ObamaNation: Pandering to Illegal Immigration, the LGBT Agenda, the Abortion Factory and the Celebrity Culture

Something is VERY wrong with the Obama Administration.

When the following example of US governmental marketing is shamelessly promoted across the land, the end must be near!
Obamacare ads target young women for birth control pills

Obamacare: University Event Distributes Applications and Condoms

It has been taken over by a force that simply overwhelms any and all opposition, especially righteous opposition.

The power that really occupies the White House is so depraved that it not only corrupts the USA, it is hellbent on foisting its profound immorality and shameless licentiousness on the entire world.

What can be done to stop it?

Pray … … … PRAY … … … PRAY

The LORD is my shepherd.
He leads me in paths of
righteousness. I will
fear no evil.
I will dwell in the house
of the LORD forever.

And then pray some more, as in:

PRAY ~ ~ ~ PRAY ~ ~ ~ PRAY ~ ~ ~ PRAY ~ ~ ~ PRAY


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