The Ferguson Saga: Another OBAMA ‘Production’ Designed To Distract, Divert And Deceive

Life has a way of creating the Perfect Storm at times which serves many purposes on many levels.  Kind of like an intensely dramatic Hollywood production that captures the imagination of the public, so much so that everyone’s talking about … and learning from it … and being imperceptibly influenced by it.

In Ferguson there is a confluence of circumstances — some manmade (manufactured by those with an agenda) and some created by the ‘Universe’ — which were just waiting for an opportunity to explode into what has now become labelled an … … … I N T E R N A T I O N A L   I N C I D E N T !

For example, St. Louis, Missouri is well known for its festering race relations, as well as some of its very dangerous parts of town like Ferguson*.  Being a major urban center with a large black population, it has suffered greatly throughout the current unrelenting economic recession.  Given the demographics according to the 2010 census data it is no surprise that Ferguson, a city located within St.Louis County, would blow up sooner that later.
*”The Northern part of St. Louis has actually been deemed by the French government as an unsafe place to visit“[1]


Obama desperately needed a HUGE distraction

At the risk of sounding cynical, President Obama was, is, and will be in dire need of several all-engrossing distractions for the remainder of his term.  Diverting the public’s attention has reached paramount importance for this Administration.  In Ferguson, he found it.  With his poll numbers tanking literally by the day, and a whole docket of scandals knocking on his door, this Administration had to change the national conversation … FAST!

How often throughout the history of this Republic has Congress — on both sides of the aisle — thrown around the IMPEACHMENT word as they have concerning Obama?

How many times has the Congress sued a constitutional lawyer President for what amounts to serial lawlessness, chronic abuse of presidential powers and habitual Executive Branch overreach?

The spate of scandals which have followed Obama has gotten to be so many and so burdensome that only a serious race riot could break the building tension in DC.  As usual for his Administration, however, they have only succeeded in throwing more fuel on the raging fire known as Ferguson.  By cynically seizing the opportunity to change the public discourse centered around Obama’s fitness to continue to serve, they have only succeeded in slowing down the forces that are gathering against him and his extremely incompetent and neglectful leadership.

Or, did they — Obama Productions —  themselves, actually manufacture this made-for-TV production: “Ferguson Race Riots 2014”?

The more one looks at the facts, which have slowly emerged through the haze of smoke and tear gas, one picture seems to come into sharp focus time and time again.  There are too many staged events which have permeated every day of this engineered protest.  Of course, all the usual suspects are involved right on cue – Sharpton (that would be Al), Jackson (Who doesn’t know Jesse), John (walked with MLK) Lewis, et al.

That’s not to say there isn’t a HUGE race relations problem in St Louie … as well as every other urban center in America.

However, the real issues here revolve around economics and finances, joblessness and unemployment, poverty and homelessness.  The life problems of every person in Ferguson has much more to do with day-to-day subsistence than any kind of race problems.  The demographics (see below) of the City of Ferguson already spells out the fact that it exists as an almost quasi black reservation.  As such, it is treated much differently than many other parts of St. Louis, especially the wealthy white parts.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 3.02.10 PM

Now this is basically the same case for every city across the nation.  Virtually every major urban area throughout the USA has been suffering economically since 2008.  The economies of Detroit and Chicago, Cleveland and Toledo, Greensboro and Winston-Salem, Los Angeles and Fresno are really hurting as are the minority and poor families that reside in those and other cities.  Notice we said “minority and poor families”, not black families.

Where Ferguson is over 67% black, you can be sure there are many poor white families in the same neighborhood who are also hurting just as badly.  Herein lies the core issue, especially for the Obama Administration.  All the appointed Czars know that Obama has completely fallen down on the job … by not providing jobs for those in the lower socio-economic bracket.  The vast majority of folks have simply stopped looking for legitimate employment and are now resigned to traditional welfare, food stamps, free cell phones, IRS-enforced Obamacare and lot of other free goodies.

This picnic, however, cannot last, and may be about to end sooner than later.  Obama’s best financial engineers and major campaign contributors know exactly the date and the time that their Pyramid-Ponzi scheme will fall like the house of cards that it is.  When it does, they must be prepared, or else they risk a reprise of the French Revolution on US soil.  No, that wouldn’t be a very pretty picture. Especially with the pervasion of the digitally connected society, it is quite easy to identify — and locate — anyone who is a part of the 1%.

That’s what this is really all about.  At the very peak of the financial and economic pyramid in this country, and abroad, reside the characters who stand to gain the most from the current political-economic paradigm.  As well as the maintenance of the status quo and the existing regime.

They also stand to lose the most should the revelations saturating the alternative news realm ever bleed through to the Mainstream Media (MSM).  Since they own the MSM, it’s apparent this can never happen, except by some purposeful design by a Higher Power.  Nevertheless, these same bad actors cannot control the Twitters and Facebook pages, Instagrams and YouTube uploads they way they used to control the MSM.  The Internet Age has, in fact, changed the game for every player.


Obama has transformed a class conflict into a racial conflict; Divide and rule is the purpose

What is most amazing about about the Obama Administration MO is its broad acceptance by the liberals and progressives, leftists and socialists, many of whom really do care about the poor and downtrodden.  Yet, here they have their standard-bearer doing absolutely nothing for his own kind for going on 6 years now.  Every black Congressperson in DC will tell you in private that Obamas policies (and nonexistent policies) have proven to be the biggest economic disaster for the black person since slavery.

And that’s for real.  The only reason they continues to support an Uncle Tom is that they, too,  are now culpable in the annual impoverishment of black communities everywhere, because they never held Obama’s feet to the fire to produce results.  Hence, there are now black communities all over the place with NO hope in sight.  Now you see the real picture.  It’s not a pretty one and will only get uglier as this Administration continues down the road of intractable denial, unparalleled irresponsibility and transparent political expediency.

Whether it was Ferguson MO or Stockton CA, Mobile or Birmingham AL, this classic Hegelian Dialectic ploy was going to be run on the people — black people — somewhere, one way or another.  The powers that be (TPTB) know full well that racial and religious differences can be easily exploited to their benefit whenever necessary.  In the Middle East, it’s religion; here in the ole USA, race is their choice of weapons to divide and conquer.

As an example, the reader is encouraged to take some time and review every other racial conflagration that has blown up on Obama’s watch.  A close review will reveal an obvious pattern of using racial conflicts as an immediate distraction and/or diversion from or to other big headaches that this president has caused in every single state.  No other game in town captures the attention of the American public like the race card does, and for very good reason as we shall soon see.

The ‘Universe’ is also having its way with the highly revelatory and ongoing event known as Ferguson.

As previously stated, we, the US, has a very serious race problem that is always simmering and ready to boil over.  These perennially pent up feelings and raw emotions must be expressed from time to time, and Ferguson is as good as any place, just as 2014 is as good as any other time.  Do you ever notice how the Dog Days of Summer often bring out this kind of thing?  It hotter than Hades, especially in the heartland, and tempers are already flaring.  Schools out, so many are idle and without gainful employment during this Depression.  Many parents are still supporting their adult children way beyond the traditional age.  Alcohol and drugs are the preferred go-to outlets more than ever.  And the rich just keep gettin’ richer, while the poor get poorer.

You can almost see the circumstantial re-creation of Paul Robeson singing Ol’ Man River right there on the Mississippi, only this time up in St Louie.

If you haven’t watched this video clip, it is a real classic and very instructive for every one of us – black and white, yellow and red. That’s because the American game of Monopoly is now set up so that we all are playing at a distinct disadvantage vis-a-vis those who rule the realm. Those corporate profiteers and business magnates, vulture capitalists and legal jackals have rigged the game so that normal, everyday people can only rise so high financially, politically and socially.

By any reading of the alternative news realm, it ought to be clear that the time is nigh for a monetary meltdown, fiscal collapse, economic armageddon and/or financial apocalypse.   What can possibly be expected to happen to the common man in the wake of any of these potential and grave outcomes.  TPTB are now at the place of doing whatever they want to do irrespective of law or ethics.  And, not doing whatever they don’t want to do regardless of law or statute, rule or regulation.

Staged Police Brutality Hits The Mark … Every Time

This ever-worsening predicament will continue to spiral downward until the people take back their power from the institutions and systems, governments and corporations which have taken it from them.  As a way of both pre-empting any attempts by the people to do this, they (TPTB) feel compelled to stage a little show every now and then in order to show you, US, we, who’s boss.  This latest production in Ferguson has been written in Hollywood; rather in the other Hollywood – Washington DC — in order to short-circuit any genuine attempts by the citizenry to put the Federal Government in check, and in its proper place.

To wit, it is now much easier to see the various components of this very purposeful psyop cooked up in the West Wing.  Black operations like this undergo years of preparation as the following article demonstrates.  It takes a lot of time and energy to produce red flags in the form of agent provocateurs, to stir up the local populace with isolated instances of race-baiting, and of course to finish the task of complete militarization of law enforcement.

2 Years Before Ferguson: Tanks and Heavily Armored Personnel Carriers Roll Through NORTH St Louis


The title of this article should not mislead the reader into believing that every part of this racial drama was fabricated by the political, security and law enforcement minions of the power structure.  Yes, there are very real racial tensions in Ferguson; have been for a long time … just waiting to be exploited at the right time for the right purpose.  Likewise, police brutality has been increasing by the day — everywhere across the nation — as has the ongoing militarization of law enforcement at every level.   These and other evolving circumstances are always present in our post-modern society, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t manipulated to bring about a desired result, as they have been in Ferguson.

In some circles it’s known as social engineering to divert; in others it is understood as stoking racial tensions to distract; and yet in others quarters it’s recognized as outright political manipulation in order to deceive the public.  All three of these techniques have been utilized with great stealth as they converge in Ferguson in more ways than we have delineated here. Perhaps the reader can ferret out other agendas which have sprouted in that small city just north of St. Louis proper.  You may want to leave the product of your sleuthing in the comments section, so that we all can benefit from this rapidly unfolding Race-Baiting Drama of the Year.

Michael Thomas
August 20, 2014


[1] French warned travelers to avoid Ferguson area


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