MSM Election Polls Completely Fraudulent, False Poll Data Will Be Used To Steal Election

‘Scientific’ Polling Process Can’t Be Trusted,
All MSM Polls Are Skewed To Favor Clinton
and Misrepresent Trump’s True Numbers


Bogus Pre-election Poll Results Will Be Reported by MSM to
Explain Away Clinton Victory via Cheating and Election Theft

State of the Nation

The Mainstream Media has lost all credibility.  There is no more truth in journalism; the facts are routinely ignored and replaced with falsehoods.

The Mainstream Media Has Become A Criminal Accomplice To Naked Campaign Fraud And Election Theft

Donald Trump wasted no time whatsoever dismantling the latest MSM plot to fix the post-debate poll squarely against him.


Here’s what they did.  And here’s how they did it

The MSM knew that Trump was going to come out swinging at the second debate.  They tricked him into playing nice during the first debate while both Hillary Clinton and Lester Holt skewered him mercilessly.

As a result, the Clinton campaign strategists and DNC debate analysts knew they were going to lose the second debate real bad, which they did.  Therefore, they understood that they had to do something very creative to prevent the post-debate polls from registering the landslide that was sure to follow.


The Conspiracy

First, all the main MSM news outlets conspired with each other to disseminate the now notorious tape of Trump’s locker room talk.  This was done just a few days before the debate in order to breed a lot of feigned hostility within the press corps.  The appointed press agents, in turn, greatly inflamed the whole fake scandal throughout the social networks.  They know just how to do this since they effectively control the main flow of information in and out of all the social network utilities. That’s why the C.I.A. set up Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and the like—to control situations just like the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

So, when the debate finally got underway, the paid-off moderators invoked all the jacked up anti-Trump sentiments on the Internet as a justification to spend the first 20 minute to half hour going over his crude talk on the tapes.  Practically a third of the night was spent on this fabricated event when the nation is slowly going bankrupt under Obama, and Clinton herself started an apocalyptic regional war in the Middle East that is now morphing into World War III (sometimes known as Armageddon).

Given all the crimes that have been committed by the Clinton Crime Family, this is how the moderators were told to spend their time.  Anything to take the attention away from Clinton’s Emailgate, Servergate, and Benghazigate.  That’s not to mention Travelgate, Whitewatergate, or Monica Lewinskygate.  Of course, not a single question was asked about the ever-burgeoning pay-to-play Clinton Foundationgate.  That one is the biggest of all—the outright selling of the office of the Secretary of State.

Truly, the MSM has become quite skilled and experienced at making mountains out of Trump’s molehills.  Hillary, in keeping with her namesake (she was supposedly named after Sir Edmund Hillary of Mount Everest fame) has been making HUGE mountains of messes over the course of her political career.  Those mountains must then be scaled by many others, as the whole nation has seen with the all-consuming Emailgate.  No, Congress is not happy at all with this continually obstructed investigation by Hillary Clinton.


Distraction, Diversion, Misdirection

These three ploys are forever being utilized by the Clinton campaign as it collaborates closely with the MSM and the DNC.  These three criminal syndicates coordinate all the latest media blitz and/or bombs so that they can get as much mileage as possible with each lie, each misleading story, each prevarication and equivocation.  They are all experts at using journalistic smoke and mirrors in order to keep the focus completely away from the ongoing Clinton crime spree.

DNC & MSM Collaboration Against Trump Shows Their Corrupt To The Core

There is no better way to do this than by constantly keeping the mainstream media preoccupied with false reports and fictitious accounts about The Donald.  They are particularly good at blowing up inconsequential events into earth-shattering news—MSM-style.  They have always done this, by the way, and were successful at sinking Mitt Romney’s ship four years ago.  He willingly went along with it, since he knew he was the selected loser, which he was, and is.

In this race, however, the stakes are so much higher.  Hence, expect that the ruling elites will give the green light to a major false flag terror attack … that will then be blamed on Donald Trump.  If they don’t attempt that, they will most assuredly try to pull off some crazy stunt, somewhere, that they will spin as a knock-out blow to Trump’s candidacy. Only in this way can they then say that Hillary has such a commanding lead that their election theft will be much less noticeable, and perhaps not worthy of being investigated.

MSM polls are all bogus, Exit polls are now an absolute necessity

In view of so much fake poll data that is systematically dumped into the public domain by the MSM, the American people are being gradually conditioned to believe that Clinton is really ahead in this race.  With each passing week the Clinton numbers increase by 5 or 10% which should put her with 175% of the populace by now.  Yes, their contrivance of poll numbers is that ridiculous.

2016 Election Being Rigged By The Hour, Polls Fraudulent, Clinton Popularity Grossly Exaggerated

These same fraudulent tactics were utilized during the democratic primary with much success.  Bernie Sanders’ loss was the direct result os so much fixing and rigging, manipulating and scheming.  That Sanders himself permitted all the fraud is the biggest scandal of all, particularly after he heartily endorsed Comrade Clinton for president.  Such a transparent betrayal of his once loyal will most assuredly push many voters over to Trump.

No, Bernie, your supporters will NOT support Hillary—EVER!

The only realistic way to prevent the Clinton Crime Family, DNC, MSM and Obama Administration from stealing this election is to conduct professional exit polls.  First, however, accurate pre-election polls must be implemented as a way of throwing a stake in the ground.  With that vital data, numerous exit polls must be conducted in all of the key swing states.

The bigger the metro area, the more these polls will be required.  For it is the election machinery in the “Chicagos” of the country where they always stuff  the ballot boxes.  It is also the electoral process in these same urban precincts that is vulnerable to most fraud. Big cities, by and large, are run by extremely corrupt Democratic mayors who rule their metropolitan empires like petty tyrants.  They literally get away with murder on a regular basis, so stealing an election with a swarm of illegal aliens casting votes is nothing to them. NOTHING!

BREXIT Referendum Highly Instructive

There is no question that there is a wave of nationalism washing over the entire planet. The globalists have been experiencing one setback after another.  The successful BREXIT referendum illustrates this intensifying phenomenon as well as any.  For it was in the UK that the British people took back their power from the totalitarian super-state known as the European Union.  Because of this growing momentum, the American people want to take their nation back from the NWO ruling cabal that has given it over to foreign powers.

No Matter What the MSM Reports, Europe Wants a Trump Presidency, Clinton Will Only Bring More War and Chaos to the Continent

The only reason why the BREMAIN side was not able to steal the vote was because the exit polls overwhelmingly indicated a BREXIT landslide.  Some close observers even stated that the true split was 70/30, according to the exit polls, both formal and informal.  The very red map (with the final statistical voting results) of England also seems to suggest that outcome. Many speculate that the final ‘official’ result was then fixed to roughly 52/48 in order to preserve the right for a re-count, or a re-vote or a re-consideration of the result as arch-globalist Tony Blair has called for.

Similarly everything points to a landslide vote in favor of Donald Trump.  The MSM polls are obviously fabricated as they are taken immediately after a new negative story comes out about him that is often manufactured out of thin air.  And yet the more the DNC and MSM conspire to rig the polling process against him, the more aware and angry the undecided voters (and previously disengaged) become.  There are now millions of voters who will now vote “Trump” only because of the unrelenting unfair treatment that he has received from the press.  Never in American political history has the electorate witnessed such an unwarranted public beating by the MSM.  And people do tend to back the underdog in the privacy of the voting booth.

Democratic Party Lying and Polling Fraud Unparalleled in Electoral History

Regardless of the artificially elevated poll numbers for Clinton, the whole world knows that Trump is on the right side of history.  The vast majority of U.S. citizens now reject open borders and unchecked immigration just like the Brits did with BREXIT.  They reject ultra-liberal tax and spend policies with the national debt approaching $20 trillion.  They especially reject the extraordinary influence of globalist money and power in the affairs of the USA.

Has Clinton Actually Won Anything—EVER? The Theft of Election 2016

For these and many other reasons Clinton can only win this election the way she has always won—by outright cheating through (i) MSM poll-taking fraud, (ii) primary and presidential debate-fixing, (iii) local electoral process rigging, and (iv) swing-state election theft. For the unaware, the BREMAIN side employed the exact same cheating tactics, and lost BIG TIME … with the forever-fake polls purportedly validating their fictitious victory!

BREXIT Rigged: Pre-Referendum Polls Skewed, Politicos Fear-mongered For BREMAIN


MSM poll-taking is now all completely fraudulent.  However, accurate polls serve a very legitimate purpose in the maintenance of a vibrant and democratic constitutional republic. Exit polls can be especially potent in preventing election theft and electoral fraud. Nevertheless, the real challenge in the event of a legitimate Donald Trump victory is how to respond to the Bolshevik tactics of the Left to sabotage it.  BREXIT underwent a similar campaign of subterfuge that continues to this very day.

NWO Globalists Working Overtime to Sabotage BREXIT Referendum Result

Donald Trump has taken on city hall both figuratively and literally.  Everyone knows that you cannot beat city hall.  Therefore, he will need the assistance of every able-bodied soul to prevent the Clintonistas from stealing this election.  There is no other way around it, and, even still, the Clinton Crime Family can likely manage such a flagrant theft in broad daylight.  They have done this their whole professional careers.  They’re good at it, just like any seasoned criminal becomes proficient at their craft after a whole lifetime of committing crime.  That sounds familiar!

State of the Nation
October 10, 2016

Author’s Note

If We the People do not prevent the theft of the upcoming election, it will be stolen.

Election Fraud Must Be Prevented In November, American Democracy Is At Stake

Trump Landslide Victory Predicted: Clinton Can Only Win By Stealing the Election — Democrat Voting Fraud Must Be Monitored!

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