Trump Goes Ballistic, Promises To Reveal 9/11 Truth, Exposes Iraq War Lies, Pummels Bush Presidency

MUST VIEW Video Shows Just How Serious Trump Is

SOTN Editor’s Note:
Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is proving to be a quite courageous wrecking ball. He really does not care about the consequences of revealing truths which are never supposed to see the light of day.  9/11 truth, in particular, has the catalytic potential to bring down the U.S. Federal Government and he knows it.

This is precisely why he feels confident that he can do NO WRONG on the campaign trail.  Whenever anyone holds such powerful truths in the palm of their hand, which can be released with a single tweet of Facebook post, they are a very serious force to be reckoned with.  Certainly, The Donald is that indomitable force, and much more, because he is privy to highly sensitive insider information that, when disclosed, will literally devastate the American political class … for good.

Anyone who is unwilling to face this political reality may want to watch the following video.

State of the Nation

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