RED ALERT: Democrats will try to steal every election they can on November 6th

Deep State will pull out all the stops to flip both houses of Congress

SOTN Editor’s Note: Various SOTN articles have been linked in this op-ed which corroborate the conclusions of this prescient analysis.

Submitted by the Armchair Political Analyst

Is there any question about the sheer desperation of the Democrat Party?

Look what they have done in just the past month.

The Deep State Democrats from the Obama years, who still have a major hold on institutional power, are working 24/7 to overthrow Trump anyway they can.

The quickest and easiest way to do that is to rig the midterm elections to swing both houses to Democrat majorities.

Just consider what they’ve done in the few months prior to Election Day to accomplish that goal.

This past October alone has seen more surprises than any other election cycle in American history.

Here’s the short list of October Surprises carried out by Deep State that began with a late September SCOTUS “Shock and Awe”:

Kavanaugh character assassination plot to associate Trump with alleged sexual abuse (Deep State’s Blaseygate Exposed as Seditious Black Op)

False flag bomb psyops perpetrated against Democrat VIPs to blame a Trump supporter (FALSE FLAG BOMB SCARES: Who’s really doing it and Why?)

 Hurricane Michael: A geoengineered superstorm and weather bomb dropped on the Right-leaning Florida Panhandle to eliminate Republican voters (Voting Analysis Determines that Devastation of FL Panhandle from Hurricane Michael Could Swing Key Elections to Democrats)

 Khashoggi assassination plot to tarnish Trump administration with Saudi savagery (Khashoggi Assassination Plot Exposed)

False flag mass shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue conducted to blame Trump for national division (FALSE FLAG MASS SHOOTING: Pittsburgh Synagogue Targeted by Deep State-Directed Terrorist Attack

Honduran Caravan sent as a ‘blue wave’ of illegal aliens to perform unlawful voting for Democrat candidates (OCTOBER SURPRISE: Soros & Company Crashes a Blue Wave into the Mexican Border to Steal the Midterm Elections)

Hot yoga shooting and false flag operation in Tallahassee where an alleged Right-leaning assailant carries out a “November jolt”. (ELECTION PSYOP: A ‘False Flag’ Mass Shooting in Tallahassee Just Before Election Day, How Convenient for Candidate Gillum)

These are just a few of the major black operations carried out by Deep State to rig the elections as well as undermine Republican efforts in every voting district in the country.

As usual, these schemes have backfired to a great degree.  Each has, instead, served to galvanize the Right to vote because of how extreme and downright dangerous the Democrats have become.

Furthermore, the enlightened (and shocked) voters in the middle will see through all the Democrat shenanigans and liberal hysteria and probably vote straight Republicans for the first time in their lives.

As for the easily duped undecideds, they will either stay home or vote only for those candidates who they believe will represent them.

However, these October Surprises have also served to engage every voter on the Left to take this election very seriously, and they will.  Not losing their “Sodom and Gomorrah” depends on it. See: How Cultural Marxism was used to create an American “Sodom and Gomorrah”

What has become crystal clear over the past two years is that the Democratic Party has proven that they should NEVER hold the reins of power again.

The Democrats have shown, at all levels of leadership, that they are determined to advance the highly destructive agenda of Cultural Marxism.

And, that the Left will continue to irreparably tear the fabric of American society until the Republic is no more.

Toward that end, the Democrats will do everything in their power to steal every election in sight during the midterms.

Georgia Secretary of State Launches Formal Investigation into Democrat Vote Hacking

Deep State operatives are working overtime, mostly in the background, to flip both houses of Congress.

They are stealthily executing plots to fraudulently overturn each and every legitimate election result, especially those that really matters to their globalist overlords.

With their agents of Cultural Marxism strategically placed in positions of power and influence across the nation, the Left will be able to implement their covert communist schemes unimpeded.

The real problems with the midterms will start to emerge on Election Day.

This is when the many Left-wing conspiracies to rig the elections and fix the voting outcomes will go into full gear.

Remember, in their confused minds, the Democrats simply cannot lose this election cycle.

They know they face threats of extinction if the Republicans win big.

And it’s true, if the DEMs lose the key elections, they may be sidelined for a generation if not shut down altogether.

That’s because of their outright treason executed at the highest levels.

No political party in U.S. history has committed so many acts of sedition in broad daylight.

And there’s not a single Democrat leader who is not heavily involved in the ongoing Deep State subversive activity.

All the big billionaire donors to the Democrat Party are likewise funding this globalist Purple Revolution against the American Republic with seeming impunity.

This is why the Democrats must win and can’t lose—otherwise, they know they’ll be up to their eyeballs in alligators.

Those alligators are better known as Patriots and Nationalists, Christians and Conservatives, Tea Partiers and Libertarians, Republicans and Independents, Vets and Militiamen, NRA members and Hunters, as well as many other law-abiding citizens who want to stop the lawlessness and anarchy once and for all.

All of these voting demographics share the enthusiasm for one spectacle in particular: Trump’s wrecking ball knocking down the Obamanation.  Hopefully, enough Republican voters will show up at the ballot box to make sure the wrecking of Obama’s legacy continues unabated.

— Just one man’s opinion

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