Black Lives Matter: A COINTELPRO Black Op Set Up to Destabilize U.S. Society

Classic COINTELPRO Operation in Progress

DeRay Mckesson is a major LGBT Promoter with GLAAD,
the military arm of the Gay Mafia


DeRay Mckesson: The Fabrication of a Black Lives Matter ‘Hero’

*Since when does the leader of any radical group get serious face time
with the U.S. Attorney General and then get to use it as a photo op to
spread across their movement?!

State of the Nation


SOTN Editor’s Note:
SOTN is well aware of the centuries of oppression, deprivation and indignities that the blacks of America have suffered. Their never-ending trials and tribulations are our trials and tribulations. We have nothing but the greatest respect, and reverence, for those Black heroes who really made a difference FOR ALL AMERICANs. Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X are just three awesome examples of the greatest American sons—EVER!  With that said, we also believe that Blacks are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement agencies across the nation only because they are black. They have been killed and brutalized by the police and sheriffs in such numbers that the only explanation is longstanding structured racism. However, since 9/11 all socio-economic groups have experienced an dramatic uptick in police brutality. Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Whites are all getting tasered and killed more often by the police for no good reason. The Black Lives Matter group, while being an advocacy movement for black communities nationwide, is often seen as divisive and even protective of real black criminals who are truly guilty of crimes against the people. This indisputable reality has rightly created a major perception problem. Many outside of the movement have questioned the true impetus behind BLM, as well as the actual source of their funding. There are very good reasons to question these, as well as the integrity of the emerging leadership.

Quite unfortunately, any time a hero is painstakingly manufactured by the mainstream media (MSM), you know they are a government-groomed, corporate-funded, cover NGO-sponsored entity.

There is no better example of this recurring phenomenon than the blossoming Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.  One of the quickly budding and premier leaders of BLM is a gent by the name of DeRay Mckesson.  In the photo posted above he is shown just to the right of AG Loretta Lynch.

GLAAD: Military arm of the Gay Mafia

The single most important factoid about DeRay Mckesson is that he is a zealous advocate of the LGBT agenda and member of GLAAD.  Which begs the following question:

Why is an avid LGBT activist — DeRay Mckesson — leading the Black Lives Matter movement?

This particular item on McKesson’s resumé is perhaps the most disconcerting.  Not only does it serve as another opportunity for the LGBT crowd to co-opt another HUGE and growing protest movement, it permits them to unduly influence the BLM agenda by stealth.  It also allows the top leadership to be filled with like-minded agents who have no interest in the stated purpose of Black Lives Matter, but a lot of interest in using the movement to advance the LGBT national agenda.

This piece of the COINTELPRO strategy should not be underestimated, for there is no quicker way to grow a movement than to completely take over other apparently similar groups and organizations.  The LGBT movement in the USA is perhaps the most powerful political force in America and getting stronger and more pervasive by the day.

LGBT MOVEMENT: The Most Powerful Political Force In America Today

Beware of organized protest movements in 2016 and beyond

Before anyone joins the Black Lives Matter organization, whether they are black or white, brown or yellow, they had better do some serious due diligence.  Personally vetting the leaders is the single quickest way to get to the bottom of what they are really all about. Of course, always “follow the money”, as the root source of the funding always provides crucial information.  As follows:


Just who is funding Black Lives Matter?

Exposed: Who’s REALLY Behind Black Lives Matter And What They Are Trying To Do Next

It’s always been true that whoever funds any given organization actually controls it. Therefore, only by apprehending the true intentions of the big corporate, left-leaning sponsors can the ultimate aim of BLM really be known.  Of course, that same left-wing agenda is splashed all over the MSM, so it has become fairly transparent by now—to transform the USA in to the USSA where the A stands for Amerika, a totalitarian communist superstate made up of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  This is why the southwestern border has been effectively left wide open.



“COINTELPRO (a portmanteau derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram) was a series of covert, and at times illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting domestic political organizations.”

In the case of BLM it is now clear that the official organization is a classic COINTELPRO black operation set up to start a race war.  While there are always many well-intentioned people who will climb on board such movements, the leaders have been fastidiously trained and mentored.  The results of their leadership clearly indicate their true purpose. BLM has proven to be a highly dubious and divisive organization that has done a tremendous amount of damage to the real civil rights movement.

The real question, then, is what exactly have the BLM leaders been schooled and directed to do. A thorough understanding of how the FBI’s COINTELPRO* works reveals exactly how BLM operates.  They are always strictly controlled from the top by just a few individuals.  These selected leaders exert virtually absolute control over the BLM agenda. They also serve as the primary (and only) points of contact with the MSM so that the message always stays on point and does not get garbled.

More to the point the controlled BLM leadership has been tasked by the supervising government agencies and corporate financiers to channel the energies of racial conflict into a far greater race war.  Only in this way will the 1% be saved from the fury of the 99% after the economic collapse and financial breakdown have begun in earnest.  For it is an all-out class war that the elites fear the most in the wake of the coming crash.

*It’s true that COINTELPRO has always been described as a “surveillance and disruption unit” within the FBI.  What is much less well known is that ultimately they take over what they have surveilled and disrupted and funded indirectly.  The very same MO is used by the C.I.A. when they want to take over a nascent terrorist group to use for their own subversive purposes.
Was Black Lives Matter really created to be a homegrown ISIS?

At some point, a movement hero is made.

There is simply no better way to transform an ordinary person into a hero of the movement than to have them arrested in the middle of a protest.  This is precisely what has just been staged with regard to DeRay Mckesson’s recent arrest.[1]  The massive number of press reports alone vaults the individual to the protest stratosphere thereby giving him street cred.  He became an instant hero for having the courage to be arrested even though he already knew that such an eventuality was planned out well in advance.

Do you see how this works around the world?

In 2016 only those chosen agents who have been extremely well prepared to become MSM- anointed heroes ever make it to the front pages or the evening news like DeRay Mckesson just did.  Ever since the Vietnam War was shut down by the most effective popular movement in history did TPTB make sure that real heroes would never rise up from the various movements to provide a stellar role model to the masses.  That particular dynamic was terminated forever with the pervasiveness of social media, which essentially ensures that true heroes will be taken down in a New York minute … while fraudulent heroes will be artificially propped up for the unaware and naive to worship.


There is only one way to correctly understand the ongoing societal mayhem and social degradation occurring in America.  The Obama Administration has been implementing its own version of Operation Gladio.  Now known as Operation Terrorize America, Obama & Company are utilizing every form of chaos-generation tactic to sow seeds of discontent around the country.

The overall strategy for this organized government-corporate endeavor is based on the original Operation Gladio that was executed in Europe post World War II and up until today.  It is crucial for every U.S. citizen to become familiar with this ongoing nationwide black operation.  The following link lays bare the essentials.

Operation Terrorize: Obama’s Never-ending False Flag Terror Operations

Black Lives Matter is certainly meant to play a pivotal role in the coming destruction of the American Republic.  Its leaders, therefore, will come from those covert programs which have been established to mind control the populace and bend the people to the will of the state.  Toward that end, this burgeoning psyop will employ any device necessary to get the job done.

In a class war such as the one taking shape throughout America, the 1% will always do whatever they must to short-circuit the anger and discontent which ought to be directed at them.  Setting up a BLM is something that the CIA and FBI do every day of the week. Nations large and small, powerful and weak have experienced the consequences of what the USA will now sustain in 2016 and beyond … unless the American people quickly wise up to the scheme.

State of the Nation
July 11, 2016

Author’s Note

The following article lays bare the truly outrageous scheme that has been systematically perpetrated against America’s blacks for decades. The left-wing and ultra-liberal organizations that support BLM financially as well as in many other substantive ways are the very same groups who zealously promote abortion.  This irrefutable fact bespeaks of a highly organized conspiracy to commit under-the-radar genocide of the black race.



Hacked Messages Discuss the Plan for a Black Lives Matter “Summer of Chaos” Leading to Martial Law

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[1] Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson released after being held in Baton Rouge on a night of tension and protests

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