ORLANDO MASSACRE: The Back Story to this Black Operation

Orlando Shootings:

Another B-Grade Production by the Department
of  Defense’s Bureau of Broadcast Governors?

By Anonymous Patriots

We have much to say about the shootings today and plan on writing a more comprehensive article which you will find exclusively on this website. But in the meantime, we wanted to quickly get out this info to our fellow patriots.

Remember that we taught you in an earlier article how to spot a false flag event. If you haven’t read this piece, educate yourself so that you are armed with truth.

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

The 6-12-16 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida fit all the characteristics of False Flags. Please check them yourself and see if the supposed “narrative network” fits the bill of all the other gun grabs we see happening lately. In just the last weekend there have been five shootings in the Orlando area just to make sure that if we didn’t believe one of them – we might believe another.

These gunmen attack all aspects of society including Christians, LGBT’s, straights, business people, innocent people of all ranks of life sending one common message – American’s are not safe and it is automatic weapons that do all the damage.  

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.29.36 AM

Obama promised that his “United Nations campaign” against Americans owning weapons would be put into place before he left office. He wrote seven executive orders that the courts do not support, and he has signed the UN Small Arms Treaty that has not received ratification from the US Congress.

Rand Paul urgently warns us that Obama and Congress are going for the UN gun grab now; time is up and Americans have to be disarmed for the globalist takeover of our beloved country:

United Nations’ Small Arms Treaty Poses Direct Threat to the Constitution

Still, the gun grabs go on under the direction of the Department of Defense using the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016 as the justification for FEMA drills that are turned into “active shooter events” that are produced and directed by the Department of Defense’s Board of Broadcasting Governors (BBG) who now wage propaganda wars on Americans to promote presidential policies through false flag events where no one is killed.

In this article, let’s look at some of the signs of a False Flag that might apply to this recent event:  

False Flag (Perception Management) Characteristics

1.  Ambiguity: if ambiguity increases, the perceiver finds it harder to form an accurate perception.

Counterpart: Eyewitnesses have conflicting accounts.

There have been very few eye witnesses and the ones on the news, especially the man in a brown hat (as described in a few paragraphs down), have told different stories and as usual, elaborates and steps well over the line of reality.

One can say that the BBG is getting better at removing witnesses. This event was in the middle of the night and in a dark nightclub. The officials say there are 6 dead and then 50.  Really? And there are 53 injured though only two people are seen on stretchers and another few are triaged on the road and ignored. No ambulances were let near the injured.  The injured are seen walking out helping each other with dozens of police cars surrounding them, but not one rescue medic anywhere and not one ambulance anywhere near the injured. This is often the case in poorly planned and delivered false flag activities.  If we take away the ten or so injured people slowing walking from the scene (where a gun battle was still raging and continued for supposedly 3 hours and ended in an explosion), we notice there is not one person running, and every person helping carry the injured do so without any help from the police, medics, fire personnel, or emergency personnel.

One picture shows a group of three people gallantly carrying a man with a leg wound. Once the group passes the camera they put the wounded man down, stand around awhile, and then they all walk off together.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.29.52 AM

The man in the brown hat (in the picture below) was interviewed twice and told two different stories about his heroic deeds. He is seen in this picture helping a person wounded in the leg though his stories were about the people he helped with back wounds.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.30.08 AM

2.  Social status: targeting a person’s position in society or in an organization

Counterpart: The official narrative has obvious domestic and geopolitical advantages for the governing body.

Every branch of society was “gunned down” in Florida in one weekend within a few miles of Orlando. Could this be a coincidence or are weaponized cell towers that we have told you about in previous articles sending messages directly into human heads?

Who owns and controls the military industrial complex.

3.  Impression management: the perceptions or impressions of others

Counterpart: The narrative behind the attack serves to leverage emotions like fear, as well as patriotism, in order to manufacture consent around a previously controversial issue. 

In January 13, 2016, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast, “We’ll do audacious executive action throughout the course of the rest of the year. I am confident of that.”  

Are these recent attacks just that? 

4.  Preparation – having clear goals and knowing the ideal position you want people to hold.

Counterpart: Military and law enforcement training drills occur on the same day very close by causing confusion to obscure eye-witness testimony and allow orchestrators to plant both patsies, disinformation and backup operatives. Immediate calls for gun control or restricting civil liberties.

Tampa and the Orlando area just went through joint drills that involved multi-national troops. Orlando is part of the Strong City Initiative, a UN program to put heavy, military UN equipment in every major city in America.

US Special Ops forces ‘raid’ downtown Tampa, Florida in search of pirates

5.  Credibility – all information uses prejudices or expectations to increase credibility.

Counterpart: News agencies keep saying that they are “being given reports” or “being told” and do not cite who reported or told them the unconfirmed information they broadcast as real.

This FBI agent says he is charge but then says the reports have “come down” to him, and that he is “being informed” or that the FBI has the 911 calls but they “haven’t listened to them yet” though they quote them saying the gunmen “911’ed” that he was pledging allegiance to ISIS moments before he started shooting.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.30.23 AM

6.  Multi-channel support – have multiple arguments and fabricated facts to reinforce your information.

Counterpart:  No obvious motive for the mass attack and no prior indicators. Shooter leaves manifesto or lots of evidence “proving” they were “radicalized” or “on drugs” or other were other undesirables.

The FBI admits that they had picked up Omar Mateen twice before to question him about two terror-related events, but both cases were closed.  To the Anonymous Patriots this sounds a bit like the play that occurred with the San Bernadino shooters—Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook. The FBI identifies the Muslims, picks them up for questioning, but then releases them because there are no grounds to hold them. Later they wind up slaughtering a room full of people. There is no obvious motive for the mass attack.

Then lots of evidence starts to come in to prove that the shooter was “radicalized.” It is not a surprise that news reports indicate that a family member said Mateen went crazy when he saw two men kissing in public.  This is offered as his proof of “radicalization.” Yet, the FBI, who certainly knew that Mateen had a conceal carry permit, thought so little of his involvement with terror that they closed both cases on him and let him maintain his conceal carry permit.

Overnight, Mateen “goes radical,” and calls 9-11 with his manifesto. Sound familiar? Tashfeen Malik made her confession on Facebook while she was allegedly gunning down victims at the Inland Regional Center.  Then Mateen goes out and purchases an automatic rifle just two weeks prior to the shooting today and uses it to gun down over 100 people—some dead and others wounded.  

How did he learn to shoot a gun like this? Has anyone seen him at an Orlando practice range? That is darn impressive that he could walk into a noisy nightclub, dominate the scene, take 30 people hostage, after killing and wounding over 100 people, then fighting off the police for 3 hours, all the while, setting off a bomb to insure that there was no crime scene that could be investigated. Sound familiar again? Think back on the San Bernardino shootings where the FBI left the Malik-Farook house open for reporters to spoil the crime scene.

San Bernardino Solved: A False Flag Within a False Flag — Patriots Versus Globalists

7.  Centralized control – employ entities to promote propaganda.

Counterpart: Fake “victims” and crisis actors.

I am sure all of our fellow patriots have seen the news videos and have noticed that in a shooting event that involved over 100 people killed or wounded, only two made it into ambulances on any news video. In the last 24 hours only five “victims” have been identified; although Mateen’s identity was leaked to the press within five minutes.

Crisis actors were particularly bad this time. Only a few pathetic witnesses spoke to the press with wildly different stories each time they spoke. Not one family was interviewed and the police would not allow a vigil so that the “crisis actor families” would not be out on the street making fools of themselves as usual.

Where is the coroner?  Just like the San Bernardino shootings, you don’t see enough ambulances showing up to take fifty dead people to the morgue, much less the wounded to the hospital. What local Orland hospitals accepted the wounded?  

We have all come to expect B-grade Hollywood productions by the Department of Defense’s Board of Broadcasting Governors. Even a good zombie movie does better with the blood and gore; but here, like San Bernardino, there are no bodies draped in white sheets or zipped into body bags or signs that the few “triaged” on the street make it to an ambulance or receive first aid.

The San Bernardino, Orlando, and, yes, Sandy Hook events are staged propaganda events, giving our government authority to terrorize its own citizens through false flag events.  How fast can we start throwing out every Congress person that permitted the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act that made false flags legal propaganda against the constituents they represent?

And might we add that the crisis actors did not appear to be dressed in clubbing attire for a gay nightclub. The shoes were awful and the hair even worse for people who were out clubbing. Plus, we thought that gays and lesbians had their different clubs—and that they did not club together. But in this false flag event, the nightclub is an all-inclusive LBGT club.

Could these paid actors been local folks that needed some fast cash since the IRS withheld tax income credits earlier this year to taxpayers who could not come to their field offices to prove their receipts AND who have had problems with their EBT cards not being funded this month? Sounds like our government is putting kerosene on a brush fire.  Oh, that’s right….this is supposed to be another summer of riots.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.30.53 AM

8.  Security – the nature of the deception campaign is known by few.

Counterpart: All drill participants and crisis actors sign Non-disclosure Agreements with “National  Security” clause promising swift and severe punishment if broken.  Everyone involved is on a “need to know” basis and kept in the dark about the overall intent of the event.

Multiple agencies were present and all agencies claim that someone else is in charge. No one agency has any more answers than their script allows them to say. Not a single person in charge was visibly upset or acted like there were HUMAN BEINGS killed. We need to demand to know which agency is in charge here. Is it like San Bernardino where the FBI took the lead, yet we have still not heard anything from the FBI regarding the San Bernardino case other than that an Apple phone was eventually unlocked by the FBI and not Apple. Wonder who will step up to take charge of the Orlando shootings and when the American people will get a truthful reporting of events?

Oh yeah…let’s keep looking for the coroner’s report and also the uptick of murders in the crime statistics for Orlando. As those of us who are wide awake to false flag events in America, none of this will happen. Hmmm, Newtown (Sandy Hook where no children died) never allowed the death certificates to be released—They even passed a law to keep them from being released. And did we ever see the coroner reports for San Bernardino?  

What about the federal crime statistics in Newton, San Bernardino, and, now Orlando after such massive death tolls? Homicides will most certainly go up significantly, but of course they won’t because no one except the patsy dies in a false flag event. Real reporters, not armchair analysts like us, need to stay on top of this and let us know when the death certificates for Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, and Orlando are released. Also—how about finding out the crime statistics for these communities the year of the incident and before and after the incident years.  

Sandy Hook Death Certificates to be Restricted.

9.  Flexibility – the deception campaign adapts and changes over time as needs change.

Counterpart: Evidence gets destroyed or tampered with and the details don’t matter because the culprits are dead.  No more interest in an investigation.   

The shooter is dead (just like Farook, Malik, and Sandy Hook’s Adam Lanza) so there is a clean finish for the patsy, and no need to go to court and try a false flag event. This only leaves the other crime scene, which in Mateen’s case, is the night club which is –conveniently–bombed at the end of the standoff.

Let’s get this right: Mateen, who was not deemed dangerous to the FBI in earlier questioning, uses his brand new assault rifle to mow down a crowd in a night club around 2:00 am. Yet in Florida, bars and restaurants cannot serve liquor between 1 am – 7 am. So it is really doubtful that the bar was filled. Most folks start going home after the liquor service has stopped. The more likely scenario is that the false flag event used the bar at 2:00 am because it was closed and available for staging.

Florida Alcohol Laws

Getting back to Mateen: After a grueling night of shooting and hostage herding, he participated in a 3 hour gun battle, after which he set up a bomb and blew the place up. Convenient. Now they don’t have much of a crime scene. Again, surely sounds like the playbook used in San Bernardino where the Farook house was left open for wandering reporters and cameramen. Or Sandy Hook where the school was razed after the “shootings.”  

Just a suggestion to the Pulse Nightclub’s insurance—you might want to hold off on the building payoff until you do your own investigation of who blew up the club, which will probably be demolished in the next few days.

10.  Coordination – organize in a hierarchy to maintain consistent distribution of information.

Counterpart: The federal agencies trump the local law enforcement agencies due to the “National Security” element of the drill which is ultimately controlled by the Department of Defense.

A large amount of agents and agencies just “appeared” very quickly and formed a parameter that no one went through, not even medics, police or emergency equipment. We still want to know who is in charge of the criminal investigation?

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.31.19 AM

11.  Concealment – contradicting information is destroyed.

Counterpart: Culprit is dead and evidence disappears from news reports, Internet, and media. Patsy has no military training, yet shoots extremely fast and accurately but no authority looks at the evidence.

This shooters in all three false flag events—Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, and Orlando– would have had to be military trained to do what they were purported to do.  Of course, we know little about this Mateen accept that he fits the bill as a perfect ISIS criminal weaponized overnight and born with a killer instinct that was unstoppable. Even the police couldn’t stop him for 3 hours. They had to use heavy UN military equipment to smash down the wall to take out one untrained man. But the FBI is positive that he was ISIS, hated gays, and beat his wife.

What is UN military equipment doing in Orlando, Florida? Oh yeah, the UN military, invited into our country by Obama, will be coming for our guns when the Small Arms Treaty is unconstitutionally rammed down our patriotic throats by the globalists and neocons who are really behind all of these false flag events.  

12.  Untruthful statements – fabricate the truth.

Counterpart:  Families of “victims” have acting backgrounds and receive payoffs in GoFundMe accounts and direct payoffs, especially mortgages. They often show little to no emotion, and even smile or laugh. The lie perpetuates and the “official story” is shaped by the media into truth.

Immediately after the shooting there were more GoFundMe sites pop up than there were names of the official dead.  We counted 10 separate funds established while there were only five victims named. Orlando has been considered a disaster area so it will receive lots of money to help with the shooting.

The largest mass shooting in American history seems to have all the ingredients of a False Flag event – just like the other mass shootings during Obama’s terms. All the signs are there that a drill was staged and turned into an “active shooter” event.  The “accused” is dead and the FBI “knows” that he “did it” because a family member said he recently expressed his hatred of gays.  

That was motive enough for an ISIS believer to become a superhuman deadly shooter. Of course, there is not one shred of evidence to that effect found so far.  As we write this article, the case has been closed before it was ever opened, and the crime scene has been bombed and then sealed while bodies miraculously leave the nightclub to the coroner’s office. Injured are swept away to nameless hospitals with police guards to make sure no news person bothers them.  

The “families of the victims” and the general public wait days to find out what should have been known within minutes. The crisis actors forget they are on camera and make up bigger stories every time they are interviewed.  Picture and videos come from unknown sources and no helicopters were allowed to film. Not one personal camera picture or video has come forth yet.

We must admit the DoD Board of Broadcasting Governors, along with FEMA, Homeland Security, the FBI, ATF, the United Nations, and the many other agencies who appeared magically at the scene within minutes have improved some aspects of their false flag events.  

This is what we vigilant patriots have forced them to do in order to carry out their false flag events:  

Do it in the middle of the night.

Do it with people who no one knows.

Do it with a gunman who is committed to ISIS, but is American.

Do it right after a number of large drills in the area.

Hire actors who are in a dire need of money – the weaponized poor.

Do it in a dark club where the shooter cannot be seen.

Do it with the threat of a bomb so total control goes into place as the security containment plan.

Do it to a targeted community or people or belief – the LGBT community.

Do it in a United Nations Strong Cities Initiative area.

Control all news coverage completely, specifically keeping helicopters out of the area.

Limit news coverage to “we are being told by officials that” – or “we have been informed” or other cover phrases to say the newscasters are not allowed to report anything but the official version.

Continue Obama’s plan of audacious actions to enact the UN Small Arms Treaty – the gun grab.

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