The Obamanation: How One President Irreparably Destroyed The USA

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Regarding the Unprecedented Number of Presidential Fiascos, Governmental Failures and Fabricated False Flag Operations During Your Presidency

Written by Concerned Citizens of the USA in view of a nation wrecked and ruined beyond repair

Dear President Obama,

We are the citizens of the United States of America who listened to your campaign message of “HOPE and CHANGE” in 2008.  We are also in close touch with the peoples of the world, throughout nations large and small, near and far, who have suffered tremendously during your two terms in office.

War, not Peace

We then watched you receive a Nobel Peace Prize before you performed even a single act of peacemaking?

Your first presidential initiative after receiving the ‘prize’ was to send 30,000 more troops into the already destroyed and defenseless country of Afghanistan which never committed any offense toward the USA or her allies.

Your second major war initiative was to greatly intensify the unlawful extra-judicial drone assassination program against the powerless tribal people of Pakistan.  Not only have thousands of innocents been killed there, yet another nation has become the victim of an unprovoked U.S. war of aggression.  Somalia and Yemen have suffered the same fate — the massacre of women and children, ailing and elderly — over the course of your two terms.

You continued this policy of ‘hope and change’ by initiating or participating in new devastating wars in Libya and Syria, as well as re-engaging the war in Iraq.  All three of these nations have been literally transformed into post-apocalyptic wastelands on the basis of fighting international terrorism.  Ditto that for the numerous proxy wars that you have stealthily launched throughout Africa where the CIA has created one national disaster after another.

Of course, nobody mentions that it was U.S. military aggression which created the ideal environment for terrorists groups to form in the northern Levant.   And for sure nobody ever makes the mistake of informing the American people that the CIA, DIA, and NSA — working in tandem with MI6, MOSSAD and DGSE — were directly responsible for arming and funding ISIS, al-Nusra, and the many other al-Qaeda offshoots in Syria and elsewhere in the Mideast.   In fact the very same game plan was used as the one that established the original al-Qaeda during the Mujahideen proxy war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan during the 1970s.

Then there is the CIA Torture Report produced by the U.S. Senate.  As the perennial provocateur operating in every country on Earth, this thoroughly rogue organization has been empowered by the White House to continue down its path of death and destruction.  As if the Senate report did not clue you into what everyone already knows.  And, yet, you have failed to hold the CIA accountable for even a single transgression of law … any law, many of which they have broken countless times during your tenure.

Economic instability and financial insecurity 

Next up, there is the unprecedented kowtowing to Wall Street which the Executive Branch is now infamous for.  Your last Attorney General — Eric Holder — avoided any and all personal prosecutions of even the most obvious financial wrongdoings, illicit economic activity, as well as the assortment of acts of unconscionable enrichment at the expense of the American people.  Perhaps you just ‘hoped’ that the banksters would ‘change’ … maybe?

Shall we talk about the NSA spying scandal first or the NDAA legislation which only intensified the whole U.S. security and surveillance regime?  That’s right, the indefinite detention of American Citizens is now the rule rather than the rare exception.  It seems that those who schooled you have used the ‘National Security’ excuse more than we can count.  Furthermore they have used the same explanation to build the most fearsome and formidable national security state on Earth, bar none.

That you promised to head the most transparent Administration in recent history has proven to be quite the tall tale indeed.  Even the patently false Obamacare promises have turned out to be so much snake oil.  And we mean no disrespect to snake oil.  Seriously, President Obama, you just outright lied to the American people to sell the ACA which was guaranteed to raise premiums for so many financially strapped and out-of-work folks.

Lawlessness and the breakdown of the rule of law

Which brings us to the many violations of federal law and state statutes, financial fiascos and political debacles, sordid scandals and ongoing malfeasance which have occurred under your watch.  The list is seemingly endless and actually begins with your failure to file your original birth certificate (BC) with the Federal Election Commission.  Surely you know by now how such a deliberate act of negligence set you up for a fall, yes?

Before we discuss your BC further, let’s review just the short list of some of the more obvious examples of presidential misconduct and governmental improprieties which have occurred during the two Obama Administrations.

•  Using the IRS to target Obama’s political enemies
•  Reckless and unlawful NSA spying on American citizens and foreign leaders
•  Repeatedly and illegally rewriting the Affordable Healthcare Act
•  Initiating undeclared wars in Libya and Syria
•  Prosecuting illegal wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan
•  Ramping up the unlawful drone assassination program in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia
•  Benghazi debacle and cover-up
•  Associated Press reporters’ phone records scandal
•  ATF “Fast and Furious” fiasco
•  HHS Secretary Sebelius solicits large donations from companies to save Obamacare
•  Pigford scandal
•  Immigration Enforcement – relentless subversion by DOJ
•  GSA Administrator resignation in the face of blatant waste of taxpayers’ money
•  Justice Department monitoring reporter James Rosen of FOX News
•  Cash for Clunkers debacle
•  ‘Monsanto Protection Act
•  Indefinite Surveillance via the National Defense Authorization Act
•  Solyndra and other solar company financial scandals
•  BP Gulf oil spill gross misrepresentation and mishandling
•  US Federal Government used to promote the LGBT agenda alienating black churches
•  Zealous advocacy worldwide for gay marriage, especially in conservative Africa
•  Posting a fraudulent and forged copy of Obama birth certificate at
•  Obama’s birth place questioned according to his own Harvard Law Review entry
•  CIA Spying on the Senate
•  Disastrous rollout of Obamacare
•  Orchestrating a violent coup d’état in Kiev throwing the Ukraine into civil war
•  Issuing illegal executive orders to legislate new immigration law without Congressional approval
•  Appointing unqualified candidates to ambassadorships
•  Inflaming racial hatreds in Ferguson, MO and NYC, Sanford, FL and Boston
•  Race-bating whenever it serves the Administration’s narrow political goals
•  Continuous attempts to incite a full-blown national race war
•  Granting police powers to the U.N. within the USA jurisdiction
•  Creating the Islamic State, funding ISIL, arming ISIS and supporting Daesh
•  Execution of the fake Sandy Hook false flag ‘shootings’
•  Implementation of the fabricated San Bernardino false flag shootings
•  Aggressive promotion and approval of the NDAA to ‘legalize’ false flag operations
•  The stealthy passage of the disastrous TPA, TPP and TPIP without prior disclosure
(Source: Why The Obama Administration Is So Determined To Start A Race War)

Are these the consequences of Barack Obama’s hope and change!

Now we turn our attention to the three most calamitous ‘initiatives’ of your Administration.

#1 — Restarting the Cold War with Russia easily ranks as the worst foreign policy disaster of this 3rd millennium.  Provoking a disastrous civil war in the Ukraine and setting up ISIS to prosecute by proxy the Syrian War have proven to be unparalleled and odious war crimes.   Yes, the Iraq War was also a compete catastrophe, but repeatedly poking a justifiably angry bear in the eye served to unsettle the entire world order.  It has also guaranteed the demise of the once Almighty Dollar.  Was this your intention?

#2 — Forcing new immigration law and policy on the nation — without the involvement of and appropriate legislation from Congress — is undoubtedly the most foolhardy domestic endeavor in U.S. history.  We understood that you were a constitutional lawyer of sorts. This colossal blunder has only been further exacerbated by your full intention to proceed without the necessary legislation being approved by Congress.  Isn’t that what the Legislative Branch is supposed to do?  We thought you were a constitutional lawyer? No? Yes?

#3 — Foisting your signature law — Obamacare — on the country during a period of extraordinary economic uncertainty and financial difficulty was as catastrophic as it was insane.  Particularly in view of your total neglect to address the most critical economic issues facing America, do your presidential priorities make no sense.  That federal financial stress is increasing by the second through a burgeoning national debt of upwards of $19 trillion is also quite alarming.

The Company You Keep

You know, President Obama, that a man is known by the company he keeps.  We wonder if perhaps you have over-relied on so many from the Chicago political machine.  Certainly you know that there is no city in the USA that compares to the corruption of Chicago, and that includes New Orleans and Miami.

Likewise, taking foreign policy advice from the likes of Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros has proven to be disastrous for you, the nation, and the world-at-large.  Cold War hawks like these two will only siphon off precious little time and money, energy and focus, from so many urgent matters at hand.  There are many other narrow-minded CFR types who have taken over your Administration and seemingly sealed its fate.

Believe it not, we have only just completed the good news.  Now we come to the bad news … very bad news.

You and your Administration have succeeded where even George W. Bush failed miserably. You have revealed the entire Democratic to be nothing but the other side of the U.S. counterfeit political coin.  Where Bush junior was an obvious tyrant, who really acted and looked like one, you presented a ‘good guy’ image.  In so doing you have chased away millions from the Democratic Party, just as Bush did by decimating the Republican Party.

Now that’s NOT a bad thing.  By unveiling the true intentions and MO of the Democrat side of the aisle, many have come to see that there is simply no conscience there … no moral compass at all.  The presidential election of 2012 is a perfect example of this revelation.  Your campaign was, by far the dirtiest, ugliest in American history.  Whether the election was literally stolen at the ballot box will probably never be known.  Nonetheless, the outrageous conduct by your campaign forever pushed many a citizen away from the civic duty of voting, as well as the thoroughly corrupt Democrat Party.

What the point here?

Where President Nixon may have undermined faith in the White House, you and your cadre have destroyed all trust between the U.S. Federal Government and We the People. Never has the citizenry been exposed to conduct so unbecoming a President.  Never had the behavior of both a Democratic Senate leader and House leader been so OPENLY dishonorable and PURPOSELY deceptive. Never in US history!

The real problem with that predicament, as well as the way that the Republican majorities in Congress now enable your incompetent and neglectful leadership, is well demonstrated by the following list of your signature achievements.  As follows:

• Relentless Secularization of Society and Removal of God and Prayer from Schools
• Wholesale Abortion since Roe v. Wade in 1973 and 58 Million Killings of the Unborn
• Redefinition of Marriage by Unconstitutional SCOTUS Ruling
• Aggressive Imposition of LGBTTTT Agenda Worldwide
• Implementation of Unlawful Immigration Policy and Encouragement of Illegal Aliens
• Legalization of Recreational Marijuana and Promotion of Drug Culture
• Undermining Religious Institutions, Cultural Traditions and Conservative Values
• Promotion of Perpetual War Economy and Endless Subversion of Sovereign Nations
• Restarting the Cold War with Russia and Relentlessly Undermining World Peace
• Unrestrained Spying on U.S. Citizenry and Foreign Governments and Corporations
• Neglecting an Ever-increasing $18.2 Trillion Unsustainable National Debt
• Failure to Prosecute U.S. Government Perpetrators of 9/11 False Flag Terror Attacks
• Covert Geoengineering via Chemtrails and HAARP Intensifying Global Climate Change
• Relentless and Profound Weakening of Necessary Clean Air and Clean Water Acts
• Pushing Draconian Legislation to Make Mandatory Vaccine Programs Law of the Land
• Militarization of Police Departments Nationwide Law and Lethalizing Law Enforcement
• Fomentation of Racial Tensions Toward the Incitement of a Full-blown Race War
• Conducting Military Exercises (Jade Helm) on US Soil in Violation of Posse Comitatus
• Continuation of Dangerous Nuclear Power Generation Despite Fukushima Catastrophe
• Permitting the CIA to Conduct False Flag Attacks and Assassinations (JFK, MLK, RFK)
(Source: The USA Has Become An Obamanation)

Herein lies the crux of this open letter.

More than any president in the history of these United States of America, you have behaved like a king, like a modern despot.  In so doing you have shattered the very system of democratic government that our Founding Fathers conceived and brought into manifestation.  By continually acting like a tyrant, you have repeatedly breached the social contract that exists between the government and the citizenry.  Likewise, you and your appointees have profoundly violated the public trust.

So profoundly has this sacred covenant between We the People and the U.S. Federal Government been broken, that it cannot be repaired.  You have shown us — wittingly or unwittingly — what really goes on behind the curtain.  Once that veil was rent in two for everyone to see, everything has changed.  Again, this is really not bad news as you have served the same function that your predecessor served in illustrating the very worst that government can do.

Exactly what is that?  The only purpose for you and your entire Administration is to protect and safeguard the nation from forces within and without.  To ensure that the affairs of the nation are responsibly administered.  And to serve the populace with honor and integrity by upholding the US Constitution.

Not only have you failed miserably to perform any of these functions, your reckless and neglectful stewardship has left this nation in ruins.  Your utter failure to address the economy in any meaningful way has essentially destroyed the middle class.  All the while you have worked closely with the MSM (mainstream media) to generate volumes of pitiful propaganda which have presented the illusion of recovery and prosperity to the American people.  This ongoing deceit will be your undoing.

Yes, the American people have been so dumbed down so that they are unaware of so much societal degradation and economic doldrums.  Nevertheless, they will wake up one day and you will have no place to hide.  The world-at-large already has your number just as the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has twice[1] stated their regret of awarding your prize[2].  So, too, will the U.S. citizenry awaken to the extraordinary tear in the social fabric which was quite deliberately done under your highly destructive presidency.[3]


As previously mentioned, just as George W. Bush exposed the underbelly of the Republican side of the aisle, you have done the same for the Democrat side.  In so doing you have performed a great service to this constitutional republic.  Your treasonous actions have shown the American people that it is time to dissolve the current U.S. Federal Government.  Only in this fashion can there be a fresh start for a nation in desperate need of one.


Hence, we take the extremely wise words of John F. Kennedy to heart in this particular regard.  Perhaps you will be out of office for good when the citizens take matters into their own hands.  Regardless, no one will ever forget the ‘great’ service that you so willingly and purposefully performed during your 8 disastrous years as a fundamentally unqualified president.

We now know that real “Hope and Change” will only occur when each and every politician of your ilk has been run out of Washington for good.  The two-party system has thoroughly devastated this nation and you exemplified the very worst that it had to offer.

May you be forever banished from this country during the upcoming Second American Revolution.  And may you be forced to contemplate the profound damage wrought on this constitutional republic throughout your reign.   Thankfully, you have unwittingly reawakened throughout the body politic the primordial desire for a true representative democracy as envisioned by our great Founding Fathers.

Concerned Citizens of the USA
March 18, 2016
State of the Nation

P.S.  It’s quite obvious to the informed electorate that you are merely the frontman for an international crime syndicate that hijacked the American Republic many decades agao. We get that.  The serial criminality and perpetual lawlessness delineated above was the result of the direct orders of your true masters; hence, this tyrannnical regime was foisted upon you from the NWO ruling cabal (aka World Shadow Government).  Nevertheless, you allowed them to use you to deeply betray the American people in ways never seen in U.S. history.


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