Donald Trump Is In Serious Trouble…

…If He Really Is His Own Man

Donald Trump will soon reach a critical fork in the road to the GOP nomination, unless he crashes and burns first

State of the Nation


All presidential candidates eventually take the very same unavoidable road to their party nomination — bar none.

SOTN Editor’s Note:
Everyone here at SOTN wishes Donald Trump well and good political fortune.  His truly revolutionary candidacy has been a breath of fresh air for the body politic.  Although we don’t always agree with his foreign policy pronouncements, especially toward the Middle East, he seems to be evolving in the right direction.  The invitation Candidate Trump received from the Mayor of Yalta in the Crimea was also quite favorable.  So are his genuine and constructive overtures toward collaboration that he extended to President Vladimir Putin.

Trump Endorses Putin’s Bombing Of ISIS

‘Extraordinary person’ Donald Trump invited to visit Crimea – as US president

Regardless of what the future holds for The Donald, he will always be an American hero for the courage displayed as delineated below.  With the notable exception of Ron Paul, no other presidential candidate has ever displayed so much raw courage.  Trump has also exposed the underbelly of the American electoral process as no other candidate in U.S. history.  In this regard alone he has already been wildly successful and can exit the race at any time with great satisfaction.  Winning the presidency may not be in his destiny; educating and enlightened the electorate may be his much more important mission.

DONALD TRUMP has the courage of his convictions and speaks truth to power as no other candidate in U.S. history

The single most important contribution that Donald Trump has made to the United States of America is his spontaneous display of courage and intestinal fortitude.  In this particular regard there is simply no one like him … ever.  He takes fire from every direction and just keeps on plugging away.  He has also taken a number of truly righteous stands concerning the most volatile and sensitive issues of our day.  Hence, his total lack of political correctness is rarely, if ever, seen on the American political stage.

Go get ’em, D O N A L D ! ! !

Now, this is why Donald Trump may be in very serious trouble:
For those who are uninitiated in the ways of presidential politics it’s important to understand that Donald Trump will eventually hit the proverbial wall.  If he is truly his own man who has no intention of being controlled, he will not be nominated by the GOP. If he runs anyway as an Independent, the political establishment — working in concert with the mainstream media — will do everything in their power to marginalize and then completely neutralize him.
If, on the other hand, he plays nice and fully cooperates with the Republican Party, he will be forced to govern on their terms.  Otherwise, the Republican majorities in Congress will make his job impossible.  They will even go so far as to make Trump sign a confidential contract which they can, and will, enforce in any number of ways.  That contract includes a strict promise not to prosecute any former president for war crimes or any other high crimes and misdemeanors.   As a matter of fact, every single president since JFK has been forced to sign such a contract which is only broken on pain of death.
Furthermore, according to his contract, Donald Trump would essentially agree to following the dictates of the World Shadow Government so that the compromises as president would start to come fast and furiously … and fairly soon after his inauguration.  In other words, his biggest campaign promises will be broken and forgotten as though he never made them.
These two scenarios constitute the essence of why The Donald is in so much trouble.  He either has yet to face these grim political realities, or he is willing to sacrifice his life and reputation, estate and earnings for a higher purpose.  Given his lifelong preoccupation with the acquisition of ‘things’, it is unlikely that he is willing to give it all up.  His love of a good fight also seems to predispose him to duking it out since he often wins.  Perhaps he is purposefully ignoring the dire consequences should he take this fight to the max. The JFK inside story would be highly instructive for him right now.  _____________________________________________________________


John F. Kennedy Set The Bar Very High

There are only TWO directions that The Donald can take toward a successful GOP nomination.  Before those directions are delineated, it’s very important to first understand the following conditions and qualifications that every president after John F. Kennedy was forced to meet and comply with–without exception.

First, that every serious candidate, from both of the main political parties, are compelled to sign a contract not to prosecute the war criminal U.S. presidents who have served before them.  This stipulation is both non-negotiable and binding throughout their term, should they be elected.  Every U.S. President is actually recruited for their ability to sell American warmongering the world over.  This type of salesmanship is, BY FAR, the single most important trait that a presidential nominee can possess.

Even John F. Kennedy had passed their (TPTB) test by initially escalating the war in Vietnam.  Then he got smart and aborted their war plans.  Because JFK eventually left the reservation with such a vengeance, this specific promise not to prosecute previous presidents — for any serious crimes whatsoever — is now considered an inviolable sacred cow to TPTB.  Therefore, every elected president must comply, on pain of death, should they violate this solemn oath.

Each and every president, after Kennedy, has knowingly and willingly committed high crimes and misdemeanors as a matter of routine.  In other words the mere willingness and pledge to commit serious felonies is a part of the job description of President of the United States of America.  Barack Obama’s serial criminal conduct, especially as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, marks him as one of the greatest perpetrators of heinous crimes against humanity in U.S. history.

For those who doubt this self-evident assertion please review the unlawful and murderous wars of aggression that Obama has waged against Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen and the Ukraine.  In each of these cases this President has proven himself to be as brutal and savage a war criminal as George W. Bush.  In light of this irrefutable truth, Donald Trump will be forced to sign an agreement not to prosecute Obama for those and many other crimes he and his administration have perpetrated against the American Republic and the world-at-large.  Trump will also be forced to promise not to prosecute Obama for fabricating a forged and fraudulent birth certificate, among many other illicit actions involved with his scandalous and unvetted pursuit of the presidency.

These promises “not to prosecute” are just a few examples of what any presidential nominee MUST agree to, especially Donald Trump being the loose cannon that he is.  Otherwise, each successive term would be fraught with prosecutions and counter-prosecutions of every U.S. President for the myriad crimes which they have systematically committed against the American people, as well as the serious transgressions they committed against the world community of nations.  The World Shadow Government could never advance their NWO agenda in such a climate of continual uncontrolled political payback. After all, on one level, all of their machinations and schemes have been driven by the Zio-Anglo-American perpetual war economy pitched by every U.S. president.

Republican Presidential nominee Ronald Reagan and Vice Presidential nominee George H.W. Bush embrace on the podium during the 1980 Republican National Convention at Joe Louis Arena. Detroit, Michigan

Republican Presidential nominee Ronald Reagan and Vice Presidential nominee George H.W. Bush embrace on the podium during the 1980 Republican National Convention at Joe Louis Arena. Detroit, Michigan

Ronald Reagan’s First Nomination Is Quite Instructive

Most armchair political analysts are completely unaware of the fact that Ronald Reagan vowed never to allow George H.W. Bush anywhere near his administration.  Within the upper echelon of Republican circles this was common knowledge because of how vocally adamant Reagan was in this regard.  Then, on the very evening of his nomination, at the 1980 Republican Convention, Ronald Reagan mysteriously ‘chose’ Bush to be his vice-presidential running mate no less.  How the heck did that happen?

The critical point here is that unless Reagan had agreed to accept Bush on the GOP ticket, he would not have been nominated … at least that’s what he was told by his handlers. Hence, Ronald Reagan was coerced onto a ticket that he found both intolerable and unacceptable.  Most everyone knows that Bush then attempted to have Reagan assassinated — only 69 days into his presidency — after the election.  Needless to say, Reagan never strayed from the Republican script again, nor did he ever speak ill of Daddy Bush henceforth.

In addition to this HUGE compromise, Ronald Reagan signed all the usual contracts of agreeing to do certain things and not doing certain things.  Essentially, every incoming US president is provided with a laundry list of things that they will do as per the orders from their masters.  Whatever the true masters require of a sitting president shall be done in 2015 and beyond.  After all, they don’t completely fund and finance winning campaigns for nothing.  These are cold, calculating bankers and businessmen.  And they only represent the first tier of the World Shadow Government among several tiers that are WAY above the U.S. President’s pay grade.

Now Fast Forward To 2015 and Donald Trump’s Path To The Nomination

At this point Donald Trump has only one path to the White House.  Either he rides the GOP elephant all the way or he gets out of the race altogether.  There is no realistic way for a 3rd party candidate to make it all the way, unless there is some type of serious deus ex machina operating in the background.  In view of this reality Trump will have only two alternatives as he proceeds to nomination, which is still extremely difficult to even fathom within the context of the Republican Party. The GOP leadership really does not want him anywhere near Washington, D.C.  He represents a perpetual assault on their carefully crafted veneer of political respectability, entirely fake and fraudulent though it may be.

Those two alternative routes are as follows:

First, if he is heading to a nomination, he will have to sign the aforementioned contract(s) — a contract he simply cannot refuse.  One of the contract terms will be his promise to avoid investigating Obama’s birth certificate, as well as every other crime that Obama committed during his two terms. Secondly, Trump will have to agree to conducting the same warmongering foreign policy as all the previous occupants of the Oval Office.  He will also have to dedicate himself to a series of domestic initiatives which he would find objectionable and contrary to his stated agenda.  In other words he would have to flip on immigration and gun control, his two signature issues, as well as on a number of other significant pillars of his platform.

Would The Donald ever agree to these non-negotiable conditions of employment?  Quite unlikely!  He would find it way too difficult to live with himself.  He would also find these compromises to be both personally revolting and politically repugnant.  Furthermore it would be too challenging to work with everyone else in the small West Wing.  Couldn’t do it, wouldn’t do it, won’t do it.

Which leaves Donald with only one other possibility, now known as the JFK route.  If he fakes his way through the nominating process, and then feigns his way through the election all the way to victory, he will set himself up for a HUGE fall.  Because once he gets to the Oval Office, he will surely meet his new masters.  Those masters are not even the real masters; rather, they will only be delivering messages from those on high.  Also, the Oval Office has been wired both literally and figuratively over decades in order to make sure there is never a replay of JFK.  They surely do not want to have to execute a very public and purposeful assassination plot … yet again.

Where does that leave the Trump candidacy?

Donald is first and foremost a businessman; he’s a dealmaker and really prides himself on that skill.  However, he does have his principles, and values, which he will only compromise up to a certain point.  Beyond that line Trump seems to be incapable of trespassing like so many other politicians are willing to do.  Plus, nobody tells him what to do, as the highly entertaining campaign season has shown everyone on planet Earth.  In short, he is the poster child for Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.


In light of these stark realities, the road leading to Pennsylvania Avenue gets narrower and more difficult by the day for The Donald to safely negotiate.  The truth be told we now live in a time when only a perfectly obedient order-taker like Barack Obama can claim the presidential prize.  Even Hillary Clinton possesses too much baggage for the ruling cabal, particularly with Bill participating in every decision to come from the Executive Office Building.

They already tried to keep him in check with the totally engineered Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Surely he gets that by now, but does Hillary?!  Her responses to Emailgate + Servergate are as defiant and condescending, reckless and feckless as anyone has ever seen in American political history.  Her extremely inappropriate reactions to her own self-made Benghazi fiasco were equally as shocking and unbelievable.  Surely there is no longer a room available for the Hill-Billy in the White House.

By every indication, The Powers That Be have never been so determined to place the right character(s) in the White House.  The rest of this decade will prove to be the most tumultuous and turbulent years that the country has seen since the Civil War.  After all, the general circumstances throughout the USA are shaping up very similar to the American Revolutionary War period when the colonists were terribly oppressed by the British Empire.

This time around the American citizenry is being oppressed and harassed by another tyrannical and self-serving government — the U.S. Federal Government.  Simply put, it is impossible for even Donald Trump to fight this war alone against the entire Congress, the Supreme Court and vast majority of those civil servants who are employed by the Executive Branch.  He will also find the many state governments, county commissions and city councils vastly arrayed against him.

The most important point here is that the World Shadow Government has never been so desperate.  In fact they fear chaos and unpredictability more than anything else.  A Donald Trump presidency represents just that: political pandemonium and social mayhem … according to their standards, not ours.  He would probably govern not too unlike President Putin which would really drive them crazy.  Hence, they will certainly do everything possible to thwart a Trump victory, unless they own him in some way that no one is aware of … even him.


Donald Trump’s Positions: 
In order to accurately assess the sincerity of candidate Donald Trump it is important to evaluate his most crucial political positions.  Whether he is a truly independent candidate can only be known by what he stands for.  For instance, he has taken strong stands firmly against gun control, against liberal immigration policies, and against dangerous vaccines. each of these is quite politically incorrect at this moment of American history.  He has also been very assertive about Barack Obama’s failure to produce his original birth certificate (Obama doesn’t possess a U.S. one.)  He has taken an even more aggressive approach to the fact that Obama then posted a forged copy of a fraudulent birth certificate at the official website.  So far, everything that has been mentioned here demonstrates extraordinary courage on the part of Donald Trump.  Perhaps the most dangerous position he has taken is his willingness to work directly with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. Given so many extreme positions, it appears that Donald Trump has completely left the reservation of traditional politics as usual. He also seems to ignore the conventional wisdom crowd; therefore, he appears not to be controlled by anyone … … … so far.  This is also why the highly disgruntled voters really love his spunk and in-your-face attitude.  How else can the NWO globalist cabal be fought?




Donald Trump’s real job is to expose the Republican party for the fraudulent organization that it truly is, as well as lay bare the highly manipulative role of the mainstream media in electing our representatives.  He is also doing a great job of revealing the whole sham that the electoral process has become.  First, that you practically have to be a billionaire to even run for president.  That is, of course, unless you can convince the corporate kingmakers of your fitness to receive billions in campaign bribes cash.

Donald Trump has already inflicted enough damage on all of his competitors, on both sides of the aisle, that he can declare his campaign to have been a ‘smashing’ success.  He also gave voice to the massive anti-immigration crowd that had no other candidate they could really count on except perhaps Ted Cruz.  Most of the RINOs will cave on both of the hot button issues of gun control and immigration in the end.  Trump’s message then resonates deeply at a time when gun owners need an advocate more than ever as Obama gets ready to issue more executive orders on gun control.

Truly, Donald Trump is still the man of the hour.  If he stays in for the long haul, he will need prayers and blessings to keep him alive.  If he wins the nomination, something has changed — BIG TIME!  If he actually wins the election, he will require protection, both mundane and spiritual, similar to that enjoyed by President Vladimir Putin.  For those who are unaware Putin is only still with us because of the phalanx of divine protectors which surround him every moment of every day.

State of the Nation
October 13, 2015

Author’s Note

Were Donald Trump to win the GOP nomination a veritable sea change would have to occur before the Republican Convention, unless he went over to their side willingly.  Were he to win the general election, the whole nation must first experience an unprecedented transformation of consciousness.   That can only happen in a divinely preordained fashion by way of a Super Shemitah[2] series of events.


[1]  ‘Extraordinary person’ Donald Trump invited to visit Crimea – as US president

[2] Biblical Shemitah Jubilee Begins On 9/23/15, Anything Goes During The Super Shemitah


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