Facebook page.

See how “Erin Marie RN” Olszewski immediately shared with so many emojis in the same post.

This single post signals the start of an intricate and far-reaching data-mining operation that will yield an awesome amount of hard data for the dark side … and, at the expense of the movement.

Next, we see Kevin Tuttle conducting an interview with Lynette Marie Barron.

Is Lynette the real deal, but unwittingly co-opted and being used by Kevin to scream out the mission?  Or, is she a fully briefed co-conspirator using her platform as a means of deceptively disarming folks who happen upon this technically-failed video?

Watch for yourself and see what conclusions you come to.


Then there is the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations (MMAMV).

Who, exactly, set this march up? And why?

One day there appeared on the Internet a quite ambitious march — the “Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations” — and yet no one in the Health Freedom and Anti-Vax Movements knew who was behind it, or how it mysteriously came about.

One thing, however, became quickly apparent: that the MMAMV was the brainchild of a loosely connected group of relative unknowns including some officers at the Florida Freedom Alliance and a military guy named Kevin Tuttle from Wisconsin. A USA Today affiliated news story shows that FFA claims to have created it on June 25th.
(Source: Super-Vaccination Agenda Put on Super Steroids)

Look it, people, the MMAMV came together and happened so quickly that the organizers never had it in their minds to be successful.  Massive events like this take months to put together and properly coordinate.

Quite unfortunate to even say, but events like these are almost guaranteed to be a failure … because they’re set up to be.

In point of fact, our government deep insiders and institutional whistleblowers have informed us that the dark side actually organizes the larger events for three primary reasons.

(1) They now have drones with panoramic cameras flying over the march or protest venues, or other advanced technology platforms in the immediate area, that take a photographic record of every individual present.  They want to know precisely who we are—ALL OF US!

(2) The perps also experiment with new crowd control technologies that utilize harmful frequencies which can, and do, have long-term adverse effects on the physical body, the mind and the spirit.  The most sophisticated of these frequency-based technology platforms can inflict time-delayed effects that are highly detrimental in nature; making it quite difficult to tie the symptoms or debilitation to the scene of the crime.

(3) The worst of these perpetrators have used the protest venues to stage violent, false flag, mass casualty events (MCE).[1]  The main objective of this type of Gladio-style black operation is to tarnish the reputation of the movement (both the health freedom or anti-vax movements).  The MSM is carefully cued into the same song sheet after the MCE is completed so that they all sing the same song—“We’re really terrorists who need to be prosecuted and locked up!”  The achievement of this last goal will likely be attempted in the not-too-distant future, especially as the movement is successful at defeating pro-vax legislation nationwide.

What follows is another graphic that lays out some damning data points with regard to the MMAMV timeline.  Let’s face it, the perps never imagined that a bunch of anit-vax super-sleuths would get together and dissect their entire operation.  Nor did they ever think for a moment they’d be exposed.   And the highly incriminating info/data in this screenshot proves it.

Greg Mitchell

Meet attorney Greg Mitchell:

He actually looks like he could be Bill and Hillary’s son.  Let that sink in.

Greg Mitchell runs a high-powered law firm just outside of Washington, D.C.

The Internet presence of THE MITCHELL FIRM reveals a very interesting mix of clients and causes.  Greg, himself, is apparently spearheading all legal initiatives with no mention of any other lawyers or employees.  Quite unbelievably, the firm has been set up to publicly present as a one-man show when in fact there must be other power attorneys associated even if on an “Of counsel” basis. (The website, incidentally, is quite impressive by any measure.  Who’s really behind it?)

Mitchell is very much a Left-wing lawyer in the very same mold as, say, Bill or Hillary Clinton, Barack or Michelle Obama, John or Tony Podesta, etc.

Because Hillary is so closely connected to Lauren Book’s role in FLVAXgate, it can only be assumed that Greg Mitchell also working for the dark side.  Why else would he even take on the legal cause of vaccines in light of the much bigger deals he talks about on his website.

*Let’s face it: the obvious problem with Greg Mitchell is that he looks way too much like Bill Clinton and, therefore, cannot be trusted.  By the way, Mitchell may just be Clinton’s son, similar to how daughter Chelsea looks just like Webster Hubbell.  Remember that inconvenient truth?

What follows are some crucial bullet points about THE MITCHELL FIRM and their public interactions with the Florida anti-vaccine groups.  The firm appears to be directly related to the following activities in Florida and elsewhere.

• Attempted to establish a substantive presence within existing organizations related to the Florida vaccine initiatives

• Perceived to be concerned with rapid rapport-building with those group leaders who have the most influence

• Was responsible for the deliberate and timely formation of an activist shell organization (WUFF),

• Dealt with the peripheral coordination of the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination

• Known for the fastidious coordination of multiple protests and/or demonstrations (some known; others unknown)

• Accused of the curious misrepresentation of resources and funds

• Alleged to be responsible for the coordinated disruption and splintering of state-level groups

• Lastly, there has been observed extensive travel to foreign countries

Now, see below the most radioactive piece of evidence of all.  It’s a tweet that states that:

“George Soros hired Greg Mitchell, @Joy_Villa ‘s political advisor and owner of Mitchell Firm, to lobby on behalf of the Church of Scientology…. “

That George Soros hired Greg Mitchell to function as a lobbyist is a critical data point to be sure.  As a matter of fact, Soros supports a number of organizations that are deeply involved in various aspects of implementing the Super-Vaccination Agenda—worldwide.

That the Church of Scientology is also the fundamental party of this lobbying relationship also demands further research and investigation.  The key point, however, has been made by the following tweet: that vaccine funding agent Soros is working with Greg Mitchell.

Next, we see a photo of Mitchell with George W. Bush.  Wow… who isn’t he connected with?!  How and why does a guy like this get so prominently configured in the vaccine movement.  And whose side is he really on?   Is he really a double agents?

The following screenshot taken from OpenSecrets.org has even more connections that should not be ignored by investigators.  You never know where these high-powered lobbyists and lawyers are going to connect to as we saw with Ron Watson.

For instance, there is also this screenshot that indicate a relationship between Jewish community activist Moshe Margareten and THE MITCHELL FIRM, as well as the Podesta Group.  How’s that for an explosive bombshell?  The same activist hired both Greg Mitchell and the notorious Podesta Brothers.  Who hasn’t read or heard or viewed by now the stunning maltreatment of children by the Podestas?

As expected, there is one more telling connection that THE MITCHELL FIRM has to Big Pharma which cannot be overlooked.

The US Justice Action Network is a client of Mitchell’s, which was paid $120,000 during the same reporting cycle that Ogilvy Government Relations was paid the same amount via the same dual $60,000 payments.  That $120,000 was then linked directly to Big Pharma Pfizer, Inc. as seen in the screenshot below:

Jonathan Lockwood

Lockwood is the drama queen in this op.

Yes, this is a photo from Jonathan Lockwood’s Instagram account. Is that supposed to be  blood—children’s blood?

Even a quick search on the Internet reveals a flamboyant and provocative character whose real missions are difficult to detect.

He appears to be at least a silent contract employee of THE MITCHELL FIRM in Stone Ridge, Virginia, the same law firm one that’s located just outside the Beltway.

Lockwood really pushes the edge of the envelope no matter where he goes or what he does.  In so doing, he consistently brings disrepute to the various causes he purports to advocate for.

There are several links at the very top of the first Google page [generated from the search term: “Jonathan Lockwood”] that portray an Internet presence of a provocateur and firebrand and malcontent.  Here are just a few examples of Lockwood’s handiwork:

Professional Republican Bomb-Thrower Jonathan Lockwood Takes Some Parting Shots at Oregon

Conservative provocateur Jonathan Lockwood launches communication shop

Republican Mouthpiece, Fear-Mongering Twitter Bully

The problem with such a profile is that very few folks know whose side this guy is really on.  However, we do know that Lockwood has relationships with THE MITCHELL FIRM and other related characters.  Therefore, we can only conclude that he’s up to no good whenever he lands in Florida, which he did recently.  Here’s how we know that:

Erin Olszewski made a curious post on September 28, 2019 which strongly suggested that a special group was formed for the arrival of Jonathan Lockwood in Tampa, Florida on October 2, 2019.  It appears that Lockwood was traveling as an employee of THE MITCHELL FIRM.  The same post provided a key link to recognize overlaps of key dates and times, behaviors and relationships to consider THE MITCHELL FIRM as a sponsor for the following observed activities: (i) attempts to establish presence within organizations, (ii) rapid rapport building with group leaders, (iii) the creation of an activist shell organization (WUFF), (iv) the coordination of one national march (Millions March), (v) coordination of multiple protests and/or demonstrations (known and unknown), (vi) misrepresentation of resources and funds, coordinated disruption and splintering of state-level groups, and (vii) observed travel to foreign countries.

In light of these specific functions that Lockwood came to perform in the Sunshine State, it’s about time he had some sunlight shined on his subversive activities.

Paul Offit

Paul Offit, M.D. is the indispensable operative in this vast criminal conspiracy being run under the rubric of the Government-Big Pharma-Medical Complex.

With his power-packed CV and bio as shown at Wikpedia (see below), it’s no wonder he was selected as the scientific brain of this disease-inflicting vaccine operation.

Paul A. Offit (born 27 March 1951) is an American pediatrician specializing in infectious diseasesvaccinesimmunology, and virology. He is the co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine. Offit is the Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology, Professor of Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Former Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases (1992-2014), and the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He has been a member of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.[4] Offit is a Board Member of Every Child By Two[5] and a Founding Board Member of the Autism Science Foundation (ASF).[6]

What follows is a photo of Dr. Offit suspiciously surrounded by various ops and agents, infiltrators and provocateurs.  Their names will be inserted in the immediate future after each individual is positively identified in order to protect the innocent.

In the meantime, let’s take a close look at just one of the women in the photo above.

The new California movement leader, standing just to the left of Dr. Offit, is one “Denise Aguilar Mendez”.  Here’s a close-up:
Now, here’s a video that offers the portrayal of an investigative journalist’s findings of fact pertaining to Ms. Aguilar.

Why are so many women in leadership roles throughout the Health Freedom Movement like this? (Video)

Then there is Erin Marie (Malone) Olszewski, to the far right with the black hair, pictured in the same photograph here:

What’s the point?

The third exposé in this series will show — unequivocally — that every one of those ladies  standing around Dr. Offit has a back story that is dubious at best, and quite scary at worst.

As for Dr. Mengele, or rather Dr. Offit, his pivotal role in the outworking of the Super-Vaccination Agenda will also be revealed in Part III.

The Scientology Connection

There is a proven and very disturbing connection to the Church of Scientology in this massive conspiracy to greatly advance the Super-Vaccination Agenda.

The primary linkage concerns power lobbyist Greg Mitchell.

“Greg Mitchell (GM) is a legislative consultant who counsels the Church, ABLE and SBCs in Washington, D.C.  He has become a Scientologist and is disseminating Scientology to some of his contacts.”
(Source: Scientology Inc’s Secular Invasion of Washington D.C)

Just how prominently configured Scientology operatives are within the scheme to radically alter Florida vaccine law is unknown?

Why they would ever participate in such an underhanded conspiracy is a HUGE question in light of their longstanding and rabid anti-Big Pharma institutional posture.  Scientology has always fiercely fought the Psychiatry profession and their use of toxic psychotropic drugs and harmful psychoactive prescriptions.

Therefore, the Scientology angle on the Florida takedown operation requires more investigation and deep research.

National Vaccine Agenda

There’s another clandestine component that’s being quietly foisted on states across the USA.  This reprehensible initiative is giving a minor of any age the right to consent to receive the standard vaccines that are included in the childhood vaccination schedules required to gain admittance into elementary schools.

What follows is a screenshot documenting this legislative process as it has been developing in the District of Columbia

KEY POINT: Let’s for a moment give the various co-conspirators exposed above the benefit of the doubt.  Let’s say that they’re all victims of an incredible set of crazy circumstances that would be similar to a tornado blowing through a junk yard and creating a human being.  That being the case, this clueless and incompetent crew has effed things up so badly for the movement they should be banished to the waterless region for a few eternities, YES ? ! ?   (-;  

Honeytraps & Honeypots

Before we conclude, there’s one more issue that has deserves attention.

First, why is this fake parallel ‘health freedom’ movement mostly populated by women?

And, why do some of them intentionally present themselves as honeytraps and/or honeypots?

The Florida Anti-Vax Coalition has as many men as women populating its ranks.  So do many of the other state and national organizations.

The Florida Freedom Alliance group seems to be made up of exclusively women.

Not only that, but some of these women, such as Erin Olszewski, photoshop their pictures in a manner that suggests they are advertising something other than ‘vaccine safety’.

Here’s just one example of that obvious photoshopping:

Whenever we see this type of radical photograph manipulation, it’s usually because someone is up to no good.  And, when there’s unnecessary cleavage showing, it usually smacks of a honeytrap operation in progress.


We the People are truly at a defining moment in American history.

There are malevolent forces on the loose who are hellbent on doing great harm to our precious children, as well as to the American Republic.

These nefarious forces occupy the highest echelons of various governmental, corporate and non-profit entities.  Taken collectively, they represent a formidable bloc of institutional power and political influence.

In light of these stark realities, people everywhere are encouraged to invoke the Highest Power as never before.  After all, what we are witnessing is “the final war between the forces of light and forces of darkness”.  Forced vaccination programs are just one of many repugnant initiatives to further control the U.S. citizenry and socially engineer them into a pen of full-spectrum compliance.

Of all the government endeavors currently in motion to enslave the populace, mandatory vaccines can be the most destructive physically as well as most effective toward facilitating long-term psychological manipulation.  Vaccines are actually designed to create dumbed down citizens who will much more likely vote against their own interest.  That’s why The Powers That Be have been so successful in transforming the body politic into an electorate of overly pliant sheeple.  Welcome to the United States of America in 2019 and beyond!

This alarming trend must be reversed before we pass through a critical threshold.  That point of no return is all TPTB need to lock down the country under a totalitarian government where the people no longer have a voice (or health freedoms).

The Super-Vaccination Agenda is an integral piece of the New World Order globalist agenda concocted to ultimately establish a One World Government tyranny where everyone will receive their annual vaccines, and do so without complaint.

Lastly, we remind every reader that:

“No one ever has the right or power to infringe on our personal sovereignty. Nor can any entity ever legitimately deny our inviolable right to protect the personal sovereignty of our defenseless children. Therefore, any ‘legislated power’ to invade our personal sovereignty has been unlawfully arrogated by the offending entities. Accordingly, any attempt to forcefully administer a childhood vaccination schedule constitutes a grave encroachment of our human rights, civil rights, constitutional rights, divine rights, natural rights and universal rights.  Likewise, adult flu vaccine mandates issued by any government or corporate entity violates the same God-given rights.  Hence, We the People have every legitimate right to oppose them and vigorously prevent their wrongful imposition.”
(Source: A SPECIAL MESSAGE to the Anti-Vax Movement regarding the Super-Vaccination Agenda)

Bottom Line: The graphic exposure of this type of stealth GBPMC operation has never occurred before.  It’s the result of a immense effort undertaken by numerous investigators and researchers who have access to much more radioactive info than what appears above.  Our WikiLeaks-like enterprise will not hesitate to upload that evidence in various formats and at different locations all over the World Wide Web.  Those who sabotage our health freedom and anti-vax  efforts will cease and desist immediately, or bear the severe consequences.  Thank you!

Florida Anti-Vax Coalition
State of the Nation
October 11, 2019

Special Note: The Florida Anti-Vax Coalition is an unincorporated and unorganized group of individuals, families, businesses, groups and other collectives who vehemently oppose the Super-Vaccination Agenda. We do not receive any contributions or occupy an office space; nor do we have a mailing address, telephone number or public email. Nevertheless, we are a growing force to be dealt with as this second exposé graphically demonstrates.  As a highly cohesive group, the FAVC is bound together by an extraordinary resolve to shut down the Super-Vaccination Agenda—for good.  That means the entire vaccine industry, folks, which profoundly distinguishes the FAVC from many other well-intentioned advocates in this movement.  From our seat, because of the exceedingly dangerous standards set by Big Pharma, the long-established vaccine programs CANNOT be administered in a safe and effective way—it’s simply impossible!  So, why would we ever go only half way with this life-saving endeavor?  We’re ultimately advocating for ALL of the children, both here in the USA and throughout the world community of nations.


[1] Las Vegas Mass Shooting: False Flag, PsyOp & Black Op to Distract

Compilation of Important Articles, Videos and Research Papers documenting the Super-Vaccination Agenda

Attorney Demolishes Pro-Vaccine Talking Points, Lays Bare The Shocking Facts About Vaccination Risks And Dangers

Vaccine Researcher Dr. Andrew Wakefield Set For Full Exoneration, Sues British Medical Journal

Robert F. Kennedy Exposes Major Vaccine Truth During Live MSM Interview

Harvard-Trained Immunologist Demolishes California Legislation That Terminates Vaccine Exemptions

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Screenshot of Internet Tweet Evidence

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