Cultural Marxism: The Secret Strategy Used To Carry Out An American ‘Bolshevik Revolution’

This is how the scourge of Cultural Marxism can be stopped…

…dead in its tracks! 

State of the Nation

The patriot movement can sue every single criminal racket associated with the Cultural Marxism enterprise out of existence after
every U.S. jurisdiction prosecutes them
under the RICO Act.

There is no greater threat to the American Republic than the unrelenting and slow-motion scourge known a Cultural Marxism.  See: Cultural Marxism Is Destroying America

For the unaware, Cultural Marxism represents a highly coordinated, multi-decade conspiracy designed to irreparably tear the social fabric of American society, and then the entire planetary civilization.

The utterly fake women’s movement, deceptively known as feminism, is just one “ism” that has been used with great effect to destroy American society. See: Cultural marxism is the real force behind the fake feminist movement

It has been acknowledged by various esteemed political scientists and world historians that if the United States of America ever fell, it would be taken over from within, not by an invading enemy.

This observation is quite true.  An enemy on American soil would unavoidably face a rifle behind every blade of grass as the Japanese admiral stated during World War II.

Of course, the real enemies of the USA realized from the get-go that they could overthrow this constitutional republic only from within, which they have succeeded in doing post 9/11.

The barbarians are inside the gate

Actually, the barbarians have never been at the gate, they have been inside the gate since the First World War.  The nation was ever-so-slowly and stealthily taken over by cultural marxists at the very start of the American Experiment.  The Bavarian Illuminati was also founded in 1776 and purposefully paralleled its development to counter the national and individual emancipation advocated by the newly independent Thirteen Colonies.

However, it was the passage of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act in 1913 when the banksters unleashed Cultural Marxism across the land… “from sea to shining sea”.  From that point onward, the globalists have surreptitiously usurped the Constitution as well as the key institutions which comprise the U.S. Federal Government.

With each successive decade, the onslaught of Cultural Marxist ideology and initiative has increased exponentially.  Eight years of Obama graphically reflected the shocking acceleration of the shredding of America’s social, political and economic fabric.  That’s because Obama was set up by his primary financier — cultural marxist George Soros — to explicitly construct the communist Obamanation, which he did with amazing speed and dexterity.

How Cultural Marxism was used to create an American “Sodom and Gomorrah”

It was through this extremely organized Cultural Marxist enterprise that cultural degradation and moral decay, social degeneration and religious decline, political corruption and governmental criminality, economic collapse and financial downturn would inexorably destroy the Republic from within.  And so it has.

KEY POINT: The same Khazarian mafia responsible for carrying out the Bolshevik Revolution that completely ravaged Russia in 1917 is behind the present Purple Revolution in the United States.  They knew that, sooner or later, the American people would no longer resist their relentless and divisive assaults on society.  By driving so many emotionally-charged wedge issues deep into the heart of the body politic, they have successfully divided and conquered the entire U.S. citizenry.

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)

The following screenshot was taken from a lawsuit filed against the notorious sexual offender Harvey Weinstein.  The plaintiff has taken the excellent legal approach by going after Weinstein’s entire criminal enterprise, which essentially constitutes a racket(s) under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

By invoking those applicable statutes that were specifically set up under the RICO Act, the plaintiff will not only take down Harvey Weinstein the sexual assailant, they will also take down his entire sexually abusive criminal organization.

In other words, every single individual who was materially involved with Weinstein’s sexual exploitation enterprise is now vulnerable to either criminal prosecutions or civil litigation.  Even those who did not knowingly act as an accessory to crimes of sexual exploitation remain vulnerable; and, in some case, exceedingly exposed to lawsuits that carry high financial liabilities and perilous legal risks.

KEY POINT: The crux of this post is that the cultural marxists and their co-conspirators have been put on notice—BIG time!  Henceforth, anyone who colludes with these 21st century Bolsheviks will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Yes, it may take some time to boilerplate the necessary legal process, but Harvey has shown us what must be done.  From this point forward, it’s merely a matter of execution if we are to save the Republic.

Bill Cosby story

The Bill Cosby story is quite instructive where it concerns the Harvey Weinstein crime spree.

Everyone in Hollywood knew about Cosby’s serial criminal behavior.  They knew that he routinely drugged his sexual prey into unconscious submission before he sexually assaulted them.  Many of Cosby’s agents and co-actors, various producers and directors, studio heads and filmmakers were well aware of Cosby’s shockingly illicit conduct.

Nevertheless, many of these folks looked the other way, while others acted in a manner to enable Cosby’s nonconsensual sexual exploits.  It was really a big game for many of them, as the Hollywood culture became exceedingly permissive during the 1960s, 70’s and 80’s.  In point of fact, the sexual mores of the elites have driven the whole society into a phase of extreme sexual promiscuity up until this very day.  And it only gets worse by the day!

The crucial point here is that the Harvey Weinstein affair (sometimes known as Harveygeddon) is not too unlike Bill Cosby’s trail of feminine destruction.  At certain times, they both relied on the complete silence of others in order to perpetuate their respective sexual crime waves.

Isn’t this exactly what many agents did when they set up potential female co-actors with Cosby?  Each rendezvous was like an unsuspecting sheep being thrown to a wolf.  The extensive network of agents knew that the casting couch would be employed with wanton abandon in both cases—Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.

Why RICO changes everything

Planned Parenthood, another cultural marxist enterprise, has also been running a criminal racket for decades…and getting away with it by using taxpayer dollars.  This annual government funding, which is in itself quite unbelievable, has conferred a veneer of legitimacy to what is in fact a worldwide crime syndicate that traffics in body parts and tissues.

Now that the Planned Parenthood abortion factory and fetal body part-selling operation has been outed, it can be properly prosecuted under RICO.  Clearly Planned Parenthood is a criminal racket that should be shut down with all deliberate speed before it inflicts more carnage on American society.

Just as the many child sexual exploitation operations throughout Hollywood have recently been exposed as rackets, there are many other revenue-generating enterprises which have been used by the cultural marxists to fund their subversive activities.  In the same way, each of them can be prosecuted as the criminal rackets that they are.

When a sufficient number of these RICO-violating businesses and NGOs have been terminated, the viability of Cultural Marxism will be seriously threatened.  Only when the vast and intricate web of illicit enterprises, which fund so much anarchistic activity, is crippled will the American people be able to take back their country.  Until then, however, toppling the cultural marxists as they reveal themselves is the best that can be done.


Perhaps it’s now more clear how RICO can be strategically utilized to demolish this whole god-forsaken enterprise.  The cultural marxists have quite effectively used the Hollywood machine and celebrity culture to advance their malevolent agenda throughout the USA as well as the world-at-large.

Once Hollyweird has been dismantled through a good number of RICO prosecutions and civil lawsuits, a HUGE cog in the cultural marxist machinery will have been rendered powerless.  Similar lawsuits can then be filed in all the other industries and spheres of life where Cultural Marxism has operated as the crime syndicate that it truly is.

Famous Hollywooders who morally assisted Harvey Weinstein ‘RICO’ enterprise (Video)

However, in the meantime, it’s important to understand that the cultural marxist agenda is still being promoted everywhere—24/7.  Just this week a famous feminist stalwart and cultural marxist made the stunning statement that “Rape sentences should be lowered”.  See: Germaine Greer says ‘most rape is bad sex’ not ‘violent crime’

The bottom line here is that Cultural Marxism must be defeated in every sphere of society if there is any hope for a rebirth of the American Republic.  In the absence of a resounding defeat, this nation will only continue its devastating downward spiral into the societal abyss.

State of the Nation  
June 2, 2018

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