Donald Trump: Not Illuminati, Illuminati-Controlled Opposition, Or Illuminati Born and Bred?

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This following video of Newt Gingrich is quite curious as much for what he reveals as for what he does not say.  First of all, real insiders — Illuminati-connected — NEVER talk this way in public.   To refer to Donald Trump in this manner is extremely unusual and highly suspect. For a former Speaker of the House to verify Trumps non-insider credentials is quite stunning indeeed.

VIDEO: Is HE the Illuminati’s #1 Target for 2016? Threatens to Reveal 9/11 Conspiracy as President

Hence, this whole developing situation continues to fuel justifiable suspicions.  Truly, given the total control that the ruling elites have exerted over centuries of U.S. presidential election cycles, it’s very difficult to understand how The Donald got to his ascendant position, except by purposeful Illuminati design.

Yes, Trump sounds like a populist and says all the right things to garner loyal support from Obama haters, but that kind of perfectly sculpted image is a part of the problem for those seeking the real deal with Trump.  The genuine truth-seekers really want to know who or what is the driving force behind him, as his career background and lifestyle betray a picture-perfect Illuminati stooge.  Gambling casinos, beauty pageants, Manhattan real estate development, posh clubs in Palm Beach, palatial homes wherever he wants one, and signature golf courses manicured across the country all reveal a character that is out of sync with his current role of populist change agent—a self-sacrificial agent of change, that is.

How does anyone get away with speaking the truth in 2016 when the National Security State has the whole place in complete lockdown?  Particularly 9/11 truth, or Iraq War truth, Bill Clinton truth, or Bush family truth.  Quite frankly, it’s inconceivable.  Just as Trump’s breakaway campaign is an implausible happening without furtive support being heaped upon him behind the scenes.

If Donald Trump is a stealth candidate who has been carefully positioned as the greatest controlled opposition candidate in American history, then even he himself may be unaware.  Let’s face it, his banking relationships, financial backers and close business associates over the years know him quite well.  His bankers especially have full control of his purse strings.  No one gets to file 4 high-profile bankruptcies and is let off easy.  There is always a quid pro quo—ALWAYS!

State of the Nation
March 4, 2016

N.B. The following post presents one perspective of this ongoing investigation into the truth about Donald Trump’s highly unlikely and successful candidacy.  That a quintessential one per-center has captured the hearts of so many of the 99% gives very good reason to pause and deeply contemplate what is actually going on here.


Illuminati 8

Donald Trump Not Illuminati Member Admits Newt Gingrich! “Hasn’t been through initiation rites”

by Voice of Reason

Here’s a wakeup call to those who are always so quick to shout, “Conspiracy Theorist!” When members of the Illuminati or other secret societies start coming out and saying what many of us have been telling you all along, at what point do you begin to realize… there absolutely IS a cabal of global elites who run the affairs of men, and particularly within the United States.

Americans like to think it’s their elected officials who are in charge of the United States, but nothing could be further from the truth, and you are witnessing that first hand as the power brokers “behind the scenes” are getting very worried. Not that long ago George Soros wrote to Bloomberg Business that the refugee “crisis” was an orchestrated event, and HE was the one orchestrating it. In that letter he even made his intent clear: To eradicate national boundaries in furtherance of One World Government. There is not a conspiracy. The players involved are becoming quite transparent.

Donald Trump is not a member of the their club… and they are getting VERY nervous! Don’t take my word for it… listen to Newt!

In an earth shattering interview on Fox News, Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the house, played it out for the American public why the GOP Establishment has such a problem with Donald Trump. Gingrich says the Establishment see’s Donald Trump as a threat because…

“He’s an outsider. He’s not part of the club. He’s uncontrollable.

“He hasn’t been through the initiation rites.”

“He didn’t belong to the secret society.”

In the video below, Media analyst Mark Dice explains the implications of this startling revelation.


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