Election Fraud Must Be Prevented In November, American Democracy Is At Stake

Swing States: To Make America Great Again Prevent Election Fraud

“There is only one way to prevent the Clinton Crime Machine and Democratic Party from stealing this election. Because the party machinery effectively controls virtually all the urban voting precincts, it’s very easy for them to fix the election in the major cities of each state.  This is what the Democrats have always done, modeling the election thefts on the notorious city of Chicago’s Democratic vote-rigging MO.  They have so many loyal co-conspirators in the metropolitan areas (most of the mayors are Democrats) that the time is now to stand in our power, together, to prevent massive election fraud from taking place, particularly given the extremely vulnerable vote-by-mail ballot process.”

Nov 08 U.S. Election or U.S. Cabal Selection?

From Doreen
Gross fraud and corruption are being revealed socially, economically, environmentally, politically, and religiously not for us to feel stuck, hopeless or helpless. It is a SIGNAL to self empower, cooperate, and take wise action to set ourselves free.

Each of us has freewill to allow election fraud toselect’ the cabal’s U.S. presidential candidate, one world [governance-police-religion-currency, perpetual war for profit and population control], loss of rights [property-human-health] and freedom, or pull together and ‘elect’ the next U. S. President.

We have 3 months to coordinate a highly focused, well organized, peaceful, empowered solution, which is to prevent election fraud.

In other words, take back our life, our health, our children, our freedom, our wealth, and our country!

Learn From Brexit Exit Polling

One way to prove an outright theft is to contract for high integrity polls to be conducted by a truly independent and highly respected pollster. This voluminous amount of “good data” ought to serve as a basis to demand recounts in the most highly contested swing states.

The swings states where these polls should be conducted with great intensity are at the very minimum: Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Florida.

 These are the states where the Clinton election crime wave will wash over like a tsunami on November 8, 2016 to steal this election.  Republican lawyers and attorney poll monitors, as well as myriad citizen poll watchers, ought to be swarming around the most vulnerable polling places on that Tuesday.”

READ more and please go viral with a grassroots highly coordinated EXIT POLL solution https://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=44665

De-centralized Election Fraud Prevention

From Doreen

In you live in a swing state and are willing to commandeer an effort to prevent election fraud through exit polling, or if you know someone who is willing to lead, please proceed to initiate a peaceful grassroots movement in your county or state. 

Do Not Allow Others To Harm you

 By Paul Marco

Things have shifted for the control system. We are now in the phase where they must come out from behind the veil and take their overt position as our oppressors. Everything is in place to start a race war [or other disaster] that will end in martial law overseen by the UN. These plans are hidden in plain sight, the controllers don´t care if you know; they feel they have enough power to make it happen, no matter what you do. They are vulnerable outside of the veil, this may be our last chance to break free. http://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2016/07/16/cerns-awakening-the-dropping-of-the-veil-the-big-shift/

Together we are the power to prevent election fraud Nov 2016 and beyond, along with population control, and more.

We Need More Bandwidth

Did you know that China recently lost 1/3 of its crops to flooding? When this and other impacts that have been withheld, distorted, and buried by MSM hit the world, they will hit fast and hard. 

Thanks to DAB007 and his team for their world service!http://www.youtube.com/user/DAHBOO77

Please, spread the word, pull together, and cooperate, to take back our lives and freedom.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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