The Waning Days of American ‘Exceptionalism’

An Illusion Based on Hubris and Hegemony is Always Destined to Crash and Burn

Please imagine, if you will, sitting in a living room in a Damascus suburb in Syria and watching the latest televised speech by Secretary of War — rather of State — John Kerry as he issues threats of missile attacks. Is not this a flagrant display of American exceptionalism at its worst?

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.44.56 AM — Sept. 15th Headline and Photo from Huffington Post

When a liberal Democratic senator, who was an outspoken anti-Viet Nam War protester, goes rabid for a totally military aggression on an already war weary and beaten nation, something’s VERY wrong.

That Kerry aggressively promotes war, and disseminates rumors of war, as the top US diplomat adds even more insult to the injury inflicted by the original sarin gas false flag operation that was probably run out of DC.

Only a government without any moral compass or ethical standards would resort to such bully tactics.
Only a political establishment that truly believes that “might makes right” would issue such unprovoked threats to an already beleaguered nation.
Only a military leadership that lacked scruples and courage would proceed to act on the illegal orders issued from such a misguided Commander-in-Chief.

Diplomacy, not force, is the sign of a great nation when resolving international conflicts

“Whenever a powerful nation exerts its supremacy through the projection of raw military power, the community of nations becomes weakened and imbalanced. Alliances are formed out of fear, instead of mutual respect. Division then replaces natural collaborations especially those based on geographical proximity.
— State of the Nation

True statesmanship would dictate that it is incumbent upon the aggressor to consider every other alternative first toward a peaceful solution. When the diplomatic process is constantly thwarted or short-circuited by outside forces, only chaos and confusion will reign in the world affairs. And so it does.


“Exceptionalism” will always confer a false sense of superiority and entitlement on a nation

The USA needs to look no further than the other side of the pond to understand the roots of her current version of exceptionalism. Having inherited the mantle from the United Kingdom as sole superpower, it is very easy to see how we got to where we are.

English-speaking nations in general do possess an attitude and consciousness that they are superior to the other countries. Even the NSA had an agreement in place not to spy on the English-speaking nations, quite incredibly. These same nations also agreed to share signal intelligence among themselves. The UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand formed a partnership known as the UKUSA Agreement   

Furthermore, that the US feels it has the moral right to spy on any nation or individual on Earth through the NSA technology is another shocking example of an exceptional national birthright.

No one is saying that the USA isn’t a great and prosperous and powerful country. No one is saying that it hasn’t accomplished extraordinary things in a relatively short period of existence. No is saying that the US hasn’t done wonderful work in the world with a trademark generosity of spirit and good will.

However, to whom much is given, much is expected. This is especially true in the realm of peace-making and arena of war-making.
Which is exactly where US foreign policy fails to the greatest degree. And, usually in a very ugly way for the rest of the world.

Truly, American diplomacy has morphed into gunboat diplomacy as never before.
The exceptional John Kerry is now at the helm of a war machine instead of a diplomatic corps.
Barack Obama has likewise morphed into the Warrior-in-Chief, as he is now universally known as the Drone Ranger.
Senators McCain and Graham have shed any last pretense of august senatorship, and routinely cheerlead every opportunity for war.

These are all graphic examples of “the waning days American exceptionalism”. Each one is undeniable. And they only further concretize a pattern that emerged post WWII. Some might say post WWI. Nevertheless these any many other examples have served to solidify perceptions around the globe that the US is no longer the good ole USA.

Many have even offered that the USA has gone the way of the Roman Empire complete with its own form of Nero fiddling while the empire burns.


Michael Thomas
State of the Nation 2013
September 15, 2013

The Myth of American Exceptionalism

The myth of ‘American exceptionalism’ implodes

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