The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Must Be Shut Down

The C.I.A. Makes US All Look Bad–Real Bad!

The 17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies are now the laughingstock of the world

What isn’t so funny is the CIA’s true history, which provides an abject lesson in:

• Terrorism
• War Crimes
• Extrajudicial Assassinations
• Genocide
• Crimes Against Humanity
• War Profiteering
• Drug Trafficking
• Gunrunning
• Human Trafficking
• Droning,
• Etc.. etc. etc.
(CIA History of Criminality)

State of the Nation

They used to be known as “Intelligence Agencies”; now they’re acting like “Stupidity Services”.

You talk about stupid!  The primary intelligence agencies of the United States of America have become the butt of jokes from Toronto to Timbuktu.

These alphabet soup agencies have become so stupid that they can barely keep their stories straight, much less concoct a plausible narrative that does not elude every comedian from London to Los Angeles.

You really have to wonder what the current qualifications are to even get into The Company, as the C.I.A. is known within ‘intelligence’ circles.  It appears that being a pathological liar and sociopathic story-teller are an absolute must.  Of course, who doesn’t know that the current crop of ‘intelligence’ leadership has already proven themselves to be a bunch of stone-cold, criminally insane psychopaths.  I N C O R R I G I B L E at that!

C.I.A = Mainstream Media

Then there are those card-carrying C.I.A. agents planted all over the Mainstream Media,(MSM) like Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow, who literally spend all their time making stuff up.   The more ignorant and arrogant their rantings, the more stupid the script that has been fed to them by their handlers at Langley.

The real mission of the C.I.A. is now all too clear.

In light of all the unprovoked wars of aggression which the USA lied itself into, it is now obvious that the CIA’s first responsibility is to report to Deep State, not to the American people. In that capacity, the CIA is tasked with producing official sounding reports which can be circulated throughout Congress so that both the Senate and the House will approve their various warmongering initiatives across the planet.

As a matter of historical fact, warmongering has become the central mission of the CIA, triggering color revolutions and civil wars, government overthrows and coup d’états, whenever directed to do so.  And, they’re really proud of it.  In this war-making mode the CIA, along with the DIA and NSA, are actually working in the employ of the many Military-Industrial Complex corporations within Deep State.   They certainly are not working for the U.S. citizenry.

Three Factions of the CIA that Control the World

What’s wrong with this picture?

The real problem with this ugly picture is that the C.I.A., as well as many other intelligence agencies, are NOT accountable to anyone.  They are truly rogue agencies which presently act in concert to perform like a parallel government.  More accurately, they have functioned for decades as a highly secretive shadow government here in the USA.  While they are merely one cog in the grand scheme, the C.I.A. also has a major role (enforcement and control mechanism) in the workings World Shadow Government.

When even Congress cannot extract vital information from the C.I.A. you know the whole intelligence game is completely out of control.  And so it is.

The present games being played with the presidency of Donald Trump is a classic case of the outright prevarication and purposeful deception as practiced by the C.I.A. practically forever.  Every scheme and machination that they have tried to run on the Trump Transition Team is as obvious as a 3 dollar bill.  And, yet, they really don’t seem to care how much their reputation has been trashed.  All they want is to accomplish their soft coup against the President-elect.  Why might that be?

It is important to understand that the CIA’s primary function as an intelligence-gathering organization is to provide essential information to the U.S. Armed Services in times of war and to the State Department during times of peace.  That’s what the OSS, its predecessor, did during World War II; and that’s what the C.I.A. has done ever since.  It truly is all about starting and ending wars … in the ‘right’ places and at the ‘right’ times.

The real problem here is that the American “perpetual war economy” has dictated that the nation ALWAYS be at war.  There is simply no room for peace anymore, especially when the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) is laying off thousands of employees during the continuing Great Recession of 2008.

Most do not realize the degree which raw economics and the sheer financials dictate the overarching MIC agenda.  This was the upshot of President Eisenhower’s famous warning about the excesses of the MIC: that it would eventually become so big and powerful it would impose a “perpetual war economy” on America.  And so it has.  Except that there is an entity much larger and more powerful than the MIC that really rules the realm.

The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Herein lies the most serious problem with the maintenance of 17 Intelligence Agencies which provide considerable support to the Military Industrial Complex.  These agencies get to a point where they have to justify their existence.  By cooking up one black operation after another, one psyop after another, they basically guarantee themselves a job until retirement.  Toward that end the likes of the C.I.A. are notorious for acting in the sole interest of ensuring permanent job security for all employees concerned.

Because of this overriding economic consideration, the intelligence agencies now routinely conduct fake operations that artificially justify their very existence.  They now create enemies where there are none.  They manufacture conflict where none exists.  They start wars where festering animosities can be inflamed.  Of course, all of these criminal activities are conducted in the interest of Deep State, which is forever seeking more control over every square inch of Planet Earth.

Let’s face it: when the entire planetary civilization is hardwired to run on ever-transmitting and inaccurate information, those gatekeepers of key info portals and originators of data sets are going to be in the catbird seat.  Which is why The Company exerts virtually absolute control over the U.S. Federal Government.  In other words The Company is not only at the hub of Corporate America, it also lies at the very heart of Deep State and quite obviously the MIC.

Information is power; accurate information confers much power upon those who wield it. Superior knowledge and crucial info grants undue influence upon those who ought not to exercise it, especially in the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., London, and the Vatican (the Jesuits have their own ‘intelligence agency’ which operates around the globe).

The final point here is that the U.S. intelligence agencies now systematically generate so much false data and wrong information that they can’t keep track of it all.  In the conduct of war, propaganda is always used as a major weapon.  Foreign nations are regularly the object of massive propaganda campaigns both here in the USA and abroad.  However, it is now the American people who have become the target of so much warmongering propaganda.

Putin’s Russia

The American people have never been exposed to so much fake news as they have been about Russia.  President Vladimir Putin has been particularly singled out as ‘dictator’ when in fact the opposite is true.  Many attempts to demonize him have swayed the Democrat-leaning folks throughout the nation.  The constant vilification of all things Russia by the MSM has poisoned  international relations terribly.  The many purely political reasons for this are far beyond the scope of this article; suffice it to say that those who are responsible are on a serious mission to start the hot phase of World War III as a means to conquer Russia.

As a matter of historical fact, Russia has always been in the crosshairs of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis (ZAAA).  It has been referred to as the Great Game whereby the ZAAA has been waging various and sundry wars against the Russian Federation for as long as they have coveted the vast territories and rich natural resources, impressive manpower and industrial base that stretches across the Eurasian Motherland.

It should also be noted that the Great Schism that occurred “between the Eastern Church and the Western Church in 1054” has significantly contributed to this great divide. This East–West Schism, as it is also known, has made it even easier for the Western powers to further marginalize Russia.  Especially in all matters concerning international affairs have the intelligence agencies fabricated so much falsehood about Russia.  They have followed these misguided policies for so long that they have become obsessed with it.

The present brinkmanship associated with the U.S. Department of State and the C.I.A. has become so reckless and dangerous (and stupid) that world peace now hangs in the balance.  Once they committed so strongly to a Russophobic strategy, they seem to be incapable of changing course.  And, we are talking about a “Titanic and the Iceberg” scenario here, so it will not end well at all for the ZAAA iceberg.

Putin only wants peace and prosperity for all nations; the Anglo-American Axis of countries especially want dominion over the entire planet. That includes ownership of the land, the water, the air, the other natural resources and humanity.[1]  This immediate goal, then, is the very mission of the C.I.A. and interacting intelligence agencies.  Hence, all roads lead to Russia since it is by far the largest land mass on the planet. The Great Game has always been about stealing Russia from the Russian people.

The Globalists Are Setting the Stage for WWIII

Special Note:
The C.I.A. is toast and Donald Trump is the toaster for a variety of reasons.  There are now so many rogue elements within The Company that it really can’t get out of its own way. When the current Director publicly scolds an incoming POTUS, you know the hubris and arrogance and impunity with which they act is so over the top.  However, it’s the profound and unceasing law-breaking that the C.I.A. is guilty of that will ultimately seal its fate.  No agency or department of the US government is ever above the law, and yet all the C.I.A. does is act outside the law.  Because they run according to their own code of utter lawlessness, they will be taken down by it.  The next couple of years will see the disestablishment of the C.I.A. as well as other intelligence agencies that are even more disrespectful of the rule of law.  The world will no longer tolerate the warmongering and war-profiteering that has sustained these black-budgeted entities which fall outside of the purview of the U.S. Congress.  Here’s one unparalleled example of Trump the toaster at work: Trump Bashes CIA Director John Brennan, Labels Him ‘fake news leaker’ 


For the uninitiated, taking over Russia is number one on the Illuminati agenda. Simply put, there can be no New World Order if Russia leaves the reservation for good. Therefore, every endeavor undertaken by Donald Trump to make peace with Russia is considered anathema to the NWO agenda even though it would be very good for the world community of nations.  The more the president-elect extends an olive branch to our Russian brothers and sisters, the more the C.I.A. makes his life miserable.  Super STUPID indeed!

This reigning state of affairs is the primary reason why the intelligence agencies have become so very stupid.  The C.I.A. acts in the interest of war, instead of peace.  Of chaos, instead of order.  Of conflict and disharmony, rather than diplomacy and brotherhood.  Truly, the entire intelligence apparatus of Deep State has become the bane of human existence.

Time to ‘splinter’ the CIA—DJT needs to finish the job started by JFK

Which brings US to the final conclusion: President Trump must dissolve and dump the C.I.A.   As President John F. Kennedy wanted to do in the early 1960s, he must dismantle the entire multi-decade project to take over the world.  A One World Government never made any sense specifically because of the crazies who would be running the asylum. Having an American Gestapo policing the entire civilization is as crazy a notion as it gets given the totally degenerate status quo of Pax Americana.[2]

When an Irish Catholic CIA Director converts to Islam, you know something is very rotten in Denmark.  When Director John Brennan implements a soft coup in the 50 states, how can it get any worse.  Will Obama, Hillary, Biden, Kaine & Company attempt a hard coup d’état if the C.I.A. is not successful?

Yes, as JFK said, it’s high time “to splinter the C.I.A. into a thousand pieces”.

Let’s get busy!

State of the Nation
January 17, 2017


[1]  NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

[2] Is Pax Americana imposed by the ‘Fourth Reich’?

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Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception

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Anglo-American Axis (AAA)

“The Anglo-American Axis is represented, first and foremost, by the major English-speaking countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. The European member nations of NATO, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are also closely aligned with the AAA as are all the Scandinavian countries. So are the Asian Pacific Rim nations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar also owe their allegiance to the AAA but some of these may be changing. The World Shadow Government is an ultra-secret, supranational organization which completely controls the Anglo-American Axis, as well as the European Union, NATO, among many other institutional entities which constitute the Global Control Matrix.”
(Source: Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’)

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