NWO Globalists Working Overtime to Sabotage BREXIT Referendum Result

The $64,000 Question

Will Parliament override the will of the people and reverse the BREXIT outcome?

State of the Nation

© Cathal McNaughton / Reuters

Pro-remain campaigners call for mass protest at Houses of Parliament © Cathal McNaughton / Reuters

Clandestine Forces at Work to Overturn BREXIT Referendum

Special Note:
The BREXIT / BREMAIN rumors are flying in every direction so fast and so furiously that they require some sort of response.  That Cameron & Company purposefully staged a successful BREXIT in order to strengthen their hand with the EU (especially Germany) is quite inconceivable.  They knew that Merkel & Company would first request that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty be triggered before any negotiation whatsoever could take place.  Secondly, that Cameron secretly colluded with his good friend Boris Johnson is very plausible … and probably true. However, that the whole referendum idea is some part of a much more grand Zio-Neocon plot makes no sense whatsoever.  The Neocons Zionists always work toward the concentration of power over the collective (e.g. European Union) and Merkel is their top agent within the EU leadership.  There is no sane justification to dissolve what the globalists have worked so hard to fabricate. The EU edifice is the centerpiece of their New World Order and particularly their planned One World Government.  Lastly, there is the growing rumor that the BREXIT vote outcome was engineered very closely so that Parliament could harpoon the initiative at the end of the day. This could only happen after the citizenry was scared out of their wits by the free-fall collapse of the pound sterling (which is occurring in real time) as well as the tanking of the British economy.  Now that’s a very good possibility as the following discussion illustrates.

There is a LOT happening all over Great Britain that bespeaks of a possible sabotage of the BREXIT victory.  Or, at the very least, a co-opting of the victory by the globalists.

As a matter of fact, there is so much taking place that it appears to be a highly coordinated initiative that was planned out in advance to undermine a BREXIT win.  There has even been a petition, or two, already circulated by the BREMAIN side to demand another referendum.

The final vote tally grossly misrepresented … as in fixed

According to many MSM reports prior to the referendum, as well as the overwhelming trending taking place in favor of BREXIT, there is no question that the ‘official’ vote count was altered. This fixing of the vote tally was carried out in the interest of showing a much closer outcome.

There is ONLY one reason why the NWO neocon cabal would engineer such a result: to present the false appearance that the sentiments were almost even across the entire United Kingdom.  Of course, the region-by-region breakdown indicates a completely different result.  That Scotland and Northern Ireland and London were the primary bastions for BREMAIN.  And that the vast majority of the British people — exclusive of the City of London and its millions of immigrants — wanted out of the EU.

Here’s a map where red indicates “Leave” majorities and blue represents “Remain” majorities.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.44.26 PM

What’s the real point here?

First, that the NWO globalists knew that the BREXIT side was heading to an overwhelming victory.

Secondly, that they could not steal the vote because the sentiments, which bordered on revolutionary, were simply too numerous and too intense.

Thirdly, that by fabricating a fairly close vote, the BREXIT vote could be undermined in Parliament where it must be approved for a legitimate exit from the European Union to take place.

The referendum is non-binding

This is where things can get very sticky.  The BREXIT referendum win is in fact a legally non-binding exercise.  The outcome, however, does represent the very strong will of the people.  Nevertheless, Parliament can scuttle the BREXIT ship in a London heartbeat.  If they thought they could get away with it, they surely would.

Brexit Referendum is ‘non-binding’ meaning UK Parliament, not voters, will prevail

The crucial point is that Parliament has the power to avoid the issue altogether, as well as the authority to legally vote against BREXIT, effectively vacating the referendum results.

Divide and Conquer

It does appear from the various and sundry endeavors reported in the British media, that the BREMAIN side is working feverishly to overturn the BREXIT result.  It also appears that the NWO globalists are behind each of these initiatives which have popped up out of nowhere. Each day brings a louder chorus of voices looking to reverse the BREXIT victory.

This type of manufactured reaction is undoubtedly the handiwork of the financial elites in the City of London.  It’s what they do best, divide and rule … all day long, anywhere and everywhere they so desire.  The world is now witnessing the same MO being used on the British citizenry.


In all likelihood the globalists will attempt to work their Divide and Conquer magic by manipulating Parliament, drafting the Monarchy, using the London press, enlisting the corporate bigwigs, and anyone else in sight who can be used as an instrument to reverse BREXIT.

The mainstream media is now full of recent accounts which depict a very serious movement to overturn BREXIT.  Some of the different strategies are quite stealthy; others are in your face.  The overall plan is completely organized yet only known to but a few.  It is very similar in execution to a C.I.A. or MI6 black operation/psyop whereby each participant functions on a strictly need-to-know basis and within highly compartmentalized cells of operation.  No one knows what anyone else is doing, or who is really giving the orders.

With “Operation Undo Brexit” going full bore 24/7 across the United Kingdom, it would not take very long for the ruling elites to reverse the BREXIT outcome, if that is their objective.  Certainly they can accomplish this goal in short order, as they have done all over the world for centuries.


And it is a huge “HOWEVER”: If TPTB try to underhandedly reverse BREXIT, they will quite likely set off a full-blown civil war.  Surely they must know that.  The feelings are still so raw, and the emotions run so deep, that the very existence of the United Kingdom would be at stake should they attempt to thwart democracy in such a transparent manner.

Black Swan event has already occurred

The much more important point here is that the Black Swan moment has already occurred.  It has come and gone and cannot be reversed no matter what the NWO super controllers try to do. Once the genie has been let out of the bottle, it cannot be put back in. Especially the BREXIT genie. The world has already changed; the people of the planet have been liberated like never before.

Now exactly what is the NWO ruling cabal going to do next?

It’s like Prof Mark Blythe has asked in the following video:  How do the elites intend to defend their low-lying estates in the Hamptons?  Particularly those right on the beaches!

VIDEO:  BREXIT: “This is a revolt against the technocracy … the elites … the 1%”

What can they really do at this point?  Except take a long trip to their off-planet hideaways.

State of the Nation
June 26, 2016

Author’s Note

Any attempt to overturn the BREXIT  outcome is an outright assault on democracy as Great Britain has practiced it, and imposed it on other nations.  Let’s face it, if the BREMAIN side had won, there would be no talk at all about a re-vote.  No way, no how! Why then have the globalists seen to it that the result must be revisited and redone so as to fit their NWO scheme?

Brexit: Why is democracy accepted in the UK only when the globalists are happy with it decisions?

Editor’s Note

What follows are just a few of the news reports which document the various endeavors to reverse the BREXIT referendum outcome.

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