Any Physical Offense Against Personal Sovereignty Is A Crime—Plain & Simple

Everything begins with the:

Declaration Of Personal Sovereignty

I. No one — no government, no corporation, no business, no individual or other entity under the sun — has the right to harm or injure, poison or paralyze, incapacitate or kill us. The same parties have no right to put toxins in our food, water, air, medicines, clothing, homes, automobiles, etc.  Nor do they have the right to assail humanity with destructive electromagnetic frequencies and ionizing radiation.  Likewise, no entity has the right to injure or harm by hiding behind any illegitimate law or statute, rule or regulation. Neither does any corporation-manufactured product or service, which hurts or sickens, have any protection under the law.

II. The governments and corporations of the world are the primary offenders in this regard. They must each be identified by name so that they can be issued an immediate CEASE AND DESIST ORDER by We The People.  Each offending government and corporation ought to be dissolved, whereupon they can be rechartered and re-established after showing their proof of fitness to continue to operate.

III. Each and every government on Earth must be held fully accountable for the transgressions committed against their respective citizenries, as well as those perpetrated against other nations.  Likewise, only by calling out each corporation for their unlawful and injurious conduct, and naming their CEOs, Presidents and Board of Directors for their criminal behavior, will sufficient pressure be exerted to effectuate authentic, systemic and lasting change.

IV. Should the government and corporate leaders continue their criminal conduct and antisocial behavior, they should be forced to resign post-haste. Likewise, any and all collaborators, throughout federal, state, and local governments, should be forced to relinquish their public offices.

V. Only in this way will the proxies of the World Shadow Government (WSG) be held accountable.  Each and every perpetrator must be removed from their positions of power and influence in both the government and corporate sectors.  As the WSG-selected puppet governments are forced to stand down, and their corporate heads compelled to resign, the WSG will lose its power and control over We the People.

VI. These are the most effective actions that the inhabitants of Planet Earth can perform at this critical moment in history in order to successfully safeguard our personal sovereignty and national integrity. Only by taking back our power individually will each human being live a life free of harmful chemical assaults, injurious ionizing radiation and dangerous electromagnetic frequencies. Then, We the People can begin the task of reclaiming out personal sovereignty.

VII. Each resident of the global community can reclaim their personal sovereignty ONLY by first taking back their power from each and every institution that misappropriated it. Then, by standing in one’s own truth with courage and resolve will personal sovereignty be properly restored. Lastly, by speaking truth to power wherever and whenever appropriate, we bond with like-minded individuals who have likewise taken back their power.

VIII. As the unanimity of purpose and strength of conviction grow throughout humanity, a critical mass of people power will emerge. The resulting unified intention and collective will can then translate into the actions required toward attaining true liberation on the collective level, especially in matters concerning the national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

IX. A return to personal sovereignty is what the Founding Fathers of the American Republic first accomplished before they signed the Declaration Of Independence. We the People will do well to imitate their bravery and resolve during these revolutionary times. Truly, the opportunity for profound and permanent planetary transformation comes infrequently to Planet Earth.  That time is now—2017 and beyond!

X. The Second American Revolution has begun; only this time it is the integral step in a much wider global revolution. Every person on the planet has been repeatedly challenged to rise up and face the unacceptable and never-ending offenses against all life and property. Therefore, it’s now incumbent upon everyone to issue their own “Declaration Of Personal Sovereignty”.  He or she who is not concerned about this extremely weighty matter is unaware about how they are being relentlessly assaulted—24/7.

Special Note:
Neither governments nor corporations have the legal right or lawful authority to arrogate power unto themselves which permits them to violate an individual’s personal sovereignty. Therefore, the unrelenting harm to people and destruction of their property, which they commit systematically, constitutes government and/or corporate criminal activity.  Much of this state-sponsored crime is actually collusive in nature whereby the corporations covertly conspire with government.  The persistent failure to effectively address this now common state of affairs is grounds for the dissolution of any guilty government and corporation.  Many of these corrupt institutions have become nothing less than serial perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity.  As for an in-depth analysis of this ongoing conspiracy, please see the following link: The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA

Action Plan: Everyone must join together and show the corrupt power structures of the world that they no longer have any legitimacy in law or any legal basis to govern the people. Elected representatives and appointed officials worldwide have continually violated their oaths of office which require that they protect the people and safeguard the nation which they swore to serve.  By irrevocably violating the public trust and irreparably breaking the social contract, they are no longer fit to serve in any capacity. Hence, it is high time to remove the traitors from office if they do not voluntarily resign.  Any response less than the immediate resignation of all culpable government officials and corporate officers ought to result in aggressive criminal prosecution followed by severe prison sentences.  Remember 9/11!

State of the Nation
June 21, 2017

Editor’s Note

It has never been more critical for each and every resident of planet Earth “to take back their power, stand in their own truth, and speak that truth to power”.  For only when the political leaders and public officials fear the citizenry more than their masters in Deep State, will they act in the best interest of We the People.  Toward that end, everyone is highly encouraged to become The MOST Dangerous Person In America.

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