Obama Inquisition: Stokes The Flames Of Racism Through Proxies And MSM

Oprah Winfrey: Self-Appointed Grand Inquisitor for the Obama Adminstration

There are no excuses for the hundreds of years of racism which have tainted these United States of America. No explanations whatsoever can erase this societal stain which continues to sully the body politic. However, the nation as a whole has come a long way. And, it continues to make great strides in overcoming this collective character flaw throughout the new millennium.

With that said, there is a very destructive political dynamic which has been used with great effect by the Obama Administration. Rather than address the root causes of racism throughout the country, they have seized upon isolated incidents which actually stoke the flames of racism.

Obama’s very public self insertion and skewed interpretation of the Trayvon Martin affair is a perfect example. Not only did he misrepresent a very unfortunate murder for purely political ends, his Justice Department has exceeded their authority in their attempts to further to prosecute George Zimmerman. In the process Obama has trampled on Florida law and incited hatred within the state and against the state, which previously did not exist.

Many other loud voices in the black community also weighed in on the Trayvon Martin debacle. Everyone form Al Sharpton to Jesse Jackson, from Stevie Wonder to Harry Belafonte, called for a boycott of the State of Florida because of the appropriate administration of justice which took place.  All the while Attorney General Eric Holder continues to relentlessly issue threats against Zimmerman in spite of lacking any jurisdiction to do so.

An Intensifying Pattern of both Racism and Reverse Racism

This developing and furtive policy of the Obama Administration to exploit long festering wounds around racism has become profoundly destructive. Given the stark polarization of the nation, one wonders if Obama is attempting to create his own version of the Civil War. His many own comparisons to Abraham Lincoln now give serious reason to be concerned about the legacy he truly wants to leave behind.

What is quite disturbing about this ‘president’ is that he demonstrates an unusual willingness to throw anyone under the bus who hurts his cause. Friend or foe, family member or minister, if you present a political obstacle to this Administration, consider yourself under the bus. This is where those who even appear to have engaged in racist behavior are dogged by Obama and his shills throughout the media.

Using the highly pejorative and emotionally charged label — RACIST — has become the number one way of stifling his political opponents and naysayers.  It is now the case that anyone who justifiably criticizes this president is vulnerable to such a slur.  Once such an accusation is lodged on the internet the negative label sticks to the individual practically forever.

Is this the new normal for the Obama Administration?  To neutralize all dissent by using these thoroughly reprehensible and provocative persecutions.  Anyone who now criticizes Obama is now forewarned that they are racist for doing so?  Is this the deplorable strategy, born out of desperation, to save a sinking presidency?  Not on our watch!  

Is there another purpose behind this ongoing smear campaign?

Not in modern American history has the nation seen a president do so little for his own people, and then stoke the flames of racism as a political maneuver to absolve himself from his genuine indifference. His abiding apathy toward the plight of so many unemployed within the black population nationwide is quite shocking.

That joblessness throughout black communities everywhere is not addressed and even worsened by Obama’s policies appears to be the real reason for his deliberate inflaming of racial hatreds. This form of political over-compensation is disturbingly unacceptable. And it must be stopped.

Enter Oprah Winfrey, The New Doyenne Of Racial Correctness

As fate would have it, the confluence of two personal circumstances in the life of Oprah Winfrey have catapulted her into the catbird seat of the Grand Inquisitor for all things race related. First, she has a movie out which she has aggressively been promoting. Everyone knows what happens when you mix unbridled movie promotion with a social cause like civil rights and racism. Oprah’s dustup in the high fashion Swiss luxury store was her first attempt at free publicity … and it worked like a charm.

Secondly, Oprah has experienced a loss of audience ever since she left the major networks. That has translated to a significant loss of attention by her fans which she enjoyed for many years. The contraction of her businesses has likewise contributed to unprecedented financial pressure which Oprah is not used too.

What all this adds up to is a woman addicted to attention craving even more. Especially if it assists in the promotion of her business enterprises and easing of her cash flow. Cynical, no! An account of her new normal which has allowed her to justify all the race-baiting and race hating, yes! Oprah Winfrey has really crossed the line with her global tirade against those who rightfully criticize her political partner in crime, Barack Obama.

Honestly, how does Oprah go from being the “TV Therapist of the Century” to “Race Baiter of the New Millennium” trying to start the 2nd Civil War?! And, attempting to do so by labeling true patriots who have legitimate gripes against a pathologically lying president? This global political soap opera may only get worse depending on how seriously Obamacare continues to unravel the nation.  The “Matron of Dysfunction” of the last century may yet again morph into the “Tomas de Torquemada” of the 21st century should the Obama strategy of  race baiting continue to escalate.

The Mainstream Media does not miss an opportunity to further incite the racial differences

The Obama Administration, their legion Obamabots, and the countless shills and transparent hacks thoughout the mainstream media (MSM) have clearly adopted a calculated and deliberate game plan which includes this obvious misdirection toward and stoking of racial tensions. Unfortunately, this scheme has a profoundly nefarious political purpose. Not only is it meant to distract from the disastrous implementation of the catastrophic Obamacare law, it is also designed to divert everyone’s attention from a complete lack of will and effort to address the continuing collapse of the nation’s economy.

The MSM has shown a willingness to jump on to this race-baiting bandwagon at every turn. To a great degree, this is because of how complicit they are in all of the coverups and controversies, shortcomings and flaws of this failed president and his extremely incompetent administration. Many have observed that the MSM has never shown such a zeal to misrepresent (and coverup) the ongoing neglect, wanton fecklessness and outright malfeasance of the Obama White House. To say that the MSM has carried more water for this president than all who have come before him would be a gross understatement.

How did we get to this low point?  Do they really want to start a race war?

Obama has an extraordinary talent at focusing on the perfectly wrong things at the perfectly wrong times. This pattern flows from his unwillingness and perhaps inability to take any criticism, as well as his pursuit of a VERY hidden agenda. That agenda is manifesting — day by day — as the USA continues to degenerate into a state of despair and hopelessness not seen since World war II.

The extraordinary initiative taken to pass the inherently flawed Affordable Care Act during the most severe recession since the Great Depression is a perfect example of his terrible, yet purposeful, timing. So is the rest of his legislative agenda for the remainder of his second term. Pushing an equally flawed immigration proposal right in the midst of the destruction of America’s middle class is both wrongheaded and ill-advised. And yet everyone knows exactly what direction he will go in — MISDIRECTION 24/7.

Throwing out flames of racial incitement is undoubtedly the lowest point of this administration. Unfortutanely, because of how dumbed down much of the citizenry has become, very few really get it. Unless more wake up to the OBAMA divide and conquer MO, this nation will continue to suffer greatly under the weight of such ignorant and arrogant leadership.

Is President Obama an Uncle Tom or a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

In reality President Obama has become the quintessential Uncle Tom.  He has curried favor with so many in the white establishment that he goes out of his way NOT to advance the genuine causes of the poor and dispossessed, jobless and disadvantaged, homeless and imprisoned.  Truly, the minority populations in America have suffered greatly under his stewardship.

Blacks and middle class whites,  Hispanics and Asian Rim immigrants have all been ruined financially because of this president’s refusal to formulate sound economic policy.  The Congressional Black Caucus routinely questions and berates Obama for the lack of sanity in his proposed legislation, as well as so much non-existent yet direly needed programs for their constituents.

Many in the black church communities have even wondered out loud why the president has so enthusiastically embraced the causes of abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, and gun control when there are other much more pressing life and death issues in every major city of the country.  They continually ask: “What is he thinking?”   The more appropriate question is: “Who exactly is doing his thinking for him?” And, why have they foisted such an un-American agenda on the nation?!


President Obama, his Administration, the Democratic Party and his many supporters have used the race card time and again to squelch any and all opposition to his agenda. They have repeatedly used this repugnant tactic with great success. It’s time for the people to take a strong stand against this virulent form of demagoguery.

When a sitting president and his proxies and surrogates so loosely throw around the word racist, they also allow the true racists among us to sow seeds of discontent. This is a very volatile and dangerous situation that is being insidiously created for political gain. If permitted to continue by people of good will, the USA society will further deteriorate at a time when unity and harmony are needed more than ever.

The MSM has played a major role in the development of this national tragedy. It helps sell their newspapers at a time when most won’t even use them to line litter boxes. Nevertheless, should the MSM persist in shamelessly serving the Obama Administration in this sordid way, the body politic can take much satisfaction in knowing that their loss of credibility will only accelerate the demise of the newspaper business. The New York Times, especially, deserves to take the fall like no other newspaper of record in modern history.

New York Times’ Obama cheerleading harms the nation

Michael Thomas
State of the Nation
November 20, 2013

Author’s Note:
For many years the author often voted for Democratic candidates.
Since the election of 2008, that will never happen again.
Watching Obama and his Democrats stoke the flames of racism
is simply too much too bear … and excuse.
Their penchant to vilify the Tea Party for raising necessary
objections to flawed Obama policy has been equally horrifying.
Nothing captures the essence of what this administration is
willing to do like their conduct during the last election cycle.
Their “trash and burn” tactics used against Mitt Romney will go
down in history as the ugliest election in US history. That Obama
would go after Romney so unabashedly for not making public his
tax returns, when he has never even shown the country his original
birth certificate goes so far beyond the pale as to be insufferable.


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