Is Donald Trump A Closeted NeoCon?

The Donald Just Showed His Trump Cards …
… And They Don’t Bode Well For The American People


Sorry, but no politician can express such strong allegiance
to Israel and still be loyal to the interests of the USA

Oy Vey? Zionist Capo Sheldon Adelson summons Trump for ‘private meeting’ on Israel

State of the Nation

Let’s be real … very, VERY real about Donald Trump.

This past week is perhaps the most revealing about who he really serves.  Unless he is doing a double-dealing double cross … which is entirely possible with him.  After all, he’s an incorrigible Gemini.

This article intends to present evidence that The Donald may not be the candidate that he presents himself to be …  unless, of course, he is doing his own extremely dangerous and risky con.

Qualification: SOTN neither supports nor opposes Donald Trump for president.  On the other hand SOTN vehemently opposes every other candidate who has declared their presidential aspirations without exception.

Make no mistake about it, Trump has said and done things in the past seven days which have revealed a side of him that is extremely concerning.

We will simply present the indisputable testimony from his own mouth, and press releases, and the reader can be the judge.

First, please view the following video which captured his recent defining talk to the infamous AIPAC.  This is followed by two articles regarding his prospective appointments. Each of these reports conveys one very important point: that Donald Trump has some hard-core serious neocons on his personnel list.  These folks are of the very same ilk as those characters who populated the W. Bush’s Administration, as well as Jeb Bush’s foreign policy team while he pretended to be a candidate.

VIDEO: Donald Trump Addresses AIPAC On March 21, 2016

For any Trump supporter who understands the overweening influence of Israel in American politics, the preceding video presents extremely bad news.  This single development is NOT good at all, as in totally disastrous.  If the reader fails to understand the all-important “Israel problem”, then please watch the entire video.

The articles below present the key neoconservative-linked individuals that Trump has identified for some key advisory roles.  They are distinguished because of their previous neocon associations and what they telegraph about a potential Trump Administration.

Touting Isolationism, Trump Employs a String of Neoconservative Advisors

Trump Announces Foreign Policy Team

No matter how you look at it, these announcements are fraught with several reasons to seriously doubt Trump’s true foreign policy goals and future implementation plans.

Two gambling kingpins side by side

Two gambling kingpins side by side

You Cannot Be An Anti-Neocon And Then Hire Them … Like Obama Did

There is no disputing that Donald Trump’s work history has made him some very rich and powerful friends … much more wealthy and powerful than him in fact.  When you look up the flagpole of the plutocratic oligarchy that really does run the USA, as well as the whole world — at a certain level — Trump knows them all.  He has dealt with many of them throughout his career, especially in the Manhattan and Palm Beach real estate markets.

The following article must be viewed for the photos, as they capture some critical relationships which just don’t appear out of nowhere, just as they certainly don’t inexplicably disappear during a presidential run.

Circumstantial evidence deep and wide that Michael Bloomberg is a 9/11 Mafia Kingpin?

As everyone knows, anyone who has ever joined the club — the one that George Carlin warned us all about — never leaves it except on pain of death and/or personal destruction.  You just don’t leave that reservation—EVER!

Was George Carlin Murdered Because Of This Historic Performance?

Then there is the Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani problem

Anyone who watched any of the debates that Chris Christie was in knows that he is a purebred Republican statist and corporatist RINO.  He is the poster child for the deep national security state pushing for every form of spying and surveillance 24/7 and without constraints.  Christie’s debate screeds were as scary as any ever televised on prime time.

How does his endorsement and very probable prominent configuration in a Trump Administration jive with Trump’s promise to restore constitutional compliance, etc.?  It doesn’t … because it can’t be reconciled.

For Chris Christie and Donald Trump, Ties Go Back Years

Then there is Trump’s recent consultation with Rudy Giuliani as he builds his “political kitchen cabinet”.  Who in the 9/11 truth movement is not aware that Giuliani was the NYC “power point player of central contact” for locking down Manhattan during the false flag terror attacks on September 11, 2001!

Without Giuliani pulling all the right levers of power at the right time prior to 9/11, as well as pushing all the right buttons during the 9/11 attacks, as well as pulling all the perfect strings after 9/11, the government-coordinated attacks would not have even taken place.  Do you get how integral a role NYC Major Giuliani played throughout the entire 9/11 black operation?!

Donald Trump consults with Rudy Giuliani as he builds political kitchen cabinet

9/11 is another HUGE problem for Trump

If Donald Trump is well known for one assertion regarding 9/11, it is his unshakeable false understanding that Islamic terrorists from the Middle East were really responsible for executing the 9/11 attacks.  He has strongly and repeatedly expressed this ridiculous belief. It appears as though he will be used to get the whole world ready for the official announcement that ‘the Saudis really did it’.  Obviously that is only a half truth, but  misdirection nonetheless in order to deflect blame away from Israel.

Donald Trump on 9/11: “You Will Find Out Who Really Knocked Down The World Trade Center”

Donald Trump Now Has Two HUGE Problems 

Trump blames Bill Clinton for 9/11

Trump’s Israel Problem

Trump’s biggest problem of all is his apparent love affair with Israel.  In this respect he may even be considered the ultimate Manchurian Candidate.  We’re talking about the quintessential con artist who has been groomed over many decades to perform during the planned Armageddon.  One thing is certain and that is that if he does have a crucial role in the upcoming Apocalypse then there is simply no stopping him, except through a truly biblical deus-ex-machina type of event.

His pandering to Israel and Prime Minster Netanyahu is particularly disconcerting.  Quite frankly, anyone who would ever take the time and energy to offer such a glowing endorsement for a criminally insane, psychopathic war criminal is profoundly suspect.  To provide his unconditional support for Israel in light its never-ending war crimes is not right and cannot be explained away  … by anyone.  Crimes against humanity are crimes against humanity, just as the USA military often perpetrates. Trump has frequently offered his unqualified support to the Modern State of Israel throughout his career which now has come back to haunt him—Big Time!

Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu


Does Donald Trump also have a Mafia problem?

The Hidden Powers and Dubious Money Behind Donald Trump

The bottom line here is that:

Donald Trump Is In Serious Trouble…
…If He Really Is His Own Man


Look it, there are a lot of links in this post that contain some exceedingly radioactive info about The Donald.  IT CANNOT BE IGNORED … especially by those who support him because they feel he is going to tear down the whole bloody system.

The realities delineated in this article are far too grave not to seriously consider and contemplate very deeply.  Not to do so will potentially set up this nation for a catastrophe much more deadly and destructive than the incomparable tyrant Barack Hussein Obama.

Therefore, this Part I in a series of three articles on the “TRUMP REALITY CHECK” will serve as the basis for a narrative that is being written as the current campaign season unfolds.  The true back story can only be hidden for so long as the two main parties near the nominating conventions.  What exactly the true plot and storyline are is quite likely to shock even the most skeptical and cynical among US.

State of the Nation
March 23, 2016

Editor’s Note

There are many who will say that this exposé is a hit piece.  IT IS NOT.  It is a reality check. Therefore, before you comment, please read and review the supplemental content linked all over this post.  Much of that content is directly from Donald Trump himself.   Hence, it cannot be disputed or spun with any degree of integrity.

As the author wrote, SOTN is neither for nor against Donald Trump, for very specific reasons.  Nevertheless, the U.S. electorate must become aware of the distinct possibility that there is a very complex and convoluted con game being run on them.  Why would anyone not want to know this, IF IT IS TRUE!

Author’s Note

The author has a younger brother who is very active in the Palm Beach, Florida real estate development market.  As a builder of high end homes, he once hosted Donald Trump at his flagship home to show off his building expertise, as requested by the The Apprentice showman.  At the end of the conversation, wherein Trump was apparently impressed with both the expert workmanship and high quality building materials, The Donald made the following inquiry.

Trump asked if “younger brother” would be willing to do all of his work for Trump for free and at absolutely no charge.  In this way the free work would serve as a great accomplishment on his resumé for the rest of his career as a South Florida developer.

Now we all know that it takes a really good conman to out-con another REALLY good con, especially if they’re of the neocon persuasion.  Just a thought.

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