Here’s how the midterm elections are being stealthily rigged.

SOS: Midterm Election Crisis Point

The Slo-Mo Coup Against Trump Cannot Be Overstated And Should Not Be Underestimated!

State of the Nation

Regardless of what you read or hear anywhere in the media — both mainstream and alternative — the midterm election predicament is extremely serious for the Right.

SOTN has written extensively about the very real machinations and plots afoot to outright steal elections nationwide.  And that’s the good news.  The bad news is that we don’t know what we don’t know about the other secret plans being formulated by George Soros & Company.  For example:

The October SURPRISE of 2018 to be Preceded by a September SHOCK & AWE!

Major determining factors for Election Day

The daily melodrama is distracting even the best political analysts and researchers.  As a consequence the most obvious realities are being completely ignored…and not being acted on or responded to appropriately.  What are these stark realities?

  • The 2016 U.S. presidential election provides very little data for what to expect in 2018.  The Trump revolution was a spontaneous outpouring of real hope from the awake segment of the electorate to save the Republic.  What happened back then will be very difficult to replicate now, especially because many Independents have since fallen off the Trump train.
  • Hillary Clinton galvanized the vote against her more than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history.  That massive voting reaction from the Right was simply unprecedented…and will probably never happen again.  Hillary was, by far, the most hated candidate ever going back to America’s first elections.
  • Donald Trump provided a voice for patriots across the country in an unparalleled way that also produced an enormous surge in conservative voting.  Trump is not running in 2018 and so the same effect cannot be duplicated.  His absence on the ticket is a definite disadvantage to conservative candidates who need his political muscle to win.
  • The DNC has made “getting out the vote” a HUGE priority this campaign season; the RNC not so much.  This single dynamic could spell doom for the Right nationally and locally.  The GOP leadership has too many Never Trumpers who have diluted the enthusiasm needed to encourage voting.  They have also failed to allocate the funding necessary to conduct voter registration drives and other initiatives in vulnerable districts.
  • The Left has much more to lose in 2018 than does the Right.  Most significantly, they will lose their “cherished Sodom and Gomorrah” should the Republicans continue to dominate as they do today.  This data point is often grossly underestimated by the Right.  The cultural marxists have fought long and hard for a century to enact legislation that is utterly godless and criminal.  The Obamanation was the culmination of their efforts, and they will do everything humanly possible to prevent Trump from taking his wrecking ball to it as he has done.
  • The Right, on the other hand, has been winning a LOT lately.  Success always breeds complacency and inertia.  However, given that the GOP owns both chambers of Congress, the winning should have been quadruple what it has been.  This fact alone ought to send shivers up every patriot’s spine.  Instead, many will not show up at the polls because it’s a midterm election and they don’t feel the heat like they did in 2016 with the prospect of 4 more years of Hillary leading the Obamanation.
  • George Soros poured $18,000,000,000 this year into all of his various NGOs which were literally set up for this very day.  Those many political advocacy groups and quasi-PACs are hellbent on winning the day on November 6.  Not only do they have the money, they have the manpower to work the street like never before.  There are several other liberal billionaires who have likewise donated large sums toward the same political causes.  The Republican Koch Brothers, on the other hand, have withdrawn their regular and massive political funding because they don’t like Trump.
  • The election machinery, particularly in the cities, is owned and operated by the globalist Deep State.  The Left-leaning leadership in urban areas also exerts a tremendous influence over the electoral apparatus is ways that are often completely unseen.  Given their collective capability to steal elections, they still can’t figure out how they lost in 2016.  Because Hillary’s epic defeat was so instructive and left such an indelible impression, the globalists will not permit a repeat performance this November.
  • The Democrats and Progressives, Liberals and Lefties are still smarting — BIG TIME — from the shocking loss of Hillary.  For many of the Clintonistas and Obamabots, it’s like Trump won only yesterday.  This has triggered many into a full-blown mental illness known as Trump derangement syndrome.  This emotional malady is quite real and is being exploited daily by the Mainstream Media (MSM).  Because the CIA’s Mockingbird Media, as it’s also known, is so relentless in their negative reporting on all things Trump, they are rigging this year’s vote in this furtive manner on a continuous basis.
  • The patently fake Trump-Russia collusion narrative has been with US since the last Election Day.  Both sides of the aisle have been trumpeting this utterly bogus story with extraordinary resolve.  This is extremely problematic because of how many voters have been peeled away from the conservative camp because of this unrelenting political propaganda aimed at falsely tarnishing Trump.
  • The seasonal polling has begun in earnest and already the MSM is putting out one fake poll after another indicating an overall Democratic victory.  They did the same in 2016 in an all-out effort to ready the populace for a Hillary victory.  In point of fact, the MSM does this every election cycle as a way of fixing elections locally and federally, as well as at the state level.
  • The Special Counsel investigation of 2017 was specifically initiated by Deep State in order to tie up Trump until the midterms, which is what Mueller et al. have done.  Any party under serious investigation is always tainted to some degree even if they are completely innocent of the primary allegation as Trump is.  With the steady drumbeat of grand jury proceedings, indictments, trials, convictions and incarcerations, the electorate can’t help but be affected, especially the indecisive voters in the middle. See: Session’s Betrayal Is Mueller’s Secret Mission
  • The Mockingbird Media has never been so totally out of control.  All of the major MSM organs of political propaganda have gone into overdrive by purposeful design…where they will remain until Election Day and beyond.  When the reporting is so blatantly skewed and misrepresentative of reality, it’s difficult to overcome for those who are in the middle. There are many good folks who cannot help but be influenced by a corporate media that essentially functions as the press agent for the Democratic Party.  For this and other reasons: THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

Assemblage of Democratic crazies who are running the asylum of liberalism

The crazies are running the asylum

In every sphere of life throughout America it seems that the crazies are running the place.  In many instances they truly are.  But that’s not the real problem where it concerns the 2018 midterms.

The most serious problem is that the craziest among them are overseeing the planned and biggest election theft in history.  These individuals simply don’t care this time around about what it will take to win.  Many of these agents of Deep State and Dark Left operatives are determined to take back what was lost in 2016.  And they will do it by every means necessary and any means possible.

Does the reader understand this?  If not, the “KEY POINT” below will further elucidate this critical matter.

KEY POINT: The most criminal and amoral elements now run the Democratic Party.  Also known as Dark Left operatives, these bad actors will do anything to win no matter what the consequences to good and innocent people.  As follows:

A psychopath will do anything, anytime, anywhere to win.
They have no scruples and therefore have no constraints
on their utterly reckless behavior.  Because they completely
lack empathy, they care not about the extreme pain and
suffering they cause others.  They lack the capacity to even
consider the horrendous consequences of their actions.
Hence, they feel unrestrained to commit any wrong, any
crime, or any shocking atrocity in order to achieve their
objectives.  For them, the end always justifies the means…
no matter how barbaric or repugnant their actions are.

(Source: SPYGATE: The Reign of the Psychopaths is Over)

Political Calculus

The bottom line, of course, is the numbers—the real ones and the fake ones– that show up in each voting column.

Unfortunately for the Right, whoever has the most votes will not necessarily win the election.  Yes, it’s supposed to be that way, but it never was, and certainly is not today.

The raw numbers at this point appear to be a serious problem for the Right.   The Left has crunched the numbers in every way and then some.  They cannot get it wrong this time…and they know it.  Therefore, wherever they cannot produce the voters, they will simply manipulate the voting equipment and relevant software via hacks, all of which are quite easy to do.

The real challenge, however, is getting a critical mass of Trumpsters to the voting booth.  If they don’t show up in numbers bigger than 2016, the Left will prevail.  Even if they do, the Right still faces an outright theft via various means.  Remember, we’re dealing with criminally insane psychopaths who commit the crimes first and worry about the consequences later.

Even in a year when conservative voting participation is quite high, the Right is still confronted with so many Democratic tricks of the trade.

This particular election cycle is all about one thing—getting the vote out in every way possible (Yes, even illegal aliens, imprisoned felons, undocumented immigrants, dead citizens, etc. will be voting Democrat this year).  Whichever party shows up in greater numbers will win the day; unless, of course, the elections are rigged by Deep State computer programmers and Soros-paid hackers.
(Source: Something Wicked This Way Comes…Between Now And Election Day)


The stakes have never been higher for the upcoming midterm election.  The globalists know that they must win and will do anything necessary to win.  The worst of them know that they are facing existential threats should the Republicans retain their congressional majorities.

Similarly, the Republicans must score big successes to maintain control.  Should they fail, Trump will be impeached; if the Senate also goes Democrat he’ll be removed from the Oval Office with all deliberate speed.  Republicans — at the federal, state and local levels — will then face a spate of political prosecutions as never witnessed before in the USA.

The real BOTTOM LINE here is that which ever side wins will set the stage for the crucial 2020 elections.  Whoever loses in 2018 will have a tremendously daunting uphill battle with LOTS of political persecution, criminal prosecution and partywide pain in the process.

Patriots and Nationalists, Conservatives and Christians, Tea Partiers and Libertarians, Independents and Republicans better comprehend what’s really at risk with a loss at the polls.  Should the Democrats succeed at stealing elections in all the key voting precincts, they will surely turn the tide.

Special Note: We pretty much know all the dirty tricks and criminal endeavors that the DEMs will carry out from now until Nov. 6.  The extreme left-wing and ultra-liberal politicos are engaging in a veritable crime wave at this very moment under cover of clandestine black ops.  However, it’s all the schemes that we don’t know that pose the biggest threat to free and fair elections.  These people are literally possessed by some group demonic force as evidenced by AntiFa terrorist activities.  Hence, we are dealing with dyed-in-the-wool cultural marxists who have morphed into violent bolsheviks.  And they don’t even care that we see them committing crimes of treason in broad daylight.  This is why they cannot be allowed to ever hold the reins of power in America again.  It would signify a death knell for the American Republic. See: Deep State’s Intensifying Coup Against Trump, Traitors Boldly Expose Themselves

State of the Nation
August 24, 2018


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