NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

New World Order:
Where Geoengineering Via Chemtrails
Meets The Global Carbon Control Matrix

One World Government Initially Emerging As Global CO2 ‘Management’ Regime

Ultimately, it’s all about exerting absolute power and control over every square inch of Planet Earth and its atmosphere.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

There is an ongoing, covert and meticulously planned plot afoot that is being implemented 24/7 worldwide.  It goes way beyond Agenda 21 in scope, but uses that UN plan to accomplish its goals.  This clandestine agenda is being executed in order to impose a new global CO2 ‘management’ regime. Doing so is the penultimate step in securing complete control over all of Earth’s natural resources and atmosphere.


The evolving New World Order (NWO) is being administered by a highly organized cabal of intermarrying bloodlines which have shared this common cause over centuries.  Every major world event over the past 250 years has occurred in order to advance their grandiose and destined-to-fail project.  That would include the American, French and Russian Revolutions, as well as World Wars I and II and the Great Depression (See addendum below).

It is self-evident that whoever controls the land, water and air around the globe effectively controls the entire planetary civilization.  Food, clothing and shelter are basic to surviving on Planet Earth; therefore, their availability, and especially their cost, are of vital importance to every resident.  In order to exploit this sole fact of life, the NWO cabal is seeking to commodify all land, air and water in ways they have previously not attempted.

The Back Story:
This is what TPTB did.  They saw that the planet had entered a period of global warming.  This occurred during World War II when they had to track the weather very closely for wartime purposes.  The steady warming of the planet paralleled the same period when the Oil & Gas Industry really began to take off and the global population explosion first began.  At the time when the data really started to pour in, the warming was just a small campfire … this was early on, right after World War II.  Soon after they first made those observations about the slow warming of the planet, the decision was made to turn the campfire into a wildfire.  They experimented with HAARP and used Chemtrails and other geoengineering technologies to ramp up the heat.  Eventually the wildfire of global warming was stoked sufficiently so that full-blown forest fires, brush fires and grass fires were jumping off anywhere and everywhere. In this way the synthetic component Global Warming was fabricated on top of a very real phase of planetary heating.  The next part of their plan is explained below.   


Whoever controls the weather, controls the world.

Certainly that statement ought to be obvious at this critical point of Global Climate Change.  Which immediately brings us to the final and most important of all the sixty-four thousand dollar questions of this millennium:

What is really causing Global Climate Change?

Ascertaining a truly accurate answer to this question has never been so urgent.  Therefore, let’s begin with what we absolutely know.

We know two things for sure.  Number 1: the prevailing world temperatures have been rising steadily over the past three decades.  Each continent, every region, and virtually all nations have experienced record high temps.  All taken together, and until very recently, this consistent pattern of rising temperatures around the globe has been scientifically established and cannot be refuted.  Anyone living on planet Earth can attest to their personal experience; unless they are so addicted to deception they would deny their own experience, as many continue to do.

Number 2: Operation Indigo Skyfold* has been implementing a global geoenginnering program by way of relentless chemtrail spraying.  The now ubiquitous chemtrails have been seen frequently by many and witnessed virtually everywhere.  Whether Russia and China still permit this type of atmospheric engineering today is not known for sure.  Nevertheless, throughout the recent period of significant global warming, chemtrails operations have been conducted with great frequency and intensity.

*OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History

What is also known, by DARPA’s own admission, is that HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has been used to pump billions, if not trillions, of watts of energy into the ionosphere, thus heating it to an extraordinary degree.  HAARP has also been used to convey frequencies through chemclouds which were fabricated by chemtrail spraying.  Together with highly advanced satellite-based technologies, this type of stratospheric engineering has undoubtedly had major impacts on the global warming phase of the current climate change cycle.

The extent to which these geoengineering ‘experiments’ have altered the weather patterns of the world cannot be stated with absolute certainty, but they are intuitively obvious to many.  However, that atmospheric engineering has been regularly and widely conducted is indisputable and, therefore, must be included in any serious discussion on Global Climate Change.  Particularly because geoengineering has been used as a Solar Radiation Management tool is it of the utmost importance to terminate all atmospheric engineering programs before arriving at any conclusions about the true causes of global warming.

If you really don't think it's been warming, try talking to this guy.

If you really don’t think it’s been warming, try talking to this guy!

Regardless of the direction of the Global Climate Change (GCC) debate, one conclusion can be drawn from the foregoing discussion: Whoever does control the weather, can easily control the world.   It’s clear that the USA, the UK and the other English-speaking countries are acting in concert with their usual European collaborators (aka NATO) to attain full-spectrum dominance.

Full-spectrum dominance is a military entity’s achievement of control over all dimensions of the battlespace, effectively possessing an overwhelming diversity of resources in such areas as terrestrial, aerial, maritime, subterranean, extraterrestrial, psychological, and bio- or cyber-technological warfare.

Full spectrum dominance includes the physical battlespace; air, surface and sub-surface as well as the electromagnetic spectrum and information space. Control implies that freedom of opposition force assets to exploit the battlespace is wholly constrained.[1]

Clearly, both climate engineering and weather modification are integral components of any strategy to attain full-spectrum dominance throughout the earth realm.  Much of the covert experimentation with weather weaponry on the continental US serves to refine both its technique and materiel.  Likewise, the decades of under-the-radar testing of various climate warfare modalities have been conducted in the interest of achieving the stated goals found in the Report from Iron Mountain.

Once they have achieved the necessary technological goals to prevail in weather warfare anywhere on the planet, the NWO globalists will feel less constrained to implement the more draconian aspects of their upcoming One World Government.  These include a number of depopulation events employing a deadly combination of mandatory vaccination programs for the young and elderly, as well as a chemtrail-delivered dose of toxic chemicals and viruses from chem-cloud rains for everyone else.

These initiatives will also serve to soften up those who enjoy good enough health that they can still protest or rebel against the coming regime.  When the weather becomes so violent and unpredictable, as it just did in Texas during May, the citizenry is simply too preoccupied to care about a new “Global CO2 ‘Management’ Regime”.  If there’s even an outside chance that such a new regime can help stop the worsening consequences of GCC, the vast majority of the population might even sign on without questioning it.  This is, after all, how consent is easily manufactured in the wake of a climatological catastrophe or apocalyptic weather event.

As this part of the discussion began: “Whoever controls the weather, controls the world.” 


The “Global Carbon Control Matrix” Must First Be Sold To Humanity

The best way to sell anything is to end the sales presentation in such a way that the customer asks: “Now … where do I sign?”  In this manner has manufactured consent been used every step of the way by the NWO globalists.  They did it with 9/11 by passing the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act.  There was nary a hint of opposition to either of these extraordinarily repressive pieces of legislation, so shocked and awed was the American populace.

This same MO is being used across the land … and the waters … and the atmosphere. When the daily weather emergencies become so many and so intense, it’s common for the people to raise their hand and simply acquiesce to virtually any false solution.  The weather warfare being waged across America has been so unrelenting and fatiguing that the time is surely close at hand when the Obama Administration will attempt to spring some kind of George Soros-proposed carbon scam on the body politic.

Which is precisely why this is the time to be extra vigilant.  The passage of any legislation which permits the cabal to ‘lawfully’ lay down chemtrails would be an unmitigated disaster for both people and planet.  The ‘legal’ framework for such a weather modification regime will also make it impossible to ferret out the true reasons for such radical climate change. It will also give the actual controllers extraordinary power over the nation(s), its citizenry(ies) and civil society.

Given the character of those who are attempting to foist this oppressive carbon regime on the world-at-large, the opportunities for serious misuse and profound abuse will be many and constant.  Much more importantly, so many ‘opportunities’ will be far too tempting for the NWO cabal to pass up as their history all too well demonstrates.  Nonetheless, they will hard-sell their “Global CO2 ‘Management’ Regime” in every way necessary to get it approved by governments the world over.


Pie diagram of the main sources of man-made CO2 emissions

The growing resistance to global warming is fierce, yet irrational.

Just because the cabal is artificially heating up the planet does not mean that things aren’t getting hotter down here, yes?!  Because they are throwing their entire geoengineering apparatus into the mix does not mean that artificial warming isn’t having its desired effects.  This state of affairs, whereby the cabal is ignorantly and arrogantly throwing fuel on the fire of GCC, is similar to the “drug, slash and burn” approach to treating cancer. You know — the chemo, surgery and radiation that they throw at the cancer, which will kill you if it doesn’t ‘cure’ you first.

In the case of Global Warming, it really was ramping up prior to the introduction of their recklessly aggressive geoengineering interventions.  After decades of chemtrailing, disseminating HAARP frequencies and other misguided atmospheric manipulations, they have seemingly set the planet on a whole new trajectory.  When scientists repeatedly talk about ecosystem collapse, environmental points of no return and ecological breakpoints, due to persistent weather extremes and climate breakdown, something is truly amiss.

Glaciers really are melting at an unprecedented rate.  Greenland is quickly losing its permafrost.  Alaskan mountain slopes once white with snow are now turning brown, or green.  The once frozen Alpine ice caps are but a shadow of what they used to be.  Once bustling ski slopes have been shut down everywhere.  Even Mount Everest has seen an extraordinary loss of its glaciers.

Climate Model Suggests Mount Everest Glaciers Could Nearly Disappear

Antarctica is losing its ice sheet at an alarming rate.  Its ice shelf is breaking up into city-size pieces faster than anyone ever predicted.  Icebergs are now appearing in the south seas more frequently than at any time of the modern era.  Curiously, both of the polar ice caps are melting and then mysteriously reforming (using the geoengineering technique of artificial ice nucleation), but mostly melting faster than you can spell:




 An iceberg 10 times the size of Manhattan broke away from the Antarctic into Pine Island Bay.

An iceberg 10 times the size of Manhattan broke away from the Antarctic into Pine Island Bay in 2014.

Sea ice researchers, surrounded by Arctic melt ponds, set out to check the thickness of an ice floe. Credit: Don Perovich

Sea ice researchers, surrounded by Arctic melt ponds, set out to check the thickness of an ice floe. Credit: Don Perovich

What’s the point?

It does appear that Planet Earth has entered a real phase of Global Warming due to multiple and misunderstood natural causes and/or a new solar cycle.  However, because of a unique confluence of circumstances defined by these natural causes (also known as the ultimate Perfect Storm), as well as various manmade influences, things have really gotten seriously out of control … on purpose. Exactly what are those various circumstances and influences?  The following two essays explain them in moderate detail:

Global Climate Change: A Definitive Essay On The Primary Causes Of Global Warming

How is the SUN triggering many Earth changes?

“The Sun is now going through an unprecedented, profound and fundamental transformation which reflects the ongoing metamorphosis of humanity. It is also triggering many of the changes that are occurring all over Planet Earth, which is why the scientists are so beside themselves. They know they have no control over it; unless, of course, they completely throw out their current  flawed astrophysics paradigm.”[2]

Would it be all that unusual for the world to heat up a bit given the pervasiveness of so much CO2-generating human activity … which then acidifies the oceans … which then melts enormous amounts of seafloor and sub-seafloor ‘reservoirs’ of methane hydrates … which then contributes significantly to the Greenhouse gas effect  … which then traps humongous amounts of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere … which then alters the hydrological cycles worldwide … which then triggers massive amounts of precipitation … which then creates even more water vapor — the most abundant greenhouse gas!

Problem ~ Reaction ~ Solution

The upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Paris, France in November and December of 2015.  This international meeting will be finalizing various climate treaties, mandates and legislation which will have the effect of setting mandatory CO2 emission targets for the first time in world history.

According to the organizing committee, the objective of the 2015 conference is to achieve, for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, a binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world.[3]

While everyone wants to see Global Climate Change arrested, the fundamental problem with this approach is that geoengineering continues at full tilt.  The current form of geoengineering is perhaps responsible for the largest percentage of the anthropogenic component of global warming. How, pray tell, can any scientist or research group tease out the actual percentage of all the other human activity-generated CO2 responsible for global warming?  It’s entirely impossible to do so with any degree of accuracy… when they are chemtrailing skies round-the-clock.

Problem Reaction Solution

As a result of this undeniable predicament, highly consequential decisions are being made based on a profoundly flawed premise (one that does not consider the immense effects of geoengineering).  That’s the real problem.  However, the ‘problem‘ being engineered regularly by the NWO cabal shows up quite graphically on the nightly news.  The populations of the world are now treated to reruns of “Weather Armageddon” in living color.  Whether these meteorological disasters hit close to home or the other side of the state, they eventually hit their mark … in order to elicit a fear-based reaction.

The reaction that is being provoked by the weather controllers is seen across the face of the planet every day.  As whole towns are wiped out by tornadoes and cities are paralyzed by floods, the people are slowly reaching their limit.  With each passing day the desired reaction is getting stronger and stronger.  Eventually the controllers know that the collective reaction will be sufficiently strong that their readymade solutions will be blindly accepted.

Their solution that is being subliminally suggested by so many newspaper headlines, network broadcasts and internet news alerts is a simple one.  It mimics the aforementioned pharmaceutical approach to treating cancer.  Geoengineering techniques are being touted as the answer to all the world’s weather problems.  There are even calls by  geoengineer scientists to implement solar radiation management (SRM) by way of stratospheric engineering in an effort to slow down climate change.

However, it is carbon dioxide removal (CDR) which provides the basis for the emerging “Global Carbon Control Matrix” (GCCM).  Because all of the existing energy paradigms[4] substantially contribute to atmospheric CO2 levels and other greenhouse gases, each of them will be subject to new rules and regulations, as they should be.  The worldwide industrial paradigm, which has generated an overwhelming amount of pollution — air, water and land — will also be subjected to new rulemaking on a global scale, as it should.

The GCCM, however, seeks to exploit these necessary developments in order to exert strict controls on all sources of CO2 generation and dissemination.  Such an overarching control matrix is developing into a de facto One World Government which will initially look like a simple carbon reduction plan.  However, this is only the beginning of a full-blown “Global CO2 ‘Management’ Regime”.

Because this regime has already been introduced into the commercial sphere in the form of a carbon emission trading system, wide acceptance has been manufactured with great success.  Given the deepening global economic depression, it has been quite easy for governments and corporations alike to embrace a novel way of generating revenues.  The financial potential of carbon trading runs into the multi-trillions making it perhaps the most profitable enterprise on the planet in the future.


Carbon Emissions Trading: The Mother of all Gambling Casinos

Carbon trading has been criticised as a form of colonialism, in which rich countries maintain their levels of consumption while getting credit for carbon savings in inefficient industrial projects.  Nations that have fewer financial resources may find that they cannot afford the permits necessary for developing an industrial infrastructure, thus inhibiting these countries’ economic development.[5]

As usual it the rich countries primarily which will be playing the “cap and trade” game. The G7 or G20 nations will be gambling with the future health of the planet. Does anyone really trust the markets to act in such a reasonable and ethical manner with regard to horse carbon trading?  Cap and Trade has already shown itself to be a small bandaid on a huge leak in the disintegrating dike holding back climate change.  What are those very basic problems with Cap and Trade vis-a-vis Global Climate Change?

First, global warming will require more radical change than the modest changes driven by previous pollution trading schemes such as the US CO2 market. Global warming requires “nothing less than a reorganisation of society and technology that will leave most remaining fossil fuels safely underground.”  Carbon trading schemes have tended to reward the heaviest polluters with ‘windfall profits’ when they are granted enough carbon credits to match historic production. Carbon trading encourages business-as-usual as expensive long-term structural changes will not be made if there is a cheaper source of carbon credits. Cheap “offset” carbon credits are frequently available from the less developed countries, where they may be generated by local polluters at the expense of local communities.[5]

In a New World Order inexorably driven by carbon footprint reduction, carbon credits will become the premier corporate currency.  Because of this inevitability, credits will be traded across all industries as well as non-industrial businesses.  Those corporate polluters, which are rewarded through the manipulation of the cap and trade system, will always game the system when the financial incentives are sufficiently profitable.

Carbon emissions trading presents more opportunities for outright abuse than perhaps any other investment vehicle.  Those opportunities for abuse will multiply and proliferate endlessly as more players pay to play this game.  Carbon credits will then become disconnected from the very purpose of the whole enterprise.  Carbon credit values and mechanisms will eventually become so disconnected from reality that they will likely promote the corporate behaviors they were designed to discourage.

Herein lies the fatal flaw of this particular NWO game.  Just as the purpose of carbon sequestration is to artificially remove carbon by the process of capture and long-term storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), the cabal hopes to postpone the crucial societal adjustments necessary to mitigate climate change.  In other words, the whole carbon trading system merely kicks the can down the road until such time that a real carbon cataclysm breaks out.


Where many have postulated that it’s all about money, it really isn’t.

Money is only the means to grease the wheels of the newfangled machinery known as the “Global CO2 ‘Management’ Regime”.  In other words, it is the “love of money” (e.g. carrot) by which the NWO cabal will finally play out their endgame.  They know human nature quite well, especially all the carrots and sticks which need to be employed in order to own and operate all of Planet Earth, Inc.

For those who disagree with the assertion that it is not really about the money, please consider the following realities.  In light of these historical facts it is quickly understood that it really is about taking complete ownership of all the natural resources — water, land, air — that Mother Earth has to ‘offer’.

1) Those who have exploited most of the natural resources of the planet no longer have those resources in their possession.  Whether it is gold or silver, diamonds or uranium, oil or natural gas; once it has been sold, the original owner no longer possesses it. Their resource wealth has therefore been greatly diminished.  They have replaced their real wealth with other forms of investments, such as U.S. dollars, British pound sterling or Swiss francs.

2) Those ex-owners now possess, in return for their hard assets, fiat money or digital currency, worthless stocks and bonds, and negative interest rate savings accounts or static money market accounts.  Many of them also have huge real estate holdings, all of which are deteriorating by the day as they come under unrelenting weather assaults and climate stresses.

3) The same folks who populate the peak positions of the One World Government know full well that current Global Economic & Financial System is very close to a final collapse.  The breakdown of every market  — equity, bond, currency, commodity, derivative, real estate, insurance, etc. — is more apparent than ever.*  Since they will soon be holding a lot of worthless paper, they must surely regret contributing so much of their real wealth to an illusory and quite insubstantial Consumer Society.

*Debt Default and Dollar Meltdown,
Derivative Explosion and Deflation Implosion
are Timed According to a Controlling Calendar


Global CO2 ‘Management’ Regime Morphs Into One World Government

Soon after Cap and Trade was first established, there was talk about the necessity of establishing an enforcement mechanism for those nations and/or corporations which failed to comply with the established legal limits of carbon emissions.  Naturally, various proposals followed which presented the need for a carbon tax both as a deterrent for repeat offenders as well as a means of generating revenue.  The tax revenue would be collected to support a new global taxation apparatus.

Thus marks the beginning of the One World Government at it’s most rudimentary form of development.  As they say, “it’s not a real government until it collects taxes.”  That’s why even the United Nations, as long as it’s been around, is never taken seriously by anyone; it has no tax-levying power.

The still nascent “Global CO2 Management Regime” has been evolving very slowly over decades, but since the Kyoto Protocols it has begun to flex its muscles.   This international treaty  extended the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and commits all nations states who are a party to the agreement to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.  Quite unbelievably, the treaty is based on the premises that (a) global warming exists and (b) man-made CO2 emissions have caused it.  That was in 1997 when there was relatively little research into the true causes of global climate change.

When such a categorical statement is asserted — that “man-made CO2 emissions have caused it” — about the primary cause of global warming, one would think there exists volumes of scientific evidence which proves the case, as well as scientifically isolates that specific and sole cause.  By the way, who conducted the research which undergirds such a claim?  When and where was the evidence presented which unequivocally demonstrates warming is manmade?  More importantly, how was geoenginnering removed from the mix and ruled out as a major contributing cause of warming?

Just in case anyone doubts the seriousness of the new carbon taxation agenda the following article was published today.  Two Democrats approached the conservative American Enterprise Institute to support a dedicated carbon tax.

The tax would be charged at $45 per ton of carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gases for coal, oil, natural gas and other hydrocarbons, collected at the place where it is produced or refined.
(Dems propose carbon tax – June 10, 2015)

When the One World Government has evolved to the point whereby a carbon taxing authority has been appointed, it will be clear that the Report from Iron Mountain[6] was an actual blueprint for world domination.  In view of the outworking of Agenda 21, that prophetic report has predicted far too many actual developments not to have been the real deal.

Gross pollution is clearly defined in the Report From Iron Mountain as a ‘possible’ substitute for war that will sufficiently frighten humans into forfeiting personal power for protection from the government.  In the process, the plutocratic oligarchy will be granted unlimited access to inconceivable wealth, as well absolute control over all natural resources and human beings.
— CCRG researcher



The “Carbon Footprint” meme has become one of the most powerful of this century. As it should be, everyone is now at least minimally aware of their monthly energy usage and daily wastage. Of course, many still couldn’t care less about how much CO2 they are responsible for. The rich and wasteful nations of the West are relatively clueless about their impacts on the rest of the world. Their ever-polluting industrial base often ends up affecting the climate of regions on other continents, even on the other side of the oceans.

As a result, runaway carbon emissions have now taken center stage of every global climate conference held by the world community of nations. With each passing year the incessant shirking of national responsibility to at least control industrial pollution has become more entrenched. The primary offenders and their surrogates have proven to be more intransigent at the negotiating table. Because of this devolving state of affairs, 2016 will likely be the year for an inevitable sea change.

At the end of the day it will be another expert application of the Hegelian Dialectic which seals the deal in favor of the NWO cabal against the interest of the peoples of the Earth. As usual, it will be the ‘awesome’ business opportunities which will so entice many unthinking players of the new carbon trading game.  Economics will override reason; financial considerations will chase away common sense.

Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Planetary Transformation

As the previous article points out, there are many eventualities over which the cabal has absolutely no control.  The collective consciousness of humanity, on the other hand, does possess the necessary power to avert some of the most serious prophecies of old.  Knowing that a much Higher Power has actually been in complete control all this time ought to bring comfort to anyone reading this exposé.

Of course, there are those earth-shattering events of natural origin which have always served to throw a wrench into TPTB machinery no matter what the time or the place. Since 2012, it has become more obvious to those who are conscious that something is awry throughout this entire plane of existence.  Every sphere of life has been spinning out of their regular orbits with greater acceleration.


Certainly the NWO cabal has access to the best scientific data that their digital money can buy.  They own every major observatory and any telescope that can see into the future. The immediate future is well portrayed by the diagram of all the major planets shown above. Perhaps their knowledge of these many “inconvenient truths” are too much for them to handle.  In their zeal to maintain the status quo, they attempt to play god here on Earth since they have very little clout throughout the rest of the solar system.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
June 10, 2015

Author’s Note

The essence of this essay is that Global Climate Change cannot be accurately assessed as long as geoengineering programs are being conducted across the planet.  Because atmospheric engineering profoundly alters weather patterns, as well as longstanding climate trends, all geoengineering programs must first be terminated if there is to be an honest discussion about how to realistically address GCC.

For anyone who was unable to follow this rather complicated narrative, here’s a simplified version for friends and family.

The Short Story behind Global Warming
Not long ago they spotted a fire. Instead of putting it out, they poured fuel on the fire. Lots of fuel … over many years. They fanned it with HAARP and chemtrails and the like. Then they used the destruction of the raging fire to strike fear into the hearts of all who watched it slowly burn the place down. Out of the fiery chaos they have been constructing a new order … a New World Order.  A One World Government was then formed in the background in order to control every aspect of the earth realm.  Their current initiative concerns bringing this shadow government out into the open so that a new allegiance will form which will replace all the loyalties of the last century.

Editor’s Note

This essay does not suggest that atmospheric CO2 is the primary cause of climate change.  Does CO2 contribute to the phenomenon of Global Climate Change?  Most certainly … but to what degree it is impossible to say, because of all the other significant cofactors that have been inexplicably ignored. For instance, most of the other major greenhouse gases have been studiously left out of the conversation.

Methane, ozone and nitrous oxide each influence the global warming scenario as does water vapor, the most prevalent greenhouse gas.  Methane releases on land and in the oceans — both natural and manmade — have seen a dramatic uptick with the unbridled growth of the hydrocarbon fuel paradigm.  Oil and gas drilling have created many and diverse vectors of unnatural dissemination of both methane and CO2.

However, our final comment is directed at the most important point made in this presentation: that the anthropogenic component of GCC is impossible to accurately quantify.  And, that geoengineering may now be the largest piece of all anthropogenic causes.  Therefore, estimating the manmade climate impacts is an exercise in futility at this stage of the public discourse.  Particularly when all the other major cofactors of Global Climate Change have not been acknowledged, or studied, or reported are new treaties and mandates, taxes and fees quite premature .

If the Sun is in fact influencing the Earth’s rising temperatures, shouldn’t that be addressed?  If the Earth’s core is rotating faster and heating up the mantle, doesn’t this affect the ocean currents and, therefore, the periodic weather-changing phenomena like El Nino?  If the rest of the solar system is also undergoing unparalleled changes, which reflect planets that are heating up considerably and exhibiting greater luminosity, why wouldn’t those changes be felt in our neck of the woods?


[1] Full-spectrum dominance

[2] The Biosphere Approaches Critical Points Of No Return

[3] 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference

[4] The major energy paradigms which provide most of the power worldwide are as follows:
• Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm — Petroleum and Natural gas
• Fossil Fuel Paradigm — Coal
• Nuclear Energy Paradigm — Radioactive isotopes such of Uranium or Plutonium
• Biomass Fuel Paradigm — Wood from trees, biomass from other vegetation

[5] Carbon emission trading


“GROSS POLLUTION of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass extinction by nuclear weapons as the principle threat to the survival of the species.”


Was the California drought geoengineered to pass future ‘climate change’ legislation?

TEXAS DELUGE: Was it a geoengineered weather event to enforce compliance with Agenda 21?

Recommended Reading

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Historical Background
Particularly since the advent of the Industrial Revolution has the world seen the planetary landscape profoundly transformed by corporate entities large and small, near and far. The independent legal entity known as the CORPORATION was the most central piece of architecture in the establishment of the modern Consumer Society. The worldwide network of publicly traded corporations is the very backbone of the governmental and commercial infrastructure which was necessary to advance the NWO agenda with the people’s support. Once the Consumer Society was firmly in place, the post-modern development of the One World Government superstructure could begin in earnest.

Hence, the execution of Agenda 21 has seen a veritable explosion of ‘terrorist’ bombings, environmental catastrophes and violent revolutions since the start of the 3rd Millennium. The false flag attacks of 9/11, 11-M and 7/7 were designed to greatly advance the manifestation of the NWO blueprint, as was the War on Terror. So are the numerous color revolutions and civil wars like the ongoing Arab Spring and conflict in the Ukraine. The BP Gulf oil spill and Fukushima nuclear disaster, California drought and Texas deluge represent just four of the many environmental calamities. The rapid and disorderly expansion of the European Union also supports the NWO program, as does the Clinton Global Initiative and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (especially their vaccination drives).

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