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Russia’s President Putin Lambastes the Obama Administration for Wars of Imperialism

Unprovoked Wars of Aggression Started by the USA Fought by American-Recruited and Well-Paid Mercenaries

Obama has turned the Middle East and North Africa
into a post-apocalyptic disaster area with no end in sight

The Millennium Report

The video posted above is perhaps the most honest and accurate account of the catastrophic results of American foreign policy under President Barack Obama.  President Vladimir Putin completely lays bare the ever-intensifying  U.S. strategy of military aggression and international politics of destruction.

Not only has Obama succeeded at recklessly restarting the Cold War with Russia, he has profoundly alienated numerous world leaders around the globe. Nobel Peace Prize winners are not supposed to prosecute wars of aggression against defenseless nations for the sake of securing oil and gas reserves as well as geo-strategic territories.

Obama’s relentless prosecution of wars in the Middle East have made what has always been a difficult peace now seemingly impossible. The same wars have greatly destabilized the European continent and created a New World Order defined by political chaos and military aggression.  The European Union now suffers from a war refugee crisis that seriously jeopardizes the whole Eurozone project.

Truly, the imperialistic designs of the psychopathic and criminally insane cabal that secretly runs the U.S. Federal Government have cast a dark and ominous shadow across the entire planet.  Putin explains this predicament in stark details in the video.

The American people have been systematically led down a road to ruin by the Obama Administration, and yet very few seem to be aware of the alarming realities.  The only way to short-circuit such a downward death spiral is for the U.S. citizenry to fire their government and prosecute all responsible to the fullest extent of the law.  President Putin has presciently provided the “articles of indictment” to do just that.


While Putin Is Making Peace, Nobel Winner Obama Makes War

Putin Is Winning The Final Chess Match With Obama

Putin is on the High End of History


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