Hillary Clinton Is Unlawfully Concealing Her Parkinson’s Disease

Hillary Takes Another 3-Day Drug Holiday Prior to 2nd Debate

State of the Nation

Candidate Clinton Is Forced to Take Frequent Departures from Campaign Trail Required for Intensive Administration of PD Medications (Levodopa)

If the second presidential debate revealed anything of great import about the fitness of Hillary R. Clinton to serve as POTUS, it is her advancing Parkinson’s Disease (PD).  The Internet is now full of highly authoritative accounts from qualified physicians who have identified many of the key symptoms of Ms. Clinton’s disease.  The following excellent videos provide the testimony of Dr. Ted Noel, which clearly delineates Mrs. Clinton’s most recent public challenges hiding her serious disease.

Hillary’s Parkinson’s Can’t Hide – Even at the Debate

Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s – Detailed Debate Analysis

We believe that Dr. Noel has committed himself to this type of expert analysis and commentary for the good of the nation.  As a retired medical doctor, he has seen numerous cases of Parkinson’s disease and is fully aware of its natural progression and potential to incapacitate its victims.  Therefore, he is basically warning the American people that Mrs. Clinton simply has no business running for president.

Vast Conspiracy at Work

There is only one way that Hillary Clinton has been able to effectively hide her worsening Parkinson’s disease.  She has methodically conspired with the following parties:

• Her whole family and many friends who have known of her serious debilitation
• Her attending physicians who possess all the medical history, lab work and     physiological data
• Her campaign staff … who all know
• The DNC leadership … which is completely aware
• The MSM (mainstream media) that has been briefed accordingly and cover it up
• The Obama Administration which employed her as Secretary of State
• Her major donors who would only contribute knowing her true health status

Only the Clinton Crime Family could enforce the silence of such a vast conspiracy.  Truly, the depth and breadth of this ongoing scheme is so great that it is obviously the product of a DEEP STATE black operation, where every co-conspirator operates on a strictly need-to-know basis and in a highly compartmentalized fashion.

Now that may sound like journalistic hyperbole to some, but when the following deliberate editing of the following video is considered, it is clear that the NBC video department is aware of Mrs. Clinton’s drug-induced eye movements symptomatic of PD patients. Otherwise, why would they be given orders from above to edit out the highly revealing eye activity.  The top tier of leadership of the entire MSM is totally aware of what they must do to keep Mrs. Clinton’s disease under wraps.

NBC Broadcast False Report From Hill Force One


Just how serious is Parkinson’s?

Any healthcare practitioner who has dealt with PD knows that it can be an extremely debilitating disease.  They also know that the various high-powered pharmaceutical drug regimens used to treat it have some quite serious side effects.  The combination of these adverse side effects with the advancing disease process make for a very difficult existence even for younger and healthier patients.

In the case of Mrs. Clinton, because of the enormous pressures under which she now functions, it is clear that she can have a complete meltdown at any time.  Quite poignantly, she recently had one of those breakdowns at the memorial service in New York City on September 11, 2016.  As follows:

Hillary Clinton FAINTS/COLLAPSES/SEIZES at Ground Zero in NYC on 9/11/16

Therefore, it can be stated with complete certainty that a PD patient has no right running for president, much less carrying out the responsibilities of the most challenging political office in the land.  As POTUS, Mrs. Clinton will be faced with overwhelming difficulties, especially during this extremely volatile and adversity-filled period of U.S. history.  How then can she even think about the daunting task of leading the USA through the Second Great Depression when she can no longer lead herself without considerable assistance and ever-present medical attention?!

Parkinson’s disease does just that: the individual can no longer fend for themselves during the more advanced stages.  This is exactly why Hillary has a mobile hospital (ambulance van) following her everywhere on the campaign trail.  This is also why she has a number of highly trained physicians and nurses, who have deep experience with PD patients, by her side and in attendance at every public and private event she attends.

Hillary’s Own VAN Ambulance


Inside View of Hillary’s Ambulance Van

Were the body politic to become aware that Mrs. Clinton has been suffering from PD since 2005, they would certainly abandon her candidacy in a New York minute.  That her personal physicians have been enabling her throughout this process smacks of gross medical malpractice.  Propping her up as they regularly have flies in the face of the Hippocratic Oath.  All of them should be stripped of their medical licenses post haste.

Hillary’s Doctor Should Be Stripped of Medical License, Violation of Oath & Medical ‘Laws’

Another Grave Medical Concern

Hillary’s own personal physician has diagnosed her with another serious medical ailment known as Subcortical vascular dementia.  Other medical doctors have pointed out her various presenting symptoms for Post-concussive syndrome.  However, it is the dementia which ought to give great concern for those who are trying to push Mrs. Clinton into the presidency (practically in a wheel chair).  The following reports offer much more insight into this rapidly developing medical condition:


In light of Mrs. Clinton’s serious medical conditions and highly compromised health, she has absolutely no business anywhere near the Oval Office.

Those who have perpetrated this ongoing fraud upon the American people need to be held to account.  Such a reckless charade, which puts a presidential aspirant at such great risk, is both dangerous and reprehensible.

The same involved characters have likewise put the American Republic in grave danger through the implementation of their narrow and self-serving agenda.  Each and every co-conspirator ought to be identified and arrested before they are successful with their criminal stratagem. Not to do so only further places the United States of America in a very precarious position.

State of the Nation
October 11, 2016



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