LGBT AGENDA: The Hidden Back Story Finally Exposed


… From the Slow-Motion Economic Collapse
and Financial Breakdown of the USA


New Transgender Bathroom Law Designed to Distract and Cause Dissent

The Obama Administration has not instituted a single
economic policy of merit.  The U.S. Government’s only
initiative under Obama has been the fiscally disastrous
Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation also known as the
destined-to-fail  Obamacare.[1]

The following link contains Part I in this series of essays dedicated to exposing the true purposes behind the LGBT Agenda.  The essay is perhaps the single most insightful exposé on the Internet and therefore ought to be read first.  It provides essential information and extraordinary analysis of the whole misbegotten conspiracy.
LGBTTTT AGENDA: Debasing American Society and Corrupting The Planetary Civilization

State of the Nation

Obama’s ‘presidential’ MO from the very beginning of his first term has been to distract, divert and misdirect.  It is virtually impossible to correctly understand most of the biggest events of the past 7 and 1/2 years in the USA and the world-at large except by looking at them through the lens of this calculated political strategy.

As a life-long CIA agent and deep political operative, Obama was trained to distract the American people from the long-planned collapse of the economy.  That ongoing collapse actually began with the U.S. Government-sponsored false flag terror operation on 9/11/01. The same scheme saw a dramatic advancement just prior to Obama’s election with the stock market crash of 2008 and real estate market collapse that began in 2007.

Obama is merely a CIA cutout set up as a non-stop distraction machine.  His whole schtick revolves around “Shuck ‘n’ Jive” just like George Bush was a Shock & Awe ‘specialist’. Each was recruited and schooled to divert the attention of the citizenry with great purpose and intention.  The single biggest issue has been, and will be, the slow-motion economic collapse that began in earnest on 9/11.  The decimation of the middle class is, of course, one of the goals of this covert NWO scheme; for it is the strength of American middle class which stands in the way of the full implementation of the New World Order agenda.


Which Brings US To The Biggest Distraction of All

The social engineers (also known as the Gay Mafia) who control the Obama Administration are well aware that nothing changes the national conversation quicker than inflammatory issues concerning the domain of the LGBT. They also know that Executive Orders which advance the LGBT agenda will monopolize the public discourse like no others.  The most recent transgender proclamation by Obama dictating bathroom use to the states is a perfect example of this distraction device in progress.

NEWS ‘Straight into the paper shredder’: Texas responds to Obama’s transgender bathroom mandate

The programmed Obamabots utilize domestic hot button issues as deftly as the Bushites used foreign policy conflagrations to divert and re-focus the attention of the electorate. Whereas George W. Bush profoundly destroyed the international order with the fraudulent 9/11 terrorist attacks and fake War on Terror, Obama has wreaked havoc internally with so many racial, gender, religious and other volatile social issues.  He is hardwired to drive wedge issues into and throughout the body politic in every way imaginable.  This is, after all, precisely what Manchurian Candidates are fabricated for.

Barack Obama: Manchurian Candidate, CIA Cutout, Or Both

Obama’s own lifestyle in Chicago is fraught with unseemly behavior which has prepared him for his reign of gender, racial, religious terror.  In fact the USA has been subjected to the tearing of the social fabric more with Obama’s presidency than all the previous ones together over the past 100 years.  Few can believe the degree of moral depravity and societal degeneracy which has occurred on his watch.  However, it was all perpetrated with the explicit intention to deceive and distract.

Truly, this is the real back story of the ever-devolving Obamanation.  It was pointed out by SOTN shortly after Obama’s first election that he fits the presidential profile of Herbert Hoover.  Hoover was also chosen by the banksters to ever-so-slowly destroy the American economy after the 1929 Stock Market Crash.  Hoover’s ill-advised actions and negligent inactions virtually guaranteed that the USA would be plunged into the Great Depression. And so it was, just as this country has slowly been ruined under Obama.  The banksters used the exact same playbook; however, instead of sacking Obama like they did Hoover after one term, they transformed him into an FDR à la Obamacare.

This is the essential plot of which Obama is the central player.  In this particular role he is the quintessential economic hit man.  Obamacare is the centerpiece of his demolition. His many other fiscal initiatives and negligence have functioned as various deadly forms of financial terrorism.  Most of these have been stealthily hidden from the public; however, a high integrity CBO analysis would reveal an unprecedented degree of fiscal legerdemain and budgetary manipulation.

There is only one reason why very few ever talk about the unparalleled national debt that is approaching $20 trillion: Obama has the whole nation talking about so many other highly divisive issues.  That is, of course, when they are not shell-shocked by the latest false flag mass shooting or bombing that are now authorized (by Obama) by the latest version of the NDAA.  Furthermore, anytime this nominal president really wants to change the conversation, all he has to do is hint at the possibility of an executive order having to with creeping gun control.

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense


‘Hope and Change’

Boy, did the country receive an extremely warped vision of “Hope and Change”.  Not only did he deceive the hardcore leftwing ultra-liberals, he also bamboozled many independent types who really bought into his well-rehearsed mumbo jumbo.  They failed to understand that he was actually selected based on his ability to BS practically everyone in sight … with a straight but still smirking face.

Really, think about it!  This is a Noble Peace Prize winner who literally goes out of his way in the middle of the 2nd Great Depression to start a civil war in the Ukraine during the middle of the Winter Olympics in order to rekindle the Cold War with Russia.  The same prize winner then devastates the nation of Syria with ISIS proxies and ISIL surrogates after devastating Libya and brutally assassinating their leader.

Yes, he has brought great “Hope” to the banskters who gave him the nearly $800 million campaign war chest to win his first election.  He has also fulfilled his promise by bringing the catastrophic “Change”, which has subsequently turned the USA into a full-blown Obamanation.  The world community of nations has watched in horror as the United States has been transformed into a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.  They have witnessed a traditionally Christian nation be degraded by so much amoral leadership and corrupt governance.  Most who live in foreign lands cannot even believe their eyes and ears, just as We the People have experienced an irreparable tearing of the social fabric.

Special Note:
It ought to be quite clear by now that a force has been let loose upon the land that is hellbent on the gayification of Western society.  This debauched force has been given the power to corrupt every sphere of life.  Not only have American TV and film been vitiated, the entire educational system and workplace have likewise been defiled.  Truly, the foisting of this homosexuality agenda upon the nation by way of the legalization of gay marriage and other LGBT initiatives has proven to be the greatest social cataclysm of the millennium.  Not only does the fate of the USA now hang in the balance because of it, so, too, does the future of humanity.  Yes, it is that serious and solemn a development which must be challenged before it is too late.


Unless the American people wake up to the song and dance routine employed by every American president since JFK, they will never be free.  The upcoming election is no different from any other; it’s just playing to a different audience, a different political demographic, if you will.  Where Obama has given practically everything the liberals every wanted (so they think), Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both promise to deliver handsomely to their respective and meticulously chosen constituencies.

Will the electorate wake up in time to see that Trump & Company have been surreptitiously used to appeal to the anger purposefully generated by Obama et al.?  Or will they remain in the deep slumber which only a hyper Consumer Society will always induce?

These are the real questions facing the American Republic today.   Even though many lost souls and deluded voters have yet to see beyond the smoke and mirrors, the truth is still just beyond the curtain.  Now, how many will deign to peek behind it?

Many diehard Republicans did break out of the control matrix during the reign of George W. Bush and have left the GOP plantation for good.  So, too, have many Democrats abandoned their party after nearly 8 calamitous years of Obama and a highly undemocratic and engineered Hillary nomination.  In this respect both parties have been seriously gutted just as the Roman Catholic Church was after the pedophilia scandal broke big.

Now it’s Donald Trump’s turn to go after the middle, and especially the Independents and Tea Partiers, the Libertarians and disenfranchised Democrats, as well as the true Conservatives.  He is also resonating with many angry voters who simply want revenge on the Obamabots.  This was all planned well in advance; for there are no accidents in American political theater.  The Donald emerged at the perfect time as the perfect antidote to the Obamanation.  However, many fans and devotees will be amazed to see just how much his real values match those with whom he aggressively challenges.


At the end of the day there will be very little difference between the current Obamanation and the prospective Trump Dominion.  Even if The Donald was not controlled by his handlers hidden way behind the scenes, this would still be the case.  That’s because there is a Master of Illusion who is behind this whole election charade, and only a very, very few are awake enough to really see it for what it is.  Unfortunately, all of us have to settle for what the self-destructive electorate ultimately votes for.  That is the true curse of a so-called democracy where an unaware and unenlightened, ill-informed and self-interested populace is hopelessly addicted to deception.

State of the Nation
May 16, 2016

Authors Note

That a fundamentally religious nation would allow itself to be cowed into the position of allowing its children to surgically change their sexual orientation strains incredulity.  That the same disillusioned taxpayers are then left with the medical bills is even crazier.  The LGBT agenda is clearly the most destructive on the planet today.  Not only is it the ultimate wedge issue(s), it serves as the most effective distraction, diversion and misdirection from all the things that are really going on under the radar … like the orchestrated downward spiraling economy.

Editor’s Note

The following excerpt from a previous essay introduces the notion that the true LGBT agenda is to essentially debase American society and corrupt the entire planetary civilization.  The reasons for this are many and varied as discussed in the preceding article.

Make no mistake about it: the LGBTTTT Agenda represents the single greatest political force on planet Earth today. The emergence of this perverted power occurred over decades by quite purposeful design. The whole USA has in fact been the victim of a fastidiously implemented social engineering experiment. While the LGBTTT Agenda has been painstakingly executed worldwide, its primary marketing machine finds its home throughout American society.

How did this happen so quickly under the tyranny of the Obama Administration? Quite easily, as Barack Obama himself was carefully prepared to finish the task of turning the United States into the most permissive and promiscuous society in the world. Obama was schooled and trained, brainwashed and mind-controlled to accomplish this particular goal. And so he has … to the chagrin of millions of Americans who are still shell-shocked by his societal blitzkrieg.
(Source: LGBTTTT AGENDA: Debasing American Society and Corrupting The Planetary Civilization)


[1] “Destined-to-fail Obamacare”

Obamacare: Ongoing Disaster With No End In Sight

Obamacare: Was the ACA a planned legislative disaster?

Obamacare: BIGGEST Legislative Disaster In US History

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