VACCINE RESEARCH: A Compilation of Articles Proving the Extreme Dangers of Vaccinations


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I’ve decided to put together a list of some of the links I’ve saved over the years, and to share them here in my blog, where anyone can access them. This is just a fraction of the research I’ve done, and it only represents the tip of the iceberg.
Still, if you’re new to this topic, or even if you’re not, you will certainly benefit from reading/watching some of these.

The resources provided here are subjective to interpretation. Many of them are quite scientific in nature, and there’s often peer-reviewed literature to back it up.
Just know that anyone who says that vaccine science is settled is smoking the good stuff.
Other references included are from sources that have unfortunately been attacked and slandered, often unjustly so, by those who have the most to lose from truth reaching the public. Even experts with extensive backgrounds in vaccine research; MD’s and PhD’s, are prone to these tactics. Remember to think critically and stay objective while researching. Too often, we find ourselves giving in to our presuppositions on hot button issues, or simply giving undue credence to anyone with letters behind their name(or the six o’clock news!).
But what if what you’ve been told your whole life isn’t accurate?
What if there is another perspective that succeeds in spreading truth through fact, with nothing to gain except to raise awareness?
What if… the “anti-vaxxers” have a case?

The following points are popular talking points when debating vaccines, and you’ll see many claims that have been touted as fact, when truthfully they cannot be labeled as such.

I. Herd Immunity

At the heart of the vaccination debate lies the misunderstood, never actually proven theory of “Herd Immunity”. If somebody ever throws the ‘ol herd immunity line at you, use these links to stop that myth in its tracks:
1a. Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon:

1b. Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD Immunologist:

1c. Dr. Obukhanych lecture on immunity, You Tube.

1d. A history and deeper look at herd immunity, including a look at what lack of efficacy does to alter how we perceive herd immunity via vaccination.  – Oxford  Journals:

II. Peer Reviewed Studies

If you ever get the, “show me peer reviewed studies, they don’t exist” argument, take delight in sharing with that person these peer reviewed scientific studies that link vaccines with a myriad of health issues, including autism:
2a. The Refurbished Rogue is a gem of a blogger. She took a mind boggling amount of time to put together this list of legitimate, peer reviewed studies that the doubters are going to get stuck on:

2b. Scribd has a collection of 86 peer reviewed papers linking vaccines to autism. A few of these are the same studies as the Refurbished Rogue included:

2c. A case where the MMR actually caused encephalitis. Patient dead.

2d. What does aluminum do to a baby’s brain?

2e. Aborted fetal cells in vaccines recently(9/14) linked to autism; researchers demand more studies:

III. Vaccine Injury Is Rare. 

Ever had someone tell you that vaccine injuries are like 1 in a million? Oh, that person was your doctor? Good grief, have they ever read any of the package inserts that they’re supposed to scour, so they can actually provide patients with an unbiased warning of the risks associated with the vaccines? Typically not, sadly.
Take this list of VPI’s and show them the warnings, precautions, contraindications, and efficacy rates. Then show them the part where it gives specific instructions to the doctor to make sure their patients are given an accurate picture of the risks:

3a. Complete list of package inserts:

3b. Vaccine injury is rare? One would be led to believe otherwise if one scoured the VAERS database, which is full of hundreds of thousands of reported vaccine injuries. Especially if one considered that even the CDC admits only 1-10% of injuries are ever reported…
Common argument: “Anyone can report to VAERS. There’s a report of a vaccine turning someone into the Incredible Hulk, so that discredits everything else.”

3c. A You Tube video of a 2013 congressional hearing that highlights vaccine injury, its frequency, and how hard it is to get compensated for your child’s injury. This video is a debate stopper. You just owned it:

3d. Wait, if vaccine injuries are so rare, why do even these 4 top doctors admit links to autism?

3e. Are you a Tweeter? #tweetthis #millionsofpersonalvaccineinjurystories:

AND here’s the original study that started the alternative and social media arenas on fire.
CDC whistleblower William Thompson tells Dr. Hooker to revisit a popular 2004 study that supposedly “proved” there was no link to vaccines and autism. The truth? The original study only ever “proved” that the MMR didn’t cause autism, it didn’t prove that vaccines in general don’t contribute to an epidemic of autistic cases. Dr. Hooker finds that the CDC actually COVERED UP and CONCEALED crucial information that would have indicated a 240% increase in autism in African American males, just with the MMR. Dr. Thomspon, who is a top research scientist at the CDC, has been granted federal immunity by President Obama and will be testifying before congress in the near future – as of 4/24/15 – :

HERE is the proof: Truth In Media reporter Ben Swann received the CDC whistleblower documents from Congress, who received them directly from Thompson. Here’s the link to the new story that recently aired, with a link within to take you to the ACTUAL DOCUMENTS, which show massive corruption and coverup from the CDC. There is no arguing this anymore; the CDC has some serious issues:

3f. Just in case you need an Ace high full house in your fight, here’s a link to the NVIC stats:

IV. Vaccines save lives, and they saved us all. 

It’s common knowledge, right? Humans were on the brink of extinction. Diseases had almost wiped us off the face of the earth, and we didn’t know where to turn. Then vaccines were invented and saved us from certain death.

4a. Here’s a bunch of graphs from the US library of historical statistics:

4b. Here’s a condensed graph collection that highlights how disease and mortality were drastically declining before vaccines ever came along.

4c. Let’s examine how important (clean)water is and how much it played a role in natural disease reduction:

4d. Vaccines didn’t save us:

V. Your opinion isn’t valid, since you’re just a nobody with no medical or scientific background.

Well, thanks.. by that logic I’ll disregard anything you say from here on out. Apparently having a fully functional brain isn’t enough anymore; I must be indoctrinated for at least 8 years to believe what the system wants me to believe. Despite the overwhelming amount of knowledge you can achieve from spending thousands of hours googling vaccines(I have), I apparently can’t think my way out of a bubble.
But just for good measure, here are some truly educated people who you should really pay attention to. They’ve devoted their lives and even jeopardized their careers to researching and finding the truth:

5a. Have fun trying to dismantle the comprehensive information put together by Dr. Moskowitz:

5b. Like her or not, Dr. Humphries is brilliant, and has thanklessly jeopardized her career to find the truth:

5c. Dr. Tenpenny is probably the most hated doctor in the country, but that will never change the fact that she’s brilliant, and has figured out some truly amazing things that have been suppressed from us:
5d. You could just kill two birds with one stone, and show them an article featuring both Dr. Humphries and Dr. Tenpenny:

5e. Dr Seneff, a very experienced scientist at MIT, has a brilliant take on how vaccines can cause autism:

5f. A comprehensive look at the topic by Dr. Mercola, the leading naturalist in the country:

5g. I’ve saved the best for last. Here’s a sucker punch right to the nose of your debate opponent. Dr. Haley, a renowned University of Kentucky scientist, destroys vaccine poster boy Paul Offit in this virtual rebuttal:

VI. What incentive would the pharmaceutical companies have to fudge data? 

Well, money for one. That is the biggest thing. There’s also power, status, and new world order, but I won’t get all conspiracy theorist on you, since you can’t seem to think your way out of a bubble. Here, let me help you out:
6a. Glaxosmithkline gets smacked for a 4.8+ billion. Just a drop in the bucket:$4888m-for-massive-bribery-network-/316390/

6b. Confidential GSK documents that prove they knew about a minimum of 69 infant deaths that occurred during the clinical trials of one of their new vaccines. They admit it was the vaccine that killed the babies:

6c. Merck busted for using rabbit blood antibodies to achieve the 95% efficacy rate they needed to sell a patent:

6d. How do you influence a doctor? Money’s a start; gotta pay those massive bills somehow:

6e. Ever hear that Big Pharma doesn’t make a lot off vaccines? LOL:


6f. How does mass marketing for drugs effect the mind? This is where cognitive dissonance begins:

6g. Those studies your friend showed you that “proved” vaccine don’t cause autism? Oh yeah, those were authored by a fugitive who is still on the run. Whoops:

VII. You always mention the terrible things in vaccines, but you’re no scientist. How do you know they’re so bad for you? 

Glad you asked.
Allow me to knock your socks off once again. Since it’s hard to find true information regarding the safety of vaccine ingredients on anything mainstream, we have to look to independent experts and PubMed studies that show the dangers. While causal relationships aren’t always proven, links, correlations, and calls for more research are very common in vaccine literature.
Feel free to revert back to the peer reviewed studies linked earlier to help prove this point if they refuse to read the links below:
7a. Vaxtruth is a credible source, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Spend an hour there and it will become painfully obvious that the whole truth regarding vaccine science and statistics has been hidden from you:

7b. Thimerosal(49% ethyl mercury) is still in vaccines, no matter what anyone tells you. It may be in “trace” amounts(multi-dose flu vaccines still contain the full preservative amount), but that doesn’t make it ok to inject into our babies. Mercury is the second most toxic chemical known to man.

7c. AOA proves that Thimerosal is still in vaccines, including a not so tiny amount in hep B vaccines, given on the first day of life:

7d. Despite the FDA and CDC telling you that aluminum is safe to inject, this peer reviewed scientific study says otherwise:

7e. I don’t have a link for common sense, but let’s consider that one the greatest asset you could have when evaluating vaccine ingredients and putting them into your body. Heavy metals, aborted human DNA, foreign animal DNA, known carcinogens, and toxic chemicals all go into vaccines. If you were to read the MSDS sheets for all of these ingredients that are pumped into your baby at a higher rate than ever before, you’d need to go vomit somewhere.
Let’s be smart about this, shall we?

VIII. Additional points to consider, and arguments to combat

Below are seemingly random links that I’ve saved and have used in the past to learn more about the debate. They are well worth familiarizing yourself with, if you’re not already:

8a. Potential problems with letting vaccines become mandatory:

8b. Are you Pro-Life? Me too. If you are, you really shouldn’t be supporting the science behind vaccination:



8c. Measles death rates differ from what the CDC tells us(1-2 every 1000). Nothing illustrates this better then these historical stats, straight from the UK government.
1994: 16,375 cases of reported measles. ZERO deaths:

8d. World Infant Mortality Rate. USA ranks 56th. We’re 1st(worst) in first day infant mortalities, by the way:

8e. Info on Titer tests and antibodies:

8f. A pretty awesome video that really doesn’t mention vaccines, but is a great bigger picture presentation of life:

8g. Probably the funniest, most true mainstream TV bit I’ve ever seen on . Love John Oliver:

8h. Sheryl Atkinson’s TED talk about astroturfing. Well worth a watch.

8i. How the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, “came out”:

8j. Excellent rebuttal to the infamous recent senate hearing that attempted to disprove any links to vaccines and autism, and attempted to prove that vaccines unequivocally safe and effective:

8k. A comprehensive and well written article; 6 reasons to not vaccinate:

8l. Live Polio vaccine continues to cause Polio in India:

8m. Not a fan of lawyers in general, but this one tears it up in a summary of vaccine dangers:

8n. Italian court rules vaccine cause autism:

8o. US Infant Mortality Rate on 1st DAY OF LIFE ranks highest among civilized countries:

8p. The future of Measles in a highly vaccinated population(’84):

8q. The late Dr. Andrew Moulden presents his work on vaccines and autism. For anyone who insists there is no link, Dr. Moulden puts it in a way that is extremely hard to argue with:

8r. Congressman Bill Posey(FL) literally destroys CDC talking head Colleen Boyle in this six minute long hearing video. A MUST watch:

8s. Congressman Dan Burton wipes the floor with an FDA talking head. Another MUST watch:


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