Team Obama Fires Up A Nationwide Race War

Will Obama Declare Martial Law
Before November 8th?

Will he also cancel the 2016 presidential election?


The Trump Campaign and Republican Convention
have been ongoing targets of orchestrated violence
and racial conflicts

State of the Nation


Everything Points to a Highly Engineered Summer from Hell
Where Government-Manufactured False Flag Terror Events,
Soros-funded Riots and Protests, and Agents Provocateur
Attack Trump Supporters and Destroy Property as a Pretext
for Obama to Declare Martial Law and Suspend the 2016
Presidential Elections.

2016 is certainly shaping up to be everything the political soothsayers have predicted … and much more. However, the key question on everyone’s mind is: Will Obama create so much chaos and mayhem, violence and carnage so as to attempt to justify the declaration of martial law? 

If so, will Obama then use such a declaration to suspend the 2016 presidential election? Quite incredibly, these two questions reign supreme throughout the alternative news realm and blogosphere.  People really believe that Barack Hussein Obama just might try to pull off such a reckless stunt, also known as a C.I.A.-coordinated coup d’état.

Obama’s unparalleled lawlessness and serial misconduct as POTUS has everyone on the edge of their seats.  He did promise “Hope & Change”, but delivered it in such a repugnant fashion that no one could have ever predicted.  Even the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves as they survey the degree of sheer destruction to the American Republic that has occurred during Obama’s nearly 8 years in office.

The wild and crazy ride that Obama has taken the whole nation on is such that anything now goes, anytime, anywhere.  This predicament has literally produced a form a cultural PTSD where folks are afraid to go to the mall, or the workplace, or the school, or the movie theatre.  This is because of what the most recent version of the NDAA has unlawfully permitted him to perpetrate against the American people.

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

Can the POTUS legally suspend elections?

The Internet is now awash with debate about whether the POTUS can suspend elections. The true answer to this question is that Obama has surreptitiously arrogated powers unto himself which permit him to cancel elections given the existence of certain circumstances. Both the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act have esoteric clauses hidden in them which allow the POTUS to do just about anything he wants to “IN THE INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY”.

Obama has already demonstrated his proclivity to do anything he damn well pleases, when he pleases, and how he pleases, irrespective of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or any Federal Statute that may stand in his way.

So , “YES!” Obama can and would certainly suspend the elections if his masters demanded that of him.  He would declare martial law without hesitation, if he felt it was politically expedient to do so.  Thwarting a Donald Trump victory is just one of those expediencies. There are others that are high on the minds of the leadership of the Democratic Party since the whole bunch of them is thicker than thieves.  The James B. Comey hearing showed just how completely lawless that entire party has become, as is the entire Criminal Justice System including law enforcement.

Trump’s Republican Nominating Convention

The critical period which now presents is from July 18-21, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Thus far everything points directly to a massive disruption campaign implemented by all the Trump haters and paid for by George Soros & Company.  These political miscreants and common criminals will stop at nothing to take down Trump and subvert the democratic process.  They really do not care about their unlawful methods and/or their scandalous appearance.  Most are paid hacks and henchmen anyway.

Upcoming Violence At The Conventions and Martial Law!

For these and other serious reasons it is imperative that the city of Cleveland be compelled by the residents of that city, as well as by all citizens of conscience, to be fully prepared to maintain order during the Republican Convention.  There has been a spate of authoritative articles on the Internet which have indicated that Cleveland is not adequately prepared. The greater concern, however, are those reports which have related a deliberate hands-off approach by the city, and especially by law enforcement. Not only is this municipal posture totally inappropriate, it is encouraging a disaster-in-the making.


Hillary’s delegates have every right to switch over to Bernie Sanders

Obama’s primary concern until the election is that Hillary Clinton be elected so as to ensure that his many war crimes and crimes against humanity are never prosecuted.  This overriding goal has triggered a hyper-eaction mode rarely, if ever, seen in U.S. political history. Not only is Obama unduly concerned with preserving his legacy, he is also looking to stay out of prison

Toward that end the outcome of the Democratic Convention is of great interest to him and his co-conspiratorial cronies. There has been much talk about the status of the delegates who are identified with Bernie Sanders.  There is also much speculation regarding Hillary’s delegates switching over to Bernie.  Particularly in light of Clinton’s never-ending Emailgate scandal does this possibility become a distinct possibility.  In the final analysis it has been determined that Hillary’s delegates can switch to Bernie right up to the time of the formal nominating process during the convention.

Bernie Sanders presidential ascendancy

The bottom line for Bernie Sanders is that he is still very much a serious presidential candidate. Not only that, he also has much better chances of winning the general election than Clinton does having so much serious baggage.  The July 7th Comey hearing in Congress has literally destroyed her credibility forever, both in the United States of America and throughout the world community of nations.  She is now notorious for being the most untrustworthy presidential candidate in American history … bar none!

This final point is quite noteworthy if for no other reason than Bernie Sanders could ultimately become the next POTUS.  Of course, so, too, can Donald Trump.  However, in either case, it represents VERY bad news for Obama as he exerts far less control over either Trump or Sanders.


Therefore, the real $64,000 question here is exactly what will Obama do.

Actually, the more important question is: What won’t Obama do?

Which brings US to the most important question of all:  What will the American people do to prevent Obama from improperly cancelling the election or declaring martial law in order to postpone — indefinitely — the electoral vote?

State of the Nation
July 8, 2016

Author’s Note

The following video goes a long way in deconstructing the plot of Obama’s unfolding race war across America.  It is told from the perspective of one who has an excellent vantage point of the whole battlefield.


Editor’s Note:

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