Bernie Sanders To Endorse Hillary On Tuesday

Lynnwood, WA
July 8, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Looks like I correctly predicted Senator Sanders would succumb to the intense
political pressure and endorse Mrs. Clinton.

According to the New York Times, this will happen on Tuesday in New Hampshire.

Ascribing his decision based on the need to oppose Trump shows a true lack of courage
and high level of mendacity on his part.

I think Stephan Lendman dislikes Sanders even more than I do………which is a lot!

I knew for sure this was coming when his followers refused to invite Jill Stein to the “People’s Summit” in Chicago a few weeks ago. Those who dreamed, Sanders would take the high road and repudiate Clinton by hooking up with Stein as his VP on a Green ticket are now clear it ain’t gonna happen!

Sadly, our politics has deteriorated to a very low level. As Paul Craig Roberts writes, the Democratic Party “has chosen a criminal as its presidential candidate!”  

With the growing prospects for war with Russia increasing on almost a daily basis, matters
of such great urgency are ignored in the campaign while we are distracted by the growing
chaos here at home.

Those hoping for a powerful third-party movement to emerge in response to the deeply
flawed candidates of the major parties may yet prevail. But prospects for progress in
any area of public life is currently quite bleak.

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