Geoengineering Continues to Produce Wild Weather Extremes


Completely Engineered Extremes In Weather!By Dane Wigington
The two NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) maps below should be shocking even to a layman of meteorology. The map on top is for the period from February 19-23; the map below is for the period immediately after, February 24-28. These maps are polar opposites and show with clearing clarity the degree to which the weather makers are “forcing” the climate system.

Record cold in some regions flips to record warm, and the exact reverse scenario occurs in other zones. All of this in the space of less than a week?

Jet stream manipulation with the globes ionosphere heater installations (HAARP facilities) are pushing cold air into some locations while creating massive domes of heat creating high pressure in other areas.  Available atmospheric moisture is migrated to locations chosen by the climate engineers by via atmospheric aerosol spraying and then artificially/chemically ice nucleated to help create the parade of geoengineered snow storms that have been the norm this winter in the same geographic locations again and again. This creates the desired headlines for the climate engineers. It also creates division and confusion among the population as to the true state of the climate overall.

Its imperative for a critical mass of the public to wake up to the climate engineering programs. It is also imperative for this critical mass (once awakened) to engage in the fight to stop the completely  unregulated and highly lethal climate modification.

Our planets life support systems are literally being torn apart. The entire surface of earth is being rendered toxic by these same programs. Our air, soils and waters are already horrifically contaminated by the 24/7 spraying of our skies and its getting worse by the day.

It is essential for us all to try and understand the totality of what we face from the climate engineering programs. It is essential for us all to make the decision to join the fight to expose and stop the climate engineering, and to make this fight our priority. This is the battle that must be won, or all is lost.   – DW

Beyond belief

The geoengineers are going to tear the climate system apart if they are not stopped.
The scenario “predicted” (scheduled) below is wrong, period. This can not happen naturally.

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