Why is the SPU Chair of Comm. Dept. Dr. Barna Donovan calling for children to be taken from parents who refuse to vaccinate?

An Open Letter to Dr. Barna Donovan, SPU Chairman
of the Communications Department

Dr. Barna W. Donovan
Director of the Strategic Communications Program
Saint Peter’s University
2641 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Dear Dr. Donovan:

May we first say that we very much appreciated being copied on the email wherein you sternly admonished Saint Peter’s University (SPU) students from seeking truth anywhere in the Alt Media.  We have attached a screenshot of that email below since we will use it as a reference.

KEY POINT: As an SPU Communications Department professor, we were struck at the level of immaturity of your feeble response.  Your obvious failure to address the substance of any of those SOTN “conspiracy links” indicates your profound fear to go near them.  Given what you are paid well to do as a professional debunker of proven conspiracies, the Truth Movement well understands that your hands are tied by your clandestine sponsors of falsehood.  After all, were the truth about 9/11 to be widely circulated by the Mainstream Media, the world would change in a day and a night.  For instance, there’s this inconvenient truth: 9/11 FACT: The Pentagon Was Hit By A Cruise Missile From The US Military Arsenal

As Chairman of the SPU Communications Department we wonder how your misuse of the word “praying” where it should have read “preying” could have happened.  Perhaps it was a Freudian slip, yes?  From both the tone and the content of your missive, it’s clear that you are quite accomplished in the art of launching ad hominem attacks on truth writers.  Therefore, it’s clearly you who are preying on sincere truth-seekers… … … which then might require some extra praying on your part for absolution.

Dr. Barna, we know that you received from your students a fairly long list of high-integrity articles and scientific research papers that document the inherent health dangers associated with today’s super-vaccination agenda.  These have been reposted below as references for those concerned about this extremely serious matter.

FYI, the editor of State of the Nation has been Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and has collaborated with some of the top physicians in the nation who have categorically asserted and proven the physical harm caused by today’s highly toxic vaccines.  About this firmly established “cause and effect” relationship there is now no question, as the many articles below scientifically and anecdotally indicate.

Why, then, would you “call for the government to take kids away from parents who refuse vaccine”?  This is a very serious action that you are pushing and so wrong on so many levels. (Please see a screenshot of your post below made on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at https://barnadonovan.blogspot.com.)

Do you not realize that many SPU students are now hip to the extraordinary hazards of annual flu inoculations alone?  By the way, these very smart kids were well aware of this before they ever visited the SOTN website.  Just ask them.  However, it was the hard scientific evidence posted on our site that completely convinced them just how toxic and detrimental vaccines really are.

And here you are calling for the children to be removed from their concerned parents who refuse to let their kids develop vaccine-induced autism as well as other medical ailments and health conditions.  Wow!  Just WOW ! ! !

Dr. Barna, we have already laid bare your utter resistance to embracing the truth … any TRUTH whatsoever.  See Dr. Barna Donovan: Torchbearer for the Anti-Conspiracy Theory Movement Whose Torch Went Out

And, yet, you chastise your great students from using their “common sense” as we suggested they do.  We were quite surprised that you failed to criticize our recommendation that they also apply their “God-given gift of human reason” toward the correct understanding of so many actual conspiracies that are as real as the U.S. government-coordinated controlled demolitions on 9/11 in New York City.

By the way, we here at SOTN are also deeply concerned about your frequent treatment of Satanism and/or the “greatness of the Temple of Satan’s Baphomet statue” according to past posts on your blog.  What’s up with that, Doc?!

One last point is that we are well aware that it was a Big Pharma–Government conspiracy that recently triggered the measles outbreak right up the road from St. Peter’s campus.  This deliberate scheme to create fear among the ignorant vaxxer crowd will surely backfire when the people understand they were the victims of a nefarious NWO globalist plot to injure themselves with the measles vaccine. See PSYOP to Compel Vaccination Compliance: Measles-Infected Residents Banned from Public Places in Rockland County


SOTN Staff

P.S. SOTN highly recommends that the numerous vaccine articles posted below be disseminated far and wide not only at SPU, but at all the Jesuit universities and colleges throughout the USA.  Thanks!


Email from Dr. Barna Donovan copied to SOTN on March 28, 2019

SOTN articles proving that vaccines are extremely dangerous

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Typical student rating of Dr. Barna Donovan posted on the Internet

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