Operation Terrorize: Obama’s Never-ending False Flag Terror Operations

A ‘Strategy of Tension’

Operation Terrorize America: The USA’s Version of Europe’s Operation Gladio


The CIA, DHS, FBI, NSA, DIA, DEA, and U.S. Armed Services have
conspired to implement an American version of Operation Gladio.
City police departments and county sheriff departments are also
hardwired into this massive conspiracy to terrorize the citizenry.

State of the Nation

There are several reasons for the dramatic uptick in false flag terror attacks throughout the U.S. homeland.  The primary reason is that the Obama Administration has been given orders by the World Shadow Government to execute a covert agenda the MO of which is to implement a purposeful ‘Strategy of Tension’ throughout the USA.

That’s it!  In a nutshell every mass shooting, bombing, assassination, etc. has been designed to substantially contribute to this calculated ‘Strategy of Tension’.  Regardless of which of the incessant black operations are real and which are fake, they still have the very same effect of instilling fear within the populace.  In fact, this ‘Strategy of Tension’ has been quite effective in producing an evolving form of cultural PTSD.

For those who are uninitiated in the ways of the New World Order ruling cabal, their preferred methodologies in their attempts at social engineering are the application of the Hegelian Dialectic and creating “Order out of Chaos”.  Both of these strategies are critical in the execution of their countless schemes to divide and conquer those nations that they wish to rule with an iron hand.

Also known as divide and rule, the United States of America is now right in the center of the NWO cabal’s crosshairs that seeks the total domination of the USA.  Obama is their point-man in their quest to completely subjugate the American people.  Global financier of social engineering experiments the world over George Soros backed Obama’s elections twice in order to see through this fundamentally globalist agenda.  Another diehard globalist and former NSA Director, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who created the CIA-backed Mujahideen of Afghanistan under President Jimmy Carter, has been Obama’s primary shadow foreign policy advisor since 2007.

The upshot of so many of these geopolitical strategies, which were coordinated by various US administrations and tactically implemented by the C.I.A., is that they all bear the exact same signatures of TERRORISM.  Operation Gladio was actually just a brutal exercise in terrorism that was unleashed in virtually every country in Europe.  The following links provide more background on this premeditated agenda of state-sponsored terrorism.

Operation Gladio – Global Subversion, Part One

Operation Gladio: CIA Network of “Stay Behind” Secret Armies

Operation Gladio: A Multi-decade CIA Blackop

Tilling the land, preparing the soil

The truth be told, there has always been an under-the-radar conspiracy to keep Americans on edge beginning with agents of the British Empire and emissaries of the Vatican during the pre and post Revolutionary War years.  The U.S. citizenry has been exposed to one plot after another, each fabricated to sow seeds of discontent throughout the country.  In fact, no other nation on Earth has been the victim of so many wedge issues driven deeply into the body politic as the USA.

You name the topic of discussion and you can be sure that it has been thoroughly politicized so that the national conversation is now hopelessly polarized.  Each of these highly charged issues, such as abortion and gay marriage, have been quite purposefully energized so that they would serve the purpose of dividing the electorate.  The 2016 presidential election cycle has seen plenty of instances where this is so and is intensifying by the week.


These various ongoing PSYOPS have served to greatly entrench the populace into their respective hardened positions … on every matter under the sun.  So successful have the social engineers been in carrying out their agenda that every family in America now has members diametrically opposed to each member so that there is virtually never agreement on anything anymore.

The current phase of this multi-decade social engineering process is now going into high gear. The NWO globalists are determined to strip the American people of every last right and God-given freedom.  Toward that end they are creating irreconcilable divisions which can only be solved one way—a totalitarian dictatorship.  Despot Barack Hussein Obama’s autocratic presidency has offered a foretaste of the outright tyranny planned by the NWO globalists.


Special Note
Everything Points to a Highly Engineered Summer from Hell
Where Government-Manufactured False Flag Terror Events,
Soros-funded Riots and Protests, and Agents Provocateur
Attack Trump Supporters and Destroy Property as a Pretext
for Obama to Declare Martial Law and Suspend the 2016
Presidential Elections.
(Source: Team Obama Fires Up A Nationwide Race War)

Operation Gladio comes to America

It is the American version of Operation Gladio, now known as Operation Terrorize, that TPTB hope will permit the total takeover of the once “land of the free and the home of the brave”.  The globalists are now working feverishly to conduct as many false flag operations as possible under Obama in order to manufacture circumstances so severe that a declaration of martial law will be acceptable to a majority of the people.  Were such an eventuality to occur, it could then be used to cancel the upcoming presidential election.  Then Obama would enjoy the prospect of being king for life.

This is where Operation Terrorize has become the cornerstone of their unspoken policy to inexorably wear down the U.S. citizenry until they become like puddy.  With each act of terror — real or otherwise — more and more people are living their own life of quiet desperation.  Each and every false flag terrorist attack softens up more people, even those that are obvious hoaxes.  The crisis actors now get paid very good money from the CIA, so their acting is steadily getting more convincing.  Even seasoned PIs are getting fooled by the rapid succession of shootings and bombings.

A close reading of all the authoritative essays and articles published on Operation Gladio clearly indicates that there is a striking similarity between how it was carried out in Europe and how it is being conducted in the USA as Operation Terrorize.  As it was implemented Europe-wide, there is very close coordination among all the various US government alphabet soup agencies and the local law enforcement agencies.

The militarization of police departments across the nation and massive financial subsidization by the U.S. Federal Government have ensured their intimate cooperation in the outworking of Operation Terrorize.   This is why it’s so difficult for so many smart people to believe that each of the false flags can in fact be a complex conspiracy.  They fail to understand that all of the terror events are conducted like a sophisticated C.I.A. blackop, which are highly compartmentalized, and where each conspirator performs their very limited function on a strictly need-to-know basis.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 11.44.56 AM

Obama’s Operation Terrorize

The Obama Administration is now engaged in a full-blown terrorist war on the American people. Certain rogue elements and organizations within the U.S. Federal Government have morphed into an international crime syndicate which is working diligently for foreign interests especially those that are of a globalist ilk.  Obama himself is nothing more than a front man who takes orders from his masters as the Sword of Damocles (fake birth certificate) forever hangs over his head.  His ‘perfectly’ sculpted image was manicured over decades so that the left side of the political demographic could be quite easily conscripted to do his bidding.  And so they have … wrecking and ruining the American Republic at every turn.

With each new terrorist event, Obama pushes the American people into a place of fear and anxiety.  Because the terror attacks are increasing in number and intensity they are having the effect of waking up many to their real purpose.  The collective intuition is catching on to the fact that all of them are staged; none of them are spontaneous.  That’s not to say a person with longstanding PTSD who goes off his meds or takes new powerful psychotropic drugs does not go postal from time to time (no disrespect to those who have any form of PTSD intended). However, these are not the incidents that make prime time evening news with endless commentary from the government-paid talking heads.

The final point is that We the People are currently engaged in a war … … … and very few of us know about it.  Therefore, the single best initiative an aware patriot can take at this time is telling those who don’t know what is really going on.  Shining the light of awareness on any scheme always makes it much more difficult for the perps to carry it out successfully. In this way each individual is called to disseminate, via the Internet and word of mouth, that these constant shootings and bombings are nothing but examples of Operation Terrorize.   Once they get that it is the U.S. Federal Government that is really doing it, just like they did 9/11, the people will start to change their response, particularly to those threats posed by the FEDs.

After all, Obama, Clinton & Company are now considered the biggest terrorist organization in the world.  Who doesn’t know that they created ISIS, ISIL, IS and the DAESH via the C.I.A., MI6 and the MOSSAD?

Putin’s Russia Exposes and Destroys Obama’s Mideast Policy of ISIS Proxy Terrorism



As Operation Terrorize continues to intensify, the co-conspirators make more mistakes and expose themselves and their nefarious plot(s).  The Comey testimony disaster before Congress is a perfect example of how the cabal was put on notice before they even had a chance pull off the Dallas police sniper slaughter as a means to distract from Comey’s fiasco.  As follows:

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 8.38.13 PM

When the Internet researchers and armchair investigators, homebound analysts and alternative news reporters are now accurately predicting what the NWO globalists are going to do next, their end is surely in sight.  Nevertheless, this end game is fraught with extreme risks and untold dangers.  That’s why it’s necessary to stay vigilant and to keep naïveté safely at bay.

Truly, it has never been so imperative to stay focused and alert, centered and grounded. Between now and the election, and beyond, there will be a heightening of tensions across the whole spectrum of polarities found within the U.S. body politic.  These festering social and political pressures, as well as surging financial and economic stresses, must be released somehow for the good of the country.  That’s why it has never been so necessary to:

Take back our power — individually and collectively — from the U.S. Federal Government, once and for all.

State of the Nation
July 9, 2016

Author’s Note

Get ready for the:
Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 12.14.05 PM

Screenshot Source

COMEY Lies Under Oath, Attempts to Deceive Congress, Overturns Decades of FBI Tradition, Betrays the American People during Prime Time

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