Obamacare: Was the ACA a planned legislative disaster?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) wasn’t even read by most of Congress before it became law!

The ongoing Obamacare debacle has raised huge red flags across the political landscape. Everyone — Republican, Democrat and Independent — is talking (and fretting) about the profoundly flawed  Affordable Care Act because it adversely affects everyone.

The lead up to the passing of the ACA also holds many secrets which attest to why Obamacare should have never become law. Then there is this infamous quote by the House Speaker at the time of its passing: 

“But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it….”

— Spoken by Nancy Pelosi in March 2010 when she was Speaker of the House


Was Obamacare a planned train wreck?

Talk about an engineered train wreck.  You can’t make this stuff up!

Having become effective during the ongoing recession the ACA has served to further burden an already weary and financially broken middle class. The 48 million uninsured still remain basically uninsured because of the barriers to entry due to the extraordinarily dysfunctional website.  As of this late date, just over 100, 000 have enrolled in Obamacare.

As for businesses, both medium-sized and small, the obstacles are as logistically daunting as they are cost-prohibitive. Obamacare will end up bankrupting more small businesses than any other legislation in US history. Truly, the ACA will prove to be the most expensive piece of legislation enacted at perhaps the worst possible time — right in the middle of the deepest recession since the Great Depression.  

How does the government get away with imposing a fine on the poorest because they can’t afford to purchase Obamacare?

When the US Federal Government levies a fine against those in society who can’t even navigate the Obamacare website, much less successfully enroll, something is very wrong. VERY wrong!  Especially when the same folks are too indigent to pay for this costly health insurance coverage in the first place!

The inherent injustice of this profound legislative flaw really makes peoples’ blood boil. The longer this piece of the law stays in force, the longer it will serve as the fatal Achilles Heel of Obama and his administration. Potentially this aspect of Obamacare alone will bring down the entire Affordable Care Act … permanently.

When this is all over, everyone in the Obama Administration better have their catastrophic coverage in place because this unprecedented political, economic and social saga is not going to be a happy ending!  Charging the poorest, as well as the soon-to-be bankrupted middle class, an annual fine for not signing up for what amounts to unlawful legislation in the first place?!

The Tea Party is absolutely right on Obamacare

The confluence of so many negative co-factors and highly consequential outcomes associated with the implementation of Obamacare has the potential of transforming the USA into an Obamanation — one that is thoroughly broke, busted and disgusted.  This observation is not meant in any way to be satirical or humorous.  The more one looks at the far-reaching social costs and economically destructive aspects of the ACA, the more it becomes apparent that it MUST be repealed!

Just because the Republican (really the Tea Party types; not the RINOs) side of the fence is the one trumpeting the many weaknesses of this law, doesn’t mean that those deficiencies aren’t absolutely true. Unfortunately, the Democrat side of the aisle continues to politicize the whole matter so that the real systemic problems are never substantively addressed.

In fact Obamacare has so many systemic fatal flaws, inherent economic inefficiencies and pervasive procedural defects that the dangers have become quite evident, especially its implementation right in the midst of an intractable and deep recession.  If ever there was a time NOT to enact such an extremely unpopular law, this is it.  Therefore, many ask the question: Was this a planned social, economic and political cataclysm?


The HealthCare.gov WEBSITE is the elephant in the living room!

Everyone and their brother … and their sister … and their mother … and their father knew from the get-go that the Obamacare website was a total train wreck waiting to happen. And yet, they proceeded as though everything was okay. They knew it wasn’t okay, but worked triple time to convince the nation that all was well.

Instead of working overtime to fix HealthCare.gov, they spent all their time lobbying Congress and everyone else in site about the virtues of keeping to the implementation schedule.  It’s as though they wanted to make sure the train wreck happened at the right intersection.  Yes, they were that determined to make this disaster happen, and happen within a certain time frame?!

Why did the Obama Administration do their damndest to hide the obvious inadequacies of this law?

This strategy to obfuscate and obscure the realities of the ACA must be looked at very closely. Therein lies the true purpose behind this most complex, complicated and convoluted law.

That the Health Insurance Companies wrote much of the actual law to somehow fill their coffers is an obvious conclusion, particularly in view of the many canceled policies which are now being replaced with much more expensive contracts.  However, what appears to be the case is that there are motivations at work which exist far outside the normal context of unconscionable corporate enrichment.

The critical step in the analysis of why Obamacare was force-fed to the American people, and then designed to implode, will have to take place sooner than later.  That is, of course, if we are to avoid becoming an Obamanation!

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