Obamacare: The Hidden Agenda

First they get your body; then they take your mind; then they grab your soul.

Scary stuff! Yeah, it can be, except when you’ve got their number.

Here it is:

1 – O B A – A M A – C A R E

Notice the AMA exchange. That’s because the overarching goal is to push every person in America into the Medical Model — bar none.

This goal is at the very heart of Obamacare.
Why, pray tell, is it so very important to them. And why in creation did the CJOTSC uphold an obviously unconstitutional law … while the rest of the conservative justices put on an act of feigned disapproval because of the apparent betrayal by their Chief?

Lots of good questions swirling around this Supreme Court decision of the millennium. However, every good answer must be understood within the context of the unspoken, covert agenda — to corral every US citizen into the Medical Model.

Do you really think Obamacare is going to bring down steadily escalating, and in some cases, skyrocketing healthcare costs … especially when the largest demographic group in US history is reaching their retirement years? Already the pampered and forever entitled baby boomers are straining the entire healthcare system like never before. Now we add millions of others to the insurance rolls who have never had X-rays or colonoscopies or MRIs or middle-aged vaccinations. In this way Obamacare will create countless new opportunities for the attending physicians (Primary Care docs, GPs, Internists) of America to make a dizzying number of unnecessary referrals to an array of specialists whose pricey consultations and expensive procedures will only add fuel to this healthcare cost bonfire.

But why such a push to enroll every uninsured American into such an unwieldy, inefficient and costly national health insurance program – one that will surely bankrupt the nation?!

First they get your body  

By moving everyone into the Medical Model they succeed in achieving one of the most important goals they could possibly accomplish on Obama’s watch. Just think for a moment about the millions of Americans who will be herded into the pharmaceutical-medical complex, whether they’re in genuine need of prescription drugs or not. Think of all the needless X-rays, mammograms, MRIs and Cat Scans that will be conducted whether they’re needed or not. Now, really think of all the toxic exposures to these highly invasive technologies, and then you’re getting closer to the real purpose of Obamamcare.

In case you didn’t know, Obamacare is known as “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”. We still wonder how inevitable enforcement actions by the IRS against the millions of poor, uninsured Americans is translated to “Affordable Care Act”? However, we’ll leave that question for another day.

Today, we simply want to cue you into the dynamic which will undoubtedly occur once millions of unsuspecting Americans are rounded up and pushed into the Obamacare Medical Model. With each and every annual physical exam the insured will be required to submit themselves to various diagnostic tests, vaccine schedules and treatment regimes which they would have never even considered had they not been forced into such an unconscionable healthcare program.

Remember, if they don’t follow through on one part of the program they will be gigged in another part of the program. And the older each participant gets, the more difficult it will be to avoid the annual overtures to be a good boy or good girl and simply do everything that is recommended by the doctor.

Is this what we mean by: “First they get your body.” You betcha!

It begins with one prescription. Then a second to treat the symptoms caused by the first. Then a third prescription is written to treat the symptoms caused by the interactions of the first two. And so on and so forth.

Then they take your mind.

After a few years of this routine, we all know what will eventually happen to the human body. We especially know what will eventually happen to the brain and the mind as the guinea pigs or rather patients are exposed to chemicals which will profoundly affect their minds. In the end these drugs will serve to undermine the integrity of the brain, weaken the mind, and diminish willpower making the individual much more open to the power of suggestion. Then, when sitting in front of the TV (also know as the greatest weapon of mass deception in human history) for hours, they will be even more susceptible to the mind control programming that is the very essence of so much TV content. They are called TV programs for VERY good reasons, aren’t they? This is what we mean by: “Then they take your mind.”

If you don’t believe this agenda, take a very close look at the treatment plans of those individuals who have gone postal over the past three or four decades. Behind every serial or mass killer, there is always a history of quite powerful psychoactive pharmaceutical drug use. Invariably, this is precisely how they take over their mind, because it is through these mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs that an individual can be programmed to carry out some nefarious deed*. How many more mass killings do we have to witness before we apprehend this signature MO of those who wish to sow seeds of fear and chaos throughout society?

*It is through the completely unpredictable, volatile and violent behavior of these Manchurian Candidates (altered personalities) that many souls slowly move over to the wrong side of this high stakes game. Which is why it is important to recognize such erratic behavior in family members, friends, co-workers, and other acquaintances. Especially when out in the public during these “interesting times”, it is critical to be fully present and aware of suspicious people and odd situations. As we’ve said, these are very high stakes when one’s very soul is at risk, aren’t they?

There are very good reasons why many prescription drugs have not been thoroughly tested before they are released for use by the general public. After all, they do know that all of these drugs have very serious side effects, of which some of the most adverse seriously derange the mind. Do you know of anyone who has gone mad or died lately from prescription drug use, particularly due to the interactions among multiple medications which can wreak havoc in the body? We all know how many deadly combinations there are when you throw another drug called alcohol into the mix, yes?

Then they grab your soul.

What do they really want? Your money, your body, your mind or your soul?

This whole scheme began many years ago when it was decided that the USA would become the Military Arm of the New World Order. In view of this extremely ambitious goal and ultimately successful plan, it was essential to grab all four of these from the participating citizenry, because doing so would function as an insurance policy against anyone trying to leave the reservation. You see, it has been made very, very difficult to leave this reservation given the way it has been set up. Now, with Obamacare, they have ensured that very few will ever leave it.

The execution of their plan does firmly rely upon the magic formula stated in the title of this article. This step-by-step approach has worked like a charm for many decades in the USA, and over many centuries for other empire nations which sought to do the same. In the case of the latter, of course, the ‘drugs’ took the form of other types of mind-altering substances and ‘programs’ which were appropriate to both the time and culture. Rome had their coliseums much like we have our football, basketball and baseball stadiums.

Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is always the same for the empire which is hellbent on maintaining its control over the populace and supremacy over the world in which it operates. The goal is to be able to herd the vast majority of the national population into a perpetual war consciousness so that the young can be stampeded into theaters of war whenever the old men decide to send the young boys off to a new battlefield. This can only be done with naked efficiency when those participating are devoid of conscience. How else can one be convinced to pick up a gun and kill innocents in a foreign land because of their skin color … or religious practice … or misunderstood culture and customs and language?

Truly, such a military juggernaut can only be constructed when enough individuals have been sufficiently deadened by those whose purpose it is to harvest souls to both support and fight their engineered wars of aggression. This natural progression of absconding with one’s body, then one’s mind and eventually one’s soul is achieved through a time-tested process of mind control that is coordinated at the highest level of every component of the mainstream media (MSM) and begins with each individual at the tenderest of ages. In this way no one escapes the clutches of what is essentially a global media initiative and worldwide educational program.  Fortunately, there are many advanced souls who are able to resist this relentless programming, no matter how strong or subtle it may be.

Obamacare bill was passed without having been read by most in Congress

How is it that such a landmark piece of legislation was not evaluated, or even read, by the great majority of the Congress?

What is hidden in this bill which ought to have been revealed during the appropriate legislative sessions?

Another hidden secret in Obamacare “RFID Chip Implants”

What else is being promoted by Obamacare? Perhaps the following physician commentary will shed further light on this purposeful and secret healthcare agenda.

Advice from a Physician: How to Avoid Obamacare

Let’s finish this exposé with the following two pieces.
The author discusses some alarming realities of what will always occur when the US Federal Government makes common cause with the Corporate Healthcare Complex.

Here’s a video entitled Bill Moyers: ‘Look Who’s Really Writing The Healthcare Bill – Big Pharma & The Insurance Lobby’
Upon viewing there will be no doubt about who really wrote Obama’s ‘Affordable Care Act’.

This post does not present a very pretty picture of Obamacare. However, please understand that, like all government bureaucracies and federal programs, once you understand “how the system works”, you can work it in your favor. Simply learn how to finesse it in such a way so as to meet your needs. And, to circumvent it when it is necessary to prevent the very same “system” from doing any harm to you or your family.

Herein lies the secret, now that this disastrous piece of legislation has been blessed by the Supreme Court. Work the system like we all have had to learn how to work every system that the US Government creates. Learn how to use the best that it has to offer in times of medical emergency … and how to avoid those parts of Obamacare which compromise health or undermine wellness.

Click on the chart to enlarge.

State of the Nation
August 12, 2012

There is perhaps no legislation in US history that will have such a catastrophic effect on the financial condition of small businesses throughout the country. Simply put, Obamacare will bankrupt more Mom & Pops within it’s first five years of enactment than went bust during the Great Depression. Why is this so?
Because the small business owner has been forced to bear a disproportionate amount of the real costs associated with Obamacare. The more employees, the more difficult it will be for small businesses to keep up with the ever-escalating health costs. This is truly an economic tragedy in the making which very few have foreseen.


What we haven’t talked about in this critique of Obamacare is the tremendous cost associated with its administration at federal, state and local levels, its inevitable and costly medical errors and mistakes, and its extremely wasteful and unnecessary way of dealing with national healthcare from a financial perspective.

Very few have sat down and really put the pencil to the paper in order to ferret out the true long term costs of Obamacare. Which is exactly why it was foisted on the Congress, as well as the American people.

Anyone who has taken a close look at the numbers has come to the conclusion that eventually Obamacare will substantially contribute to the bankruptcy of the USA. There is simply no other way to look at this extraordinarily expensive federal program than by way of the following picture.

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