A SPECIAL MESSAGE to the Anti-Vax Movement regarding the Super-Vaccination Agenda


Submitted by Florida Anti-Vax Coalition
SOTN Exclusive

The Time to Defend Ourselves is NOW!

Against the:

More than ever, our precious children require our protection.

Who among us is not under withering assault by one health concern or another?

Which family in 2019 is immune to the health invasions coming from every direction?

What community in America is free from the ever-growing number of environmental degradations and ensuing medical ailments?

Threats and Dangers

The list of very real health hazards, environmental dangers and other threats to our personal sovereignty is seemingly endless these days.

And, they continue to grow in number and severity by the year, many of the most detrimental and risky occurring completely under the radar.

Those ongoing assaults to health and wellness we do know about are now so ubiquitous that today’s children believe this is the way it’s supposed to be. For example:

• There’s the patently illicit and extremely dangerous military deployment of 5G.

• The very precarious Internet of Things is quickly rolling out along side 5G.

• Highly toxic chemtrails, chemclouds and chemcloud cover are everywhere now.

• Harmful GMO foods have become a fixture of the all-American diet.

• Water supplies across the country are contaminated with fluoride and worse.

• Soft drinks have been laced with poisonous aspartame, HFCC and other toxins.

• Deleterious LED lighting has become the new normal.

• Ionizing radiation is perilously seeping into the ambient environment around the nation.

• Toxic and sometimes deadly pharmaceutical drugs are often the first choice in healthcare.

• Unsafe recreational drugs have become legalized and easily accessible for children.

• Intrusive SMART meters, Smartphones and blue screens have become obligatory.

These are only some of the health dangers and environmental assaults that have become commonplace throughout American society. Most don’t even know about some of the much more lethal technologies and hazardous substances that we are all exposed to. See: Extreme Dangers And Escalating Risks Humanity is Facing Today

• Then there are noxious vaccines. And, especially the exceedingly pernicious childhood vaccination schedules.

Super-Vaccination Agenda

This is where the “SPECIAL MESSAGE” really begins.

Compared to those violations of personal sovereignty on the preceding list, vaccines represent an exceptional physical assault that necessitates their termination post-haste.

These particular types of biological/chemical assaults can really only occur with the consent of the parent of the child, or of the adult receiving a flu or tetanus or other vaccine.

By giving our consent and permitting a child to receive a vaccination, inoculation or immunization, we have become undeniably responsible in the process of inflicting great harm to our children.

This ever-worsening nationwide predicament is quite outrageous and completely unacceptable. Really, how it ever got to this point is a study in social engineering and mass mind control.

More than ever before, this intensifying plight of our children demands immediate attention. Because of how dangerous the Super-Vaccination Agenda truly is, this ongoing public health disaster requires a decisive response from the awakened among us that is swift and sure, serious and successful.

Make no mistake about it, the highly consequential childhood vaccination schedules in force today necessitate an overwhelming response from We the People—that would be US … all of US.

Remember, the governmental implementation of the Super-Vaccination Agenda is a fundamentally unlawful endeavor which constitutes an expertly coordinated and complex criminal conspiracy.


In view of this stark reality, We the People have the sacred right and solemn responsibility to shut it down—YESTERDAY! For the sake of our children, and their children, the Super-Vaccination Agenda must be halted post-haste. This “Open Letter”is a clarion call to do so.

KEY POINTS: All legitimate laws have their basis in a higher authority and immutable principles. They find their source in the classic paradigm of laws and original framework of rights that have existed since time immemorial. Divine law, universal law, natural law, scriptural law, constitutional law, common law, etc. all speak to the matter of vaccine assault in the very same way. That they are anathema to a healthy humanity as they are opposed to life, vitality and wholeness. In short, the implementation of the Super-Vaccination Agenda is a bane to human existence.

Perhaps the most significant and inherent flaw of childhood vaccine schedules is that their administration represents a gross violation of personal sovereignty.

Conversely, our various rights are profoundly transgressed whenever a vaccine is administered without our INFORMED CONSENT.

How, pray tell, can a child — from 0 to 6 years old — ever provide their informed consent to such an egregious medical attack on their yet undeveloped and fragile body?

That’s right! They can’t.

Which means that it’s up to the parent or guardian to do everything in their power to protect that child from either the doctor or the nurse, the school system or the local government.

Personal Sovereignty

There’s a very important point being made here. No one ever has the right or power to infringe on our personal sovereignty. Nor can any entity ever legitimately deny our inviolable right to protect our personal sovereignty. Therefore, any legal power to invade our personal sovereignty has been unlawfully arrogated by the offending entities. Accordingly, any attempt to forcefully administer a childhood vaccination schedule constitutes a grave encroachment of our human rights, civil rights, constitutional rights, divine rights, natural rights and universal rights.  Likewise, any adult flu vaccine mandate issued by any government or corporate entity violates the same God-given rights.  Hence, We the People have every legitimate right to oppose them and vigorously prevent their wrongful imposition.

Any Deliberate Physical Offense Against Personal Sovereignty Is A Crime—Plain & Simple

What follows is a statement from a previous vaccine post regarding this extremely weighty matter. When a critical mass of the collective consciousness imbibes and applies this essential knowledge, everything will change in a day and a night.

“We all possess a fundamental right not to be assaulted by
anyone, or any entity under the sun. No doctor or nurse,
hospital or clinic,
has the right to inject a vaccine against
an individual’s will. Likewise, no government or corporation
possesses the legitimate power to impose vaccinations on a
citizen. Why? Because these dangerous injections represent
physical assaults which are undeniable invasions of our
personal sovereignty. Such reprehensible invasions are
fundamentally criminal in nature and highly offensive to
the social order. Every American ought to fiercely resist
these chemical and biological assaults. Each and every
healthcare provider and political enabler needs to be held
accountable for their criminal acts and odious conduct.”

Florida Anti-Vax Coalition

(Source: Super-Vaccination Agenda Put on Super Steroids)

Action Plan

In light of this vital philosophical understanding, the Anti-Vax Movement can now move forward with a new law-abiding and unequivocal plan of action.

Just why is that? Because the law — THE REAL LAW — is on our side.

What the purveyors of the Super-Vaccination Agenda are really doing is physically debilitating, psychologically incarcerating and criminally offensive to each and every unwilling victim.

Because the foundational and irrefutable laws of human civilization from time immemorial is squarely on the side of the Anti-Vax Movement, We the People are rightfully empowered to terminate any mandatory vaccine program in the 50 states.

Exactly what does that mean?

When a sufficient number of health advocates have taken back their power from the Healthcare System; when they then stand firmly in their own indisputable truth; and when they speak that truth to power with unshakeable conviction, the Anti-Vax Movement will begin its work in earnest.

Have we made ourselves clear to all you GREAT anti-vaxxers?

We sincerely hope so, because this is it, people. We are at the final end of our patience with those who feel they can recklessly assault us with impunity. All of us have been backed into the corner with no way out except straight ahead girded with the indomitable truth.


The Time to Defend Ourselves is NOW!

Hopefully everyone gets it.

Every single truth seeker who has arrived at this same place of critical understanding ought to intuitively comprehend that the defining moment really is upon US*.

*Where US = the United States as well as us, We the People

From this point forward, each and every one of US who has been awakened to the existential import of this dire matter needs to act…and act forcefully, yet always within the law.

*How we act both individually and collectively will soon be revealed to many who just joined the fight. Those of us who have been doing our anti-vax work are already doing exactly what we need to do.

As for the best group initiatives, until the game plans are properly formulated and agreed to, each anti-vax advocate can speak their truth to power like there’s no tomorrow. Because, guess what, if we don’t come together around this crucial health challenge, there just may not be a “tomorrow”… … … for our children.

What’s the critical point here?

Every vaccine truth seeker is now on their own battlefield; as well as on the shared battlefield with their like-minded anti-vax health advocates.

KEY POINT: The real battle that we’re all fighting here is
the final war between the forces of light and the forces of
darkness. This is the BIG one we’ve all been waiting for.
Just like we are the ones we have all been waiting for.

Each of us has been armed to the teeth with the invincible weapons of truth and justice. For those who just arrived to this battleground defined by the Super-Vaccination Agenda, it’s time to arm up.

Invoking the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, we can all commit to following the principles of Satyagraha—peaceful non-violence in the pursuit of truth and justice, especially in the defense of our precious children.

Our desired justice is simply this:

Don’t even try to vaccinate us
or our children against
our wishes or will!

From this point forward, the Government–Big Pharma–Medical Complex will confront a people-powered force they have never seen before should they continue to physically assault our children with their nefarious Super-Vaccination Agenda.

Torches & Pitchforks

People, it’s high time to light our torches and pick up our pitchforks. For the torch of truth is invincible, as is the pitchfork of justice.

It’s imperative to become aware that, only when those responsible for the horrors associated with childhood vaccines fear We the People more than they fear their Deep State handlers and Illuminati masters, will the tables be rightly turned.

That time is close at hand, folks! Very close, indeed.


It’s of paramount important for every U.S. citizen to apprehend the new reality: That with the passing of state laws that permits the premeditated murder of newborn infants, also known as state-sponsored infanticide, the American system of government has effectively written repugnant legislation that is patently unlawful. Any law that approves the killing of newborns is instantly null and void. And, those who wrote and passed those laws will eventually receive their comeuppance.

In the meantime, it’s vital to acknowledge that the draconian vaccine laws fit into a similar odious category. These forced vaccination laws are null and void because they are criminal in nature, criminal in intent and criminal in their execution. The state cannot legally arrogate power unto itself in order to commit crimes against humanity; nor can the state legitimately empower others to do so. CASE CLOSED ! ! !

Therefore, it clearly time for the people to take whatever lawful means are necessary to safeguard the children. For instance, every anti-vaxxer can become a digital warrior. Together we can get up every morning and release a thousand flaming arrows via the Internet into the Deep State castle that oppresses us with these illicit health mandates. We can become keyboard soldiers firing off tweets and instagrams, Facebook comments and blog posts, Alt Media articles and Fifth Estate exposés, all in the service of protecting our defenseless children.

As the folks at the CCRG so aptly stated years ago:

“If not us, then who?
If not here, then where?
If not now, then when?”

Florida Anti-Vax Coalition
Submitted to State of the Nation
October 2, 2019

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