Green Bernie

Windsor, CA
June 8, 2016

by Rich Scheck

The following “Open Letter To Bernie” from Dave Lindorff explains why
Senator Sanders must continue his presidential campaign as the nominee
of the Green Party:

Sanders made a social contract with the 10+ million voters that worked
their hearts out to support his efforts to win the Democratic nomination
against Hillary Clinton.

Having failed in that task and having lost that battle, Lindorff shows how Sanders
can still win the war against the political corruption that Hillary symbolizes.

He can renege on his original promise to back the winner of the primary by
claiming it was fixed in favor of the former Secretary of State. He can also
adopt Lindorff’s suggestion that he made an egregious error underestimating
the seriousness of Hillary’s various scandals including her private e-mail server
and the Clinton Foundation.

Donald Trump has already begun that process and will surely be unrelenting
in his attacks on his future rival. Sanders can pre-empt that issue to the extent
that his basic decency makes him a far more attractive figure to run the country
at this critical time than the abrasive Trump or corrupt Hillary.

The nation is facing its biggest crisis since the Great Depression. This election
cycle has already seen dramatic changes. With 5 months left before voters go
to the polls on November 8th, continuing turmoil and uncertainty will be fixtures
on the political agenda.

Sanders is in a unique position to play his hand against these two deeply flawed
rivals. But he must step up boldly and embrace this opportunity in the ways
Lindorff and many others have suggested.

Abandoning the Democratic Party and signing on as a Green will expand the
base of that third party and institutionalize it so that it can compete in this
election and in a significant way in the years ahead.

This is the minimum contribution Sanders must make to sustain the revolution
he has helped start. As Green Bernie, he can make both candidates, both
parties and all of Washington feel the Bern!

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