Barack Obama: Guilty Of Conduct Unbecoming Of A U.S. President

Obama Exhibits Profound Disrespect for Office of the President

It is a well-known rule of official conduct in the East, especially throughout India and China, that the leaders should never put their shoes up on their desk.  This same unwritten law goes for any individual conducting business of any kind.

According to Feng Shui, violating such a “law” could prove to be catastrophic for your business, your career, your future prosperity and/or your overall success. Of all the things you can do right or wrong in your office, whether that be located in an office building or at home, putting your shoes on your desk is strictly forbidden.  Ancient wisdom is quite clear on this matter, and for very good reasons.
Because the modern intellect is so divorced from the ancient wisdom, it is very easy to ridicule the seriousness of this particular transgression.  When the presidents and prime ministers of India and Russia, China and Japan wouldn’t even think of performing such a fundamentally irreverent action, there are obviously extremely good reasons why that is the case. Especially in view of the far-reaching ramifications that such disrespectful conduct can have for a whole nation, those leaders are quite careful to avoid them. Unless one understands the subtle art of Feng Shui and esoteric science of Vastu, it is admittedly difficult to apprehend the power, and calamitous repercussions, of wrong action performed in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Nevertheless, ignorance of sacred laws and time-honored traditions (a prohibition in this instance) is not a valid excuse for violating them.  Unfortunately for the world community of nations gross errors in judgment, just like the one illustrated below, have contributed greatly to the prevailing state of international affairs.  The current condition of the American Republic likewise reflects the resulting misfortune. ______________________________________________________________

Now, let’s look at the many instances that the President of these United States of America has violated this simple common sense code of behavior that even many children seem to understand intuitively.


What is well known in the East about one shoes is that they represent the ego.  The shoes carry the energy of the ego and are treated accordingly.  Therefore, when they enter a holy place, such as a temple or mosque or other house of worship, they are always careful to remove their shoes before entering.  In fact, not only is it a conspicuous sign of respect, it is also a mandatory rule if they are to be allowed into the house of worship.

Barack Hussein Obama: The Ultimate Manchurian Candidate

Even in the conduct of mundane affairs throughout the East this practice is well understood and scrupulously followed.  Hence, even the uneducated and uncultured would never put their feet, especially their shoes, on their desk or other office furniture. They wouldn’t even think of doing it, so inauspicious is the act.


What are the consequences of habitually placing your feet on your desk?

Perhaps it would be good to look at the plight of the USA over the past seven plus years to get an idea.

The USA Has Become An Obamanation

The best way to describe any and all eventualities which occur as a result of this disrespectful behavior is U N F O R T U N A T E !

Such a practice is considered highly inauspicious for the individual, as well as for those who are under the protection of such a careless leaders.  Therefore, in the case of the President of the United States he would be exposing all of those within government to the repercussions of such unwise behavior.  Likewise, all of those who are affected by his stewardship will be vulnerable to unfortunate outcomes.



Because the Office of the President is responsible for making decisions of such gravity and potential  consequence, the ultimate effects of any bad decisions can have profound and far-reaching ramifications.

Barack Hussein Obama: Manchurian Candidate And Trojan Horse, Warmonger And Terrorist

Obama’s approval of the catastrophic and illegal war of aggression on Syria is a perfect example of just how disastrous such a decision process can be that proceeds from the Oval Office.   The outcomes of that ill-fated decision will surely haunt the USA for decades to come.  The whole world knows that such an ill-advised and misguided decision can provide the trigger point for World War III.



Perhaps someone can inform the President that his quite unseemly habit of placing his shoes on the desk in the Oval Office is a reflection of bad manners… as in VERY bad karma.  After all, aren’t the children routinely taught to never do such a thing by their parents and guardians, their teachers and mentors, their older brothers and sisters, etc.

If Obama has the intellectual maturity to understand the far-reaching ramifications of this uncivilized and hapless behavior, perhaps he can be persuaded to give it up for the good of the country.  After all, the nation has never been in such dire straits.

The USA Has Become An Obamanation

In so many spheres of life the American Republic is currently in such dire need.  Not only is the country confronted by so many demanding predicaments, it has unnecessarily created problems for many other nations around the world.  And, yet, this president seems clueless about how to address even the simplest of those problems.  Meeting challenges has never been so critical for the US and the world-at-large.  Maybe this bad habit can be curbed before long.


Michael Thomas
State of the Nation 2013
September 3, 2013

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