“Russia reprimands U.S., Israel over missile test launch” — Washington Times

This headline speaks volumes about the level of maturity that the US and Israel now function at with regard to extremely grave matters of state, particularly war.

Right in the middle of trying to ferret out the truth regarding the sarin gas false flag attack in eastern Damascus, team US/Israel fires off some missiles in the direction of Syria from the Mediterranean Sea.

Without giving any advance notice whatsoever, they then call it a test … after the fact.
A missile test conducted in the midst of an extremely volatile international face-off that was heading toward a regional conflagration?!

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Amid Syria tension, Israel test-fires missile over Mediterranean Sea

The missiles were fired on Tuesday, September 3 during some very tense military posturing by the Obama administration.  The fuller context is that Syria has been the recipient of threats of surgical strikes by the US military in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack that was falsely blamed on the Assad government.

At the very height of issuing threats to attack Syria, the US and Israel stunningly decide to launch missiles in the direction of the biggest powder-keg on Earth. Knowing that such a provocation could literally trigger a World War III, why would these politicians pull such a dangerous and reckless stunt?

“Mr. Antonov described the U.S.-Israeli exercise as irresponsible and said it could have ignited military conflict.
He said, as The Times of Israel reported: “Is there any other region more volatile and packed with weapons today? I don’t completely understand how someone could play with arms and missiles in that region today. The Mediterranean is a powder keg, and a match is enough for fire to break out and possibly spread not only to neighboring states but to other world regions as well. I remind you that the Mediterranean is close to the borders of the Russian Federation.”
– The Washington Times

US Foreign Policy Now Operates On Hair Trigger Status

Can you imagine if John McCain had his finger on the button to launch nuclear weaponry anywhere around the world? The entire planet would be a smoldering ash heap by now (and a radioactive one at that). Unfortunately, there are a number of characters who populate the American foreign policy apparatus and military branches that are not that far from McCain’s extreme penchant for military reactions to international conflicts.

Simply put, in light of Russia having to sternly rebuke American moves which might have ignited a WWIII, it is now clear that the entire US foreign relations establishment (such as the Council on Foreign Relations) must be held tightly on a VERY short lease.

Never in USA history has such a precarious and unstable state of affairs existed throughout so many high levels of government and the armed services. And, at a time when they have at their command an arsenal of weaponry like never before such is the aggregate destructive capacity.
There does come a time when the keys must be taken away from “the crazies who are somehow running the asylum”.  

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In order to place this unprecedented event in proper perspective, imagine if Syria had fired the missiles instead of the US or Israel.
What would the US reaction have been?
How would NATO have reacted?
And the world response would have been divided as it always is. Sides would be chosen based on international treaties, economic interests, political loyalties, religious sympathies, social congruence, self preservation and expediencies of every sort and kind.

We repeat: This is the extraordinary and explosive context into which the US and Israel sent missiles. Right in the direction of a brewing regional war which could have easily escalated into a world war.

Michael Thomas
State of the Nation 2013
September 14, 2013

Unannounced Israel-U.S. missile test fuels jitters over Syria

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