Donald Trump: A Clinton Plant, A RINO Decoy, A Democrat Stealth Candidate, Or All 3

The Mainstream Media Is Exploding
With Trump Conspiracy Theories

Both sides of the right-left spectrum are advancing
political plots and intrigues concerning the Trump
candidacy which make too much sense to be dismissed.

State of the Nation


Or is Trump simply an Obama in Reverse?

It’s very easy to be cynical in this day and age. There is very little reason out there not to be cynical and skeptical, especially where it concerns presidential theatre politics.

Take the case of Donald Trump.  Clearly there is something VERY wrong with this story … the whole story … from start to finish.

First off, The Donald is certainly no John F. Kennedy.  Given his career trajectory he has clearly not been plotting a path of self-sacrifice and service to others.  His many businesses smack of an individual who is deeply absorbed in the culture of materialism, consumer society and self-aggrandizement.  Unlike JFK, he does not have the profile to risk his life or sacrifice his wealth or destroy his reputation purely for the good of the country.

Donald Trump is also NOT stupid.  He may often sound stupid … and act very stupid … but he is as street smart as they come.  How else could he have survived, and thrived, in the toughest real estate market in the world—Manhattan.

Critical Context:
The analysis at the following link provides some vital background info regarding Donald Trump.  It provides context that is not found anywhere else on the Internet.  The reader is advised to seriously consider the various perspectives regarding the current predicament that Trump now finds himself in.  To dismiss proven facts and hard figures about Trump is pure folly.  To take him at his word, especially concerning his signature issues, is even greater folly.  Unknown and changeable commodities like Trump require a more rigorous vetting process.  That’s what this article provides as do the various links.   
Donald Trump Now Has 2 Huge Problems and Is Unelectable

A Plant, a Decoy or a Stealth Candidate

It’s been said by many other political commentators and analysts that if the Clintons were to conceive a plot that would both destroy the Republican Party (which deserves total destruction) and guarantee a win for Hillary, a Donald Trump candidacy is it.

Without going into all the ways that the Trumpster has thoroughly demolished the RINO (Republican In Name Only) candidates, let’s look at his strategy and tactics.

First, that Donald is a business man who has apparently mastered the art of the deal offers a critical piece of understanding.  As follows:

Rule #1: Use your walkaway power even when you don’t need to 

In this way The Donald knows that he ALWAYS has the upper hand relative to all the other RINO candidates.  As a “plant, decoy and stealth candidate”, he is only there to search out and destroy.  He has no skin in the game and plays it as such.  He really has nothing to lose politically or reputationally; he doesn’t care if everyone — EVERYONE — feels that he is totally obnoxious and insufferably egotistical.

These and other factors confer a tremendous amount of walkaway power on the Trumpster.  He uses that power to trump everyone else in the field—24/7.  And he uses it naturally in the form of veiled threats and subtle coercion all day long.  How else did he survive in Manhattan among the biggest sharks in the known universe?  He learned a long time ago that whoever has the biggest dog in the fight (especially election contests) wins the fight.  Well, Donald is never ashamed to show that he is the biggest dog in this dog fight (no disrespect to dogs intended in any way).

A Plant

As a plant, Trump has the established history and well-known relationship with the Clintons to be a perfect plant.  It’s all there and doesn’t have to be rehashed here (Thank you, World Wide Web!).  The coziness between the two couples is perhaps best illustrated by the following photo.  These people are clearly more than friends, they’re co-conspirators.  Look at them.  A full-blown mutual adoration society.  More importantly, look at all the mutual giving of funds and favors over the years, as well as a whole slew of other hidden entanglements which are slowly being disclosed.


The “plant” theory now has many adherents and will only continue to grow into a massive oak tree (or movement) as Trump continues to bash his fellow RINOs but has very little to say about Hillary herself.  His longstanding relationship with the Clintons, both being fellow New Yorkers, is simply not one that he would jeopardize so cavalierly … unless there was a shared opportunity to do so.

A Decoy

As a carefully crafted decoy, The Donald functions in a variety of ways. As follows:

“Politician A enters into a secret alliance with Politician B — a loose-tongued rival from another party with the chutzpah, the cash and the power to play the spoiler — to ensure Politician A’s election.”

There are lots of ways Trump could help Clinton: He could draw attention from other Republican candidates. He could distract Republican leaders by forcing them to consider scenarios where his popularity doesn’t fade. And he could lure his rivals into making xenophobic comments to match his own, which might make them less electable in a general election.

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(Bear in mind, Trump wouldn’t have to know he was a plant to be a plant. He might — just might — have the kind of overconfidence to believe himself impervious to patsy-dom. Many patsies do.)

The Post has neatly outlined the circumstantial case that the Clintons enlisted Trump to help them: Hillary Clinton went to his wedding, Trump’s given to Bill Clinton’s charity, he used to be a Democrat, and — before Trump announced — Bill reportedly suggested he “play a larger role in the Republican Party.”
(Source: Republican ‘House of Cards’? Why Jeb Bush’s Trump Decoy Theory Isn’t Insane)


A Stealth Candidate

As a stealth candidate, The Donald has shown himself to be particularly proficient at picking the right emotionally charged political issues and powering them up onto neon-lit Trump-style marquee.  Because he exhibits a classic Gemini persona, he is able to change his mind anytime he wants to because he is simply re-evaluting his positions.  He has no official political track record to compare with, but his historical personal pronouncements on a wide variety of matters reveals a character who will change his opinions on a dime.

Who does that sound like?  Obama first campaign was fraught with sloganeering that now stands in stark contrast to the lawless tyrant who now dictates from his totalitarian pedestal in the White House.  The big difference is that Obama was much more deceptive in his treasonous takeover of the U.S. Federal Government.  Trump is completely transparent — he will rule like a King from the get-go.  By the way, he will have to after both sides of the aisle refuse to work with him post election rumble.

Truly, Trump quite naturally demonstrates all the essential traits of a dictator.  He actually comes off as a natural despot because of his rough NYC upbringing, his extremely challenging career development and his astrological birth chart.  Yes, his natal birth chart provides a treasure trove of information about his character — a very tough character who will likely harden and intensify should he occupy a seat of real or perceived power. That’s just the way it always is.  Want to see your best friend turn into your worst enemy, put him/her into a position of leadership.

To succeed as Donald Trump has in the various business enterprises he has engaged over decades, stealth and deception was and is necessary.  As follows:

The Donald has already proven himself to be a true master of deception by virtue of his many business enterprises which all required a degree of stealth and deceit to be successful. And everyone has heard time and time again — from The Donald‘s own mouth — just how incredibly successful he was, he is and he will forever be in his business dealings. Verily, it will one day be recorded in the annals of U.S. history that The Donald was the single most successful business man of all time— bar none. (According to Donald Trump, of course.)

Look it, no snake oil salesman showman can fool all the people all the time. Very few good ones can fool even a few some of the time. Well, then, how has Donald Trump fooled nearly half of America for quite a while now?
(Source: Donald Trump Now Has 2 Huge Problems and Is Unelectable)

Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at his astrological profile, for his natal chart is replete with information that will shed light on his furtive electioneering strategy.


Donald Trump’s Birthday: June 14, 1946

The Donald‘s birthday offers a lot about his character, his motivations, his aspirations and his priorities.  He is obviously a Gemini and therefore a natural for speaking out of both sides of his mouth.  He is 69 years old and, therefore, the Geminian qualities can be greatly magnified as are the other air and fire signs with predominate in his chart simply because he is older and more set in his ways.  Because has has no earth signs he lacks grounding, just as he lacks a plan for deporting millions of illegal immigrants.  Really, just how does he propose to do that practically after he builds his separation wall the length of the south Texas border?!

The Donald has a Leo ascendant which puts him in the spotlight.  He thrives whenever on stage and loves the attention, whether positive or negative.  The regal Leo is drawn to royal living; hence, his lifestyle wreaks of opulence and over-indulgence.  Because the public persona is most influenced by the rising sign, it is the under-evolved Leonine qualities that the nation has been treated to since the beginning of his melodramatic campaign.

Trump’s chart shows Leo rising, reflecting his need to shine in the spotlight and be admired. At its best, Leo is driven to do admirable works that will gain public recognition; at its worst there can be a Machiavellian manipulation for attention. Statements like “I’m very rich” and “no one builds better than me” are examples of Leo gone bad – the desperate need for attention taken to its extreme.

This tendency for self-aggrandizement is exacerbated by the presence of Mars (planet of aggression) which is also in Leo, intensifying that need for attention, right on the ascendant where it becomes the projection of the personality. It’s Mars which we see when Trump bullies those around him, or pushes his way through business dealings and presidential debates.
(Source: The Astrology of Donald Trump)

One highly distinguishing feature of Trump’s natal chart is that he was born under “under an exact Lunar Eclipse with the Gemini Sun opposite the Sagittarius Moon”.  By and large a total lunar eclipse is an inauspicious event and commonly does not bode well during the 2 days before and 2 days after the actual day of the eclipse.  It appears that this particular event has had much more influence on his life than been written about or spoken of.  Moving aggressively throughout public life will inevitably bring massive exposure — much of it unwanted by the average person.  However, The Donald seems to thrive on it which will only intensify as he moves deeper into the 2016 campaign season.

9/11: The Donald’s Achilles’ Heel

There is no question that the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks may prove to be Trump’s Achilles’ heel.  He has used it time and again to support his flawed narrative that pins the false flag operation on Muslim terrorists.  The real problem is that, just like he knows that Obama does not possess a legitimate birth certificate, he also knows that 9/11 was a government-coordinated inside job.

Donald Trump Is Advised To Speak 9/11 Truth As No Candidate In Modern American History

Thus far he has cynically exploited the 9/11 false flag attacks at the expense of the Muslim community and Islamic nations.  This is a fatal mistake and perhaps his greatest political miscalculation.  While such a shrewd political strategy will win him a lot of very unhappy conservatives, he will lose everyone else.  Black-balling an entire religious faith is both narrow-minded and dangerous.  More significantly, he now risks being labeled as a real bigot.  A religious bigot is exactly what the United States of America does not need in a president.  Particularly in light of how much the Obama Administration has ruined the USA’s reputation abroad, the next president has some serious damage control to do.

For the uninitiated, 9/11 is like a samurai boomerang, whoever uses that crime against humanity to gain unfair and immoral political advantage will eventually be taken down by it.  Trump ought to know that by now yet he persists in not only repeating the patently false 9/11 narrative, he uses it whenever it’s politically expedient to do so.  Not good!



There is something very wrong with this picture (and that picture above).  You know how all those fake and fraudulent tele-evangelists would appear so perfectly coiffed and manicured during those Sunday morning mega-sermons.  Each one sounded just like they looked.  In a phrase: their pose and posture was similar to a cold-blooded snake oil salesman.  While The Donald ‘appears’ to be quite transparent, many now think that he is not.

The following headlines, even though they are from the MSM (Mainstream Media) does not mean there is not an element of truth to them.  Each article below comes from a different angle and presents a case that only seems to get stronger by the day.

Donald Trump: Plant? Foil? Something’s not right

Brent Budowsky: Is Trump a Clinton plant?

IS DONALD TRUMP A HILLARY PLANT? Sent to sabotage the GOP from within?

Is Donald Trump A Plant For Hillary?

Jeb Bush: Donald Trump Is A ‘Chaos Candidate’

Could Trump be a Hillary / Democratic plant or a stalking horse? Did Bill Clinton play a role in Trump running? Could Trump and Hillary be colluding?

Democratic Plant Donald Trump Is Not Democratic Plant, Says Donald Trump

Donald Trump Had a Private Phone Call With Bill Clinton Right Before Jumping in the Race

Republican ‘House of Cards’? Why Jeb Bush’s Trump Decoy Theory Isn’t Insane

Jeb Bush tweets Trump-Clinton conspiracy theory. Here’s a look at the ‘evidence.’

One final point is that: if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and smells like a duck, it must be a duck.  Perhaps The Donald really is named after ….


State of the Nation
December 16, 2015

Author’s Note

Many are willing to give Donald Trump a pass just because he speaks the truth.  They do not realize that “a truth teller doth not a leader maketh”.  Yes, it’s imperative that a righteous leader always tell the truth.  Conversely, it’s equally important for them to know  when it’s inappropriate to speak … especially when it is a harsh and inflammatory truth. The Donald appears to lack the powers of discernment necessary to properly discriminate between when to and when not to speak his truth.  After all, his truths are as susceptible to being wrong as anyone else’s.

The point is that extremely disaffected Americans are tremendously moved by Trump’s truth-telling.  They have never seen such a display of in-your-face political gamesmanship where one side actually tells it like it is.  Nevertheless, such conduct does not quality him to be the next POTUS.  Too many have jumped on his bandwagon without holding him accountable … for anything he says.  If The Donald said it, it must be true.  This is exactly where many are vis-à-vis his many claims and assertions about the true State of the Union.

What’s the point?  How many times has everyone seen on the alternative side of the Internet a new website set up with so many revealing articles and exposés.  With each passing month, the articles just keep on disclosing new truths and facts of life.  Then, one day, the articles take a subtle turn.  And with that turn most of the loyal readers are somehow taken down a new rabbit hole where truth becomes scarcer by the week.

Donald Trump seems to be serving in the very same capacity.  Particularly effective demagogues have operated in a similar fashion over the millennia.  History is peppered with alluring slogans and political statements which are only that—alluring.  Certainly this exposé will receive mostly negative reviews because SOTN has chosen to write our truth… about Donald Trump.  Every time we post anything that departs from the Trump party line, which espouses that he is essentially SUPERMAN, we get verbally accosted by the same crowd.

SOTN had the very same experience from the Obama side of the counterfeit coin of American politics.  Those Obamabots would come out of the woodwork whenever the slightest remark was taken as criticism of their fearless fearful leader.  Obama had subsequently taken to using the full power of the presidential office in order to censor and criticize, bully and threaten anyone who disagrees with the Democratic party line.

Now the Trumpsters are acting just like the Obamabots.  They routinely dismiss hard evidence of Trump’s flip-flopping on critical positions as well as proof of his obviously false statements.  And they don’t even get it.  They’re being played like a fiddle and they don’t have a clue.  How soon they forget that Obama has just created an Obamanation … a literal abomination across the whole country.


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