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State of the Nation


Doesn’t this pic speak volumes about the degree of weather forecast degradation routinely found on The Weather Channel?  By and large The Weather Channel (TWC) content in the form of the hard weather reports and weekly forecasts are now invariably wrong and often misleading.

Yes, TWC reports are relentlessly thrown into disarray because of geoengineering programs such as chemtrail spraying across America. Nevertheless, TWC continues to artificially prop up the fabricated government narrative with so many false explanations, fraudulent maps and diagrams, and fictitious theories.  TWC then supports this fanciful fiction with so much flawed science, false data and fake figures that are fed to them (by NOAA & NASA?) to serve as faulty evidence for all the weird and wacky weather.

Of course, the $64,000 question here is: Exactly who is it that writes the fictional, comedic scripts for the weather reporters, and how do they come up with their material?  You have to admit, those guys or gals are really good.  Hollywood could use such gifted screenplay writers as these folks who make up one weather report after another in such an entertaining entraining way.  You can really hear and feel, these days, the obvious mind-control programming going on with every news segment on TWC.

The whole weather-reporting establishment really gets creative when they invent stories out of thin air regarding Polar Vortexes  plunging the planet into new Ice Ages.  You really have to give it to them!  They’ve got the whole world doing a 180° as they squash Global Warming, and trumpet ‘Global Cooling’. Bearing in mind that they executed this about face only after they greatly exaggerated and misrepresented the many artificial/chemical ice-nucleated weather events occurring throughout the USA this winter.  The whole scenario is not too like the Sochi Olympics, where they had snow machines ready to produce on demand because of how unseasonably hot it was there this winter, as it has been in previous years.

Career meteorologists are not ignorant; they all know what chemtrails are.

Those career meteorologists at TWC and elsewhere are a lot smarter than you know. Each of them has been around a long time and can spot a fake, manufactured snowstorm a HAARP-driven, chemtrailed cloud away.  How can they not when they have seen so many geoengineered  chemtrail clouds sabotage one forecast after another.  EVEN THEIR SCREEN BACKGROUND FOR VARIOUS WEATHER SEGMENTS SHOW SKIES FULL OF SPRAYED AEROSOL CLOUDS.

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)

At the end of any given season, the meteorologists have seen a lot of their weather reports harpooned … and therefore a lot of weather reporters who have egg on their face. The picnic crowd has an especially good aim with all those deviled eggs that went bad because of canceled outings in the park.  If ever there was a “skunk at the garden party”, it is the weather man or women who has repeatedly failed to predict the unforeseen rain out, hailstorm or mini-tornado.  


If you haven’t gotten it just yet, it is practically impossible to make an accurate weather prediction these days.  Every region, every state, every city across the land has been buffeted by weather events that are as unseaonal as they are downright strange.  In some places the weather has been so bizarre that the new trending of weird weather events have come to define the NEW ABNORMAL.

Geoengineered Weather Patterns Wreaking Havoc Across Planet

When one has been trained and educated within the traditional meteorology paradigm, it is very easy to spot a new weather signature in the sky.  Particularly when that’s all you do for 20 or 30 straight years, the appearance of horizon-to-horzon chemtrails in the skies — occurring throughout the entire nation — should certainly send up a red flag (perhaps a sea of red flags).  To simply not talk about this “pink elephant in the living room” must be causing many a weather reporter to lose a lot of sleep at night.  By deliberately not talking about the overwhelming effects of chemtrails and other geoengineering techniques on the weather patterns of the world, these weather forecasters put themselves in completely untenable positions.

The PhD meteorologists in particular have gone a step or two further by digging even deeper holes for themselves from which one wonders how they will ever get out. Listening to them ramble on with so much highfalutin meteorology speak, that is actually cover for chemtrail-driven weather systems, is just too much to take.   Considering that all of them throughout the nation have participated in this ongoing ruse for many years surely makes this the biggest conspiracy of all time.  This unrelenting cover-up (with the help of ever-present chemtrail cloud cover) is so pervasive and profound that it boggles the mind.


Cover-up of what?  The most complex and convoluted conspiracy of all time.

Planetary engineering is the “process of deliberately modifying the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology” of a planet, moon or other heavenly body. In the specialized context of terraforming, this process is undertaken to make a particular planet or moon as habitable for human life as the Earth’s biosphere.  Herein lies the essential purpose behind much of the geoengineering initiatives which are growing in numbers and intensifying in their operations worldwide.

At the peak of global governance there is a correct perception and assumption going forward that Planet Earth is undergoing massive, profound and unprecedented (in this epoch) change.  They have observed similar unparalleled planetary transformation occurring on all the planets in our solar system.  Their strategically-placed observatories and high powered telescopes do not lie.  The volumes of shocking data and stunning photos reveal a meteoric pace of change that convinces them they must arrest the change before it’s too late.

This is the most basic premise upon which the global controllers are acting.  The primary reason for their many endeavors to stop Global Warming, start ‘Global Cooling’ and arrest Global Climate Change is because their command and control of the Earth realm depend upon it.  Even though things are not changing quite as rapidly here on Earth as they are on our sister planets, they know the certain trajectories that this planet is currently plotting will eventually translate into a multitude of fundamental and unstoppable changes. TPTB know that these earth changes will irreversibly affect their ascendant position in dominating world affairs.  Their only answer to this eventuality is to forestall it at all costs … even if it means triggering an ELE (extinction level event).

Global Climate Change: Causing Worldwide Weather Apocalypse

Regardless of how or where the coming changes occur, the Global Control Matrix from which they operate will no longer exert the power and influence that it has enjoyed for centuries, if not millennia.  In an effort to stave off that fateful day, these controllers utilize every method imaginable to delay the day of their reversal of fortune.  They apply ‘treatments’ to the symptoms of Planet Earth the very same way that oncologists treat cancer patients with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery, wherever and whenever needed.

Because they have always refused to address the root causes, the controllers only know how to approach the very superficial symptoms as a way of demonstrating their perceived ‘control’ of a planetary metamorphosis over which they have very little influence.  Hence, their Global Control Matrix is under existential threat and vulnerable to breakdown — irreparable breakdown — at any time.  Their inordinate determination to proceed with geoengineering initiatives unabated stands as testimony to their resolve.  They care not about the awesome unintended consequences seen around the globe, collateral damage to the planetary environment, or toxic side effects of their incessant ‘treatment regimes’.

Everyone who sees chemtrails in the skies daily is grimly aware of an agenda that seems next to impossible to terminate.  When they watch the TWC, or their own local weather stations, the informed individual realizes that the reporting is completely fictitious.  Yet TPTB somehow continue to get away with this ongoing hoax , and it appears there’s no end in sight.  The same (initiated) folks also know that to be so successful in such a campaign that deceives the whole human race, the controllers must have a veritable lockdown on information.  Which they do!

Click on the image to ENLARGE.

Click on the image to ENLARGE the coverup.

CHEMTRAILS : The Biggest Coverup of All Time — MASSIVE Government Conspiracy Deceives The Whole Human

The very backbone of this conspiracy to control all the relevant facts and figures starts with the critical fields of endeavor like meteorology and weather reporting.  There is nothing so important to TPTB than exerting absolute control over the academic and professional arenas of meteorology because of what it can foretell about the awesome earth changes coming around the corner.

Now it becomes understandable why those who rule this realm have taken complete control of every competent and independent weather reporting service in the world. Their ultimate aim, of course, is to restrict the flow of information and data from any and all sources conducting scientific monitoring of the land masses, the seven seas, and the Earth’s atmosphere.

The following article clearly delineates why TPTB have imposed this risky and highly consequential imperative throughout the areas of weather reporting and forecasting.  It also succinctly breaks down how they have pulled off this scheme in broad daylight.  Each and every implied caveat ought to be contemplated, especially by those who are in the position to effectuate real change for the better.

Weather Channel Helping To Hide The Geoengineering Assault

It is now common knowledge in today’s chemtrailed world that it is virtually impossible to float an accurate long-term weather forecast. When chemtrails are so ubiquitous, and all range of HAARP frequencies are conveyed through them to significantly (i) produce violent meteorological events (ii) alter long-established weather patterns (iii) engineer new climatological trends (iv) manufacture snow, sleet, hail and ice storms (as well as rain and thunderstorms)  and (v) manipulate the polar ice caps*, we fully understand the challenges facing THC day-to-day.

However, weather reporting is a critical service provided to countless individuals and families, businesses and industries which rely heavily on accurate forecasts and data. There is perhaps nothing on TV as essential as high integrity weather forecasting. Were society to be without this service, many people would quickly grasp just how indispensable it is.

What’s the point?

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 4.41.11 AM

The Weather Channel has become a certified organ of government-approved and corporate-fabricated propaganda[1]! It no longer offers high integrity weather analysis or vital forecasting. It’s understood that geoengineeering has made TWC’s job next to impossible, but why fake it?! Especially in light of how critical it is for so many to have accurate weather reports for the day, or week, in front of them.  Outdoors workers are especially in need of detailed weather reporting, as their very lives can depend upon them.

For instance, how does a lineman who climbs transmission line poles a for a living determine if it’s safe to go up on any given day. Ditto that for utility pole workers with the telephone company. How will these folks know when it’s truly safe to do their dangerous work without a reliable forecast?

Surely the commercial fishermen need access to factual forecasting as well. Getting caught up in a storm at sea is no fun, especially when totally unprepared … because of being misinformed by the local forecast.  Boating tourism and recreational fishermen are also in need of careful weather reporting. Oil and gas companies that operate their rigs out at sea are as needful as the tankers that convey their oil products to coastline refineries.

There are myriad instances where each of us uses the traditional weather forecast to plan out our day, or vacation or business travel plans.  Many a commuter would stay at home if they knew that how serious a tornadic thunderstorm or potential downburst might be. If all the highway casualties were tallied because of dramatic weather events which were not predicted or went unreported, the numbers of dead and injured would surely serve as a wakeup call to the weather professionals across the nation.

Who owns The Weather Channel?  
What does the ownership tell us about their agenda?

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 5.10.36 AM

As you can see from the preceding Wikipedia breakdown above, The Weather Channel is now owned by NBCUniversal, The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital.  Whenever large investment groups like Bain and Blackstone team up with corporate behemoths like NBCUniversal, Inc. it’s understood that profits trump truth, just as true weather reporting will take a back seat to numbing infotainment.

Similar to CNN and Coca Cola, The Weather Channel is headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia area. This factoid alone reveals a little something about the fraudulent nature of the entire enterprise.  Does anyone really believe anything on CNN anymore?!  Here is Coca Cola’s last marketing slogan that began in 2011: “Life Begins Here”.

FYI, they have been setting up Atlanta, Georgia to be the marketing and advertising and commercial capital of the South for many decades now.  That’s why every commuter in Atlanta knows that even to get to heaven (or hell), you have to drive through Atlanta. Perhaps they have perfected many of the Atlantean mind-control programming techniques in that particular locale using the very powerful energy vortex found at Stone Mountain.


Stone Mountain is located 16 miles from Atlanta, GA and was considered a sacred site by the Cherokee Nation.

Isn’t it self-evident by now that The Weather Channel is no longer in the business of issuing accurate, reliable weather forecasts or doing responsible storm reporting?  All one has to do is take a close look at their “new and improved” programming schedule. Even in the midst of major storms, it’s often difficult to extract the vital info and/or data from their purposefully ‘entertaining’ news format.  While no one would deny them the right to spruce up their weather reports, TWC’s current MO of sensationalizing every major weather event with background information that is, at times, patently false is quite disturbing.

What is particularly troublesome is TWC’s tendency to spout the party line, whatever that may be at the moment.  They are adept at finding anchors whose sympathies lie with the current version of government weather propaganda, and then invent catchphrases that serve as the new weather memes.  In this way the weather-consuming public is forever imbibing subliminally-seducing explanations (written by sophists) for myriad weather anomalies that have absolutely no basis in fact.  Whole new generations of weather groupies are being formed whose education is coming from weather-reporting sources that routinely disseminate misinformation, disinformation and wrong information.


Geoengineering, using HAARP and Chemtrails, have profoundly altered the atmosphere for the foreseeable future.

Make no mistake about the fact that local weather patterns and regional climate trends are being fundamentally altered by the advanced applied technologies known as HAARP and Chemtrails.  All the weather modeling systems of the pre-chemtrail era are now obsolete. The upshot of this worsening predicament is that all weather reporting conducted throughout the nation has become controlled and censored as never before.

However, the many “dirty little secrets” that the average meteorologist is privy to poses a great threat to this artificial weather paradigm that is being insidiously inserted into our lives by the day.  Those meteorologists know exactly why it has become so difficult to predict weather, even for the same day, much less the week ahead.  Because they are kept out of the loop of the black operation known as HAARP-frequency driven chemtrails, all they can do is spin a yarn each and every time their forecasts crash and burn.  How can they not in the wake of frequent heavy chemtrail spraying and HAARP-generated frequency dissemination?

There are two states in which this dangerous predicament is coming to a head — Florida and California.  Because Florida is the “Sunshine State”, any appreciable solar radiation management implemented by the US Federal Government deeply affects tourism and agriculture, the top two economies.  When sunny days are turned into long stretches of cloudy and rainy weather, tourists are not happy.  Neither are the farmers whose crops depend on a certain amount of sunlight.

Likewise, California, currently the site of a statewide drought, is also very dependent on agriculture.  However, in CA’s case it has been relentlessly sunny, hot and dry.  The geoengineered drought has had catastrophic effects on the state’s agricultural output, as well as on the tourism industry.

When stations like The Weather Channel fail to identify the root causes of these manmade yet natural disasters, the state governments set in motion various initiatives which superficially address the symptoms, thereby wasting limited financial resources, valuable time, and much energy.  In other words, the staggering opportunity costs associated with moving in the wrong direction sets up these and other affected states for even bigger failures.

The many weather stations throughout the USA take their lead from on high.  However, at the end of the day — every day — all weather events of any import are those which are local. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the small town weather reporters get educated and start releasing factual and necessary weather data and forecasts.  Taking their cue from platforms such as “Weather.con” is only going to lead many of these communities down the wrong path.  Perhaps now is the time to leave the reservation en masse for the many weather station personnel around the country.  By telling the unvarnished truth, the weather professionals can take great satisfaction in being a part of the solution, instead of the problem.


Weather Reporting has morphed into “Infotainment with a very serious hidden agenda”.

The Weather Channel and “The New Hoax” called ‘Global Cooling’

There is perhaps no greater sham being perpetrated by The Weather Channel as their promotion of ‘Global Cooling’.  Their hilarious theatrics in this regard are really side-splitting.  Listening to their incoherent and hyperbolic explanations for how and why the planet now finds itself in the depths of a new Ice Age is quite entertaining.

Just because the controllers have manufactured a few snow storms this winter and sent some artificially fabricated ice-nucleated ice storms up to the Arctic to temporarily present the appearance of it being re-frozen over, the TWC now says the world is experiencing a new planetary phase called ‘Global Cooling’.  TWC has really had to stretch reality to foist this scheme upon their viewers.  Unfortunately, the average weather watcher imbibes such nonsense having no experience in the arcane science of weather modification and land mass manipulation.

TWC knows that they control this highly imaginative yet dubious narrative known as ‘Global Cooling’.  No one is denying that during periods of profound Global Climate Change, freakish weather events can jump off virtually anywhere, anytime, as they sometimes do.  However, the world has recently witnessed many dramatic snowstorms and ice storms which were engineered out of thin (chemically ice-nucleated) air.

In an effort to artificially freeze over one of the Polar Ice Caps, the geoengineers have been working triple time this winter conveying moisture over the Arctic.  Because that region has been undergoing unparalleled and catastrophic melting, these meager attempts at planet engineering proceed at breakneck speed.  Otherwise, what will humanity think might really be happening to their planet when the polar ice caps have disappeared in a day and a night?!


The following excerpt is from an excellent analysis that was published by  It clearly summarizes some of the key points about the plight of the current global weather reporting apparatus.

“The weather around the planet is spiraling rapidly out of control, fueled by the massive and completely unreported climate modification programs, SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) and SRM (solar radiation management). The powers behind the geoengineering programs have certainly known from the start of these weather modification experiments that it would be necessary for them to also completely control all major weather reporting agencies in order to help “cover the tracks” of the ongoing geoengineering programs. They do this by “spinning” weather coverage from every angle in order to defuse the concerns of the population as they are witness to ever increasing weather anomalies and catastrophes. They have come up with new terms like “mostly sunny” which generally means no natural clouds in the sky, but rather horizon to horizon jet particulate trails, the “high level haze” and/or “wispy” clouds that are the hallmark of sprayed geoengineering particulate “clouds”.”[1]
Source: Weather Channel Helping To Hide The Geoengineering Assault


State of the Nation
March 3, 2014

Essential QUALIFICATION of this commentary on The Weather Channel:

There are many good and honest professionals who populate the weather stations across the nation.  Many of them know exactly what is going on with the geoengineering effects on weather forecasting.  However, they are unable to reveal their knowledge of these covert programs.  And, especially their dramatic repercussions on the daily weather.  To do so while on the air would guarantee the end of their current position, their career, as well as their employment anywhere throughout the USA if even tangentially related to weather reporting.

There are a few weather professionals, who have left the reservation of traditional meteorology, who have spent some time telling the real story.  There are others who are just waiting for their day in the sun, when they can expose the details of the never-ending censoring and control of true weather data, and the far-reaching ramifications of geoengineering on weather everywhere.  They know the time will surely come when they can share their valuable experience, penetrating insights and unique perspective regarding the HAARP-radiated and chemtrailed world in which we all live.


[1] The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA


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